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White House floats tax on Mexican imports that would force Americans to pay for

posted 1/26/2017 9:16:53 PM |
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Mexico is not paying for the wall, you are as a consumer,

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Here we go folks


Jan 26 @ 9:47PM  
Not a month ago, Trump opposed this idea as "too complicated." It is part of Paul Ryan's master plan for budget reconciliation....of course, Ryan hadn't earmarked the $ for THE WALL.

Jan 26 @ 9:53PM  
Apparently, in the 10 seconds it took to hit send and then go to a news feed, the White House has backed away from the import tax.

Jan 27 @ 5:49AM  
Trump....what a joke.....huh.....cookie

Jan 27 @ 6:11AM  
And considering that Mexico is Americas 3rd largest trading partner, who on earth can believe Trumpty Dumbty is a good businessman.

As I've said on a few blogs, watch prices soar in the US. No wonder Trumps popularity is down to 31%.

And read this in its entirety:

If democracy is destroyed by Trump then I blame America for not taking action, as they have absolute proof Trumps charity theft.

Jan 27 @ 6:30AM  
The only way we can protect our democracy is via press freedom, if both Trump and China threaten that we're all buggered. .

Jan 27 @ 9:34AM  
Let's see here: T-Rump wants us to pay a new tariff on Mexican imports, and this will make Mexico pay for The Wall. Doublethink and Newspeak. How are we doing, Mr Orwell?

Jan 27 @ 10:09AM  

TEXAS... does NOT...want any physical wall..on the border....

they want what we all want...

a safe haven for US to enjoy we should be allowed to....

trump lost his stupidity....

while Mexico... rethinks all our treaties.. and how they can NOW benefit....
by redoing NAFTA....

does the country of mexico need US??

do we need the country of mexico??

I speculate that we need them.. more than they need US....

Jan 27 @ 10:09AM  
@ex.......I think George would agree that 'float' is the key word for this policy option. I suspect it was just 'chum' for El Presidente and fresh bait at that. As I stated in another C&P, President Trump is signaling only one option he is willing to consider to renegotiate the trade imbalance (a $60 billion dollar deficit). Ultimately the fiscal ledger on this transaction (who paid) will have a number of credit and debit entries.

Jan 27 @ 10:17AM  
NAFTA did not create the trade imbalance...

our multinational corporations did..... .... by taking advantage of the fine print of NAFTA

the only way to fix it is by selling things to mexico that they need want and can pay for.....

or NOT buying cheaper goods made in Mexico.....

btw.... research better...

is that 60B.... a yearly amount?? or is it a total accrual???

in the larger picture.... in a trillion dollar economy..... 60B is trump change.....


Jan 27 @ 10:24AM  
President Trump is signaling only one option he is willing to consider to renegotiate the trade imbalance (a $60 billion dollar deficit). Ultimately the fiscal ledger on this transaction (who paid) will have a number of credit and debit entries.

Those money's are owed to companies, not governments dofus. Lets keep it simple, if you don't pay for product you don't get any more until you do.

Jan 27 @ 10:35AM  
No need to ring the alarm bells here. Consumers can simply shift to buying their fresh produce from California as opposed to Mexican goods. The California producers would see a huge bump in can that be bad?

Cars and car parts made by Mexican workers would be so expensive that dealerships would soon have to turn to Detroit, how can that be bad?

Eventually American companies in Mexico trying to save $$$ by paying low wages would be forced to relocate back in the U.S.A., how can that be bad?

America first...understand the concept and try to understand where this administration is coming from.

Jan 27 @ 10:39AM  
actually.... the money is not real...not owed to anyone...

it simply means that we bought 60B more in goods...than we MEXICO

meanwhile...all of California KNOWS.... more of the countries... perishable food.. is being grown in Mexico today than yesterday.... due to global climate change.....

and also the ongoing alkalinity of the imperial valley due to a long lasting drought...

(and the Irrigation water rights...held for so many the farmers of imperial county...has already been sold to the city of San Diego....)

no water.. simply means...... no food grown....


Jan 27 @ 10:44AM  
Either way, Americans will pay more for their imports, it's that simple. And Trump hasn't even begun with China yet, he threatened 45% tariff... much more for Americans to pay. Get it?


