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posted 2/1/2017 10:51:15 AM |
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Yesterday, to get away from the stress of having my home invaded by the power hungry strata nazis today, I headed out to my favourite place further east in the valley. A beautiful drive on an absolutely stunning day, it was exactly what I needed.

The arctic winds are blasting us once again, but with those come clear blue skies and sunny days. It's difficult to stay outside for any length of time as the winds seem to cut right through layers of clothing, chilling one to the bone.
I had hoped, with these winds and cold, the bald eagles would be out in abundance along the river banks.

Standing along the edge of the highway, looking down on to the flatlands below, there were hundreds of birds, unfortunately, they were all geese and not one eagle in evidence. I drove to a couple of their favourite hang outs, but they were making themselves scarce yesterday. I did see a hawk, and a couple of eagles way up in the stratosphere, too far away for photos.

The hawk seemed to glide and hover right over my car and I wished I'd had time to get out and photograph it - but, not to be. I'd stopped at Harrison Bay and Errock Lake to see what was going on there and take more pics of the old insulators. Not much going on, although one yard with bird feeders had an abundance of blue Stellar's Jays flashing in and out of the shade.

Again, too quick for me to take any photos, however I just enjoyed the display of their incredibly blue feathers. I ended up meandering along some back roads, some of which I've been down before. One very quiet side road follows a slough, farmland stretching out on one side, with the water and mountains on the other. Tall, leafless deciduous trees line the river side of the road, the bank sloping steeply to the still water. Large patches of ice lay atop the slough with hundreds of ducks perched on top.

I didn't see a lot that I wanted to photograph, despite the gorgeous weather. I did enjoy the day, wandering here and there, just enjoying the sunshine, the stunning backdrop of rugged snow-capped peaks ripping the cerulean blue skies. I haven't down-loaded my photos yet and I'm anxious to see the photo of the old graying barn surrounded by bare trees, with Needle Peak pointing into the atmosphere.

I don't know if some of the photos will turn out, like the macro shots of the rosehips over the barbed wire as the wind was so severe, the berries were moving like crazy, even those seemingly caught in the barbs.

It was great to get out and enjoy the spectacular scenery I'm blessed to live in and focus on the beauty around me, instead of the nonsense strata is pulling. My lawyer told me yesterday they were paying $300/hr for their legal advice, and their bill had to be somewhere around $4,000.00 by now. Geez. Over a cat. I hope it's worth it for them.

Even if I am in contravention of a by-law of changing a structure (it's not a bearing wall) without permission, the by-laws clearly state the fine is $25.00 per offence. Well, I only changed it once, so they can only fine me $25.00. Stupid jerks. I'm sure they'll try to find something else, though.

I don't know how much money they have to keep spending on this, but I'm not leaving and the more they push, the more I'll push back. I have a membership for my legal fees, so this is only costing me $25.00per month, and I can cancel anytime. As my original lawyer is off sick (or whatever) I have a new lawyer, and I actually prefer him. He seems far more assertive.

My mortgage broker will be here at 8:50 am as a witness, and we'll have a nice visit while waiting for this jerk to decide to show up. I did 'win' in that only one person is entering my home and they will not be bringing cameras. I don't know why they seem to think they're entitled to photograph anything in my home. Holy cow. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

So I had a wonderful day yesterday with a free breakfast at Denny's (brunch) and a relaxing drive along country roads, topping it off with a delicious dinner at my favourite Greek restaurant with a friend. Can't think of a better way to spend the day, and lucky enough to have blue skies. My birthday is usually grey and rainy, so this year was a bonus!

I'd better go get dressed and ready for this 'inspection'. It's great having a daughter as a peace officer, as she said what are they 'inspecting'? I told her and she said, okay, as long as they're just looking at structure, because if they were to open any closets or cupboards up, it then becomes a 'search' and illegal.

I'm sure they think the reason I don't want them in here is because I'm guilty of something. They have no idea that the reason is this is MY home, and they are not invited guests. My kitchen is custom designed and I don't need anyone else here deciding to copy it on the cheap. If I wanted anyone in this building in my unit, I would have invited them, and they are pissed off to no end that no one has seen my renovations.

Ooooh, I extended the kitchen opening. Big deal. The wall is shaped like a U and in no way is a bearing wall. It couldn't have been with the opening in the wall for the kitchen, anyway. According to my lawyer, if it's not a bearing wall, then it isn't a structure.

Sounds like this is going to be a drawn out thing, with the lawyers arguing over semantics and wording, all for a vendetta for having a cat. I hope someone on council gets some sense somewhere along the way and says, this is costing way too much money!

Whatever, it's evident that, after receiving the documentation for the cat, that they decided to look for something else, just mad that they 'lost' and wanting to punish me by intruding into my personal sanctuary. Whatever. Fill your boots, council. One thing for sure, this will be the last visit they'll be allowed, so they'd better make it good.

Once they leave my condo, their 'inspection' should be complete and they will not be allowed back in. Even though they've insisted on a two hour window to inspect my place, they get to enter and exit once. That's it. If they leave and say they need to return in that same two hour window, it then becomes a second inspection. Not going to happen. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they were to hire a structural engineer just to be stupid about this and try to find another reason to come in here. I won't be admitting to a damn thing, as they have no proof that I made the change to the opening. It could have been here for years.

The funny thing is, they think by not putting things in the minutes, they can get away with this stuff. I have to remember to say to the strata member this morning that I expect that the next time an inspection is to take place, that it will be recorded in the minutes prior to the inspection and recorded afterwards. I have the letter ready to hand to him to ensure that goes in the minutes and is recorded and responded to.

They think by being slimey and sneaky they can get away with trying

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Feb 1 @ 11:11AM  
AND..... they are fighting you.... with OPM....(other peoples money)

wondering how the other owners are going to like this when the truth finally comes out.....

that they squandered the strata's defense fund reserves....on fighting little old young you....

maybe you should run for a seat on the council....then... that will really get to them....

course... that would mean that you would have to go all political on them.....


Feb 1 @ 2:11PM  
Not a bad idea. I had a friend run for a seat on her co-op board for reasons not dissimilar to yours. She really shook up the place!

Feb 1 @ 7:44PM  
I didn't see any eagles here today.
But, I did get good photos of a red shouldered hawk
and also both a male & female osprey, a butterfly, a dragonfly,
a limpkin a snowy egret and a green heron.
It was 74 F.
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