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To Kill is Murder, irrespective who Gives the Order

posted 1/11/2017 3:13:46 AM |
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Let's begin with "Thank you for your service" from the wimps who know no better. What service? There is no honour in murder, with so many making money to keep the fires of war going so they can fill their coffers with blood money. As if any of them are gonna take it with them when they die. And you, well you are just a blind spike in their wheel of darkness, and no amount of pointing this out will make the slightest difference to those who enjoy terminating lives. The US military purposefully 'creates' enemies to make money from selling the tools of war. The rest of the world can see it, but you, the warmongers can't.

This is a prime example of brainwashing 101. The US plutocrats claim that others are out 'to get you' and bam your cowardly hearts begin beating faster as many of you believe such blatant lies. It's like a human blackjack machine, in and out for years on end. America spits out her cards and your stack of chips get consumed one by one until they're all gone. And then you place blame elsewhere. For the last 241 years (it may be longer) is how long the US has been at war with someone or another, all with the purpose of some feathering their personal nests. Selling wars and wares, it's a money-making racket. Yet the blind will never see, life is cheap in the good ol' US.

The United States has been at war almost continually since 1776. In the past 236 years we have been fighting some type of conflict for 214 years or about 90% of the time. Jun 25, 2012

So from one generation to the next you say: "Thank you for your service" but there is no honour in murdering people. Personally I have no respect for killers. Even the scammers on this site have taken to calling themselves military men because they know gullibility when they see it, and they know how many Americans are impressed by warmongering. There is no pride in murder, but dark hearts can't see it. You are being used and spat out when it suits the military.

Now you might say, the military provided me an education free of charge. Are you serious? Nothing is free in this world. While the rest of the world pays for their education many unwise Americans choose to sell their Souls to avail the blood money made from warfare. And you think the military cares about each one of you, not one iota, everyone of you are expendable, that's how they've organised it. It's despicable to the core of human existence.

What happened to honouring those who spoke out against war? But many like Elvis who refused to join the army at first, later signed up because he, like others, were thoroughly brainwashed. There is nothing honorable in warring... The Dirty F***ing Hippies, WERE RIGHT! This video tells the story of truth, but I know the warmongers won't listen and nothing will change their blackhearts of war. Even when SA was at war against Russian communism financing ANC terrorists (along with other nations) at our borders I never supported the war. As time revealed, it was all in vain. Unlike South African soldiers who were conscripted, Americans volunteer to enlist and kill.

Even incarcerated killers admit that murder is wrong, even if they have no empathy for their victims they still know
it's wrong to take anyone's life. But the soldiers of war will admit no such thing, which makes them worse than any jailbird. You might claim that though you joined the military you've never killed anyone. But can't you see, by just joining an organisation who is intent on murder makes you party to its evils, and as you are expected to shoot to kill you will, be man enough to at least admit that fact... So, that makes you a killer, and Karma will make you pay one way or the other. The way I see it, the cock is finally coming home to roost with Trump in the white house.

When talking worldwide statistics the good ol' USA has more:
1. Serial killers
2. Abusers of women and children.
3. Random shootings, anyone can strike anywhere at anytime. No more safe zones.
4. Politicians bleeding the country dry.
5. Enemies worldwide.
6. Bullies
7. Web of lies.
8. Debt (primarily from warfare).
9. Betrayal of trust.
10. Right-wing terrorists.

There is a reason behind these points which the blind, deaf, and dumb aren't privy to.

Obama tried to end imperialism, Trump is just getting it started AGAIN. There's no honour in being a killer that's for sure, even if your army authorises you to murder. So carry on thanking killers "for their service", darker days will rule your empty world forever because you see no value in respecting or loving your neighbours. Oh, and don't forget to take that gun with your bible when you go to church this Sunday, you might need to use it against your own evildoers.

Keep your god, we have no use for his cruelty.


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