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Predictions for the Trump presidency.

posted 1/31/2017 12:25:34 PM |
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tagged: politics

Put on your psychic hats and tell me what you honestly feel will happen in this 4 year term.

As to my predictions they are as follows:

Trump will be one of the most transformative presidents in history. There will be huge changes, and as with all change many will object every step of the way.

The economy will get a much needed shot in the arm and jobs will be up, the unemployment numbers will be down.

The stock market will surge to numbers never even imagined before. Crime will go down while incarceration numbers will go up.

Immigration will fall, but at 324 million I think we have enough people here already.

And lastly because of his outgoing, genuine personality...Trump will become popular with most Americans.

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Jan 31 @ 12:33PM  
You are being facetious I hope ??

Jan 31 @ 1:29PM  
Boy get off that acid.

Jan 31 @ 1:31PM  
@Rev....something tells me that you are just not up with the Trump agenda of change.
He is a bit rough and unconventional but even you....will have to grudgingly admit in about 2 years,...that things have gotten better overall.

^^^There that's another of my predictions.

Jan 31 @ 1:32PM  
@Kentuck, acid or moonshine...pick your poison.

Jan 31 @ 1:36PM  
I am buying stock in companies that provide governmenment sponsored psychiactric counseling. I see 4 years of liberals going all kinds of CRAZY

Jan 31 @ 1:40PM  
@ttom, you've missed the boat. I've got a newsflash for you. Most of them have ALREADY gone crazy.

It happened when they lost the election. Most liberals are not too tightly wound to begin with. But when Trump won, it seems to have made them collectively come apart at the seams.

Just think of the $$$ you could be making right now that you're losing!

Jan 31 @ 2:30PM  
I agree with you Northern on all points.

Jan 31 @ 2:34PM  
Well I always thought the Democrats were more like Obama, back room sleazy, but in public ..calm, cool and collected. But they are putting their crazy right out front for the world to see. Pres. Trump on the other hand, is calm, cool and collected and reports everything is going as planned. See he has a plan, even when he was tweeting late at night and early morning. He was bypassing the chop-chop job the media would do to his message.

oh a prediction ... well Pres. Trump seems to be a fast moving 70 yr old man who likes to work. I predict that everyone is going to have to get up a little earlier, work a little harder and talk less, that is if they are interested in knowing what's going on.


Jan 31 @ 2:40PM  

@ILgal your prediction holds water as Trump has an amazing work ethic. I am astonished how much he has managed to get done so soon!

I have another prediction. The liberals on this site are going to have a collective nervous breakdown as Trump goes from 1st gear all the way to 4th.


Jan 31 @ 3:02PM  
You would think given their age, RDL and Kentuck would have some wisdom late in their life, sadly that's not the case!

I think as Trump continues to govern as president, he will win more people over along the way. His kept promises and pledges, and a strong economy will prevail. Trump will get 2-3 of his supreme court judges on the court in his first 4 years.

In his second term, he'll get another justice on the court. More success in the economy will continue.

Jan 31 @ 3:20PM  
@Lover I hope that your predictions bear fruit in regards to the court appointees. It certainly would make a difference in our lives.

As to Kentuck and Rev..well we can blame years of moonshine for why Kentuck is the way he is. With Rev he's just a cranky old geezer that hasn't been layed in years.

Jan 31 @ 4:30PM  
1. Trump entered the White House on 1/20 with the lowest approval rating of any newly elected President and his numbers will continue to decline.

2. If it lasts that long, the Trump Administration could see a very different Congress following the 2018 Congressional elections. The Supreme Court is expected to take up the Wisconsin redistricting (read gerrymandering) case, which will have repercussions for a number of other states redistricted using REDSTATE. Of the members of the Senate up for reelection, Jeff Flake and John Heller each won their races with under 50% of the vote and are in danger territory. The DNC will be fundraising heavily against an unpopular president and will have lots of money to throw into these two races as well as to shore up efforts by Heidi Heidkamp to hold onto her seat. That is why you've seen Flake already start to distance himself from Trump.

3. Our Founding Fathers created a Constitution that has three separate and distinct branches of government, each with the authority to check the powers of the other. We have already seen the federal judiciary react to the ban on Muslims, with four federal judges objecting to the president's executive order and travel ban. Members of Congress will finally object to being the weak sister of the three branches of government.

Jan 31 @ 4:45PM  
@East, my prediction as to your predictions are that Trump will find a way around all of this, as he is a genius at getting people to like him.

