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Where's That P*ssy? or The Continuing Saga of Kitty Capers v Strata Nazis

posted 1/28/2017 9:31:29 AM |
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Don't you just love being told what to do? The Strata Nazis v Kitty Capers is at it again, making demands that are unreasonable and unfounded. That is one surefire way to get my back up and piss me off royally to the point of pushing back with equal force.

In the continuing saga of the comfort kitty, strata has decided to go on a fishing expedition in my condo unit. Since sending the appropriate documentation for my therapy cat, I have not heard anything more, except a note in the minutes of the meeting that a by-law would be further clarified.

I'm presuming it's the pet regulation and they will be adding further restrictions with regards to service animals. Regardless, they can change the rules all they want now, but they cannot change the rules now and make them retroactive.

On Thursday I received a note in my mailbox that there was mail at the post office for me to pick up, but that I had to pick it up after 1:00 pm on Friday. I had a suspicion it was a registered letter from strata, but didn't know for sure. Friday morning, a copy of a letter from the lawyer was slipped under my door at approximately 10:30 or 11:00 am. The letter advised me that strata would be sending a representative to inspect my unit for by-law infractions (they don't say which ones), between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on Friday, less than five hours hence.

As Fridays are my run to the US post office and back, this pissed me off royally as it didn't give me enough time to complete my work and return. I had made plans to go out in the afternoon after I returned but my lawyer advised me to be there and have a witness. Hurriedly I contacted a g/f who was able to rearrange her schedule to accommodate me and was willing to video the entire process.

At 3:00 pm, two strata nazis showed up. I advised them that only one of them would be permitted into my unit as the letter stated A representative, not plural. I also advised them that I required identification, and that a claim has been filed with the Human Rights Commission and this inspection would be part of the claim. They said that was fine. Then I advised them that 5 hours was not adequate notice for an inspection.

The neighbour advised me that their lawyer had sent me a registered letter that I'd received. I advised him I had not received it and was not able to pick it up until after 1:00 pm that day. I suspect the chairperson knew this as why else would he slip a copy of the letter under my door at 10:30 am?

All of this was being filmed and the chairperson, the typical child so many old men show themselves to be, waved the fingers of both hands at the camera and made some disparaging remarks. He said if I was going to play games, they would return another day. (Funny how people that are playing games accuse others of doing so when their plans to bully and intimidate are ruined). I advised them that I'd already made arrangements, but that they had not given me adequate notice. They refused to come in for the inspection, and I'm sure, based on the fact that they knew damn well that 5 hours wasn't enough time, that they were in serious trouble if they pursued the inspection, knowing I'd already made a claim against them.

The chairperson was extremely angry at the fact that I stood up to him and was not prepared to be bullied or intimidated by him or anyone else on council. He pulled an instant camera out of his pocket and I shut the door. I cracked it open to advise him he would not be permitted to enter my unit with a camera, however the entire process would be video'd by any witness I had.

I'm guessing, because they have no recourse with regards to my cat, that they are so mad and just looking for anything they can fine me for and are attempting to make my life miserable and to force me to move. Sad sacks. They need to find something more productive to do with their time.

As I know my rights, they may be allowed to 'inspect' my unit, but not without 24 hours notice, and they are not permitted to photograph anything in my unit. That's an invasion of privacy. My lawyer advised me to contact the police in future if they attempted to enter my unit with any recording devices.

I think they've also realized that I have disconnected my radiant heat in the ceiling and want to find out what I have instead. I have absolutely no doubt they did something to increase my hydro bill and decrease the effectiveness of the radiant heat, as I had no problems with it last year. This time last year, for the same two month period, with all kinds of workers in here and machines going, my hydro bill was $125.00. This year, for the same period, $265.00. Something's fishy. And as I can hear them stomping around in the ceiling, I have no doubt they're messing around up there.

Fortunately, they do not have access to my unit, and my electrician just disconnected the wire to the radiant heat and attached it to the baseboard heater, in my unit. They are unable to do a damn thing about that.

