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How Does It Feel Now Bitches?

posted 1/20/2017 8:00:50 AM |
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Jan 20 @ 8:26AM  
They still don't get it. I look for Trump to be in for 8 years.

Jan 20 @ 8:47AM  
Who was that idiot, self promoting and long winded, narrator with all his math formulas ... how does he like that crow he's eating now

Jan 20 @ 8:55AM  
Typical of the smug, arrogant libs who present this psychobabble pseudoscience as if they know what they are talking about. They try to make themselves look smart when in fact they are clueless.

Jan 20 @ 8:59AM  
Always trust Nate Silver for your election results !! Ha Ha !!!!

Jan 20 @ 9:02AM  
Silver predicted a trump win in the
last couple of days before election..
So what's the big deal??

Jan 20 @ 9:03AM  
Bonus.... we're also gonna have one helluva gorgeous First Lady! And First Daughter, in whatever role she chooses to play, is not only a stunner but a powerful one at that! Hey... I am a guy

Jan 20 @ 9:08AM  
I'm laughing because there seems to be a kudo bomber who likes my blogs.

Jan 20 @ 9:09AM  
^^ yea all fake like you.

Jan 20 @ 9:10AM  
we're also gonna have one helluva gorgeous First Lady! And First Daughter, in whatever role she chooses to play, is not only a stunner but a powerful one at that!

Roger that!

Jan 20 @ 9:11AM  
Ivanka is one of the smartest people I've ever met. She is a business savvy powerhouse.

Jan 20 @ 9:15AM  
I'm laughing because there seems to be a kudo bomber who likes my blogs
. Nah, they're just shy, covert Republicans for Trump all along . The blog about Bikers for Trump is being trashed by preditable moronic comments, so I'll post here that my Dad, a Nam Vet, was roaring to go with the guys if we didn't restrain him ...

Jan 20 @ 9:18AM  

Jan 20 @ 9:22AM  
I have met Ivanka, but I never met her husband.

Apparently, Donald never makes a move without consulting her husband Jared Kushner. He is now going to be the president's top advisor. And the guy is 36 years old. Must be some amazing person. I know Ivanka is.

Jan 20 @ 10:09AM  
What a glorious day to be an American. Everyone so full of pride, so much hope. A new era of goodwill starts today. Yet there are those among us who are fearful, they will not join us in our new direction. Lost and embittered, small minds and small hearts. Sad cases all.

Jan 20 @ 10:18AM  
If they were just fearful, I could feel compassion and help them get over it. But in too many cases, it isn't fearful, it is vicious, intolerant, vindictive, combative, fascist aggression. For that I have no mercy to give.

Make no mistake. This is a war for the soul of America. You win a war by having the enemy surrender with their hands up. But they still want to fight. So a fight they will get. Until they realize that they have lost the war and surrender. Only then is mercy offered.

Jan 20 @ 10:40AM  
Well you're certainly right with your assessment DR. But these are not bright people (certainly not the ones on this site) and speaking to a larger audience if there is one, I think it best not to engage them. They will die by their own hand eventually because they cannot change. In order to do that they would have to be capable of thinking on their own. The monotony of their spoon fed excuses doesn't seem to end, does it?
Having a 'Kentucky' or 'rdl' as your designated spokesman for MD's liberals doesn't offer them much credibility.

Enjoy the Day!

Jan 20 @ 10:48AM  

Jan 20 @ 12:04PM  

Jan 20 @ 12:08PM  
You've met Ivanka.... you lucky dog! My son (the West Pointer) called to tell me he'd have given his right arm to escort our gorgeous new First lady... can't say I blame him. Beauty AND brains in the family

Jan 20 @ 12:23PM  
I'm truly impressed with Trump's inauguration and the fact that we are finally rid of the major problem our country has had for the last eight years.

We can now start anew and get back on track as the Americans that we've known in the past and the rest of the world will know once again!



Jan 20 @ 12:31PM  
What a great speech from a great patriot! , and he didn't mince words about the damages that have been made to our country and his promise to restore America to its rightful place! A proud moment to be an American, again!

Jan 20 @ 2:49PM  
Well if looks could kill today, Trump would have dropped dead right in the middle of his speech, from Michelle. Plus afterward Trump was trying to embarrass her a little before they left and she was stone cold stiff.

Jan 20 @ 2:57PM  
While you all are discussing speeches which mean nothing without action, I'm watching the markets and they ain't happy. You might say you don't care about the markets but without them you'd all be broke.

Jan 20 @ 3:15PM  
In response to "gal", sort of.... On the other hand, I have to give it to Pres. Trump AND to Hillary, for civility. Can't have been easy for her and yet, they both pulled it off quite well...and politely. As for Michelle, she did react much more coldly and didn't even try to hide her disdain (I supposed that was what it was...). Her husband did better than she did.

