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"Tinkle, Tinkle Little Czar" From Golden Globes to Golden Showers

posted 1/11/2017 1:02:10 PM |
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tagged: politics, trump, lies, fake

From the Golden Globes to Golden Showers and what the hell is next? Good grief, the guy isn't even in the White House yet, and it's just drama, drama, drama. And I'll bet that every person that voted for him has a credo that they don't 'do drama'. Hahahaha. Oh yes you do and you voted for the biggest drama queen of all to yank your chains for the next four years.

As for the Golden Globes - I don't watch tv at all, but the great part about living in a democracy with free speech as a cornerstone of the constitution, everyone gets to voice their opinion, no matter how much you do or do not like it. So Meryl used her position to hold trump accountable for his actions. Yeah. Like that'll never happen. Poor, poor victim little loserdonny.

The great part about what's happening is trump created that. His negative campaign and intent to further divide the country has done exactly that. And now he's whining because those he mocked and denigrated during his campaign are now mocking and denigrating him. Karma's a bitch.

Apparently after the latest story about trump having golden showers in the same room/bed as Obama/Michelle slept in due to his hatred of them (gives new meaning to 'piss on you'), trump tweeted that it was fake news and a political witch hunt.

Oh? Kind of like the political witch hunt you and the GOP did to Hillary during the campaign? That kind of political witch hunt, you mean? The fake news about the emails on Weiner's laptop right before the election? Is that the kind of witch hunt you're referring to?

Oh yes, loserdonny, you cheated and rigged the election, no doubt about it and the majority of people don't like you. They don't consider you a good businessman or anything but the sleazy con artist you are. Everyone knows you're an illegitimate president and the slimy tactics you used to ensure your win? Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost with the lowest approval ratings of any president-elect ever. Yup. loserdonny - you created it, you get to live it.

You created this drama filled, fear based perception from your campaign and you're going to get back exactly what you've been dishing out. Fake news? Who knows? There are some that want to believe the worst of you, loserdonny, no matter what. I personally think you have enough negative traits to deal with, and the last thing I want in my head is anything that has you naked.

But, seeing as you bragged about p*ssy grabbing, would it surprise me if it was true? No, it wouldn't. What would be great is if you were impeached for it, exactly the way the GOP wanted to impeach Clinton. Bunch of fricken hypocrites, purporting to be the Christian right while putting the slimiest, least Christian person in the White House. Interesting how Exxon Mobil donated bigly to the confirmation committee for Rex Tillerson's cabinet nomination. Corrupt? Americans haven't seen anything yet, and I believe these golden showers will be just the tip of the ugly iceberg known as trump.

I have to admit, the tweets in response to this latest drama are pretty funny from George Takei: "Gives a whole new meaning to Wikileaks." "I wonder if Trump's press conference tomorrow will have a live stream." "Tinkle, tinkle, little czar. Putin put you where you are.""Drain the bed! Drain the bed!!"

Ah yes, loserdonny, payback's a bitch. That's what you get for undermining your own intelligence team and your lies to the American public. But then, putting intelligence and you in the same sentence has always been an oxymoron.

Will you finally get off twitter? No, I doubt it. But expect more of this folks. Fake news or not, it's better than the lies coming out of trump's mouth on a daily basis.

Yep, loserdonny, you're Putin's bitch, and now, you're America's bitch, and they're not going to let you forget it. Keep the corruption up, because you will be hung by your own petard, eventually.

"All that glitters is not gold." Maybe that's what the GOP was referring to when they called trump their 'golden boy'.

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Jan 11 @ 1:25PM  
I wonder if Trump's press conference tomorrow will have a live stream

He said nothing of value, nothing about tax reforms, nothing about reforming regulations, nothing about revealing his taxes, a little bragging here and there that still needs to be proven and claims that he'll have no say in Trump group. And just the same old bashing of US intelligence, and Hillary and of course, and he spoke most about his nemesis, Putin. Oh he still says Mexico will pay for the wall, through some form of taxation. That's about it.

Jan 11 @ 1:33PM  
Oh I almost forgot, his comments knocked shares of an aircraft manufacturer and big Pharma shares which dropped like a stone after he said he's targeting them next, that's not a bad thing imo.

Jan 11 @ 1:34PM  
From what I understand, the press conference was just more of the same campaign slogans. "Trust me, it's going to be great." Right.

Here's Dan Rather's take on the press conference:

