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Liberal Editor Says:"Obama oversaw the destruction of the Democratic Party"

posted 12/30/2016 3:34:43 PM |
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Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Stein made the case that President Obama oversaw the "destruction" of the Democratic Party on Wednesday's edition of 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC.

And how right he is! But "destruction" is a massive understatement! Let's look at the hard evidence.

The Democrats suffered more losses under Obama and are in a weaker political condition than at any time since the CIVIL WAR. That's over 150 years ago!

Obama said repeatedly that every single one of his policies and his entire legacy was on the ballot while he was president. Well, now we know what America thought of those policies and what his legacy will be: the destruction of the Democrat Party.

The Democrats are really no longer even a party. They certainly aren't mainstream America. They are merely an outlier group of special interest people in some small concentrated areas on the coasts. The vast majority of the country doesn't want anything to do with them. If not for those few tiny areas they would never win anything. They don't have any diversity at all. It's the same old one trick pony every election cycle. Their entire message is "Give us your money because we know how to spend it better than you do."

Americans are tired of it. And the numbers prove it. The Democrat Party is no more.

Sam Stein: Obama Oversaw The Destruction Of The Democratic Party

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Liberal Editor Says:"Obama oversaw the destruction of the Democratic Party"
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Dec 30 @ 3:38PM  
The Obama legacy will be the 8 years of Trump then the first 4 years of the Pence Presidency.

Dec 30 @ 3:56PM  
Here we go again, the 100,000 so many socks with nowhere to go.

Dec 30 @ 3:59PM  
You Republicans are going to be in for a rude awakening once Trump takes office. Jobs coming back? Forget about it employing people because most of those jobs would be done by automation now. Coal jobs coming back? No they won't because coal is outdated technology and has gone the way of the old switchboard operators, Build a wall and get someone else to pay for it? Just how gullible are you people? Mexico is not going to pay for one of our projects. So basically you fell for a world class liar who never had any intentions of doing anything except lining his pockets and making some sweet deals for corporate interests. He "drained the swamp" alright right into his cabinet, I would almost feel sorry for his supporters if their blind belief in anything with an R behind it's name did not affect everyone who had more damn sense than to vote for that orange turd, I lived in NYC and there is a damn good reason people there did not vote for Trump. They know him too well and what they know is that he is nothing but a con artist, So the rest of us are going to hold his supporters responsible for every thing he or the GOP congress and senate does wrong for the next four years, You built this and you can just own it,
You have the White House, The senate and the house now so it is all on you. Cannot blame democrats for your failures now, I need to stock up on popcorn for this one,

Dec 30 @ 4:07PM  
Forget about it employing people because most of those jobs would be done by automation now.

I've written several blogs on this website over the years, urging people to get other skills pointing out that automation was going to take their jobs. They couldn't read the facts because they prefered living in denial. smh.

Dec 30 @ 4:25PM  
Hand them a rope noose and they'll put their head right into it. I'm embarrassed for the idiots.

Dec 30 @ 4:29PM  
On several elections, the vast pro-gun vote alone would have swung the election, but the Dems have clung tenaciously to a losing and unpopular stance. No matter how many times the Dems tell us the polls say we want gun control, the elections don't turn out that way.

Then there was catering to political correctness. The Dems' obsession with minority rule was even a bigger factor than gun control. Sander's yielding his microphone to 3 BLM protesters ended his candidacy. Obama's concentration on sexual deviants, illegal aliens, and Muslims, and refusing to recognize Black on Black violence as a problem, left majority middle America squarely in Trump's camp. To many of us, "making America great again" meant going back to Constitutional majority rule.

The double speak of the unjust Justice Department under Obama appointed all Black guidance set back Black Americans, way back; they had nothing to lose by voting for Trump. The wobbly insecurity of Homeland Security did the same for Whites and Blacks, as did the no policy immigration policy. King of doublespeak was the "Health Care Reform" that reformed nothing, increased health care costs, and decreased health care availability for most American citizens. A close second was the tyranical power of twenty some Obama appointed Tzars to improve our democracy. No shortage of doublespeak.

How do they get it back together? Honesty. Admit their crimes, and stop lying in the futures.

I'm not holding my breath.

Dec 30 @ 4:41PM  
^^^ttom I well remember when those activists seized the microphone from Sanders. He looked bewildered and scared. I remember thinking to myself when I saw the footage "What a weak kneed pussy!"

I am someone who responds well and respects strength.(Trump) It is the natural order of things. The Dems wish to mollycoddle the weak......unnatural. The lazy bastards draw from a very narrow gene pool and multiply like lice.....Ya feed them and the'll vote blue every time.

Dec 30 @ 4:49PM  
The rethuglicans are living in a delusional world.... the democrats got 3 million MORE votes than you did, real people with beating hearts, get it? They just can't see it.

Dec 30 @ 5:00PM  
When you morons use words like rethuglicans you are only proving how ridiculously stupid you look. You phony's are pathetic. Get a life. Get a brain.

Dec 30 @ 5:08PM  
Get a brain.

With a brain you might be able to write a blog that was something more than a cut and paste with a "read more" following it.

Dec 30 @ 5:10PM  
^^ you are called rethuglicans because you are thugs and bullies many people see it daily, including here.

One more thing, if your Lord had jumped off his cloud long enough to inform the people that Trump was gonna win, you can bet there would've been many million more people who would have gone to the voting booths. I'm sure they feel pretty stupid right now, but in 4 years time the urgency to vote Trump out of office, I believe, the voter base will increase dramatically. The rethuglicans got every vote that they could have, there are no more. So don't go writing off the Dems too fast.... irrespective of which "experts" say so.

Dec 30 @ 5:25PM  
Ironic and laughable..... the liberals who so disastrously misread the past are so prescient when predicting the future. Can you hear me now?....nope!

Dec 30 @ 5:36PM  
I find it odd that someone who claims to hail from South Africa and refuses to Skype with me, who DOES live in South Africa gets all so fired up about American politics.
There is something not quite right about all of this. Yet this Winger goes on and on and on about socks......hmmmm.


Dec 30 @ 5:40PM  

And pickled Willy
can't get enough of me.


Dec 30 @ 5:42PM  
I forgot pickled willy. Have another, I won't stop using the word that best describes you, "rethuglican" no matter how offended you get.

Dec 30 @ 5:52PM  
When pickled willy says something it must always be fact checked because he a habit of lying.

noun. in the United States, an insulting term for a Republican that behaves and/or governs like a thug. Also known as a "rethug" for short. A portmanteau of "thug" and "Republican".Jul 17, 2013


Dec 30 @ 6:04PM  
When pickled willy says something it must always be fact checked...

Please remember he doesn't write blogs. He copies and then pastes them.

Dec 30 @ 6:08PM  
^^ exactly and on top of that he lies, not very convincingly either. One quick fact check on anything and his drink falls out his hand when he's exposed as a dumb rethuglican. I bet pickled willy can't live a day without a drink and I suspect all rethuglicans here are the same.

Dec 30 @ 9:17PM  
I never get tired looking at that map.

Now, as far as people like Strega goes, they're too far gone. These people are never going to wake up and see things for how they really are. Too delusional and brainwashed. No hope whatsoever for them. IMO


Dec 31 @ 2:29PM  
How long will it take them to figure out that Americans are not buying what they are selling.

Will they count Senate seats? Governorships? House seats? The Presidency?

Not much to argue there. I guess it just easier to personally attack the guy who posted the blog or favorable comments.

Do you think DR or Willy will cave to that?

Dec 31 @ 3:43PM  
Interesting. I found myself reading the comments and in so doing I completely forgot what the topic of the post was.
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