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posted 2/4/2017 12:57:18 PM |
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After the arctic winds we had again this week, we are being blasted with another heavy blanket of snow. Holy cow, it's even more than the last snowfall. Geez. This is Vancouver! We don't get this kind of weather!

It's snowing like crazy and has been since yesterday morning. There are road warnings with the police asking people to stay home. No problem! If I go anywhere, it may be to the lake - two blocks away - to take photos. Even so, I won't be there long.

I'd best get my crockpot going with honey garlic drumsticks for dinner tonight and get back on track of cooking and meal planning. All this stress from the stupid condo nazis has turned my routine topsy turvy with far too much focus on those idiots. I need to take my power back and just enjoy each day for what it is, rather than let them yank my chain and be dancing on the end of it for them.

At this point, though, they pretty much are dancing for me, what with the Human Rights complaint being filed. I don't think they realize what they've started, stupid jerks. If they have any sense at all, they'll zip up their flies and accept that I'm not going anywhere, no matter how stupid they want to get.

Anyway, enough of that. Tomorrow I have the president of the camera club coming over in the morning to give me some help with my camera so I can take better photos. He said he had a method for us visual learners that would make sense for me.

I have to take a thumb drive into London Drugs to get my photos printed for the show next week at the gallery at the lake. We have a reception next Saturday evening as well, and I have to make some goodies for that. I think I'll make the orange cranberry loaf as that's super easy and relatively quick, other than the cooking time.

I have to get going on finishing the interview with the local bakery and write up the interview I conducted with the bee place on Thursday. I had totally forgotten about it until I glanced at my calendar for the day. I had to push the time back as my Mom was taking me to lunch. We went to a swanky restaurant and had a superb meal. Bacon and sage soup and a shaved pork sandwich with a dijon & horse radish aioli and cabbage. For dessert, we shared a piece of caramel date cake with orange ricotta ice cream. Good lord that was absolutely heavenly! I'm glad we shared it though, as it was super rich.

Mom delivered some bad news, unfortunately. My brother, who's been suffering from Bell's palsy for the past year and a half went to the Mayo clinic for tests and it's not Bell's palsy at all. It's cancer in his cheek, by his ear, and has travelled to the seventh vertebra affecting his facial nerves and why it looks like Bell's palsy.

We don't know what the prognosis is yet, and they've given him three options. All three options include reconstructive surgery of the left side of his face - his eye, his cheek muscle, etc. They will take a piece of muscle from his stomach and put it in his cheek, as it's been too long for the current muscle to be able to rejuvenate itself.

Funny, when he came up from Az last summer, where he lives (he became an American citizen about 10 years ago or so) and I saw him, my immediate thought was cancer, but he totally trusted his doctor so I kept my mouth shut. It's a good thing he has great insurance and is able to afford the $300/per month it costs him. Whatever he does will be covered, and he has no cancer anywhere else in his body. He's extremely fit and that is in his favour.

One of his options includes a 15 hour surgery, including the reconstructive surgery which they figure will be upwards of $750,000.00. I have no idea what his choice will be, but I know if it was me, I'd be taking cannabis seed oil and trying any damn thing to eradicate it.

Of course he's angry. Angry that he kept going to the doctor and asking why the swelling on his face hurt when he pressed on it when the dr kept saying it was just fat cells. He just retired a year and a half ago from a position he absolutely hated. He kept thinking he'd hang on until he was 65, which he did, and then bang, he had what appeared to be Bell's palsy.

No doubt stress does horrible things to your body, and why I need to ensure that I give less attention and focus to these strata jerks and their need to wienie wag, attempting to exert their power. My brother and I are very alike, and I do not need to emulate how he handles stress.

Lke everyone else in the family, I'm keeping positive thoughts about my brother and confident in his ability to fight adversity. With all that's going on and the stress, I've not been able to be creative at all.

Today, I'm making time to go into my art room, let the classical music wash over me, and draw or paint and escape into my happy place.

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Feb 4 @ 1:05PM  
You are one tough cookie. I'm glad you don't deal with stress the way I do.(6 pack of beer) The next day I have a headache and the issue I was stressed out, about is still there.

But when I'm thinking straight I turn to others. Going it alone all the time doesn't always produce the desired results.

As to your weather....that's called summer up here!

Feb 4 @ 2:25PM  
I like honey, I like garlic, and I like drumsticks.
But, I have to be honest here.
I'm not sure honey & garlic belong in the same recipe/meal.

I just had a fish sandwich on whole grain bread with mustard, tomato,
red onion and red leaf lettuce.
I finished off lunch with Breyers Chocolate Truffle ice cream.

It's 76 F. here today.

Perhaps this ditty will help you relax; click here for youtube video

or maybe this one; click here for youtube video

Feb 4 @ 2:37PM  
Those honey garlic drum sticks sound delicious!!!

So......Vancouver has been hogging all of our snow? That's fine, you can keep it.

I hope all goes good for your brother! A friend and co worker of mine was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma last Fall and has been going through chemo and just this past week she went in for her routine testing and was told her cancer is in remission. Think positive thoughts for your brother.
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