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The Best Way To Make Coffee

posted 1/10/2017 11:00:49 AM |
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I heat parts of my house with a wood stove in the kitchen. One of the benefits of the hot stove top, is that it is perfect for keeping a pot of coffee steaming hot. I like to use an old fashioned percolator. It allows me to brew the coffee as strong as I want it, and add water at any time to weaken it, while it stays warm on the stove. I have a big percolator, and like a hot mug of coffee on my desk, workbench, or close to hand all day long. I like the way it fills the house with the aroma of coffee brewing too.

In the summer, I tend to use an espresso pot. I don't need a big volume of hot beverage, and they are quick. The espresso is definitely on the powerful side, ideal for sipping while sitting outdoors on warm mornings, planning my day as my dog greets all the other dogs passing by.

The stove top pots are good for both at home and on the road, camping, on a coleman stove. Another stove top rig is cowboy coffee, available whenever you have coffee, water, any container, and a heat source. What it lacks in fine taste is made up in convenience and strength. It is a camping tradition.

I also prefer Southern style coffee with chicory in in, which enhances the flavor, making it taste strong while containing lower caffeine.

I have flirted with French presses, but again they are generally low volume pots. They do seem promising.

Mr Coffee drip style rigs produce coffee that seems too weak, closer to tea than to the hearty brew I prefer. They and the pellet style machines are more convenient, but are expensive to operate, and produce a brew less to my taste. True steam operated espresso machines make great coffee, but are too big for my counter, cost several hundred dollars, and violate my KISS philosophy.

How do you like yours? I said like. This blog is about "liking" coffee. Any whining to the contrary will be deleted as being off topic. Other than the usual suspected bad actors, this blog is open to all.

Have at it ! ! !

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Jan 10 @ 11:16AM  
I love the aroma of coffee, but not big on the taste of it. I find the caffeine in it affects me adversely, so I stick to tea.

Doesn't mean that on occasion, I don't indulge though. Coffee and hot chocolate - now there's a drink I can get behind. But it has to be home brewed cocoa and coffee made from freshly ground beans and a dark roast.

Although not much of a coffee drinker, I'm fussy about what I do drink.


Jan 10 @ 11:22AM  
I'm with you on the old style coffeemaker (er, "percolator), although I use an electric
one that I plug in with a timer, so that if the sound of it brewing doesn't wake me up
the aroma does.

Kroger brand coffee is good enough for me; I don't go out on a limb, price-wise, to obtain
a gourmet cup of mud. I've tried things like hazelnut flavored coffee, but I tire of such
novelties quickly.

Years ago I used to walk up to the local White Castle in the evening (about a 30 min.
walk each way), just for the walk and the coffee. IMO, White Castle has the best
reasonably priced coffee available.

An occasional added boost in the evening is a touch of Baily's Irish cream!

Jan 10 @ 11:34AM  
I use an electric percolator style for the same purpose,to get the brew to my liking.

I buy White Castle bagged coffee and use a touch of half n half cream.

The aroma filling the early morning air is so suttle

Jan 10 @ 11:41AM  
I love my coffee all day, cold weather or hot! I have one of the old white corning ware electric percolators, and use a lamp timer to start it in the mornings. Because of the recirculation of percing, it actually uses less coffee to make a good strong cup than the drip pots. Because of the difficulty finding the perc grind there is a little disk filter for percolators that are handy if you don't grind your own.

Not much into the flavored stuff, but there was an international market in Atlanta where I could buy one called "Apple Crumb Cake" coffee. That was my Sunday morning coffee just using a little real cream, certainly a great aroma to wake up to!

