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Only in Canada

posted 2/5/2017 10:19:47 PM |
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One indicator of a good sense of humour is the ability to laugh at oneself and one's nationality. Canadians, generally, are self-deprecatory and love to play up some of the things that are unique to us, although may seem strange to someone in another country.

We love our Timmy's. That's Tim Horton's for those unfamiliar with Canadian culture. Timmy's Timbits (donut holes) are a big hit and one of those treats that many businesses treat their employees with on a Friday morning or in a meeting. I don't think there's a Tim Horton's anywhere that doesn't have a humungous line-up at their drive through any morning.

One of the funniest and best sights I saw at a Timmy's was when I worked in Chilliwack at the local newspaper. I was driving by the Tim Horton's one morning, when I spotted a man in an oilskin raincoat, an oilskin hat, the brim pulled low, patiently waiting in the drive-through for his order, on horseback. His horse was quietly standing in line between two cars. I stopped to watch (of course, no camera), he picked up his coffee at the window, and I watched as he trotted away, moving with the motion of his horse, sipping his coffee. It totally made my day!

Timmy's is popular with our southern neighbours as well. The post office staff south of the border give me a hard time, asking me to bring them Timmy's Timbits, telling me I won't be served unless I bring them.

There are numerous other things that make us Canadians a nation to our own, one big one being our use of the word 'eh'. Yes, most of us use it, frequently. So don't be surprised, eh. One misconception is that we say aboot for about. Perhaps back east they might say that, but I know very well I say about (abowt) - as it's an ow word, not oo. Anyone that tells me I pronounce it aboot needs to have their ears cleaned.

We have lots of words that are typically Canadian - chesterfield for sofa or couch. Deke - meaning to fade or feint. F**k the dog - meaning lazy. Homo milk for whole milk, (homogenized milk), hydro meaning electricity, Joe job meaning a low class or low paying job. Klick is slang for kilometre, toque or tuque - a knitted winter hat, 26 er - a 750ml bottle of alcohol and a two four being a 24 pack of beer.

Oh, and zed for the last letter of the alphabet. Not zee. The word canuck, which some attempt to use as an insult, and instead of being offended, we just used it for the name of our hockey team. We proudly identify ourselves as Canucks, having the ability to not take ourselves too seriously.

Recently, someone shared a video that is not only ingenious, it's hilarious. From a facebook site called Only in Canada, I laughed at the ingenuity of the kid (and his dad), but also the 'how to make your own Zamboni' video. This is truly what memories are made of and reminded me of the 'pushy pully' my dad made for us kids when we were little. It was based on the old yellow railway handcars - same idea.

For your apolitical viewing enjoyment, the video is at the following link, if you want a laugh for the day. The ending is what made me laugh the most. I think chains would be in order, not snow tires.

Only in Canada

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Feb 5 @ 10:50PM  
I've only been to the it down there. My kind of people, a little rough around the edges but down to earth.

Feb 6 @ 1:25AM  
Canada has fantastic Canadian music. I don't think the US has a modern equivalent of Stompin' Tom Connors, with all his songs celebrating Canada's unique flavors. Buddy Wasisname makes us all laugh along with him at some Canadian quirks, and old Wilf Carter is a truly Canadian classic, though he also sang as Montana Slim. Their songs are uniquely Canadian, praising Canada's best, and laughing at its foibles and quirks
The best traditional Irish music I know of comes fromCanada, especially from the Newfies.

Buddy Wasisname Hunting the Duck

Stompin' Tom - Bud the Spud

Wilf Carter - Blue Canadian Rockies

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Guys - She's Awful Bad

Feb 6 @ 2:03AM  
Three more by Stompin' Tom:

Muk Tuk Annie

Gum Boot Clogaroo

Real Canadian Girl


Feb 6 @ 7:51AM  
I ran across so many more Canadians when I lived in Seattle than FL. I loved them all too.

I never heard of Tim Horton though.

We had a lot of Krispy Kreme's in Seattle. When they finally built one here in ORlando the town went nuts and the lines were ginormous. My son and I looked at each other and just shook our heads because we couldn't tell what was so great about it.

Great blog.

Feb 6 @ 10:56AM  
Are you advertising for alt-right wing supremacists to immigrate? You should ban them, just to teach them how it feels.

You can have 'em, I'm so happy to be far, far away from the madness. As a matter of interest my family were refugees from Zambia when Kuanda kicked us out, so I know what it feels like.

Feb 6 @ 12:13PM  

what makes Tim Horton better than dunkin donuts ...

meanwhile... starbuck's just keeps on buying up the competition....

( the easy way to number 1.... )

kudos on another great blog.....

Feb 6 @ 12:54PM


.....national coffee day, which is ironic since it’s likely that your morning cup of joe wasn’t even grown in America. The world’s biggest coffee producers are located in the “Bean Belt“ — basically the tropics — with Brazil ranked as the biggest coffee producing country in the world.
Good coffee growing conditions require high altitudes, tropical climates, and rich soil, and there is only one state in the good ol’ USA that fits the mold. Hawaii has been producing coffee since the mid-nineteenth century — before it was even a state. ...

IS trump screwing around with my favorite beverage(s)???

trump has to go......

Feb 6 @ 3:36PM  
The comments seemed to have slipped downhill a bit.

There are a great many things, far more important than donuts, that are uniquely Canadian. I really like donuts, but I find far more than pastries to admire in the country North of our borders.
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