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Legally - It Made My Day!

posted 1/10/2017 5:11:55 PM |
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I finally received the doctor's report to send to strata's lawyers in regards to my cat being an emotional support animal. The 'report' basically said the same thing the previous letter did, although she had put in the report what issues the cat was necessary for. I removed that part from the letter and forwarded it on to their lawyers.

Under our Privacy Act, they are not entitled to know or to ask for any personal information. I had asked my doctor not to divulge any personal information, but, as she did, I just removed it. I don't care what their lawyer says, they do not get any kind of personal information. They already have a letter from her, which should have been sufficient.

Anyway, my lawyer is away until next Monday, so one of her associates contacted me to advise me of this. I mentioned that the report needed to be at their lawyer's by Jan 15, at which point he looked up who their lawyer was and said they were a bunch of jerks. lol. Yeah, I'll agree to that.

He briefly went over what they were demanding and advised me that there looked to be a contravention of our discrimination laws. He said I had six months to file a claim, which would mean the end date is coming up soon. As soon as my lawyer returns from holidays, I've decided I've had enough of these people delving into my personal business and will file a discrimination and harassment suit against them.

When I mentioned to my lawyer's associate that strata had approached one of my contractors to ask about my finances, he was shocked, but also said that that definitely constituted harassment.

So it looks like they have opened a whole can of worms by being assholes and not accepting that an emotional support animal is exactly that. What emotional issues or why are absolutely none of their business, legally.

They threatened me with fines for having a cat here, despite being supplied with the appropriate paperwork, so now, they best figure out how they're going to come up with $$$ to avoid the publicity and expense of discrimination and harassment. Stupid old men that have nothing better to do than attempt to control other people.

We'll see who's going to yield the big stick in the next go 'round. They are so ignorant and mad that they cannot refuse a service animal, that they don't have a clue about the laws surrounding service animals. I wonder how they're going to like it if I suggest I might get a service dog that may or may not bark. And a service dog they absolutely can do nothing about.

Not only will I sue them for discrimination, I'll tack on the price of the $10,000 to purchase a service dog so there's no more of this nonsense. We'll see how quickly they'll accept Sadie's service animal status.

Honest to goodness, some people really need to get lives, and before they start going off and making outrageous demands, they should brush up on what information they are legally entitled to, and what constitutes discrimination and harassment.

I have to admit, it kind of made my day....

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Jan 10 @ 5:19PM  
Congratulations and here's a kudo from Sadie. Truth be known however, little Sadie will never know how mommie fought for her....or will she?

Jan 10 @ 5:26PM  
Lawyers have a way of encouraging actions that require a lot of hours of legal service. Generally, they don't work Pro Bono, except for the indigent, or cases with major settlements, of which they get a share.

Before I enter a contest, I always ask:
What do I win if I win?
What do I lose if I lose?
What does it cost to play the game?

Jan 10 @ 5:46PM  
To the best of my knowledge, based on VA guidelines, any companion animal can be certified as a service animal. This, at least, is the guides in the US. I think a friend of mine might know a lot more, as she has one. I may have heard about a celebrity who has one, as well.

Jan 10 @ 6:02PM  
I'd think you'll eventually write a book......"The Joys of Condo Living" !!

Jan 10 @ 7:09PM  
Haha Moon! Yeah, and maybe with any proceeds I get from the discrimination case and proceeds of a book I can go purchase a single family dwelling....


Jan 10 @ 7:48PM  
I think a grazing herd of service elephants would be appropriate.
I'm sure the groundskeepers will be thrilled.

Jan 10 @ 8:36PM  

While we have a restaurant in the store an pets are forbidden, seeing eye dogs and other therapy animals are allowed...NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Please practice with Sadie. While cats do not have an opposable thumb, they can flip someone the bird. Work on her middle finger...eerrr paw!

Jan 11 @ 7:56AM  
Here in the US I have to be careful what terms I use as a support animal and a service animal are two different things. Not everyone knows that and when I say she is a registered support animal, I get away with just about anything but technically the support animal has more restrictions than the service animal, which has to pass a training class, the support one doesn't. However being a support animal, my complex had to quit charging me pet rent which I was paying before I certified her. Of course they raised my rent at the lease renewal and I'm sure I'm paying a hidden pet rent anyways,

Jan 11 @ 9:20AM  
Lawyers have a way of encouraging actions that require a lot of hours of legal service

"One lawyer in town will starve, but two will prosper"
-- Poor Richard

"Litigation is something you enter as a hog and come out as a sausage."
-- Ambrose Bierce.

My cats are service animals. If challenged for evidence, I can save and send a box of dead rodents and starlings.

All I know to do about such restrictions of living-space is to scrimp, save, do without, and do whatever it takes to buy your own home. "Detached housing" is the term used in this age of swarming overpopulation.
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