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posted 1/10/2017 4:34:27 PM |
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Fleet brand enema, because some of you are so full of shit, your eyes have turned brown.

So, lately I have been listening to a lot of conservative people give their 2 cents on the issues. While I can agree with some of the points they make, everything else is like diarrhea flowing forth from their mouths. Imagine if you will, a tall, skinny blond with her head so far up her twat, breathing makes her orgasm. Yep, ann coulter. Ok, so I can accept the facts that single parent homes have a higher child crime rate than the nuclear family. But she paints with such a broad brush, it makes me sick. My friend Lorri who was a single mother, gave everything she could for her children, even going without herself. Sometimes she didnt make the best choices in life, but she did her best. But then again, I know more than my fair share of women like the ones ann was talking about, including my own sister.
The liberal side isnt any better Im afraid. Its still the same whining and crying about trump. We get it liberals, you dont like him. I dont like him. I voted for Zoltan Istvan of the Transhumanist Party. Are we going to get 4 years of whining and crying? For f*cks sake, instead of spending so much of your time crying about president elect, dopey the dip shit, why dont you start an Inquisition movement among your ranks? Purge those who have corrupted the dnc and get back to your roots. Instead of constantly bitching about Russia and if it had any role in influencing the elections, why dont you focus on the e mails and the footage from Project Veritas and deal with the people who made the statements they did? I cannot say what is true and what isnt in the footage, based on their prior work with Planned Parenthood. But those involved know.
One other thing. bernie has lost all of my respect. He rallies against big business and whatever, but when their goals match, he sells out just as fast as those he damns. A bit more poetic in my speech than I care for, but here goes. When trying to defeat evil, choosing a lesser evil is still choosing evil. Its just a rewording of a few different phrases that I have heard and not original in any way. Instead of staying true to his words and go down fighting like a hero, he fell in line with his corporate masters. It wasnt just the electing of trump or the corruption of the clinton camp that broke me as much as watching a man with supposed honor sell out his ideals.


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Jan 10 @ 4:50PM  
As I stated on another blog, I was not impressed with Sanders the man, though I liked many of his policy positions. Sanders is an opportunist -- knowing he could not get on the ballot in all fifty states, because of our country's archaic ballot patchwork of access laws, he ran as a Democrat. He threw a monkey wrench and then a hand grenade into the process and when it was over, despite his promises to "reform the Democratic Party" he switched back to his old party.

Jan 10 @ 5:12PM  
Larry, I hope you are not suggesting that we must stop mocking Trumpty Dumbty? That won't work, everyone in the world is mocking his childish tweets and his general grammar.

Jan 11 @ 6:59AM  
You know East, as long as he has the funds to finance his own party I say good for Bernie. Americans must at least try to break away from this two-party system. It's old and unhealthy on many different levels. I am all for putting younger people into positions of power, mainly because technology has advanced so far that old-timers are of no value except to provide guidance. Just saying, and I Bernie is not young
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