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trump's Infantile New Year's Tweet

posted 12/31/2016 12:03:05 PM |
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tagged: trump, politics, stupid, pig

New Year's Eve and trump has once again shown exactly what a pig and how stupid he is. Like a 10 year old yelling neener, neener, he has, once again, used twitter to attack those who do not support him. In his New Year's tweet to the nation, he said:

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!

Ah yes, how presidential. Let's break this down. Firstly, "to my many enemies." The American public are his enemies? But Putin's a friend? Wow. That's an absolutely brilliant way to bring the country together that he so successfully divided during his campaign. I can see how those that don't agree with him would feel all warm and fuzzy and just want to get behind this idiotic traitor.

"and those who fought me" - hmm... so the enemies are different than those who fought him? I suppose he's referring to Republicans that do not see his relationship with Putin as being beneficial to the US and a real threat to the democratic process.

"and lost so badly".... 2.8 million people. The largest number of people in the history of the US election process to vote for the opposition. 2.8 million more people did not vote for you donny boy. You are not popular. At all. You LOST by the biggest margin ever. And the more you poke your finger at them, sneering nyah, nyah, the less likely any of them, or anyone will support your blatant disregard for them. You want respect? You have to give it, and you have to act like you deserve it. You don't. Not even remotely.

"they just don't know what to do." Ah, actually, yes they do. And they are doing everything they can to ensure that you don't sell the US to the Russians, and that you don't rape and pillage the US for your own personal gain and put everyone into the poor house except your cronies.

"Love!" - As if anyone believes that. You haven't a clue what the word even means and that poke to the 'other side' before that word, belies that sentiment.

So trump, once again, has used twitter to attack the American people in an infantile attempt to show his oneupmanship and power. He has absolutely no clue how to fix the divide he created, and in fact, looks like he has no wish to.

You reap what you sow. trump is sowing some ugly seeds right now and has been his entire campaign. It'll be interesting to see what his harvest brings. You don't harvest united people and a united nation with division and divisive tactics. I wonder, when Russia decides to show trump their power, how many will unite behind trump? Those are the seeds he's sowing. And my guess, not many intelligent people.

Putin's no dummy. He knows a divided nation is a weak nation and a perfect situation for him to take over. "United we stand, divided we fall." trump has successfully divided the nation and continues to do so. Don't be surprised when that division creates a fall. And that fall can be attributed directly to trump. Republicans will have to own it and place it directly at trump's feet.

Dan Rather posted this on his fb page "I guess the President-elect's New Year's resolution doesn't involve tweeting in a more dignified manner?"

No Dan. Dignity has gone out the window along with integrity, honour and loyalty. Traitor trump has no clue what those words mean, and in fact, being two or more syllables, has never even had them in his very limited vocabulary. You can put lipstick or an orange tan on a pig, but it's still a pig. trump personifies this quote.

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Dec 31 @ 2:33PM  
All through the campaign, Trump made "huge errors". When the opposition pounced on them, they found they had just gotten snookered, and Trump gained more voters.

I think there are many things you can say about a man who got elected president of the USA, but "stupid" is not one of them.

Dec 31 @ 3:10PM  
ttom, I'm afraid her fervor has gotten in the way of her favor (for
common sense). When one takes to dissecting tweets for ammunition, well, one can only assume they're not too familiar with the weapon.

Dec 31 @ 3:43PM  
Yes, make a personal attack rather than acknowledging the tweet is not only undignified, it lacks any kind of maturity or diplomacy that one should expect from a person in that position. Not only that, it only serves to further divide a country that is already divided. He wants unification? Good luck with that with that kind of moronic behaviour.

But yes, certainly attack me personally, rather than the stupidity, immaturity and nastiness of his tweet, because, hey you won so anything trump says is okay, regardless how classless he shows himself to be.


Dec 31 @ 4:09PM  
OK, I'll bite.
In response.....quite simply I don't agree with your analysis. After the third paragraph I stopped reading. It's obvious where you were going to go with your blog. And quite frankly, there were no great insights. It's your opinion so have at it. I read enough.

Dec 31 @ 5:44PM  
Truly excellent and accurate blog. hitting the nails right on the head.
While Trump is of below average intellect, stupid is a relative term.
He is far smarter than his supporters. Thus, to them, he is smart.

Dec 31 @ 6:00PM  
To tell the truth, I never read Trumps tweet. For that matter, I never read anybody's tweet. A limit of 5 or 10 words is not a format for statements of deep thinking. Inane chatter is not my forte.

My time is worth too much to me to waste time in the virtual worlds of Twitter and Facebook. I once had a Facebook account, but was deluged by foolish, boring trivia, most of it from people I didn't know. Even from a known person, I could not see their face, eyes, and posture, the clues that fill in any message.

If I want to meet people, I take my dog for a walk. I run into my neighbors, and loads of visitors. They all seem happy to have a conversation with someone is NOT staring at a tiny screen in their hand.

So I agree Trump's tweet was a waste of time; to me, generically, ALL tweets are. And if some feel that all of Trump's supporters are lowbrow, my opinion is that anybody who walks around looking at little printed messages in his hand is dumber than a box of rocks.

Dec 31 @ 11:36PM  
Not only that, it only serves to further divide a country that is already divided.

JMO... as long as there is politics involved in the masses in our country, there will be political and racial division in our country! There is just no getting around it! The political machine in D.C. knows, that by keeping the public divided it can accomplish its true agendas behind closed doors, that might otherwise come into view! It's been like that since some time after our republic was formed IMO. Once the 'politicians' realized they could get wealthy off of the citizens, at their expense, the lies, incompetence, waste and corruption began to settle in. Nothing new there!!

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