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Dr c***tail is a coward

posted 4/6/2017 4:04:07 PM |
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Here's the deal folks. Do not bother to go on to his blogs. If you do chances are that for whatever reason he will come at you. Trouble is that if you come back at him, this gutless coward will more than likely delete your comment.

This momma's boy can give it but like all cowards cannot take it. He'll offer excuses like your comment was "immature" or it was "vulgar" or "unintelligent"...etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.

A control freak with no courage.. bad deal.

It has been suggested by more than a few that cockroach is a woman pretending to be a man. I had not taken this seriously until now. It really doesn't act or behave the way a man does...what say you? Is cockroach a man or a woman?
I'm in no way suggesting that women are devoid of courage, quite the contrary as you all have to put up with us that takes guts.

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Dr c***tail is a coward


Apr 6 @ 4:13PM  
Hi Northern good to see you back once again. I believe that the tailman is a man. Women are sensitive and usually willing to compromise. Do you see any of that with the tail?

Apr 6 @ 4:17PM  
Beetle, ya but if this is a woman pretending to be a man, then she would act that way on purpose.
I don't know but he/she/it sure comes off as weird ...that much I do know.

Apr 6 @ 4:18PM  
What I see is 2 strong willed MEN, both having the courage of their OPPOSITE convictions, and both outspoken, but in different ways. Bound to butt heads in that context. That's JMO

Apr 6 @ 4:21PM  
First, you could be right as I've been known to be wrong before. Honestly I want to believe that it is a man....because if it is a woman pretending to be a man....well that just plain creeps me out.

Apr 6 @ 4:35PM  
Verily brother cockroach,
be neither man nor woman,
but be a demon,
hellbent on bringing,
dissent and chaos,
unto ye blogs.

Thy mistake brother northern,
was to taketh ye,
leap of faith by going forth,
unto the demons blog.

Verily if thy playest,
with tar, thy will in turn,
be tarred by the same.

God bless thee brother northern,
I shall offer thee a kudo,
for thy angst.

Apr 6 @ 4:42PM  
Some days it doesn't pay to be a pacifist on here . Have fought my wars on much too real lands... so I just want to be entertained and informed here, and make a few friends. And chat a few cute, smart ladies

Apr 6 @ 4:43PM called me on that one, for sure! It REALLY was stupid of me to go on to his blogs. What the hell did I presume was going to happen? It serves me right for giving this ingrate the benefit of the doubt.
A cockroach is a cockroach and they haven't changed or altered in 325 million years.

Apr 6 @ 4:46PM  
he's definitely not rev, cause rev had a lil potty mouth.

Apr 6 @ 4:46PM  
First....I've never, ever been a pacifist! I'll leave the sweet lovey, dovey stuff to my dear mother....bless her kind soul.

Apr 6 @ 4:48PM  
Drac, I 100% agree....cockroach is not Rev. Cockroach is a woman....maybe.

Apr 6 @ 4:51PM  
Have already figured that out about you North ... so just pick your fights wisely is all. Much of that stuff here just doesn't matter, farts in the wind.

Apr 6 @ 4:52PM  
Cockroach a woman? Don't know about that one. But cockroach is a troll...that one I do know for sure.......kudo.

Apr 6 @ 4:54PM  
First...we must attempt to be gentlemen...the word is "flatulence".

Apr 6 @ 4:56PM  
Sock...please stop cancelling...stay awhile! As to cockroach being a troll, he sure acts like one....OFTEN.

Apr 6 @ 5:11PM  
Yea you baited me Northern .. I'll take your bait cause I'm bored. I was accused of being drcocktail the other night by another member.

No I'm not, but I take it as a compliment, thank you. I wish I could write as well as he does, but I can't. Never the less I can still get my point across to most people.

He has a low tolerance for people who act stupid .. and he can spot stupid a mile away. Usually when you have socks begat socks begat socks begat socks.. they start getting a little rattled and it comes across as stupid on the printed page.


Apr 6 @ 5:16PM  
Hey kid....

Don't let him get to you... He is obviously not a happy person... He gets off on putting other people down... I mean... How sad of an existence is that?!?!

He likes going through life just trolling along.....

Apr 6 @ 5:22PM  
my momma always said if you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing at all :) so I left you a kudo

Apr 6 @ 5:25PM  
ILgal...what exactly is a sock? Are anyone of us really real on here? Is my name really "Northern"? Are you really an ILgal.
What I do know is that you are no cockroach.

