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Opinions? Or Masked Beliefs?

posted 2/8/2017 11:48:39 PM |
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In my last blog I wrote about perfect partners and instead of looking for one, concentrate more on being one. You reap what you sow, karma, the Golden Rule and all those adages that seem to be true. Well, true, I suppose, if you believe them. And there's another huge factor in relationships, what we've been taught and what we choose to believe.

Our belief systems can run the gamut from superstitions to perceived genetic dispositions and everything in between. I wrote a blog quite some time ago on the belief of science and had some people in a major snit because they felt their belief in science was based solely on fact and verifiable data.

The problem, I pointed out to them, is yes, there's verifiable data supplied, but how many people actually did verify the data by duplication? For example, we can say the law of gravity is law because we can see it in action. But what about other scientific data that we can't see in action? We're forced to 'believe' that the scientists are accurate and trustworthy. And how many times have they concluded that science is constantly developing and what was thought to be fact in previous data, was proven not to be in current data?

So how does this belief in the scientific community differ from a belief in a religious deity? With the verification of certain elements of the Bible found in various places, confirming not only that certain artifacts existed, but that certain people named in the Bible existed, how is it different? Are those that believe only in science not raising their scientists to the level of a god-like persona?

I know the science-based believers will find this blog to be quite offensive, however, it's not meant to be. It's only meant to point out the parallels of believing anything, without being able to personally test and experience the results. All of us have beliefs based on how we were raised and our own life experiences. For example, many people put a subconscious limit on when they'll die based on their own parents demise. My grandmother died at 82, and sure enough, my dad did too. But then, he'd always believed that would be his lifespan, and so it was.

Do you believe there's an afterlife? I can't tell you whether there is or isn't, but I know I had a near-death experience and it has left a lasting impression and comfort at what to expect. The long white tunnel you've heard so much about from others, I've experienced. It's so powerful and so bright, you'd think it'd hurt your eyes. But it doesn't, and the sense of peace is indescribable.

I remember very clearly seeing my body from above and hearing the doctors in emergency discuss what they should do to save me. Then I remember entering the long white tunnel and moving through it at lightning speed.

If the experience was so wonderful, what am I doing back here, you might ask? It was strange that at the end of the tunnel, I came to a chasm between me and my grandmother. I knew if I crossed that chasm, that would be it. She was the nurturing figure in my up-bringing and I loved my grandmother more than anyone. She stood there shaking her head, telling me it wasn't time yet and that my daughter needed me.

I returned to seeing my body from outside of myself, hearing the doctors and nurses say 'we've got her' and being wheeled into the recovery room. In the morning, one of the nurses came in, hugged me, crying, and choked out 'we almost lost you.' Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, I know what I experienced and it made me unafraid of death. Not in a foolish or dare-devil sense, but more in experiencing the prequel and peace of what's to come, eventually.

Up until then I had led a very unhappy existence and that gave me a new appreciation for life and all the wonderful things and people that are in it. Every day I'm grateful for those doctors and nurses that worked so hard to ensure that my feet stayed on this side of the grass. And I'm enormously grateful for our medical system that provided much needed care when it was, literally, a life or death choice.

For some, my experience will be unbelievable. But that's okay, because the experience was solely for my benefit. Those that only believe in scientific facts, it's an unverifiable occurrence and not something they could remotely begin to believe. And yet, those same people will take the word of someone else in the scientific community without duplicating their results, but believe them wholeheartedly and without reservation.

See how that works and how our belief systems affect our perception of life and reality? As I'm getting tired, I'll end on that note for this blog, but undoubtedly come back to it another time.

In closing, our beliefs can either propel us forward to becoming better people, or they can keep us mired and stuck. The bottom line is that we get to choose our beliefs, once we're aware of any limiting beliefs we may hold. We can choose to discard those and adopt a belief system that supports our personal goals. Or we can choose to stay victims of a belief system that keeps us locked in circular behaviours and perceptions.

Had I chosen to retain my old self-limiting beliefs, I never would have attained what I have, and I never would have experienced true happiness and know where to find it. Nor would I be able to see how much is good and beautiful in this world.

Finally, when we see opinions voiced vociferously and forcefully, as we do on here, are we seeing a window into their belief system? I 'believe' the answer to be yes. Do you?

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Feb 9 @ 8:18AM  
Kudos once again for sharing your opinion.

I have had a death experience as well - but I believed in something I didn't understand before my experience and more profoundly after the experience. The one thing I've been since rebelling in catholic school in first grade, is I'm OPEN MINDED. I'm not committed to any belief and believe all religions have some truth to offer. My heart leads me as well as the tons of research I've done on the sociology of religions and the vast differences. A topic of discussion I can discuss with few people.

However, whether I believe in someone else's faith or not, my respect for them depends on how much they walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

Feb 9 @ 9:34AM  
It's refreshing to see an intellectual tapping into their spiritual side. This is a side that most ignore due to the daily hustle and bustle of life.

I was raised in an environment of spirituality. It has sustained me through trying times. This short time in this mud body is meaningless, for there is so much more for those who understand, as you are appear to.

Feb 9 @ 9:46AM  
Northern - "Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who've already been there."

I've been there.

And thanks for giving me an topic for another blog!


Feb 9 @ 10:01AM  
However, whether I believe in someone else's faith or not, my respect for them depends on how much they walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

Fay - I totally agree. I have no problem with someone believing differently than I do, my only caveat is that they respect that my beliefs are as important to me, as their beliefs are to them.

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