""Trust me. it's going to be great." That seemed to be the overall message of President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference in months as he sets up his imminent presidency. But as Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of the modern Republican Party, said, "trust but verify." And if you felt there would be any hope of much greater transparency from Mr. Trump he continued to maintain that no one cares to see his tax returns.
The headlines out of the press conference may be that Donald Trump finally said that Russia was responsible for the hacking but also said later "it could have been somebody else". The President-elect handled the entire topic in a casual and offhanded way that suggested that the ends of that hacking may have justified the means. He seemed to cozy up to Vladimir Putin seeking the respect of Russia and cast not only doubts on the American intelligence community who worry about the specter of a foreign power tampering with our elections, he then likened the apparent leaking of the recent "dossier" to "Nazi Germany" - echoing a tweet from this morning. Much of his toughest talk on foreign affairs was fired with escalating rhetoric towards China.
Mr. Trump continued with the usual bluster and slogans of the campaign. But pretty soon the tally for those promises will come do. Great paying jobs and industry coming back to America? We will see. A new health care system that is far better than what we have now? We will see. A massive border wall that Mexico will pay for? We will see. And on and on.
This is the time in any pre-presidency when all the campaign rhetoric is going to start to run into the wall of reality. History shows that governance is in the end often makes as many people unhappy as happy. There are trade-offs and winners and losers. And Mr. Trump will enter office under much lower approval ratings than any president in history. There is this business with Russia that seems to have more suspenses and plot twists than a Hitchcock film. And then there is the press.
It is clear that this will be a combative and completely unorthodox relationship between a pugnacious, gloating, and swaggering president who makes big promises with deep lines in the sand, and a press corps gaining its footing, swelled by ranks of new subscribers worried about the direction of our country, who are eager to hold a President Trump accountable for his words and deeds. Hold on folks, it's going to be a wild ride. "

No one cares to see his tax returns? Yeah, like no one cared to see Obama's birth certificate you lying sack of sh*t.

They say bullshit baffles brains. Appears to be absolutely true.


Jan 11 @ 1:38PM  
As far as targeting companies and their stock prices dropping like a stone, it's stock manipulation and if anyone isn't looking into loserdonny's portfolio then they damn well should be.

I guess that's what you get when you have corporations that elect the president. I'd imagine anyone that did and does not support loserdonny will have their share prices affected at some point in the next four years.

His need for control and power to manipulate companies and stock prices is an outright abuse of power for the position he's going to hold. Those who aren't affected may say, 'good', but I can guarantee, if the shoe was on the other foot and trump's share prices were affected, he'd be screaming like a little girl.


Jan 11 @ 2:03PM  
Well Meryl's attempt to make Trump look bad kinda blew up in her face. Now the handicap are mad because the actors in Hollywood would rather play handicap people than hire handicap people. So now everybody's pissed.

Jan 11 @ 2:33PM  
^^^ Well that's not quite true, as Marlee Matlin is deaf and has played significant roles in Hollywood. However, that being said, I would imagine that yes, the majority of disabled roles are played by actors without disabilities.

It still doesn't negate the fact trump mocked a disable reporter, amongst a lot of other things that are not, in the least, dignified or befitting the president of the United States.


Jan 11 @ 2:42PM  
I believe Micah Fowler on Speechless is in a real wheelchair too. He is the star of the show.

Drama Queen...from your lips to God's ears.

Jan 11 @ 2:46PM  
Something I've been picking up on is that after the inauguration, Trump's administration
is going to be quite secretive and opaque !! We'll not know anything concerning
the President's actions until it is over and finalized !! Then Its a bit late !!

I suspect a good part of his actions will be by EXECUTIVE ORDER !!

Jan 11 @ 2:55PM  
moon - you can take that to the bank. Guaranteed you will see the most hidden and corrupt presidency ever. Good-bye Democracy.

But, you're also going to see rabid reporting and digging, and the press are not going to let trump slide by without being held accountable. Unfortunately, I believe the cabinet is going to rape and pillage America before they are going to do anything about this gross orange thing and his fellow corruptors.


Jan 11 @ 3:10PM  
I don't know why they are still discussing Hillary, shouldn't they be more interested in how Trump is gonna handle their future? Surely? It can only be guilty which keeps 'em bringing up Hillary, who is probably retired as we speak.

Jan 11 @ 3:11PM  
... oops, guilt not guilty.

Jan 11 @ 3:19PM  
trump can't stand that Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million so he's got to continually try to undermine her. She hasn't even been seen or heard from, and he just can't be anything but a sore winner. He can't let it go that the American people preferred her over him, AND he's got the worst approval rating of any president-elect ever.

So as long as he's still pointing fingers at Hillary, which the right loves because they don't want to see what a loser they elected, then they feel justified and 'right' in their choice.

As far as Obama pardoning Hillary - for what? There hasn't been any charges brought against her, so how can he pardon nothing?

The right don't care about facts and legality though. They just want to punish the Dems for whatever they deem the Dems have done or not done. For example Benghazi - so why didn't the attack on the embassy during Bush's reign garner such outrage?

The hypocrisy of the right is beyond belief, and not more evident than it is on this site.


Jan 11 @ 3:53PM  
The whole world knows how disgustingly Trump bullied Hillary, and the rethuglicans were complicit in spreading fake news about her. Seems like the world is carrying the baton for Hillary right now. Nobody believes that Trump and Putin do not have a relationship of some kind, and as long as Trump defends Putin the less people believe that there's nothing untoward. While everyone can agree that a bunch of nations could have hacked and spread fake news about Hillary, nobody other than Putin had reason to get rid of Hillary, and want Trump to become president. Leaving more questions than answers, why are they so cosy? The Chinese and others were capable of hacking and spreading fake news too, but the rest of the world wanted Hillary to become president, so they had no reason to. It could have only been Putin to interfere with the US elections.

Jan 11 @ 3:59PM  
And nothing happens in Russia without Putin's authority, including the Olympic doping.
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