Apr 6 @ 5:28PM  
Angel...for sure he is not a happy person. More like a miserable bastard. So being the way he..(she) wants to fight with anybody, anytime over anything at all.

Apr 6 @ 5:31PM  
Laz....I should listen to my momma more. She has the wisdom of the elders while Im more like a.....hmmmmm......never mind.....

Another kudo...good...we have consensus. ..... Cockroach is a woman!

Apr 6 @ 5:43PM  
North, deleting comments does not work for me. Ever notice that the OPs never delete their comments on any of their blogs
On his blog he is actually -bragging- about showing private! ..Not a class act.

Apr 6 @ 5:44PM  
Are anyone of us really real on here? Is my name really "Northern"? Are you really an ILgal.

Well... That depends on the person...

My real name is Penny.
Angel was a nickname... So I used it as my screen name. If you have other profile names... That's what a sock is... It's a fake persona. Same person/ different profiles.

Apr 6 @ 5:47PM  
I just want you to know and understand that there are 3 or more types of women in this world.
1. there are those that are close to being honest and don't want their tits or pussy be abuse by the likes of the Trump clan.

2. there are those women like Conway that enjoy people like Trump grabbing their pussy and squeezing their tits. Those for sure are republican women,

3. then there are the type that will do any thing for a 6 figure job or a good job. they even give great blow jobs

4. Then there are those that don't want a man or a woman to smell it ot the seat they were setting in.

Now for Doctrail, Willy, Diamond a good smelling pussy would do them good

Apr 6 @ 5:48PM  
Penny the works for me!

Apr 6 @ 5:49PM  
Zulu, ya I forgot about him...(her) showing my private e-mails....what a slug.

Apr 6 @ 5:52PM  
Daymmmm... that is one off topic disgusting post (some above) from one very disgusting distrurbed drunk... again. No chance a woman, ANY woman will let him close enough to smell... anything.

Apr 6 @ 5:52PM  
Kentuck...I hear those hillbilly women will do anything you want when you have them all shined up.

Apr 6 @ 5:54PM  
First...amendement...freedom of speech..... At least Kentuck is having fun with his to me Im here doing the bosses books. (well that and posting here)

Apr 6 @ 6:05PM  
kentuck doesn't know how to have fun. Even when drunk. He is too miserable, hateful, eternally pissed off at everything, and negative.

Apr 6 @ 6:08PM  
First...thank goodness that we have colorful characters on here like Kentuck, Drac and Fred. Try to imagine how dull and boring it would be here without them.

Apr 6 @ 6:31PM  
Drac & Fred and a few others are just fine the way they are. You can have kentuck, he is everything that's wrong and despicable here. Nothing colorful about him, or even interesting. Same regurgitated insults over and over and over.

Apr 6 @ 7:12PM  
Gotta agree with everyone here on comments..

Well then you have the cocksucker and the lawboi who is back in his good gracious and back to sucking his asz

Apr 6 @ 7:21PM  
First, Kentuck is always good for a laugh. Plus I can go on his blogs and he has NEVER deleted a single comment. Unlike cockroach Kentuck can take the heat. The cowardly cockroach cannot.

Apr 6 @ 7:24PM  
Smooth, I must say that I very much like your nickname for cockroach. If he (she) is a woman then what a truly fine nickname it would be.

Apr 6 @ 8:45PM  
I'm pretty sure DrC slammed me once but it never occurred to me to get upset about it. Showing that your upset feeds the drama. I can't tell if that is what he is after or if he is toying with people's brains.

Obviously if he is baiting for drama, don't bite.


Apr 6 @ 9:02PM  
Fay, but I do so enjoy it when everyone agrees on this site. And most everyone agrees that cockroach is an irritating bug. So in a lurid way cockroach is somehow bringing us all together in our collective disdain of this unlikeable troll. All of us on the right, the left, conservatives, liberals, independents alike all can agree on one thing that:
Dr. Cockroach is a creep! So...this is a let's get together blog.

Apr 7 @ 9:38AM  
Don't let him get to you... He is obviously not a happy person... He gets off on putting other people down... I mean... How sad of an existence is that?!?!

