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Taking Back Control

posted 1/31/2017 9:00:57 AM |
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Awake at zero dark thirty and I have come up with a way to take back control of this invasion into my privacy by strata. And that's what this is all about, power and control.

We all have control issues - every one of us. I know what mine are, and I simply want to control my own environment, who enters my home and what they are entitled to know about me. I don't care what other people do.

Strata, on the other hand, wants to control what everyone does, and the short-assed little jerk that's the chairperson, is simply pissed off that no one has been into my home to see my renovations. Well guess what, jerk?! They weren't done for anyone but myself, so I don't care if anyone sees them or not. Especially nosey parkers in the building.

And take pictures? Absolutely not. That's a total invasion of my privacy and it doesn't say anywhere in the by-laws that I have to allow photographs in my own home.

So, how am I taking back control? Well, tomorrow is their next planned 'inspection' and their lawyer said I had a choice of two people inspecting or one with a camera. Nope, it doesn't say in the strata laws that I have to accept two people into my home or a camera. So stick it.

But, if they do send two people, it's actually to my advantage. I think I mentioned in a previous blog how the vice-chair of strata had approached my contractor in Home Depot looking for the phone number of the disgruntled kitchen dickhead in breach of his own contract who had complained to the strata guy that I owed him money (I don't, he did't finish the job). The strata guy, after identifying himself as a strata member, asked my contractor if he'd had any problems with me paying him. After all, what better way to get dirt on someone than from a contractor that's pissed off. My contractor answered that he'd had none at all and contacted me to relay this invasion of privacy.

On November 2, 2016, I sent strata a letter with regards to this invasion of privacy. It was never acknowledged in the minutes, nor did I ever receive a response to it. A week later, the vice-chair stepped down due to health reasons.

So, tomorrow when they show up at my door, I have a friend who will be a witness for me and video'ing everything. Before they are allowed entry, I will be establishing a few things by asking them some questions:

1. That you are E.D. , strata chairperson at Horizon Place and this is NOT a landlord/tenant situation? Correct?

2. That you are (name of neighbour), and your role is?

3. That I am a home OWNER, not a tenant and I have expressed my disagreement to this invasion of my privacy. Correct?

4. That renovations were completed a year ago, at which time I moved in, and you are just now concerned with structural changes despite no further renovations having taken place?

5. That I have just handed you a copy of the letter submitted and addressed to strata, dated November 2, 2016, which was never acknowledged in the strata minutes nor was it responded to.

6. A week after receipt of this letter, on November 9, 2016, Robert Kettle stepped down from strata, but did not officially resign until January 17, 2017. Correct?

7. That the letter addressed to strata from myself states that Robert Kettle identified himself as a strata member to my contractor in Home Depot and proceeded to ask for the phone number of the disgruntled kitchen contractor who is in breach of contract. He then asked if my contractor had had any problems with me paying him, clearly invading my privacy and seeking information irrelevant to strata or anyone else. My contractor answered in the negative. This is the letter you've been handed, correct?

8. That this letter will now be entered into the minutes of council and responded to.

9. That this inspection is a result of hearsay and information gleaned by Robert Kettle from a third party. Correct?

10. Why do you assume that there have been structural changes? Under what premise are you now, a year after renovations, concerned about structural changes?

11. That you have been advised that a Human Rights claim has been filed and this is considered to be further discrimination and harassment. Understood?

11. That you, E.D. and (other person's name) will not be permitted to split up to inspect anything individually and will remain together at all times. Agreed?

12. That you have been advised that all cameras, cell phones, and any recording device have not been approved and are not permitted in my home and photographs are not to be taken under any circumstances. Agreed?

So, those are my terms that they are permitted to enter my home. Even if they do not agree to them, I don't care, the biggest thing, to me, is that they will be hand-delivered the letter, my friend will video the whole thing, and they will have no option but to enter it into the minutes and respond to it.

I'm sure they figured if they just didn't acknowledge it or respond to it, that they could get away with their sneaky little games. Of course, I'm royally peeved at their invasion of my privacy. Not because I've done anything wrong, as I'm sure they assume. Simply because my home is my sanctuary, and they are invading it like I'm some kind of peon and they're the overlords.

But video'ing them while I hand them the letter, with a witness, gives them no option but to have to acknowledge receipt of it. I may have to get my contractor to write a letter corroborating the incident, but he has already said he'd do that.

With a few sleepless nights under my belt at this power struggle between them and me, this feels good that although I may not be able to stop this intrusion into my home, I can certainly nail them with this invasion of privacy that they will have to acknowledge and it goes to show that their inspection is based on hearsay, discrimination and is evidence of further harassment.

Oh, and I was advised to file a claim with the Privacy Commissioner as strata hasn't answered my letter within 30 days and file a complaint with the Condo Association.

Keep it up guys, I'm sure you'll be able to bury yourselves with your control issues. I'll just throw out some more rope.

And happy birthday to me, today! Knowing I have my own 'ammo' gives me great satisfaction and I can hardly wait to see the look on their faces when they get the letter hand-delivered to them and have to acknowledge receipt of it.

It's truly made this a special day!

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Jan 31 @ 9:09AM  
Happy Birthday and many more. Best of luck with your case.

Jan 31 @ 9:14AM  
Thank you!


Jan 31 @ 9:15AM  

BUT.... leave out #4 and #10

as it shows that you are worried about alleged structural changes....

and gains you nothing.....




Jan 31 @ 10:07AM  
Couldn't you just send the letter by registered mail ?

Have a very happy 29th


Jan 31 @ 11:44AM  
Happy Birthday and let them have it!

Jan 31 @ 12:38PM  
Thanks, east!


Jan 31 @ 1:17PM  
What do you do if they enter together, and split up inside? You can not physically stop them. What is the legal force of your telling them not to separate, how binding is it?

The most important thing is to regain you tranquility of spirit, so you don't come off as an eccentric in your own video. But that is more easily said than done.

Jan 31 @ 1:23PM  
Yes I can physically stop them - don't forget I will have a person video'ing and he will be blocking access to other parts of the condo.

That is why I told my lawyer only one person was permitted into my home - to prevent this. It's not in their best interest to split up, as, if they go into other rooms individually I can say that a piece of jewelry is missing (or whatever). The reason they want two people here is to corroborate anything, and as a witness for themselves.

That's why I need a witness.

Deep breaths.

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