Jan 27 @ 10:45AM  
Believe me America is not, nor ever will be, able to produce as cheaply as China does.

Jan 27 @ 10:49AM  
Don't panic, you can still buy online.... go alibaba. It cuts governments out completely unless you pay VAT on posted goods... if so, you still pay more.

Jan 27 @ 12:34PM  
No need to ring the alarm bells here. Consumers can simply shift to buying their fresh produce from California as opposed to Mexican goods. The California producers would see a huge bump in can that be bad?

First of all, a healthy economy in Mexico helps us in several ways, including reducing the number of people who need to risk their lives crossing the border in order to provide for their families.

As regards Mexican produce, we should all be eating locally and seasonally and not relying on agribusiness in California, Mexico or Florida. The produce sold in your local grocery store is grown, because that variety ships better and easier, not because it is the tastiest or the most nutritious.

Jan 27 @ 1:34PM  
Supply and demand determines what is produced, how it's produced and how it is to be distributed. That's the basic economic model. Goods and services will be distributed/traded based on the laws of those principles. Adding variables to what is essentially a static model will effect the flow of those goods and services, i.e., minimum wages, price, tariffs, just to name a few. That is economic theory101.

As to the money not being real, well I don't follow the reasoning, but I'm not sure any is being applied so what may follow will probably be more of the same non sequitur. As to a blank statement that production decisions should be based, or is a function of local demands only, that is a variable that economic theorists would scoff at as nonsense. In all fairness, I suspect she just mis-stated the premise, failed to accurately describe it, or the theory of economics, as I was taught, is beyond her ken.


Jan 27 @ 1:44PM  
And your point is smart alec? If a tariff or any tax is added you will still pay more for imports.

Jan 27 @ 1:45PM  

well versed in voodoo economics but flunked accounting 101....

the figures quoted are only to keep score.... not anything that anyone can bank.....or pocket.....


Jan 27 @ 1:47PM  
doc = voodoo economics.....


Jan 27 @ 2:06PM  
and btw, last time I looked America imports 60% to its exports 40%. If you know the value of your imports you can calculate how much more you will pay on 20% to Mexico, of course with China at 45% import duty it will be a lot more... and I think China is your biggest trading partner. This means you've all shot yourselves in both feet.

Jan 27 @ 2:18PM  
and I suspect it'll still be cheaper to pay the tariff (or vat) on imports than to pay Americans wages to produce the same goods.

Jan 27 @ 2:29PM  
And it begs another question, won't Mexico seek new markets for its sweet crude and China and India?

Jan 27 @ 2:35PM  
Yes East China visited all southern American countries, included Mexico, during the course of 2016. I've blogged about it but you guys simply show no interest in China's movements, you probably don't read my blogs ether. I like to be informed and the world is a whole lot larger than the US. China has even moved into the Caribbean, while you all were sleeping.

Jan 27 @ 2:53PM  
[/QUOTE]won't Mexico seek new markets for its sweet crude and China and India?
Not necessarily. The marketplace is only fickle when it is being interfered with. Interference can be by parameters or the aforementioned variables, or politics as is the case in this example.

As I said earlier, I consider the threat of a tax only a knee jerk response indicating one possible path.

Jan 27 @ 2:58PM  
I consider the threat of a tax only a knee jerk response indicating one possible path.

That's because you live in an alternative reality. Watch and see and remember me when you pay more.

Jan 27 @ 3:20PM  
We currently have the CEO of General Electric visiting and training our government in software analytics in our country. When asked what he thought of Trumps policies as they unfold, he said he was more concerned about the outcome after Trump has gone. There's several ways to interpret his response. He might not have meant it but I immediately thought of the tariffs on imports. I bet the GOP is just watching and waiting to see how much Trump can get away with (with his movement) and if they do introduce a tariff on imports it will never be removed from the books. Me thinks it should be called Trumps Tax.

Jan 27 @ 4:21PM  

Where's your teeth son?