You've got that right, Angel. Drcocktail is a miserable little man. He's constantly lashing out to help himself deal with his own failure at virtually everything.

The thing about him that amazes me is that one or two members here believe that he's a brilliant writer. He has the writing skill one would develop in a freshman composition class. Beyond that, he relies on invective, hyperbole, and recitation of cable news talking points. In other words, a total mediocrity.

I've even caught him lifting an entire paragraph from elsewhere on the web without attribution, passing it off as his own writing. This schmuck is all hat, no cattle.

Apr 7 @ 10:03AM  
Welcome aboard human, you are what this putrid, decaying site needs. I am surprised that the coward cockroach hasn't deleted your comments on his racist blog, nor blocked you as of yet.
What he'll likely do to save face considering his blogging history, is to delete the whole coward, total loser.

Apr 7 @ 10:42AM  
To whom it may concern: On his new blog "Failure to assimilate" cockroach goes on about a topic he knows very little about. Native Americans never volunteered to join the club as other people's have. They were forced on to these worthless tracts of land. (reservations)

What we have always strived to do was to take from the white man what is good and attempted to keep our identity in the process. (not an easy task)
So it is not a question of a failure to assimilate, it is a not wanting to assimilate.

We have a love of nature in our blood...mother earth not mother concrete. I do not expect cockroach and others to comprehend never have, you never will.

Apr 7 @ 12:14PM  
UPDATE: cockroach has deleted one of Human's comments on his blog. He can give it, but can't take it....coward.

Apr 7 @ 1:10PM  
I've even caught him lifting an entire paragraph from elsewhere on the web without attribution, passing it off as his own writing. This schmuck is all hat, no cattle.

I agree, he ain't exactly a huckleberry better'n persimmon either.

On his new blog "Failure to assimilate" cockroach goes on about a topic he knows very little about. Native Americans never volunteered to join the club as other people's have. They were forced on to these worthless tracts of land. (reservations)

I was horrified to read that. I don't normally waste my time on his blogs, but that one got my goat. I recently discovered a series of books published by several university presses on about 3 dozen native tribes. They have been fascinating and depressing reads both. We have much to answer for.


Apr 7 @ 1:57PM  
Drcocktail infers that the high rates of alcoholism on reservations proves that Native Americans are inferior to other groups that did assimilate. It's racist nonsense, but drcocktail has lots of company in that belief, unfortunately.

Today we have an escalating opioid addiction crisis in rural, white America. Are rural white people too lazy to assimilate into American culture? No, many of the same people who condemn Native American alcohol abuse say that addiction in rural white America is the result of hopelessness caused by the closing of rust belt factories and Appalachian coal mines.

And compassion for the rural white poor is totally appropriate. To bad some can't muster the same understanding for people who aren't white.


Apr 7 @ 4:36PM  
East, please read "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee", it is a real eye opener.

Apr 7 @ 4:39PM are a scholar and a gentleman sir. Dr. Cockroach has created yet another blog. This new blog features his new sock @Lillywhite. This sock puppet was created for the sole purpose of telling us what a wonderful person cockroach is.

Apr 7 @ 4:52PM  
^^I have to agree with you. Lillywhite is so obviously cockroach's sock that it's quite laughable.
Imagine the only real friend he has on here is his own sock!

Apr 7 @ 5:37PM  
East, please read "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee", it is a real eye opener.

I have. I found the other books next to it on the shelf. We have a lot to answer for. When Roger Williams was exiled from Massachusetts Bay and went south to found Rhode Island, there were over 50,000 Narragansett. Ten years later, there were fewer than 5,000.

Apr 7 @ 5:51PM  
East, the very fact that you have read this book and appreciate what is contained within, gives me hope for this tired, sad world.

On a humorous side note, the cockroach's sock had the nerve to post 3 comments on this blog. Dr. Cockroach, this is not your playground, take it elsewhere! I've blocked your new sock, and if you create another one, I'll block it too. Funny that he decided to go with a female sock....maybe cockroach is a woman as many say that he is.

Now the creep is actually having a conversation with himself on his new blog, and has taken to running up his view numbers...sicko.

Apr 7 @ 6:09PM  
I have looked at his new blog.....yep that Lillywhite thing is a sock all right. I'm a professed socklover as socks kick ass on this otherwise dull site. But this new sock is a joke. Cockroach is trying too hard to make the sock different than he is via different writing style. He has even taken to making glaring spelling and grammatical errors so we won't think that it's his sock.