I've sent my lawyer a letter, along with a revised claim to the Human Rights Commission, including yesterday's attempted intrusion. I advised my lawyer to send Strata's lawyer a letter advising them that they will have to make the inspection between 9 and 11 am to accommodate my work hours. They will not be permitted any recording devices of any kind into my unit, and only one person will be permitted into my unit. If I have to accept two, they are to remain together at all times and not permitted to split up to inspect separate rooms.

I think I've covered my bases. They obviously want a fight, so a fight they will get. The stupid thing is, if they'd just accepted my cat, I would have dropped the claim with Human Rights. But now, because they are determined to attempt to persecute me for assumed infractions, there's no way I'm dropping it. Initially I said I simply wanted the issue of the cat resolved and to be left in peace.

Now that they've made it clear that that's not going to happen, I've asked for compensation for the extra $5,000.00 I had to pay for this place because they refused to allow me to move in to the original unit I'd bid on because of my cat. I also want compensation for the months of pad rental for the trailer, and two storage units. I wouldn't have had to pay that if I'd been able to move in to the original unit.

I also want compensation for lost wages and my lawyer has suggested compensation for loss of enjoyment of life, stress and emotional distress. I don't really care, I just want to ensure that they get the message loud and clear that I'm not backing off, and I'm not moving, and if they keep it up, it's going to cost them, not only in legal fees, but in compensation for harassing me. The more they push, the higher the compensation will be.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Kitty Capers v Strata Nazis.

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Jan 28 @ 10:35AM  
call the "hydro" provider and ask how to monitor your end usage as last years and this years billing don't make sense.....

it's easy enough for "perps" to tap into the supply line IF it's attic based.... ( like in... where is your water heater located?

I'm assuming that "Hydro" is individually metered by the provider..and not by the association/strata.. and that there is not a central water heater for the building....

you could chck with the building dept for approved plans... showing approved schematics of the plumbing heating and electrical....

the fact that they are looking for unstated un -named by-law infractions is troubling.... as they have the right to inspect structural... but nothing else..

there may have been a paragraph stating that any interior structural, plumbing, heating or electrical changes had to be approved by them....prior to proceeding...

ask your attorney to send them a letter requesting/demanding just why they needed to inspect the included in any further requests for inspection...

I doubt you can legally stop them from taking pictures....IF the inspection is justifiably so......


Jan 28 @ 12:07PM  
Under our Privacy Laws, no they are not allowed to take photos in my unit. It is not public property and there is nothing that says I have to allow photos.

That's why my lawyer advised me to contact the police if they attempted to enter my unit with any kind of recording device.


Jan 28 @ 1:58PM  
I don't wish to come across as paranoid, but I do alas have trust issues. But they wouldn't possibly have a master key to your place would they? These guys sound heavy, and might be foolish enough to go in when you're not around.

Jan 28 @ 2:31PM  
Northern - no they do not, and that's part of the problem. When I moved in here, they wanted a key to my unit in case of emergency, I refused to give them one. I changed my locks the day I took possession, and then again when I moved in as there were issues with the kitchen guy.

They're mad because they can't do anything about the cat, mad because they don't have access to my unit, and mad because I know my rights and refuse to be bullied by them.

So they're trying to find anything to fine me and/or to force me out of here.

They haven't inspected any other unit in the building that's had renovations, so what they're doing is very obviously harassment and discrimination.

I may have to let them in, but in no way do I have to permit them to take pictures or violate my personal space in any other manner.


Jan 28 @ 5:20PM  
I love a good catfight

Jan 28 @ 7:24PM  
When they reschedule, have 2 of the fiercest looking guys that you can find,
stare at them, pound their fists and growl at them the whole time they are there.
Have one clean his fingernails with a hunting knife.

Jan 28 @ 9:59PM  
We may not agree when it comes to politics, but I do hope that everything works out concerning your cat and the other issues involved.

Jan 29 @ 1:22AM  
You seem to have more drama than old Will Shakespeare.

Doesn't it get you down?

Jan 29 @ 11:51AM  
Not in the least, I'm a survivor and I don't put up with being victimized by little old men with control issues.

I don't have nearly as much drama as what your current president creates. Maybe ask him the same question.

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