Jan 28 @ 4:00AM  
AND the poorer the Mexicans become, the more of them will find a way into America, most likely selling drugs. A wall will not keep them out. American money would be better spent helping Mexican officials crack down on drugs and illegal immigration but a concept like that is sure to go right over the head of Trumpty Dumbty and his rethuglican movement.

Jan 28 @ 6:28AM  
And as an aside:

trump lost his stupidity

Wrong.......president Trump won Texas and its 38 electoral votes by over 800,000 votes. Stupidity.....trying to post something obviously incorrect because it fits your narrative.

Jan 28 @ 1:28PM  
So what. Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million.

Jan 28 @ 1:29PM  
^^ my comment is to dofus cockroach.

Jan 28 @ 1:41PM  
poor DR cockman....

he won the election.... based on the ignorant thinking that his words did not apply to them and theirs...

Texas gave him the benefit of the doubt.... but TODAY Texas Knows better and will not support trumps follies.....

I know you are slow DR...... but try to keep up with current events....

Texas already told trump to "F" off......

as did other BORDER states....

Jan 28 @ 2:19PM  
What Trump should do is to seize the $320 million in foreign aid to Mexico that we give them every year. Then we would save 2 billion in arresting, processing, housing and feeding the border jumpers.
Now if $2,320,000 won't cover the costs of the wall then I have an idea:

We enact a stupid tax. Every time a liberal makes a stupid comment on MD then they are taxed $10. We would easily have the money then, in short order.

Feb 2 @ 4:46AM  
Building the rest of the wall would cost between $15 billion and $25 billion, with an annual maintenance cost of $700 million, according to an estimate by Marc Rosenblum, the deputy director of the US Immigration Policy Program at the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute, who is cited in a report in January last year

Let's see how these 'alternative facts' play out.

Feb 2 @ 6:03AM  
It wont take long.....cookie

Feb 2 @ 11:45AM  
Several Texas Republican Members of Congress have stated they will not support a wall. We have a national infrastructure problem and we do not need to spend $11 billion unnecessarily.

Furthermore, the president threw more gasoline onto the flames with an off-hand comment about sending troops to Mexico to fight the bad hombres. If I take him at his word, which I don't, I would say this: Mr. President, jokes don't travel well. They don't translate well. Don't make jokes.

Feb 2 @ 12:01PM  
after the way he reportedly talked to the Australian Prime Minister...

I think he is insane.... and seriously is thinking he can unilaterally invade Mexico with "HIS" storm troopers....

and congress just sits on their asses and does nothing..

like it's perfectly normal to insult ( and lie) everyone that puts him in a bad light....

the issue in Australia was that trump was expected to honor ALL existing treaties with them....

the issue with Mexico is that they will not agree to pay for his wall.....


Feb 2 @ 12:14PM  
Not to mention the 5 million Americans who get their employment by doing business with Mexico? And how does automation replacing jobs affect business between these two countries. Trump says zero on these subjects.

Over and above that silicon valley don't want to discuss anything except the ban, Also it looks like the Dow has been capped until Trump wakes up... if not they can and will make the Dow drop further.... it looks like it's personal now.

Feb 2 @ 12:16PM  
^^^ASM the "issue" is that as president of the United States Trump was not going to just sit there and allow the U.S.A. to be lectured by Australia. The Aussie prime minister had the sheer gall to talk to OUR president like he was the leader of a banana republic. No f***ing way I say! Either show respect or shut the f*** up.

And believe you me you MD,Mexico will pay for that wall one way or the other. it or leave it....time for you to leave clown.

Feb 2 @ 12:19PM  
^^ alternative facts. The Aussie PM was not disrespectful at all, Trumpty Dumbty was.

Feb 2 @ 12:39PM  
I prefer watching CNBCAfrica because that station only discusses business and it's a pleasure to see how many new projects are getting off the ground while America wastes time on BS. Also lately I've been keeping track of RT, you see, two hackers trashed by Putin, and we all know why.

Feb 2 @ 12:51PM  
According to RT ticket:

US eases sanctions on Russian Federal Security Service


A licence issued by the US Treasury permits transactions with Russia's FSB

Looks like the US and Russia are getting closer.


