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Twitter Bans trump!

posted 1/11/2017 4:34:30 PM |
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tagged: trump, politics, stupid

Well, is someone somewhere finally holding trump accountable for his actions and his divisive rhetoric and vitriol? Of course trump is screaming it's against his right to free speech, but it actually is not. Everyone, including those on this site, are asked to abide by certain rules of decorum. Of course, many are incapable of simple decency, and the right, bullies that they have always been, think that rules do not apply to them. Unless they're on the receiving end. Then watch them scream like little girls.

And that's exactly what trump is doing. He says he'll just open another account. So? Twitter will continue to close them. And they have every right to do so, because they OWN the website and they set the terms and policies.

Those terms and policies were set out long before tumptosis spread his vile messages across the internet. So trump, I hope that everyone gets behind twitter and tells you to stfu.

Here's the story. At least some people are capable of being adults. Too bad the incoming president isn't one of them.

Twitter Bans Trump

This could be just wishful thinking, as CNN is the news source and it doesn't exactly have a five star rating for accurate news. But it'd be funny as hell if it's true.

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Jan 11 @ 4:38PM  
Ah, if it was only so easy as to hit a delete button to get rid of trump.


Jan 11 @ 4:44PM  
Is it for real, he must be throwing all his toys out his playpen.

Jan 11 @ 4:47PM  
Damn right, if one spreads racism and hate nobody needs to read it, So he loses his right to freedom of speech.

Jan 11 @ 4:51PM  
Apparently, according to Snopes, it isn't true, unfortunately. I wonder if this was CNN's way of getting back at trump for not allowing them a question during his press conference?

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

Too bad, as it would serve him right to have his account revoked. Although it'd be like cutting off their nose to spite their face as twitter was pretty much a nonentity until trump's tweets became a 'thing' - bizarre as they are.


Jan 11 @ 4:55PM  
Well the rethugs spread fake news about Hillary so now this is what we can expect from now on. It is a shame. But I've been hearing that people say Trumps plans on import tax will not be feasible and everyone agrees prices of everything are set to rise in the US

Jan 11 @ 5:04PM  
Fake news about a fake president, seems appropriate.


Jan 11 @ 5:04PM  
And... according to CNBC the rethugs are thinking of adjusting value of the dollar to help exports.... Yea, just what I said, currency wars are on the horizon and that will push up spot gold and silver. Prices wouldn't have gone up with Hillary in charge, and there'd be no uncertainty with wild currency and stock market fluctuations.

oh btw the cockroach is complaining because we have opinions as foreigners.

Jan 11 @ 5:07PM  
delete Donald Trump’s account sometime within the next 48

Twitter still has a few hours to delete this disgusting arrogant parasite !!


Jan 11 @ 5:10PM  
waaaah! Like I've said before - they spread their politics all over these pages like a bad case of gonorrhea - they're going to have to suck it up that others are going to have opinions.

Too freaking bad. They can't stand that their 'golden boy' that cheated to get into the White House has no respect, not only the worst approval ratings in their own country, the worst approval ratings globally.

Amazing how the trump disrespected a lot of Americans and now the right is whining that he gets no respect? Boo hoo. When you conduct yourself with such disrespect for others, you don't gain any. He had plenty of opportunity to BE presidential and he's chosen the whiny little bitch route every time. The right are following his lead.


Jan 11 @ 5:14PM  
Oh, I don't bother reading anything from a number of politicos on this site, so I don't know, nor do I care what kind of attacks they do. The fact of the matter is, I don't attack them personally, I just call trump the pig that he is. However, because I don't like their pig president-elect, they have to attack others personally, because they've got nothing else. That's how they've always behaved, and always will.

Is it worth wasting my time readng? Nope. More bullsh*t out of the same bullsh*t mouths.


Jan 11 @ 7:40PM  
Mr. Trump says will end “very badly” for anyone who tries to silence him.

Sounds like a threat to me....

Jan 11 @ 7:45PM  
^^^ What else is new?


Jan 12 @ 7:04AM  
Twitter will continue to close them. And they have every right to do so, because they OWN the website

This is what lots of people don't comprehend about freedom of speech. You can say what you want in your own rightful venue, but you don't have to let anybody barge in. You can send an article to NY Times or a manuscript to a book publisher. If they reject it, are they infringing your freedom of speech? File a lawsuit, and see what happens.
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