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A Farm Girl At Heart

posted 2/7/2017 5:39:11 PM |
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Another snowstorm last night adding up to about 3' in 4 days. Apparently we're in for another snowstorm tomorrow, and then rain (not just rain, but Vancouver deluge) on Thursday and Friday. We've smashed all kinds of records for snowfall and hopefully, the impending rain won't cause any serious flooding.

Today brought the first clear day we've seen in almost a week, with icy blue skies and the sun turning the snow a blinding white. After seeing the 18 robins huddled in the tree yesterday, I took my camera out on my walk this morning. It was slow going with the new snowfall and the paths not being plowed yet. I didn't expect to walk all the way around the lake, but ended up doing so in hopes of capturing more photo ops.

First stop, the boardwalk across the lake. Interestingly, there were some perfectly even, round bumps of snow on the lake, the morning light casting long shadows behind them. I have no idea what they're from, but took a photo as I liked the symmetry of the bumps - receding in size away from me. Red wing blackbirds zoomed in and out of the bulrushes, landing on branches too far away for my camera lens. A few years ago, the redwing blackbirds used to dive bomb my hair as I walked by the bulrushes near the boardwalk. I have no idea why, as they didn't seem to do it to anyone else.

I reached the area where the robins had been the day before, and sure enough, not one in sight. I stopped and waited quietly on the path. A couple of birds flew by and I noticed they were hiding in a different tree - one covered with ivy. Flitting in and out, I did manage to take several photos of robins, so despite the snow, spring IS coming!

A little black squirrel climbed the tree next to the robin's tree, and I was able to get a really good photo of it, something that's been a challenge as the black squirrels seem to be exceedingly camera shy. Tiny chickadees made their presence known, but to date, I've never had the luck in being quick enough to get any images of them.

Carrying on around the lake, a couple was feeding the ducks and geese bird seed and they were completely surrounded by every water fowl in the lake. When I go up to the store to pick up my photo today, I'll pick up some bird seed to take to the lake. We're not allowed to have it here as it attracts rats and that's the last thing I want. I don't mind taking some for the birds at the lake though.

My hummingbird feeder has been exceptionally busy in this cold weather with fights breaking out daily. Fascinating little birds and they've gone through as much sugar water in a few days as they did in two weeks.

A stunningly beautiful day, I'll probably go back out near sunset to take photos as this weather is too gorgeous to remain inside all day. The wind is really cold and I should have worn a warmer jacket when I went out this morning. I did put my yaktrax over my boots to give me more traction and was glad I did. It took me about 2.5 hours to make it around the lake today with all the stops and lengthy wait for the robins to make an appearance.

After a quick cup of soup in the Campbell's soup mugs (I love those things), and half a turkey sandwich, I tackled the deck. Even though I'd cleared it off the other day, the accumulation was still at least a foot and a half, some of it frozen. I had to smash the icicles off the roof and I hope the ice doesn't pull the gutters down.

City crews are working hard to try and keep up with the snowfall. The major highway through Sumas Prairie had a warning on it last night, advising drivers to take another route, with cars abandoned in deep drifts all over the road and median, with white-out conditions making it almost impossible to see.

A one day reprieve until we get hit tomorrow, so one had best take advantage of this glorious weather. Although I dislike driving in the snow, there's nothing like a sunny, snow day to galvanize one outside into the picturesque winter wonderland. That's one thing photography has done for me, is motivated me to go different places and to get outside as much as possible.

What's amazed me in this weather, no kids are offering to shovel snow for $$. I actually wish I had a little bobcat, because I'd be out there having a blast and plowing the snow off the sidewalks.

I absolutely loved driving my 4 on the floor lawn tractor and harrowing the riding ring. You could get different attachments for it, and I don't know if a front end loader was one of them, but if it was, you can be assured I'd have kept that thing. Everyone in Midway wanted my lawn tractor and wanted to use it for the lawn tractor races at the fall fair. That thing really went and I remember my elderly neighbour giving me a dirty look as I ripped around the riding ring, harrowing it. I had such fun and when I finished, my face was black with dust.

I even rode it over the entire 4 acre pasture, mowing down all the weeds when I first bought the place. I had no idea how to drive a stick, and my stepfather taught me how to drive it. It took me about 15 minutes to figure it out and he and my Mom were roaring with laughter as I booted it around the field. Good times.

Owning a bobcat and pushing snow would be equally fun. The problem is, we get winters like this so rarely, unless I had other uses for one, it wouldn't be a good investment. But I'd sure enjoy the heck out of it.

I guess I'm just a farm girl at heart.

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Feb 7 @ 8:24PM  
Ah, the smell of cow patties after a summer rain.
Just kidding.

Well, no snow here. It was 78 F. and partly cloudy here today.
I got a late start as I was up late last night.
But, I managed to snap photos of a perched;
osprey, great blue heron, red shouldered hawk, and a belted kingfisher.

I also photographed the sunset and watched it with a very pretty Venezuelan gal.

Feb 7 @ 8:56PM  
Cabin fever yet????

Feb 8 @ 7:05AM  
Over the years, hasn't it got even slightly warmer where you live? I was just wondering.

I believe Greenland is changing rapidly

From rapid ice melts to calving glaciers and a snow terrain poked by dark patches, Daniel Beltrá’s stunning images show how rising temperatures and global pollution are literally leaving their dark imprints on Greenland’s pristine landscape. ‘Climate change is having its biggest and most visible impact in Greenland. It is like the canary in a coal mine; what is happening there will affect us all,’ he says
Greenland's dark snow - in pictures

In the meantime it's hot as hell where I live, and the humidity is draining. Jan-Mar are our worst months, the rest of the year is perfect and we don't get winter anymore... we did until 2 years ago, now we have summer all year round. The birds and bees are confused by our missing seasons in Durban. Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves around the world because the magnetic fields have shifted. As humans we are killing ourselves by our dependance on filthy energy.


Feb 8 @ 7:23AM  
... correction: as humans we are killing all species.

Feb 8 @ 10:17AM  
I left the house this morning for work and didn't even need a sweater, at least not until I read your blog.

I would so enjoy watching your hummingbirds. I never even heard of a warm one until you blogged about it.

Feb 8 @ 11:54AM  

great blog....

I could go into how any vehicle could have a front end loader .... but wont....
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