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Legal Wrangling

posted 1/5/2017 7:57:51 PM |
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Oh the joys of legal wrangling. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I have a cat as an emotional support animal with a doctor's letter advising that is what she is. The why is no one's business and under the Canadian Privacy Act, they are not allowed to ask for any personal information pertaining to my health.

The little hitlers here found out I had a cat (not because of any noise, but because someone saw her on the balcony) and sent a posse to bang on my door and slipped a demand letter underneath insisting I get rid of her and made other accusations with regards to how long I'd had her. (Strata is not a separate company but run by some of the homeowners here. Their demands for private information are completely unacceptable, as any information divulged would be spread throughout the entire building).

I didn't respond to the other allegations and simply advised them that she is an emotional support animal and exempt from pet restrictions, just like a seeing eye dog is. They responded with a letter from their lawyer, demanding that I seek to keep her off site for visits - yeah, that works. That's like telling a blind person to keep their dog down the street and when they need it they can go get it.

Their lawyer demanded a medical report from my doctor. My doctor couldn't give me one as she didn't have my records. It turns out all my medical records have been destroyed, other than my hospital admissions. So the request was sent in November for my records. Nothing. I waited six weeks as they told me that's how long it would take, which was cutting it close, as they wanted it by Dec 14.

It turns out, the request went to the wrong place and no one knew where it was. After a little panic, I was given a reprieve until Jan 14. Okay, finally, the medical records arrived last week.

I saw my doctor today and she advised me that she needed a letter from them stating what they wanted. She advised me she'll write the report, but wanted to know what I wanted in it. I told her that basically, the same thing the letter says. I need the cat for emotional support. That's it. There is nothing more.

They are not entitled to any of my personal and private information, and they are not getting it. So the medical report will say exactly what the letter says. Maybe a few more sentences, but it will not divulge anything else.

If that's not enough - too bad. Try to fine me and I have no problem in taking this to the newspapers about how they've harassed me by asking my contractors whether they had problems with me paying my bills. How they continue to harass me in this matter when appropriate documentation has already been submitted. The contractor thing was completely irrelevant and absolutely none of their business. They were simply trying to dig up some 'dirt' and found a very strong letter from me in response to which the VP on strata resigned. No admission or record of receiving my letter though.

So I'll have to drop off the letter from the lawyer to my doctor tomorrow, and if she still requires a letter from them, then I guess they'll just have to wait. One thing I'm adamant about, they will NOT be receiving any private information under any circumstances.

We'll see where this leads, but reading their letter, they're just pissed off and trying any means to get me to divulge information that is illegal to request under the Privacy Act. I have no problem in taking this one to court and demanding that my privacy remain intact and that requiring an emotional support animal is all they need to know.

"What's wrong with you?" or "what do you need it for?" are not acceptable questions. The fact that my doctor has not only written and signed a letter on her letterhead to the effect I require one, should be sufficient. A medical report is only going to say the same thing and they can pound sand if they think they're getting any other information that they are NOT entitled to know.

Guess I best rest up for a big fight. I wonder how it'll look in the press that they approached my contractor in Home Depot months after he'd finished the job, asking if he'd had any issues with me paying him. (The answer - none at all).

I really find this legal wrangling a colossal waste of time, but that's what they're hoping for. They're hoping that they'll make it so miserable that either I'll move or get rid of the cat. They aren't looking for a resolution to it, as they have all the information that I'm required to give. They're just mad that I'm not subservient to them. That'll be the fricken day.

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Jan 5 @ 8:20PM  
The petty little bastards are no doubt afraid to take you on, as I can tell that you are someone who doesn't have a reverse gear.
So the miserable cowards go after your cat....I wish you could introduce them to me......I'd turn them into catnip.

Jan 5 @ 8:21PM  
I am so sorry this nonsense is continuing into 2017. I hope their attorney gets them to shut up, because if she can't you'll be able to sue for harassment. In fact, I would advise you to contact an attorney. Sometimes, just a letter from an attorney can shut them up.

Jan 5 @ 8:23PM  
Tell them, that the cat is a mountain lion and as a paid government assassin,
it keeps your temperament stable and your aim relaxed.

Jan 5 @ 8:24PM  
Northern - thanks!


Jan 5 @ 8:26PM  
east - Thanks and I'm sorry it's continuing as well. I do have a lawyer and she has sent them a letter, advising them they are looking at a harassment suit and the medical report will not be divulging any personal information.

As of today, they still want a 'report'. What do they think it's going to say different than what the letter says?


Jan 5 @ 8:27PM  
Believe me Jim - if she was a mountain lion, I'd be feeding her some of the members for dinner. Except, I'd be afraid I'd poison her.


Jan 5 @ 9:14PM  
Almost sounds like some dimwits making personal attacks on you..hang tough Mz.A

Jan 6 @ 8:00AM  
I am glad you are considering turning the tables on them for harassment and I hope you find a very aggressive attorney for that job. I'm so with you that your medical records are private and NONE of their business. The doctor should say that as well.

Good luck smoothing this situation out. Do you have a homeowners association, if so I hope you get active in it so you can quell some of these drama situations.
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