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Well, That's Done!

posted 2/1/2017 4:24:03 PM |
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tagged: law, privacy

My mortgage broker was here this morning as a witness for the 'inspection' by the strata chairperson. So the strata guy comes in and says he wants to start in the bedroom. Fine. He inspects the window for any leakage. None. Then he wants to check the shut-off valves. Excuse me, wait a minute, this was supposed to be a structural inspection, shut-off valves aren't structural.

Then he went on to say well I wouldn't let anyone in when I was renovating and they need to check certain things, blah blah blah. At first I said well you'll have to arrange another inspection then. After a bit of back and forth, I conceded to let hm look. I have nothing to hide and the shut-off valves are all new. He didn't check the second bathroom, but checked the washer/dryer and under the kitchen sink.

Then he wanted to look at the pipe going to the dishwasher because that was moved. Whatever. No issues. Then he looked out onto the deck and wanted to know about some white thing that was on my deck in the summer. Huh? I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I realized it was the cream bifold privacy screen I'd had leaning up against the balcony so my neighbour couldn't look in.

I told him it was a bi-fold screen and he said, 'oh, so it's not permanent' - well obviously, if it's not there. It wasn't even attached for heaven's sake. One of my clay pots was keeping it upright. I didn't say that, but obviously it's not attached if it's not there.

Then he kept saying something about they heard there was a larger opening somewhere and he didn't see it, blah, blah, blah. Then he said the lights had been changed. Yes, by a journeyman electrician. 'You're supposed to get permission and we're supposed to see your plans." Bullshit! I don't see that anywhere. Oh, and I'm supposed to supply them with the papers of the electrician. Great, I'll have Bruce fax them over.

He kept going on about the opening in the wall, and I just shrugged and said any questions he had he'd have to contact my lawyer. He mentioned it several times that they 'heard' I was opening the wall. Well, I heard he was an asshole - what does that prove? No I didn't say that, but whatever.

Anyway, when he mentioned the wall opening again, I just shrugged and said I didn't know and that I thought it was like that when I moved in and it could have been done by the previous owners, or the one's previous to that.

The strata guy gave me a really dirty look, because how can they 'prove' that it wasn't, besides revealing that they were asking questions about me and invading my privacy and proving they were discriminating against me. If they were so worried about the renovations, why didn't they exercise this by-law before now? Like last year when the renos were being done. Or any time in the following few months, before they knew I had a cat.

I'm pretty sure their lawyer doesn't know about the letter I sent where they invaded my privacy, because it's not listed in the minutes nor was it responded to. And what better way to avoid responsibility than to say, oh we didn't receive it. So today, he got it, and I have a witness that he got it.

So he's pissed off about it, but I have to cover my ass, and how much money do they want to spend on lawyers? And fighting a very obvious discrimination lawsuit along with a privacy suit.

He made up some excuse about needing to know about the electrical for when I move or some bloody thing, and he mentioned that couple of times, trying to be really friendly to get me to reveal something. After the second time, I let him know in no uncertain terms that I wasn't moving.

Anyway, it's done with a minimal amount of fuss and that's it. They've done their inspection, so they'd best have a really, really good reason to need to come in here again. What it boils down to is no one has seen my place and their curiosity at what I did was driving them nuts.

I think it's kind of funny that the bifold screen on the deck was an issue. Why didn't they ask me last year? Why didn't they simply ask what was on my deck instead of waiting until winter, and it's not there? Why? Because they've been looking for things they can 'get' me on and obviously saving them up. Because I don't believe they can do anything about the cat, they've been searching for other things. I can just imagine in the last meeting they were making a 'list' of what they figured I was in contravention of.

I can just hear it. "Oh yeah, and she had some white thing on her deck last summer! That's a structural change! Yeah, and we heard that she had made the opening in the kitchen bigger! (Isn't hearsay inadmissable in court?) Yeah, and she changed the lights because I saw her electrician up in the roof and she's supposed to get permission and give us his papers so we know the job is done correctly.

The funny thing is, they have all manner of electrical work done up there, that wasn't done by a journeyman electrician, and I don't see them telling those people they have to get someone in with papers to re-do the work. B did an excellent job, he has his papers and he teaches electrical at night. So get all the electrical checked then. It's all to code, and no I'm not going to pay for it. You're the one worried about it.

They told me there were supporting beams in the kitchen wall that was opened up. Yeah, bullshit. But I just looked at him and shrugged. No idea. I know for a fact that B didn't move any damn beams and the reason we couldn't take the wall completely out is because there was all kinds of pipe and electrical wiring in it. No problem. It was opened a foot on each side, but if there was a beam, it wasn't touched at all.

So we'll see what the results are. If they want to continue to push these stupid issues, then I'll continue with the discrimination lawsuit. If they want to drop it, then so will I. I'm not the one spending copious amounts of money on lawyers.

Anyway, the inspection is done and I took my broker out for breakfast to thank him for being a witness for me. Now I have to get a bank draft for my strata fees, as I refuse to give them checks as they take far too long to clear my account. Then, with another windy, frigid, sunny day, find a different place to go take photos.

Let's hope that saner heads will prevail, and they'll realize that continued legal issues are not in their best interest, or the best interest of all the owners.

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Feb 1 @ 7:45PM  
It doesn't sound like it went too bad.
Perhaps some of their concerns were legitimate.

Feb 1 @ 8:16PM  
No, their concerns weren't legitimate - they haven't inspected anyone else's unit nor have they put my inspection in the minutes or the letter I wrote them. When I said something about them not being in the minutes, the chairperson said, "Well, not everyone needs to know everything that's going on." Um, yeah, they need to vote on it so that everyone does know what's going on.

Then he made excuses about being sick, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. No, it's a witch hunt, as all of these things should have been inspected last year, when the renovations were being done. It's too obvious that it's all coming up now, when they can't do anything about the cat.


Feb 2 @ 1:11AM  
Hopefully it's behind you. best to keep out of their way and make sure they can't poison your kitty. I had a wonderful. loving dog that was poisoned, it was heartbreaking.

Feb 2 @ 2:07AM  
As bad as your problems are they are nothing like America faces. Trumpty Dumbty is fighting with his friends now, namely Australia. Bigly smart.

Feb 2 @ 8:07AM  
I'm rooting that this is all done and you can put this witch hunt behind you. Good for you for pushing back and not letting them walk all over you.

Kudos Woman!

Feb 2 @ 11:00AM  
Did everyone notice how Winglets had to come on here and try to inject her political views into the narrative?....shameful.

Feb 2 @ 11:11AM  
^^ perhaps you should stop watching winglets so closely control freak.

Feb 2 @ 11:41AM  


Feb 2 @ 1:45PM  
seems that Imp's blogs now have a self appointed northern moderator....

( a shamless bump of a great blog....)

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