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posted 1/6/2017 8:38:31 PM |
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tagged: president, politics, whiners

Oh good grief. Never have I seen such double standards as I've seen on this site. This global site, with membership open to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Many of us have complained about the rampant political blogs that are prevalent here and have been told in no uncertain terms, to go elsewhere if we don't like it. So we attempt to ignore the constant barrage of politics. Between here and fb, trumptosis has ensured his name is front and center for almost two freaking years. I'm sick of him. And I have absolutely zero respect for his lying, cheating, treasonous, orange face. And thank God I'll never have to call him president anything.

So on another blog, one blogger whines in the comments that 'foreigners' or specifically, people from Canada and South Africa do not endear themselves to the US by criticizing their president.

You spread your politics like a rabid case of gonorrhea all over these pages, and tell us to like it or lump it, and then when we voice an opinion on the piece of shit you elected into office, you whine that we're not endearing ourselves to you!

How bloody hypocritical. Like I care whether I've endeared myself to you! You don't care that others don't like that the politicos can't post a blog or a comment without making a personal attack of some kind and turn every single one into a mudslinging contest. But now, because we don't like and/or have any respect for that orange turd you're going to call president, you're whining that we're not endearing ourselves to you.

I can't and won't speak for the other person, but I don't care. I'm not trying to endear myself to you or anyone else. The fact you voted for trump and the very few posts I've read of yours, tells me all I need to know about you. Enough said, enough read, no further interaction required.

What in hell's name are these whiney crybabies going to do when the orange dodo is in the Oval Office and the world is going to criticize him? Heck, they already are criticizing trump for his inability to string a coherent sentence together, for his seemingly drunk tweets, and a myriad of other things. But, oh, the two from Canada and South Africa are hurting your feelings and we aren't endearing ourselves to you.

Well you, and trump have not endeared themselves to the rest of the world, and we (the rest of the world) don't give a rat's ass whether you like it or not.

Go whine and pout somewhere else. And take your double standard with you.

Oh, and yes, maybe you should go get your feelings checked while you still have Obamacare.

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Jan 6 @ 8:53PM  
Sweet Jesus, I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. You go girl!!!

Jan 6 @ 9:01PM  

Jan 6 @ 9:04PM  
Perhaps....Trumptorrhea is more appropriate.

Jan 6 @ 9:09PM  
Your criticisms of Trump's actions, like most I have seen on MD, are of things that have not happened yet, or of media exaggerations or lies.

Jan 6 @ 9:11PM  
Your criticisms of Trump's actions, like most I have seen on MD, are of things that have not happened yet, or of media exaggerations or lies.

He's just jealous that Justin Trudeau is way cuter! Or as Trump would say, bigly cuter.

Jan 6 @ 9:40PM  

Great blog Imp..

Jan 6 @ 10:43PM  
He's just jealous that Justin Trudeau is way cuter! Or as Trump would say, bigly cuter

He is wayyy cuter .. think we could trade? It sure would make my Presidental speech watching a whole lot more enjoyable. With any luck, if we trade you may never have to look at him again, he may just use Twitter and Tweet forever.

Well give it some thought .. we got 2 weeks.


Jan 6 @ 11:05PM  
Being Canadian means - never having to say president trump


Jan 6 @ 11:33PM  
Its funny how some people think trump is the answer to all of Americas problems....what will they say when they find out hes not....most likely...they will keep their heads buried in the sand...or up their pooties......cookie

Jan 7 @ 2:50AM  

Jan 7 @ 3:08AM  
If we could I would vote the Canadian dollar as the reserve currency of the world, who knows it might happen when America falls on its face under Trump leadership.

Jan 7 @ 3:32AM  
I see our wingnuts are passing out the tin foil hats again.

How can they be so sure he failed as a President when he isn't even in office yet? They are, however in good and numerous company.

Predicting Trump's Failure

Jan 7 @ 5:22AM  
I smiled as I read this.

^^^^Time to reach out to Sadie. Get her on your lap...stroke her...listen to her purring..........

there, there... just let it go and stroke your kitty.

Jan 7 @ 10:28AM  
Your criticisms of Trump's actions, like most I have seen on MD, are of things that have not happened yet, or of media exaggerations or lies.

No, Tom, they are based on fact. Liar - yup, he's lied about a lot of things. Most recently bringing back jobs already re: Sprint. This is the second time he's lied about bringing back jobs. There are numerous other lies he's been caught in. Media lies? No. trump lies.

Cheater - defrauding hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars in trump university. His most recent cheat? 5 million to construction workers on his latest project. Lots of documented facts of his cheating. How about the fake charity where he's paid for paintings of himself? Oh the list goes on and on and on.....

Traitor - He asked the Russians to hack the election. There is proof the Russians did hack it in order to ensure a trump win. And the piper will want to be paid. I just wonder how long it'll be before you realize the cost of your 'win'?

Orange-face - That's self-explanatory. It is.

Pig - his piggish attitude towards women is well-documented despite his protestations that he 'respects' them. Yeah, as long as they're subservient. Over the years trumpig has made it very clear what he thinks of women. Pig is an appropriate term for him.

Bottom line - you may think he's the next messiah, but the majority of voters were not fooled by his blather. You can put a fake tan and a suit on it, but the bottom line is, a pig is still a pig. You just happened to elect one that has a history of lying and cheating. Didn't bargain for the traitor part though, I'd warrant.

So no, I think I was pretty accurate in my adjectives.


Jan 7 @ 10:55AM  
You forgot to add, a bigot and racist who attracts the likes of the KKK.

Jan 7 @ 11:04AM  

How can they be so sure he failed as a President when he isn't even in office yet?

LOL, but Trump can take credit for things he hasn't done and that's hunky dory?

Jan 7 @ 11:27AM  
I seem to recall some guy who got a Nobel prize for getting the US out of wars and reunifying the USA, before he even started those tasks.

Eight years later, both goals have failed miserably, but he hasn't had the integrity to turn on the Prize……or the Prize money.

Some criticize Trump for dividing the nation. But that job was already in progress for 7 1/2 years before the election began. The election showed the division, but it was already there.

Jan 7 @ 11:56AM  
trump ensured he split the nation as much as he could in order to substantiate a win. He succeeded. The chances of him getting the nation back are slim and nil. He created this huge division with his disgusting racist, misogynistic, bigoted rhetoric. He owns this division, and no amount of excuses about it was there before is going to erase his intent in doing exactly what he did.

At least previous presidents have made some kind of effort to unite the nation. Nope. trump intentionally split it, and now he owns it.


Jan 7 @ 12:00PM  
Trump began the division why lying about Obama's birthright, he was so impressed when so many idiots believed him that he continued to lie to this day.

Jan 7 @ 12:02PM  
Trump began the division by lying
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