Feb 3 @ 5:53AM  
Most of those jobs are never coming back from places like Mezico and China, The companies will simply automate them and they will be done by robots because it will be cheaper that way or they will be done by the inmates of private prisons, I just cannot believe some people are so gullible as to buy into Trump's promises of jobs, Mexico can simply sell their products to someone else, We lose more by aggravating them than we will gain,

Feb 5 @ 2:21AM  
5 million US jobs depend on Mexico, which proves Trump does not care about the people.

Feb 5 @ 9:28AM  
Northern... and 1stlast man.....are idiots who have nothing left but to

say trite things like.... love it or leave it.....and personal internet attacking ..

Strega on the other hand...

is smart... articulate and a keen observer...

robotics are the new era.... the only question that remains is... who will pay for this new era??
and who will profit??

trump thinks it's him and his.... I say BS....

it will not be him... but the guy pulling his strings....

while congress..sits back and can't find there own asses.....because they have no clue...


Feb 5 @ 11:58AM  
For the record, Canada is the US's biggest trading partner.


Feb 5 @ 12:01PM  
I would have thought China is the US biggest trading partner. Well you'll pay that 45% tariff there too.

Feb 5 @ 5:14PM  
Yes, undoubtedly, along with our the 35% exchange rate

That being said, we haven't pulled out of the TPP and other trade agreements will be made with other countries to supply us with what we currently get from the US.

If NAFTA is broken, then the loser will end up being the US, as we other countries will move forward without her. Free trade brings a huge benefit to the US in jobs and dollars, from $290 billion in 1993 to over $1.1 trillion in 2016.

Stock of foreign direct investment (FDI) increased from $15 billion to more than $107.8 billion in 2014.

Geronimo Gutierrez, managing director of the North American Development Bank (NADB), notes that trade between the United States and Mexico reached over $500 billion in 2015, a five-fold increase since 1992, when NAFTA negotiations concluded. Thus, he explains, Mexico imports more from the U.S. these days than do all of the so-called BRIC nations combined – Brazil, Russia, India and China. (The NADB acts as a binational catalyst in helping communities along the U.S.-Mexico border develop affordable, long-term infrastructure.)

Supporters of NAFTA estimate that some 14 million jobs rely on trade with Canada and Mexico combined, and the nearly 200,000 export-related jobs created annually by NAFTA pay an average salary of 15% to 20% more than the jobs that were lost, according to a PIIE study.

Benefits of NAFTA for the US


Feb 5 @ 5:27PM  
^^ yea you can't afford to be dragged into the gutter with an alt-right supremacist movement led by Trumpty Dumbty. I'm surprised that nobody has impeached him yet, this is gonna cost the US big time because more countries are voicing their disapproval and the US knows he is a con artist and a liar.

Feb 5 @ 5:40PM  
Unfortunately, it'll probably cost them in tourism dollars as well. When there's unrest in a country, people have a tendency to find other places to visit.

Canada ranked as the #1 place in the world to visit, and it's our 150th Anniversary! Along with a weak dollar, our country should look great as a tourist destination. (No bans or protests, either).


Feb 5 @ 5:46PM  
Already it's happening, ^^ Canadians are calling for boycotts.

Calls to boycott travel to the US as a show of protest against President Donald Trump's travel ban are growing louder, with the biggest appeals coming from some individuals in its closest neighbor: Canada.

But the ban is also spurring non-Americans to show their solidarity with those affected, including a growing movement north of the border where Canadians are placing self-imposed travel bans to the US, and where the country's biggest daily newspaper, The Toronto Star, published a commentary this week calling on fellow Canadians to do the same.

Over on Twitter, it seems other Canadians are two steps ahead of him, with some pledging to spend their time -- and more importantly money -- anywhere other than the US.

"Officially decided not to go to a conference in the US this summer. Might not step foot on US soil until 2021," tweeted Emmett McFarlane, a professor of political science at the University of Waterloo, along with newspaper columnist and author.

Another U of Waterloo professor Josh Neufield echoed the same sentiment.

"Difficult decision but I am boycotting all travel to the USA for four years under @POTUS. Apologies to seminar and conference organizers," he tweeted.