Never underestimate the amazing power of charm.

Jan 31 @ 4:58PM  
Immigration will fall, but at 324 million I think we have enough people here already.

I think so. Religion, race, nation-of-origin ultimately don't matter. It will get down to sheer numbers. Sorry about the raise-the-drawbridge attitude -- unless similar numbers of US citizens start emigrating to other countries. Regardless of what T-Rump may or may not do about this bad fortune, it will fall on a future Administration and Congress.

Jan 31 @ 7:00PM  
@Exva, over population is an issue that many ignore, but it will become more of an issue as time marches on.

Jan 31 @ 7:44PM  
he is a genius at getting people to like him.

Likeability only goes so far. Courtly, generous and charming were all adjectives used to describe James Buchanan before he became known as the worst president in history.

Jan 31 @ 10:36PM  
@East, I firmly believe that most people if given the opportunity will do good as opposed to evil. Trump is now the most powerful person in the world. He will be transformed by his oath of office.

I believe this because I choose to, what you believe is also your choice. I celebrate his victory while you fear it.

Isn't it all when said and done, about the glass being either half full or half empty depending on your philosophy?

Jan 31 @ 11:34PM  
With Rev he's just a cranky old geezer that hasn't been layed in years.

And now you ridicule a prostate cancer survivor
of 7 years for my radiation treatments..
Class(less) act..

Jan 31 @ 11:45PM  
Hypocrite, you had no qualms about making fun of Willys Parkinsons disease last month did you?

And besides, how the hell was I supposed to know about your prostate cancer? Kindly don't play doesn't suit you very well.

Feb 1 @ 9:43AM  
My predictions are that the Dems will continue to do everything in their limited power to stall, throw up roadblocks and criticize everything the Trump administration tries to do.

It has nothing to do with why they were elected and has everything to do with crass mean spirited partisan politics.

I also predict that some members will continue to post off topic remarks on here and other blogs that have nothing to do with the topic, but are meant solely as flame bait.

Feb 1 @ 9:57AM  
Hypocrite, you had no qualms about making fun of Willys Parkinsons disease last month did you?

Show me the post where I made fun of Willy.
For Christs sake, Willy still has a blasphemous running blog up denigrating me for no reason
that he posted months ago and I don't bitch
about it.
If we had a real Mod he would have zapped it months ago for all the personal insults about me people like you have posted..
Get off your high horse bullshit !

Feb 1 @ 10:13AM  
@Rev....NEWSFLASH! No one gives a flying f*** what you think hombre ........
And for Christ's sake...pleeeeze get off the pity pot.

Feb 1 @ 10:17AM  
@Beetle I would state that your predictions have a 100% chance of bearing fruit as to the Democrats. Especially in regards to Sessions and the supreme court appointee.

As to flame what? I've been known to flame bait once or twice myself.

Feb 1 @ 10:19AM  
trump will be impeached and stripped of his power.....

may even do jail time for his crimes....

BEFORE the 2018 elections...

(hint... order to preserve their majority .. will capitulate to the majority will of the people....

right now it's looking like voters are thinking anyone but a republican who supports trump.....


Feb 1 @ 10:24AM  
@ASM..I do welcome you on my blogs as you come here with a different agenda, and that is healthy for any debate.

But to suggest that president Trump will end up doing jail time is just plain silly.

Feb 1 @ 10:36AM  

not there IS a reason he refuses to release his tax returns...

remember... even presidents (and his family...) cannot illegally profit by presidential actions ..

and there is the Russian specter..... where he is weak on sanctions....... and wanting a hotel approved in Moscow....

and don't forget...insider trading. vis a vie SEC.....

Securities Exchange Act of 1934
The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (also called the Exchange Act, '34 Act, or 1934 Act) (Pub.L. 73–291, 48 Stat. 881, enacted June 6, 1934, codified at 15 U.S.C. § 78a et seq.) is a law governing the secondary trading of securities (stocks, bonds, and debentures) in the United States of America.

do you think that he is above the existing laws???


Feb 1 @ 10:47AM  
@ASM, to the best of my knowledge...the only American president to be jailed was Thomas Jefferson, but he was released in a few months.

I think Trump is attempting to negate any conflict of interests. Having said that we ought not to try and chastise any public servant for simply being successful. I think it admiral that a man worth 11 billion would serve when he has it already.

None of us are above the law, but if we start the precedent of either suing or jailing our presidents, then we would make them ineffective as they would be hampered by fear of retaliation. We must never go there.

