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Tidying Up 2016

posted 12/31/2016 3:30:36 PM |
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tagged: new year, lessons, fun

Do you do anything to 'clean' up the old year before the New Year rings in? Today, I'm busy with all those 'little' things that get left just because. I had a very large watercolour painting (about 30" x 40" custom framed with glass) that has been sitting on my floor of the hallway since the last show I was in, in the fall.

The reason I didn't just rehang it? Well, actually I did. However, I don't know why I looked at it one day, but I took the painting down to look at the hook, and the nail was hanging out of the wall. Oh yeah, I could just see that crashing down in the middle of the night.

I knew I needed a better hook for it, one of those butterfly things that you put in the wall first. My Mom had a couple of extras and gave them to me, but, I still didn't hang the damn thing.

B, my handyman told me where to hang it where there was a stud and it wouldn't be a problem. Finally, today, I figured I'd best just hang the darn thing back up and get on with it. Well, when I hammered the nail into the stud and went to re-hang the painting, the painting slipped sideways and the hook pulled out of the wall. Thankfully, I caught the painting. It cost me something like $400 to frame that sucker, I do not want to have to re-do it.

So I got out my drill, my tape measure and my screwdriver and figured, just do this. Yes, I have tools! And, I actually know how to use them. Now, the painting is ready to be hung with a skookum hook to keep it on the wall.

Why isn't it re=hung you might ask? Well, another story. I have a little kitchen table that has fold down leaves, and one leaf is folded down so the table can be pushed against the wall. When I was showing some of my photos, I put the frame on the table, leaning it against the wall. Well nuts! It somehow left black marks against the wall, that no matter how hard I scrub, they aren't coming off.

How does that tie in to my other painting not being hung? More projects. I figured, okay, I have to do some touch up painting on that wall, I may as well fill the nail holes in the other wall with putty, wait until it dries, then sand it down and paint everything at once. Yes, there is a method to my madness. Once that's done, that huge painting will be back in it's rightful place. Even though the nail holes wouldn't show behind the painting, I'm kind of anal about nail holes.

Next up, putting all the receipts and invoices away in December's file so the old year is done! Laundry's already in, although I had issues getting the washer to work. It filled up, but wouldn't agitate. Great. Turning it to the heavy duty setting resolved it.

All those little things that haven't seemed too important are now done, so when the new year arrives, I don't have any of the old things nagging at me. I'll be glad to see the tail end of this year, as it hasn't been the best, but I'm still on this side of the grass, and I'm grateful for the many lessons it's brought. I just don't want any repeats.

Do you do any kind of a tidy up before the new year? Getting old projects done?

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Dec 31 @ 5:36PM  

Do you do any kind of a tidy up before the new year? Getting old projects done?

No, not really. There's plenty to do every day.
But, no projects that need to be finished before the new year.

Dec 31 @ 7:17PM  
The Chinese have an interesting custom. Money lenders carry a lit lantern on New Year's day, to signify that for their creditors, the new day of the new year has not yet arrived.

Jan 1 @ 8:39AM  
It sounds like you are well on the way to wrapping up 2016 and making room for the great things that 2017 will bring. Happy New Year to you.

Jan 1 @ 10:19AM  
Tidying up is my biggest New Year's project. I have rolled the big old trash container to the front door, and am filling it up. After this initial effort, after today the goal is on 5 gallon bucket of junk goes out each day.

Boaters have a saying that the most efficient water pump is a terrified man with a 5 gallon bucket. I will find out how long it takes a determined man to bail out a 2 story house.

Jan 1 @ 2:11PM  
I've been stuffing 2016 paid receipts in the 2015 box. I'm thinking there's room for 2017 in there... maybe!

Jan 2 @ 8:58AM  
well hung things...


wish lists....

pushing up against walls....



seems clear enough to me....

out with the old... in with the new.... and never look back...

something that is easier said than done....

as one can see..... 2016... needs to be tidied..up.. and 2017 needs to progress forward....

happy new year!!


Jan 2 @ 12:44PM  
I felt proud this yesterday when I reconciled banks and credit card accounts through the end of Dec. I love starting the New Year trying to remember to type "2017" while preparing the last quarter of 2016. Writing the right date really can affect financial reports this time of year.

I closed 2016 with a big fat grin and hug 2017.
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