Jan 10 @ 12:05PM  
My mom and dad used to use a percolator. I use a plain ol' Mr. Coffee machine, one of the small ones at that. I've always liked strong coffee but I do put cream and sugar in it. I switched from using coffee mate to heavy whipping cream and really like the change it made. I usually only drink a cup in the morning but do sometimes drink another cup later in the day especially if the weather is cold. While I buy most of my coffee from the grocery store (Folgers Gourmet Supreme) there is an online place from which I purchase coffee too and often will get flavored coffee from them, which they do very well. It's almost like desert when you add the cream and sugar, just not as many calories. If you buy ground coffee they grind at the time you order and you get the order in a few days. I have several favorites which I get from them and especially love the caramel flavored coffee. This is not an advertisement for them but in case someone would like to look them over here is a link. The first page of course advertises some of their more expensive coffees, you have to go further into their website and there you will find more reasonably priced coffee. Coffee AM

Jan 10 @ 12:57PM  
And then comes along Z with my multi-flavored blend of coffee beans before grinding at my Meijer store! I blend several flavored beans in the coffee bags supplied, such as: Hazelnut Crème, Cinnamon Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Michigan Cherry, Caramel, French Roast, and maybe one or two others. The flavors very when I go to buy coffee depending on what flavor is available. Meijer has a rack of flavors and an adjustable grinder from coarse to fine! I dump the bag of flavored beans into the grinder's hopper and let it do its thing. I usually select one or two grinds before fine and make my coffee in a Hamilton Beach coffee maker! Once in a while, I run a weak solution of white vinegar and water through it, followed by two or three pots of water to clean it!

I know it sounds like a eeewwwww factor but, I've had compliments on the smell of my newly ground 1 1/2 pounds of coffee at the check out counters! I like flavored coffees anyway and it smells great when brewed at home! I also keep my ground coffee in the freezer until I use it!!


Jan 10 @ 1:06PM  
Very few mornings that I start off with coffee. I like tea in the mornings and coffee in the afternoon. Actually I like coffee any time but my ex never drank coffee so I got into the habit of starting my day with tea.

I like my coffee strong, I remember my mom saying, whenever I was coming to visit she would add an extra scoop to the coffee.

The one time I do drink coffee in the morning is when I go camping. There is nothing that compares to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing, and watching the sun come up.


Jan 10 @ 4:09PM  
My parents used to use the old stove top percolator also. My dad now uses a Bun coffe maker. Me I have a small Mr Coffee coffee maker. And I like adding a dash of French vanilla creamer to it. Two cups and I'm good for the day.

Jan 10 @ 5:44PM  
Espresso is my way after some time in South America, because it is about as strong as coffee gets. Espresso is not a species or brand of coffee, but rather the finest grind from the mill. This exposes more surface-area to the boiling water. And since the water starts at the bottom of the pot, it is raised thru the basket by steam, which is more powerful than gravity (percolation, drip).

Haven't thought about a stove-top pot for coffee. I always threw sassafras roots into the pot all winter. BTW, for those without stove-heat experience, you have to keep a pot of water on it to keep moisture in the air. Otherwise, there is risk of spontaneous combustion. May as well throw something in the water to drink.

Jan 10 @ 5:51PM  
Kroger brand coffee is good enough for me

Grind that Kroger stuff down to espresso, run it thru an espresso pot, and you will probably notice an improvement. Mix it with 1/3 or 1/4 part "upscale" coffee for cheap luxury.

Jan 10 @ 6:40PM  
A true espresso pot runs water boiling under pressure through packed coffee to hold the pressure. As the pressure decreases passing through the coffee, it boils releasing stem, that brings out the flavor in the finely ground coffee. The process is amazing, given the simple inexpensive pots.

And it is really nice to brew up a nice fresh whenever you want it, usually in only 3 or 4 minutes. From there you can go to tinto (black), with lots of sugar (cuban style), or with cream frothed with the steam (small countertop espresso maker) also called cafe au lait.

No matter which way you go, YUM ! ! !

Jan 10 @ 7:10PM  
I usually just make me some instant Folgers crystals classic roast. But I don't drink coffee all that much. Maybe some of that once every year or two. I like it with 5 teaspoons of sugar and a dab of milk to turn it slightly brown.

Now, if we're talking about iced coffee, I love caramel frappuccinos with whip cream. I drink those every now and then.

However, I usually drink Pepsi and water. Sometimes milk and orange juice.

Jan 10 @ 7:12PM  
I love the aroma of coffee
Same here, but just don't drink that much of it.

Jan 10 @ 9:57PM  
I usually drink Pepsi and water.
Yeah, I usually reach for Diet Pepsi as soon as I walk in the door, but lately it's been
re-warmed coffee from the morning, since it's easier on my stomach. The warmth is a
factor, too!
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