Feb 1 @ 10:58AM  

the retuglicans ALL wanted to jail "H" and Obama on trumped up charges....

my allegations all have merit... as the will of the people WANT his tax returns released...

trump has fired an acting attorney general because she refused to follow/defend an illegal act...of his....

bannon is a self avowed Leninist....

(anyone can google bannon Leninist
who trump illegally gave a seat on the national security council.....

and it just keeps on getting worse......each day.....

so ....yep...possible probable jail time.....for trump...


Feb 1 @ 11:01AM  

read this.... and think......TRUMP

Feb 1 @ 11:21AM  
@ASM, now you're becoming not only boring, but repetitive and unoriginal as well.

Over and out.....

Feb 1 @ 12:08PM  
Not really one to make predictions but I'm not adverse to hoping. Unlike some I will not engage in the fiery histrionics and ridiculous speculations.

Quite simply I'm going to hope for a continuing trend. Democrats will continue to make their party obsolete. In 2018 the mid term elections will find a growing disparity between their party and an America favoring the Republicans. Normally with the party holding the presidency you see a shift in Congress to the party not holding that seat. But continued irresponsible inaction by the dems will further erode public confidence. In 2018 it's will be a death knell for the Democrats. Apparently that last President (?) got one thing right. Actions do have consequences.

Feb 1 @ 2:17PM  
@Doc T, yours is the best prediction of all. Yes the Dems will be the party of the forgotten and the few. What we are witnessing is the demise of the left. Their desperate laments on here are in reality, their death rattles.

Feb 1 @ 4:12PM  
My ultimate prediction -- it will be a presidency born in chaos and it will end in calamity. Stepping back, there is a certain flavor to the first 11 days that is reminiscent of The Apprentice. That dog won't hunt.

Feb 1 @ 4:24PM  
Show me the post where I made fun of Willy

RDL is innocent of this one. It was Moonwatcher53 that made fun of my Parkinson's

Feb 1 @ 5:23PM  
@Willy, I know this but Rev was laughing along with Moon. I almost made a comment but another blogger beat me to it.

@East, as to "calamity"...not going to happen. Trump simply has the best cabinet in history for any chaos to ensue....sorry to disappoint.

Feb 4 @ 3:44PM  
My predictions are that eventually Steve Bannon will get fired and once he does Ivanka and her husband, Conway, and others will then be able to exert more influence.

When that happens you will see a kinder, gentler Trump.

Feb 4 @ 4:25PM  
@Zulu, I don't know a whole lot about this Bannon guy. But the left seem to hate him and refer to him as Darth Vader.

Some suggest that Steve Bannon appeals to Trumps bad side while Kelly Ann Conway appeals to his good side.

Feb 4 @ 5:37PM  
Steve Bannon is Donald Trump in street clothes. You couldn't find a man any more threatening to the left. But so is Trump. They share damn near identical philosophies on trade, immigration, foreign policy and politics(they hate playing it). They are both hard drivers for policy implementation. a do it now, why wait philosophy. And with the possible exception of Preibus , he has a walk in clearance. Indeed, possibly the most accurate assessment of Bannon is that of his 'time waits for no one' initiative. And like Trump, he's smart as shit.

Feb 4 @ 7:19PM  
Doc T, I'm a simple blue collar testosterone fueled guy. All I know is that Steve Bannon is bone ugly while Kelly Anne Conway makes my poor little heart go pitter patter.

I'll therefore leave the intellectual stuff to you, and just judge those two by eye candy appeal alone.

Feb 6 @ 2:38PM  
OK.....on a lighter note.
Anyone hear the news that Rob Rheiner will be reviving the old Archie Bunker sitcom, 'All in the Family'? Apparently the former 'Meathead' will be recasting Barrack and Michelle Obama in the roles of Archie and Edith Bunker. Naturally it will have a decidedly leftist lean. Rheiner is casting Chelsea Manning in a dual role he made famous, but with a twist. Manning will play both roles starring as Meathead and Gloria. Obama plans on moving to Hollywood for one year to fully immerse themselves in the roles. 'Those are the days'.....

Feb 6 @ 4:00PM  
I predict that Doc T will not give up his day job to go to Hollywood to become a stand up comic.....why you ask? Because he doesn't want to starve.

Feb 6 @ 4:01PM  
The tinfoil hat brigade have been predicting that the sky, and the stock market with it, was falling since Trump began to emerge as leader in the primaries. The opposite is true, now, historical fact.

