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Sometimes, You CAN Judge A Book From It's Cover

posted 2/2/2017 12:44:21 PM |
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After yesterday's invasion into my privacy, it dawned on me that the strata chairperson had not only not advised their lawyer of the letter that I'd sent to council in November, they hadn't even taken it to council.

When I handed him a copy of the letter and said I noticed it wasn't in the minutes and neither was it responded to, and I'd like both, and his reply was 'not everyone needs to know everything that's going on'. Ding, ding, ding! Holy cow. He'd never presented it to council, even though it was addressed to strata. All he did was contact the vice-chair that had invaded my privacy, and they'd agreed the vice-chair would step down. Council was never apprised of the incident and that's why there's no record, and no reply to it.

I also realized there's no indication in the minutes that my home was to be inspected or for what reason. They are supposed to vote on those procedures and it's supposed to be recorded in the minutes. I'll wait to see if it's in next month's minutes, and if not, then I'll know they aren't acting on behalf of strata, but on a personal vendetta.

Anyway, they keep burying themselves in their anger at me having a therapy animal. As a homeowner, I'm not happy about the amount of my fees they're spending on the lawyer, and I imagine most owners wouldn't be, if they knew what was going on.

Interestingly, every month from June to December, there's something in the minutes about a pet by-law infraction. January - nothing. No resolution, no mention of it at all. It makes me wonder what else goes on that doesn't make it into the minutes.

I also realized when he went to my bedroom to check the seal on the window, he wasn't checking that at all, but looking to see the 'white thing' that had been on my deck last year as my bedroom looks out on that end of the deck. He never checked the seal in any other windows.

I have to keep notes of these things so if it ever goes to litigation, it's more than evident that they were on a witch hunt and discriminating. Did they ask other contractors of other owners that renovated if the owners had any issues with them paying their bills? If that isn't a gross invasion of privacy, I don't know what is.

I contacted my handyman yesterday re: the wall and he just said, there was always an opening there. Boom. Done. lol. I mean, really, how much do they want to keep spending on this?

Anyway, my Mom is taking me out for a birthday lunch today, seeing as I didn't want to go on my birthday as I was already going out for dinner. We're going to a swanky local restaurant I've never been to and I'm really looking forward to it.

Good thing I looked at my appointments for today though, as I have an appointment to interview a local business for my guidebook. All this nonsense and stress demands so much focus, it's easy to forget other things. I need to get on with the guidebook so I can have it printed and published by the summer as it's our 150th anniversary celebration. I really need to get focussed on that and get writing, and strata needs to just leave me alone so I can put my full attention on it.

Another beautiful sunny, windy, frigid day and I'm hoping I can get a few macro shots of the daphne flowers. Yesterday the wind was so intense and constant there was no way I could take macro anything unless I was inside. In fact, I went out to a local lake, and ended up not taking any photos at all. I guess the stress release from all this nonsense finally hit me and I was so tired, all I could think of was driving home to have a snooze.

I have to finish the interview I had on New Year's eve with one of the local bakeries. After I got sick, for three weeks I couldn't think of anything except how tired I was. Then this nonsense of the home invasion arises and there's another week of nonsense and my focus being diverted.

I know I gave these people way too much power to affect my work and how I live, but I don't handle stress well and why I have a therapy cat. It's hard to not let it affect you when a) you get blind-sided by an inspection and have 5 hours to readjust your work, get a witness, and ensure that you're back from the US in time, and b) have no recourse to the inspection or time to refute it.

With the sun shining and another beautiful day greeting me, I'll just enjoy this day for what it is and get my interview as there's supposed to be more snow coming this way. That'll be an excellent time to finish off the current writing projects and book appointments for other local places for the guidebook.

Seeing as this is Canada's 150th, it seems appropriate to title the book along the lines of 150 something. I'll have to think on it. The title is the least of my worries. I need to get the interior of the book going.

There's not much point in just publishing a cover with a great title if there's nothing inside.

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Feb 2 @ 1:23PM  
too f***ing bad northern..BUT...

trump is a book cover with blank pages inside....

that he writes as he goes along...with no editor.. and no proof reading either......

in other words.. his executive actions are done Vlog style...

meanwhile.... great blog Imp....

looks like you can smell the roses..and watch for eagles... while enjoying the sunrises and sunsets....


Feb 2 @ 1:28PM  
Imp, I apologize for ASM attacking me on YOUR blog...sorry about that.

Feb 2 @ 1:35PM  

really northern....... if you had not attacked another member...on another one of Imp's fantastic blogs... I would have left trump out of it...

btw,... I did not attack you....

grow up.....

Feb 2 @ 1:37PM  
@ASM, I respectfully request that you STOP trolling on Imp's blog.

Thank you.

Again sorry Imp.

Feb 2 @ 1:41PM  
I suspect that Imp does not like others....telling people...what to do...on her blogs....


Feb 2 @ 2:06PM  
burying themselves in their anger at me having a therapy animal.

If STRATA could get an anonymous note saying that Sadie isn't getting the
job of keeping your stress level to a minimum because of STRATA's ongoing
agitation and your therapist has now advised you to get either a miniature horse,
a Shetland pony or a nice little burro !!

Feb 2 @ 2:28PM  
Or a mastodon. I hear they've found enough DNA to clone them.

I remember when my friend, Susan, was condo shopping. She spent more time reading the minutes and checking the financials than she did looking at the actual apartment -- and she spent a lot of time doing that. This should be a wake up call for us all.

Hope you enjoy spending your birthday with your mom. I'm getting ready to travel to CT to spend my mom's birthday with her.

Feb 2 @ 3:16PM  
All of this cause of pretty little Sadie? Some people are just idiots.

Reading this, seems someone thinks they are above the rules by leaving the details out of the minutes. Hopefully your lawyer points out how THEY are not following the rules in their little vendetta.

And Happy 150th to our neighbor to the north.
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