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The Real Reason Democrats Despise President Trump ... It's Not What You Think

posted 1/11/2017 2:40:09 PM |
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Democrats don't like truth. It defeats them. Take for example the presidential election just concluded. As long as the public didn't know the truth, the Democrats figured they had a good chance. As long as Hillary Clinton was able to prevent the lie about the secret, insecure, unauthorized manner in which she was trading classified information and exposing it to exploitation by enemies of the United States from being made public, the Democrats figured they still had a chance. As long as the election rigging activities of the Democratic National Committee weren't exposed the Democrats figured they still had a chance. As long as the truth was never revealed about Hillary Clinton's role in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the Democrats figured they still had a chance.

Mind you they don't dispute the truth once it is revealed, thereby further confirming its veracity. They simply express their indignant anger about the fact that these truths were revealed and given the light of day. As if the fact that they were revealed is the problem and not the fact that they committed these acts in the first place.

So did Hillary Clinton apologize for her role in the deaths in Benghazi and the lies she told about it to the faces of the families of the dead? Did she apologize for exposing some of this country's most important secrets to our enemies and covering it up? Did the Democrats apologize for perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people and secretly rigging the outcome one of the most important elections in the history of the nation? Did both Hillary Clinton and the Democrats apologize for dragging the country through years of agonizing pain and tooth pulling trying to get the information that they both claimed didn't exist but we now know it did? Do they show even the least bit of remorse for anything other than being caught in those lies that did so much damage to this country?

No. Instead they attempt to divert attention away from the truth. They blame sexism. They blame racism. They blame President Trump. They blame the Republicans. They blame the Russians. As if any of them had a thing to do with their despicable actions or the lies they perpetrated on America to cover them up.

The truth defeats Democrats. That's why they despise the truth, and anything or anyone who reveals the truth.

As I was watching President Trump's press conference today, this thought that I have had for some time became solidified. It couldn't have been any more crystal clear that he and his family are making an enormous sacrifice for the good of the country and giving up a fortune in profits and personal expenses donated to the American people to do so.

Agree or disagree about his strategy, it couldn't have been any more clear what his motivation is as president ... truth, and the good of the country. It's the real reason Democrats despise President Trump. President Trump is their worst nightmare come true. They are terrified of him because it looks like he is honest and truthful. They don't even understand honest and truthful. It doesn't compute for them because their entire ideology is based on perpetuating false narratives and lies. They fear honesty. They fear President Trump not because they think he is dishonest and deceiving like they are, but because they fear he is honest-- because they fear he speaks the truth, and is therefore not one of them.

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Jan 11 @ 3:52PM  
They are not very good at handling defeat.

Jan 11 @ 4:11PM  
No kidding! Started to read the blog below this one. Prime example of the unhinged liberal. Somebody needs to get laid. Talk about needing a support And she doesn't even live here. Sad case.

Jan 11 @ 4:42PM  
Well, I see a leftist low mentality liberal has already blogged on here today about the fake news on Trump about "Golden showers" eating it all up like it's real. These people will and want to believe everything on anyone they despise. Most of the fake news comes from the left, but yet they'll buy into it every time.

It was great to see Trump at work today putting the press in their place, especially the one from CNN, the network that hyped the fake news more after getting it from another liberal source.

I didn't watch Obama's little farewell speech live last night, but did see some of it on FOX NEWS when they aired it again. All I will say about Obama's speech is what a bunch of crap that was spewed as usual!

Jan 11 @ 5:21PM  
Started to read the blog below this one. Prime example of the unhinged liberal. Somebody needs to get laid. Talk about needing a support And she doesn't even live here. Sad case.

She makes my point for me better than I can make it myself. Liberals despise truth. Instead of embracing it like a normal person does, their only response to truth is to attempt prevent it from being heard in order to perpetuate their delusional and dishonest view of the world. Exactly what this liberal dictator has tried to do to this blog.

Their liberal mental disorder aside, they have become irrelevant. The more they open their mouths, the more disingenuous and dishonest they look (not to mention moronic).

Jan 11 @ 7:21PM  
Have you noticed that the Canadian and the South African have become bosom buddies? The first posts blogs, the second one immediately comments on them.
Member/sock perhaps?

The first one seems to be in anger mode all the time. The second one seems hell bent on being as irritating as it can be.

Are liberals playing with a full deck? Well if these two are ambassadors for liberalism on this site......the answer is self evident.

Jan 11 @ 7:25PM  
I have stated many times why I don't like Trump. Not that you pau attention to my comments... However you can make up whatever reason you' d like....

Problem is... You are not a Democrat. It's kind of like when ex Bruce Jenner said he can identify with being a woman... Unless you're born a woman you can guess... But you'll never really know! Plus we're all different so one woman may not know or understand what another woman is going through...

So I find it terribly arrogant of you to think you know what's in Every Democrats heart. My reasons can be different from the next guy's reason. Truth is you can't even speak for all Republicans so I have no idea why you have the authority to speak for all Democrats?!?!?

Jan 11 @ 7:27PM  
pay attention

Jan 11 @ 8:02PM  
Obviously the Canadian one is being driven crazy by this blog. Her rage is so transparent I'm embarrassed for her. Could you get any better confirmation of the point? She is driven to rage by the truth in the blog so she's trying to flood the blog page to make sure no one sees it. God, is she easily manipulated. I cringe with embarrassment for her.

The African one is just an attention slut. Apparently she has no life. Pretty innocuous I think. Never really says anything of substance ... just wants attention and is too dull of mind to get it any other way. If you say up, she will say down, if you say left, she will say right. She's another one who is easily manipulated.

Jan 11 @ 8:36PM  
You can't help but notice, beetle, which is what they want. Liberals rely on smear tactics, they make things up. They expect us to offer a defense, we don't. How do you defend a delusion.
Whatever alternate universe they live in they don't seem happy in it. And it's not healthy, as evidenced by the need for an 'emotional support cat'. Poor cat probably is hairless by now. All we can do is laugh.
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