Trump's controversial ban has also had a ripple effect outside the travel industry, with some calling for the boycott of American-made goods and brands.
Trump travel ban prompts calls to boycott travel to the US from Canada

Feb 5 @ 6:02PM  
I may as well add that I have a current US visa that is valid to 2019 but I will never return to the US. too many misogynists, it's worse than the arab world because at least with the Arabs they don't hide the fact that women are second class citizens. most men in the US do and they have no respect for women, imo.

Feb 5 @ 7:00PM  
I will never return to the US.

One monkey won't stop the show.

As far as the Canadians, they may cry and moan, but many of them are cheap as h@lland will go anywhere they can save a few cents. Here in Florida, the waitresses hide when Canadians come into the restaurant.

The far Northerners think 50 cents is a huge tip.

Feb 5 @ 7:41PM  
Same here ttom. We book Canadians in the late fall as golf packages at our club. Most of us members have voted to restrict them to playing one of our two courses only. I've heard from staff members how cheap and demanding they are in the golf shop. We have a Ruth's Chris restaurant which you may or may not know of. It's expensive so thank God they don't come in there.

Feb 5 @ 7:53PM  
Nothing like generalizations!

I guess most Canadians are cheap like all Americans are loud, aggressive, cheap, demanding and rude. Having worked in the hotel industry for many years, I certainly have seen my share of 'ugly Americans'. They come to Canada because of our weaker dollar and treat us like we should be subservient. Ha! Not effing ever.

That being said, I also met a LOT of really nice ones, and continue to do so. I don't tar an entire nation with the brush that only a few deserve. Like the ones on here that are incapable of anything but insults, rather than responding with FACTS. And no, not 'alternative facts'.

But rather than respond with something that could be construed as intelligent and refute the information I posted, the only thing you can do is respond with insults.

You lose, simply based on the premise that you had nothing of value to add to the discussion but had to resort to insults. Sad. Bigly.


Feb 5 @ 10:08PM  
You stopped being informative a long time ago. You and that other immigrant mutt do nothing but bash our country and we'd just as soon you go hug your cat and stfu. Got it!! Good!

Feb 5 @ 10:34PM  
Seeing as this is a UNIVERSAL site, you can just suck it up that there will be other opinions on this site besides your insulated, narrow one. You don't like opinions from other people about your president (I don't bash the US, but I do bash your president), then perhaps you should make your own site where you can limit membership to only those in your own country, and only those that hold the same opinion you do.

You are no longer the 'super power' and it's time you realize that yes, the rest of the world is laughing at that joke that's in the White House, incapable of coherent speech or words more than 2 syllables, or writing more than 140 characters.

Suck it up, buttercup. We're here to stay. Don't like it? Go somewhere else. Or tuck your politics and ego back into your pants and accept that when you're going to spread your politics all over these pages like a cheap gigolo with Aids, then we're going to voice an opinion.

Waaaaah! They don't like our president! Boo. Hoo. Go whine somewhere else.


Feb 5 @ 10:52PM  
LOL....well that's two blogs I've made her write. Tell us how you really feel you old hay!

Feb 6 @ 1:58AM  
One monkey won't stop the show.

Lying Tom, you just don't get it. One by one they will stop the show. If you bothered to look outside your 'alternative facts' window you will find a lot of anti-American sentiment all over the world, and many have said they will no longer visit America while Trumpty Dumbty is in the white house..

As for cockroach, a nasty piece of work who hasn't been laid in years so he has a need to blame all women. Diddums.

Feb 6 @ 12:07PM  
I notice a trend.... two men here .. resort to bullying tactics when they lose a discussion....

then they try to day....
"just kidding"

how many women buy into this trump BS????

meanwhile... it saddens me that

unlike Imp...

winglets has decided that a majority of US men

most men in the US do and they have no respect for women, imo.

due to the actions of a few like northern extreme and cockman


Feb 6 @ 1:10PM  

how many women buy into this trump BS???

Not this woman, I know a snake oil salesman when I see one and Trump has an old time medicine show carnival barker written all over him

Feb 6 @ 1:49PM  
Even a carnival barker has more class and ethics than trump, imo.

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