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What Is Spirituality?

posted 2/9/2017 12:40:58 PM |
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Winter storm warnings have kept me, and the rest of my city, housebound for the better part of a week. Waking to the welcome rhythm of rain on the roof, storm warnings continue with local police advising residents to only venture out if it's an emergency, the roads being an icy mess. Thankfully, I have nothing that requires me to exit my cocoon of warmth or move the weight of Sadie sleeping on my lap.

As my thoughts wander down avenues that I frequent in my mind, but haven't written about on here in some time, I thought I'd share some musings from one of my mind boulevards.

There's a few sayings that I can relate to, taking them in the literal sense. One of those is this one - "Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there." And while I've been to hell and consider myself a spiritual person, I think judging others as lacking in spirituality because they believe in religion is arrogant and lacking in understanding and empathy.

Can you be religious without being spiritual? Yes, certainly, when the tenets of your religion are for everyone else, and your behaviour belies your beliefs. In other words, proclaiming to be a Christian and judging other's behaviours, while doing exactly the opposite of what the religion espouses.

Conversely, there are people that are deeply religious and spiritual as they've found comfort, solace and guidance in their religion. I feel that whatever you find that helps you to be the best person you can be is best left to the individual, provided it doesn't harm anyone else.

So what is spirituality? For me, it was an awakening to my inner self and how that inner self was intertwined with my surroundings and other people. It is an understanding that I wasn't a lone entity on this planet, but that I was a part of everything and there was far more to life and my being than the consumerism and materialism that many societies are obsessed with.

Finding my spirituality meant delving into behaviours that hadn't served me well, holding them up in the mirror and accepting that they were mine to either embrace or change. I found that hell was a place in my mind that I had existed in for many years, and in changing my perceptions and behaviours, hell not only ceased to exist, it ceased to hold any influence.

In finding and nurturing my spirituality, I also rejuvenated a passion and connection to nature I've always had. In fact, looking back to childhood, I realized I was exceptionally spiritual as a child, but living in an abusive home, I had no way to express or nurture it without being destroyed. The mask I developed served me well for many years, as it protected that which was too sensitive and vulnerable.

The shell I built and perfected became so entrenched, I had no idea who 'I' was anymore. I had no connection to anything or anyone and felt completely adrift. The 'success' I was supposed to feel at what I'd attained in life was lacking. All the marketing that the latest material item would make me happy and successful didn't mean anything. I looked at my life and remember thinking 'is this all I have to look forward to? I'd rather be dead.' What I didn't realize was that I was already 'dead' in a sense, as I'd deadened myself against the assaults of a perceived unfriendly world.

Delving into metaphysics and nature, I rediscovered my spirituality and my connection to other people and the universe. The same energy that made the earth rotate, coursed through me and through everyone and everything on this planet. I felt my being expand and my understanding, empathy, compassion for others increase exponentially. I found my self-respect, and in doing so, was able to offer respect to others without caveats, until they proved they were unworthy of it.

I found my meaning of life, and in so doing found happiness and contentment in who I was and who I was becoming. Although I'm not a religious person, I have no problem with what other people believe or don't believe (atheists), I simply respect that is their belief. That is why I don't understand some people's need to denigrate someone else's belief system, when it's such a personal thing.

At one point I was part of a group of people that called themselves humanists and atheists. What I found was that they met on Sundays (interesting) and the sole purpose of meeting was to make fun of people that believed in a religious deity. When I asked what they hoped to attain in the group, no one had an answer. I realized that it wasn't the group for me.

Everyone has a certain level of spirituality based on their interconnection and perception of life in general. Some people never expand or explore their spirituality and that's perfectly fine. We're all here for a reason, and it's certainly not up to me to tell someone they're on the wrong life path. We're all on a journey to the peak of life, and the only people losing out are the one's running around and around the base yelling at others that they're on the wrong path.

With introspection, I realize the occurrences of the past 4 years had pushed me back into survival mode, hiding my vulnerability and foregoing my spirituality. My forays into nature have been a subtle way of rejuvenating my spirit, without actually being cognizant of it. With the number of people seeking a connection with nature these days, I firmly believe that they are looking to find or regenerate their spirit, away from the interruption of electrical energy that our society relies on.

I've often wondered how our electrical dependency affects our own personal energy? They've done studies that conclude using computers, tv's, iphones, ipads, etc, affect our ability to have a good night's sleep and these things need to be turned off an hour before bed. But what do they do to our bodies in general? If we are energy, how are our bodies affected by electrical devices? Is that why cancer is so prevalent?

Or is it the denial of a spiritual connection and the quest to attain more and more material goods? I just heard on the radio that 15% of people with Androids will not date someone with an iphone. Conversely, 21% of people with an iphone won't date someone with an Android. Are you kidding me? It's a THING! Yes, it's far more important to date someone that believes in the power of one company over another, rather than in qualities and values (sarcasm).

And this is how shallow our society has become. In writing this, I've realized how important my spirituality is to me, and how I need to refocus on it, especially in these times of constant fear-mongering and outrage perpetuated by 45 and the media. I have no control over that, but I do have a choice in what I want to read and believe. I choose not to buy into the us vs them mentality anyone advocates.

Continued in comments.....

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Feb 9 @ 12:55PM  

Netflix is now playing all of the "charmed one's" episodes...

how time flies.....

my point is.... some worship trump... others worship tv... while Imp see's the good in nature.....

me.. I live in a desert......

and have....

4 wheel drive.....



Feb 9 @ 1:03PM  
Here's the rest of my blog:

As part of the energy of this earth and the universe, I know my purpose here is to be part of everyone and everything, and to rejoice in the diversity of this amazing planet. My perception of reality is not up for debate, nor does it depend on someone who has attained the most prominent position in the world that has, imo, a shallow and fearful view of it.

Spirituality is so personal, it's impossible to define something that is inherent to each individual. I respect that others do not hold my beliefs or my spirituality, and I expect the same in return. The one commonality we do have is that each one of us is a spiritual being, whether you believe it or not.

Time, and life experiences usually have a way of making that known.

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