Jan 20 @ 3:29PM  
That was a truly inspiring inauguration. Excellent. Marred only by the usual violent rioting one expects from the tolerant (now completely irrelevant) left.

I don't personally know Ivanka, but I have met her (I think twice) and spoke to her briefly some years ago at events we both attended. I knew immediately that she was no ordinary gal. She has a impressive and extremely poised presence and you can tell right away that she has a tremendous brain. It took me a few minutes just to recover my composure after seeing her because there is all of that plus she is a stunningly beautiful person...even more so in person. I think she is definitely presidential material.... 2024?

Jan 20 @ 3:40PM  
Unfortunately... I am not sure about her political persuasion though. When I met her she struck me as possibly well to the left of me. And over the intervening years, I have read hints that she may be much more liberal than I would like.

But hey... when you look that good a lot can be overlooked!

Jan 20 @ 3:57PM  
But hey... when you look that good a lot can be overlooked
... an awful lot indeed! She is spectacular, as is Melania in fact. But I heard Ivanka has no political aspirations. Tho that certainly can change in the next 8 years! . Just heard that Melania will indeed move in the WH when Barron finishes school.
The passing in reviews of troops always gets to me. I still miss the military.

Jan 20 @ 4:17PM  
Yes, I have also heard that Ivanka has no political aspirations. As I understand things, had her father not been elected president, she was in line to take over the leadership of the Trump organization.

It wouldn't be the first time, however, that someone changed their mind about running for office. Ivanka is still very young. In 8 years her kids will be older and she may have a different view of it.

I do have to say though that I would need to know more about her ideological views before I could support her. But man, she is some amazing person.

Jan 20 @ 4:20PM  
Ha! She could be the first female AND the first Jewish president!

Jan 20 @ 5:39PM  
Hey, can it possibly get any better... Gen Mad Dog Mattis CONFIRMED as Sec of Defense, overwhelmingly!!
And did you notice the strong salute of a real patriot, from our President!

Jan 20 @ 6:55PM  
I did! Nothing greater than seeing President Trump saluting the troops!

Little bit of a glitch though. I saw Vice President Pence, who I like a whole lot, saluting the troops next to President Trump .... OOPS! ... Then, someone must have talked to him. In the next camera shot I saw him with his hand over his heart instead.

Not sure if he just forgot, or he didn't know that only the President is supposed to salute. No one mentioned it.

Still, it was fantastic to see both of these guys giving the military personnel the respect they deserve after 8 years of Obama's disrespect.

Jan 20 @ 7:15PM  
I did catch Trump's swearing in at noon today!

Jan 20 @ 8:54PM  
I did not see the glitch of saluting, or didn't pay attention to it, just being awed at the President's own very sharp military salute . I think Mr. Pence's heart is in the right place and he probably didn't know protocol, and I'd have found that endearing, had I noticed it. Presiden Trump loves the military ... and his country. What a difference a day makes! .
I heard that there are 96 WH staffers who worked all day erasing all traces of the Obama family today and making sure everything in the WH is all prepared and ready for the Trumps, down to what toothpaste they prefer.
So tonite they dance, tomorrow he works. And there is that letter from Obama in the Oval Office he hasn't read yet. I am quite curious about its contents, if we ever are made priviy to them.
All in all, a very satisfying day. Saw the Rockettes... twice... . As a true New Yorker, Pres Trump will have loved it. I have seen GEN Mattis confirmed (98 to 1... WOW!!) and... and a great American patriot being elected to the highest office, who will indeed make America Great Again. What a sea of red hats/caps in the crowd! Quite a most memorable day!

Jan 20 @ 11:54PM  
There's a new sheriff in town so buckle up snowflakes. There are going to be some serious changes made and the bamanites/clintonistas & their sheeple worshipers are beside themselves. The Obama/Clinton/Kerry dream of transforming America into a pussified 3rd world nanny state has officially been Trumped!

Ah yes.....It sure is a beautiful day in the neighborhood! After 8 miserable years, life is once again good!!!

Feb 8 @ 10:01PM  
Hey if they can bring back that sock blog over and over and over, why not 'Inauguration Day'. A retrospective look from just 3 weeks ago......

Feb 9 @ 11:35AM  
[QUOTE]Donald Trump's universe of alternative facts

By Gregory Krieg, CNN
Updated 6:13 PM ET, Wed February 8, 2017

"It's working out very nicely."
President Donald Trump's travel ban had been in effect for less than 24 hours when, 10 days ago, he offered a smiling review from the Oval Office.
"You see it at the airports," Trump said, "you see it all over."
Indeed, millions of Americans with access to television and internet, and the thousands protesters at international arrivals terminals around the country, were bearing witness to the effects of his executive order.

