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Newsflash, A$$hole. Reagan, Bush Sr. condemned Israel well before Obama.

posted 12/27/2016 2:11:03 PM |
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Did they "hate" the jews too, moron? Seeing Satanyahoo having a hissy fit made me smile. Thank you Mr. Obama, but a vote for the resolution would have made a better farewell to that pile of rotten gefilte fish.

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Newsflash, A$$hole. Reagan, Bush Sr. condemned Israel well before Obama.
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Dec 27 @ 2:29PM  
I see you got the memo.

How evil are these eyes? Feel free to delete this comment if you can't stomach his face.


Dec 27 @ 2:33PM  
He's reptilian.

Dec 27 @ 2:55PM  
"The terms "Jews" or "anti-semitism" don't belong in this discussion.

It is about the citizens of Israel and their government, and about the citizens of America and their government.

And someone should remind Mr Netanyahu of the old saying that "the man who pays the piper calls the tune". As leader of a country receiving 32 billion in US foreign aid, he is in the role of the beggar, not the chooser.

If he really objects to what the USA has done, he should refuse to take our money. Anything less is just empty posturing and BS.

Dec 27 @ 5:52PM  
You'll notice hooks put two videos on willy's blog. Typical rethuglican, he had to cherry pick anything that would support Israel's favor of oppression and murder. He knows nothing about history, not interested, hate fits his motives better as is always the case. Go to the library hooks, there's too much fake news online.

Dec 27 @ 6:07PM  
Oh yes, videos. Well there sure are lots of them to "choose" from. I'm all but certain that I could post one or twelve but if people aspired to be more objective, there would be no need. Thing is, some people like having just one eye.

Dec 27 @ 6:10PM  
Thing is, some people like having just one eye.


Dec 27 @ 7:29PM  
@ttomtarr....Just my take on the resolution. Seems to me PM Netanyahu has always fought the good fight for his people, a much besieged nation at that. I suspect even in the face of spiteful politics from oslama, the Jewish settlement will continue.
oslamas arrogance and ego should be noted. Once again he diminishes himself and by proxy, our country. Globalism and the UN get his personal support.

I've long been an advocate of defunding the UN, oslamas favorite charity. Time for both of them to go. Lets find them another home.

Dec 27 @ 8:30PM  
As a senator, Obama co-sponsored a bill to give the UN authority to enforce its arms ban in America. Yes, the UN thugs spreading disease(cholera in Haiti), rape, and child molestation could legally invade your home to snatch ALL small arms.

He also wanted to give 0.7 % of our GNP to the UN, with police power to collect it, and ability to up the percentage by vote. Yes, Africans who chop up Albino people for good luck charms could vote to give themselves the fruit of OUR economic labor, and send armed thugs into our homes to collect the money.

For more information Google "poverty bill), though some versions have been redacted since he ran for office.

Dec 28 @ 1:42AM  
You are this blog is about the UN bill to prevent further murder and chaos in the Wesbank but you thugs are so bloodthirsty you ain't happy about that... now that is the truth.

Dec 28 @ 1:44AM  
What the fck does globalism mean? Last time I looked we all live under the same sun and moon, unless you EGO has left you in the shade.

Dec 28 @ 3:39AM  
PM Netanyahu has always fought the good fight for his people
The man tends to think that Israel's shit does not stink and their country is above the law, That is not fighting the good fight that is deliberately provoking more violence in the area, He does not negoitate in good faith and does not keep his word on anything, My only problem with the UN is that they did not go far enough, Israel needs to stop the illegal settlements and get their butts back within their own borders,

Dec 28 @ 4:12AM  
there is hooks again with his massive ego. Nobody told the liar to look at your blog, none of us believe his lies and ignorance.

Dec 28 @ 4:14AM  
Boo hooks, I knew you'd look again. So effen predictable are rethuglicans.

Dec 28 @ 12:32PM  
Listening to an excellent public speech by John Kerry, trying hard to encourage peace between Israel and Palestine.

Dec 28 @ 12:37PM  
70 minutes long, he got a standing ovation.
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