Many of the predictions right here on MD would be more appropriately posted on Some left turning wingnuts have yet to accept that Trump is president, and continue to grasp at political straws to prove he is not President.

Some, like Peter Pan's little fairy Tinkerbelle, live on the belief that if you say it often enough and believe it reeeeaaaaal hard, it will come true, like children flying around because they believe. Keep wishing and believing, kids, but don't jump off any tall buildings.

Feb 6 @ 4:06PM  
@ttom, ain't it a fact though? Ever since the election the leftist loonies have been coming out of the woodwork like so many demented cockroaches. It's like the've all collectively become unhinged.

The rhetoric from the left on this site is downright scary, including that hillbilly hick calling on foreign terrorists to take out some on the right.

Feb 6 @ 4:21PM  
They share damn near identical philosophies

So, I guess that means Trump's a Nazi, too? Glenn Beck certainly thinks so.


Feb 6 @ 4:29PM  
@East...such hyperbole and exaggeration. Pity as you are otherwise quite intelligent.

Feb 6 @ 5:39PM  
So, I guess that means Trump's a Nazi, too?

Nazi...You have worn that out. Just like Hitler….That has been worked to death. You're a racist….so's your old lady. That is hate speach, and you're a hater….Am I supposed to cry? Those horses were whipped to death long ago, and so overused as to be meaningless to modern Americans. there is nomore milage left in those verbal junkers. They are a sign that a leftist has run out of rational arguments and is resorting to name calling.

All those accusations mean is that you don't like the speaker and want to silence his right to free speech. Nobody is buying that BS any more. That's one reason Trump is President.

I say YOU are a racist and hater, and everything you write is hatred against sexually normal, White males, YOU sexist you !

Nazi, Shmatzi ! !

Feb 6 @ 6:20PM  

Feb 6 @ 6:25PM  
To any that it might concern: @ASM has deleted both of my comments on his blog. That is certainly his call and I'll respect that.

As to me I am proud of the fact that I have NEVER deleted a single comment on any of my blogs or blocked anyone.

I expect that I will be able to state the same in the future. I say no to censorship. I also have to offer 100% credit to @Kentuck. Even though he gets insulted, he has NEVER deleted any comments.

I guess Kentuck is more of a man than ASM is.

Feb 6 @ 6:33PM  
Northern on this I have to disagree. First I like those who don't delete and allow all comments, even offensive ones. But Simple man does have the right to monitor his blog as he sees fit. The deleting option is there for a reason.

Feb 6 @ 6:40PM  
@Zulu, I get that but...he deleted my posts because I referred to him as a "pussy" and a "coward" because he stated that he was going to "monitor" his blog. Which meant that he would allow comments that he likes, and delete those he doesn't like.

I have NEVER deleted even one of his asinine posts, and he is well aware of this.


Feb 6 @ 7:07PM  
Guys like ASM or wing nuts are novelties. People keep them around for pole position or just as a object to abuse. They're not funny nor do I need the comments on my blogs. They're the only two I've deleted and that was because they polluted my email. They're only here to cause trouble. If you welcome that on your posts that's up to you. I get that.

Feb 6 @ 7:13PM  
P.S. I don't like 'socks'. Your term, not mine. These are goofs that didn't make it as a real profile so now they think they're relevant as a sock. Don't need them and yes that's you Zulu or Fred.

Feb 6 @ 7:20PM  
@Doc T...I'll take on Wingnut or ASM any day of the week and make them run with their tail between their legs. That will be the day that I need to run from the likes of them. So I won't block either one. You block, your reasons....

As to socks...don't know, don't care. You crossed Fred (in his mind) and he let you have it. So you have no use for him? I get that but I do so enjoy his pulpit as he sure does slam into the right.

As to Zulu being a sock...that's your opinion not mine. She has been here far longer than you have.

Feb 6 @ 7:25PM  
typo... he sure does slam into the [left]

Feb 6 @ 7:37PM  
Hey northern, not putting any words in your mouth, just stating my position. And Zulu being here longer? Maybe on MD, but I'm from AMD where these goofs would be lightweights. Still are, that's why they're socks.

Feb 6 @ 7:51PM  
Doc T, Zulu can be a big pain...(sorry Zulu) but she has backed me up a few times, and can be funny as well.

I see her as being middle of the road., we have too many either left or right, a few centrists?....not a bad thing.
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