But what they saw was something much different from what Trump described in his off-the-cuff remarks. The airports were gripped by chaos. Visa holders, including legal permanent residents, were being denied entry into the US, turned back or detained by Customs clerks, as families and lawyers argued for their release. The legal fight over the order -- now temporarily stayed -- seems destined for the Supreme Court.

A detained traveler reacts as being cleared through at the Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Va., on Saturday, January 28, 2017.
More than two weeks into his presidency, Trump and top White House aides seem to be operating in an alternate universe -- where the world media is ignoring global terror as a means of advancing shadowy political interests and opponents of the President's sweeping travel ban are either traitors or mercenaries.

Even the most widely available statistics, when they contradict the administration's narrative, are cast as subjective or false measures. On Tuesday, Trump claimed -- falsely -- that the US murder rate is at its highest in "45-47 years."

"(Trump) said the press doesn't tell you that, doesn't like to report that -- the press doesn't like to tell it like it is," said CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter. "In fact, the murder rate is not at a 45 year high. It has ticked up slightly in the last couple years, that's cause for concern, but the murder rate is much lower than it was, for example, in the 70s, 80s or 90s."
Bad news is 'fake news'
In a tweet on Monday, Trump offered his worldview in stark terms.
"Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election," he said. "Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting."

Putting aside that pre-election national polling turned out to be an accurate preview of the popular vote results, Trump in his tweet is not simply arguing against or spinning a particular survey. Instead, he is openly asserting that any empirically derived suggestion that his policies might be unpopular -- or not enjoying broad support -- are by definition misleading or false.
Trump runs hot and cold with the polls. In that way, he is not unlike other politicians, who lift up the numbers they like and downplay the figures they don't. But the new White House has broken from the usual spin cycle by promoting -- sometimes repeatedly -- a series of jarring, and easily disproved falsehoods.
In the reality described by Trump, a federal judge who ruled to halt the administration's travel ban would, along with the entire "court system," be responsible for a potential terrorist attack.

The dynamic in the White House mimics Trump's personality, one former campaign official told CNN. He is someone who can lose interest quickly and turn to the next issue without much thought.
It's most apparent on Twitter, where the President will bounce between a variety of often unconnected agenda items and personal grudges.
Over 24 minutes on Friday morning, he mocked Arnold Schwarzenegger; rattled off an attack on the Iranian government; claimed that "the FAKE NEWS media" had lied about the nature of his testy conversation with the Australian prime minister; touted a morning meeting with the country's "biggest business leaders"; and accused demonstrators of being "professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters."

The media conspiracy
Speaking on Monday, Trump built on this construction, placing the press in cahoots with the judiciary -- another willful enabler of global terrorism.
"You've seen what happened in Paris and Nice," Trump said during a visit to US Central Command headquarters in Tampa. "All over Europe, it's happening. It's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported, and in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. They have their reasons, and you understand that."

Trump claims media won't cover terror attacks 02:30
Those reasons -- whatever the President thinks they may be -- remained unspoken.
What "you understand" could be anything, though the clear implication was that a monolithic media dedicated to repelling Trump, and thwarting the popular will, had launched a campaign to hide reality and cover-up for terrorists. For fans of the conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones and his Infowars, the fundamental argument was familiar.
Pressed to provide material proof of his claims, the White House released on Monday evening a list of 78 attacks it said "did not receive adequate attention from Western media sources." Among the incidents listed were the killings in Orlando and San Bernardino, California -- two bloody domestic attacks that received wall-to-wall coverage online, on television and in newspapers and magazines for days on end.
CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen -- whose reporting is a staple of the network's terror coverage -- did a more comprehensive review. Searching a database called Nexis that collects news reports from a wide range of sources and mediums, he found more than 78,000 mentions in total, in excess of 1,000 per listed attack. (And that number was likely on the low end, as Nexis yields no more than 3,000 hits per search.)
A false narrative
Over the past week, top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway has also muddied the waters in what increasingly appears to be a concerted effort to stoke anxiety over the presence and entrance of refugees into the US.
In an interview that aired last Thursday night on MSNBC, she invoked the role of two Iraqi refugees in masterminding the "Bowling Green Massacre." Her description of the deadly attack -- which did not occur -- was quickly called out by reporters, fact-checkers and confused viewers. Conway offered an apology of sorts the next day, tweeting that she had misspoken and meant to say "Bowling Green terrorists."

But by Monday, it had become cl

Feb 18 @ 12:33PM  
Trump is a maroon! I do however like Ivanka! What a shayna punim.
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