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Episode X of the Liar Strata Nazis

posted 1/30/2017 12:09:13 PM |
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Isn't it amazing how people lie in order to make themselves look better? Or, I guess in the infamous words of someone, present 'alternative facts'. A lie is a lie is a lie. There are no 'alternative facts' to facts.

On Saturday, I received a letter under my door from strata's lawyer, and the first line read "you refused entry to the strata representatives". Well that's a freaking bald-faced lie. I did not refuse entry. Their letter from their lawyer stated that A representative would inspect my unit. They sent two. I advised them that only one would be allowed entry.

I also advised them that less than 5 hours notice to inspect my unit was not adequate. The neighbour asserted that I had been sent a registered letter from the lawyer. I advised him that I had not received it and it wasn't available until after 1:00 pm on Friday. As there is notification when a letter is signed for, I have no doubt they were very well aware I was not in receipt of the letter, and why they slipped a copy under my door Friday morning.

They chose to leave at that point, knowing they were in contravention of our laws in not giving me 24 hours notice. Fortunately, I have this all on video, including them pulling out a camera and me advising them they would not be entering my unit with a camera or any recording device.

The letter on Saturday stated that it was sent at 3:00 pm Friday - what a lie! They were at my door at 3:00 pm on Friday until at least 3:10 pm. Amazing how people lie about the circumstances. Of course, the strata reps didn't tell him that they CHOSE to leave, only that I refused entry - except THEY had set the terms of the inspection, (one rep), and I was simply following them, and exercising my rights.

The stupid chairperson, a short Napolean wannabe, is just mad because I have a cat and they can't do a damn thing about it. Yes, this is harassment, in no uncertain terms. I have lived here a year, and now all of a sudden they want to 'inspect' my unit for structural changes? If there was a concern, why wasn't this done after I renovated and moved in? How do they know there are structural changes? (Why one of them was asking for dickhead's phone number - nothing like a disgruntled contractor to throw dirt at someone).

Unless they have proof that the opening wasn't like it is before I moved in, they're whistling in the wind. How do they know it wasn't? Did they measure it? How do they know it wasn't done by the previous owner, or the owner before that?

They're just looking for something to fine me for and trying to force me out of here. They are treating me as if I'm a tenant and they are the landlords. Yeah, go screw yourselves.

Their letter from their lawyer also stipulates that I must allow a representative to enter with his camera. Not ever. There is absolutely nothing in the by-laws that stipulates I have to adhere to an invasion of privacy.

And what by-law have I been in contravention of? Not requesting permission to change the structure. That's it. They're in a snit because I didn't ask. Boo hoo. The fine? $25.00. Although because I didn't ask, I have no doubt that they will say I need to hire an engineer to ensure it's still structurally sound, or whatever. They're just looking for things to get money out of me and punish me for having my cat.

So, I'm waiting to hear from my lawyer, as they've set the time for two hours now, instead of the hour they'd set previously, from 2:00 - 4:00pm. As I frequently have appointments and other things to do in the afternoons (work related), I've asked my lawyer to have it changed from 9-11 any morning. I've also asked why two hours is required when 1 hour was sufficient the first time.

My friend is unable to attend from 2-4 either, so a morning visit works. If I can't get my friend to attend, then I'll have to hire a security guard to be here as a witness. Those fees will be added to the lawsuit they're racking up. Not only have I made a claim with the Human Rights Commission for discrimination, but the lawyer on Friday suggested a harassment lawsuit as well as this is clearly a witch hunt.

Strata is just mad that they've never seen the inside of my place and the kinds of renovations I've done. It's not really about the wall but about being nosey and wanting to know what my renos look like. It's about power and control, and the fact they couldn't and can't force me to get rid of my cat. So they're trying anything to force me out of here, thinking they are the overlords and I'm a mere peon that has to acquiesce to their demands.

Yeah, if that isn't a surefire way to get my back up and have me push back in spades. Today, I have to write a list of questions they'll be asked before they enter my condo. They'll be told to leave their shoes outside my door, present id, and asked why they assume there are structural changes in my condo and why this inspection a year after the renovations are complete.

They may not answer, but that's fine, it'll still be filmed. Conversely, I will not be answering ANY of their questions and in fact, have advised my lawyer that any questions they have are to be directed, in writing, to her. They want to rack up their legal bills? Go for it. I'm only paying $25.00 per month. I can guarantee they aren't.

One other thing I have to do today is phone the local tv station to see if they're interested in a Human Rights issue. Strata can go screw itself if they think that they can intimidate me.

Not f*cking likely. I didn't get to this stage of my life with my own business by allowing stupid, short-assed men to control me. Perhaps I can suggest a good counsellor for their control issues. I know what mine are, perhaps they should get help with theirs.

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Jan 30 @ 4:56PM  
so far.... you said you made an interior opening larger....

how much larger?

is it a non bearing wall....

was the person doing the work (creating a bigger opening...) licensed to do it?

I suspect that they will come look....take pictures...

and try to BS you into becoming worried....

stay strong... stay quiet and ...just smile....


Jan 30 @ 6:35PM  
stay strong... stay quiet and ...just smile....

Yep I agree with that.

When there is a contradiction their lawyer should be talking to your lawyer, not to you, right? I'm so glad you got it on video and didn't allow them to. You could write a tv series about this saga, errr I mean strata.

Jan 30 @ 6:38PM  
I just went nose to nose over an audit with an official state agency here. Had I realized the time involved I would have just accepted their findings in the beginning and made the client pay the taxes. I still don't know the verdict of that either.

Jan 30 @ 7:16PM  
Sounds like the Strata group are graduates of Trump University !!

Jan 30 @ 9:25PM  
I have one rule to live by.
NEVER live in a condo !
It is not worth the aggravation.
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