Why did he go with a female sock? To try and fool us is my guess.

Northern don't let this racist get to you...he is just a little mean boy pretending to be a man.

Apr 7 @ 7:17PM  
Cockroach has made his sock Lilly write in the exact same writing style as Winglets. And just like Winglets this Cockroach/Lilly sock makes endless posts with tons of emoticons....very Winglets like. I presume he decided to be a Winglets type of sock.

Good job Cockroach, you seemed to have learnt how to make a sock move. What's up next? Oh wait for it....wait for it.....a Youtube video!

Apr 7 @ 8:39PM  
Zulu I have no doubt at all that Cockroach is talking to himself on his new blog with his new sock Lilly. But get this: not only does this slug show private e-mails, but now he has sunk to a new low. Now he is showing quotes that he has altered . This creep blows my mind. There is nothing he won't do...he is 100% devoid of any ethical standards what so ever.

Apr 7 @ 9:46PM  
You are all wrong....@LillyWhite is in reality @ILgal who is @HpyLady who is @PissedOffLady etc.
It seems that ILgal is just bored.

Apr 7 @ 11:37PM  
Beetle, perhaps you are right. The style is much like ILgal and all of a sudden she's checking out. And it has given itself 3 kudos on it's blog, as we all know ILgal has 3 socks.

Apr 8 @ 12:20AM  
I just reread all of LillyWhites comments on Cockroach's blog. You guys are right, it is ILgal's sock. She has quite the big mouth when she's hiding behind a sock doesn't she?

Apr 8 @ 2:08AM  
Sorry folks it wasn't me.. of course I don't expect you to believe me. I suggest you ask the Mod to check our IP addresses and then you will know.
If you are really that curious.

Maybe you should try opening yourself up to new people. I don't know that person either and if my name had not been brought up in the blog I would not have commented, because I had no idea what they were talking about. It didn't include me. I honestly don't have the energy to handle more than one name.
Other than that I guess you're on your own.

Apr 8 @ 3:31AM  
@LillyWhite is in reality @ILgal who is @HpyLady who is @PissedOffLady etc.

I wish you would quit saying that the Mod took those names. ILgal is the only one I have...period. I've had it since 2013.


Apr 8 @ 6:41AM  
I've never seen anything from drcocktail that fits anything most of you are saying.

I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative.

I support him.

Apr 8 @ 9:53AM  
Sorry ILgal but Beetle is an IT and she knows how to backtrack. If she says all those socks belong to you including LillyWhite, then I believe her. And you always have supported Cockroach.

Your call, your choice.

Apr 8 @ 9:55AM  
Texas, I am a conservative too as are many who can't stand that racist bastard Cockroach. It has absolutely nothing to do with the creeps politics.

Apr 8 @ 10:33AM  
Good brother Northern,
whose voice was,
first heard in this land?
whose bow was first slung?
"failure to assimilate",
whose failure, verily?

Perhaps good brother,
it be ye white man,
who hath failed,
for it be not ye natives,
who hath poisoned,
and polluted,
and raped the land.

It be ye white man,
who hath failed to,
assimilate to nature's laws,
and verily we all,
must pay ye price.

Brother Cockroach has no love,
for any thing but argument,
and division, for it be,
much more peaceful here,
before he doth arrived.

Now the sock demon,
which he hath created,
by ye name of LillyWhite,
doth tell him he be goode.

A demon that talketh,
to himself be...........

God bless thee brother North.


Apr 8 @ 10:41AM  
Sorry ILgal but Beetle is an IT and she knows how to backtrack. If she says all those socks belong to you including LillyWhite, then I believe her. And you always have supported Cockroach. it's not backtracking ... it's hacking. The Mod has the names I don't. I'm allowed one name and I have it. So with your logic all the names on this blog that are supporting you is really YOU. You see how stupid that sounds.


Apr 8 @ 10:46AM  

3 hrs 59 mins ago
I've never seen anything from drcocktail that fits anything most of you are saying.

I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative.

I support him.

I'm curious, Texas Girl, do you support him when he says things like:

Quite probably there is no race that has failed so pathetically in assimilating the American culture and they are deemed 'natives'.

Every child grows up picturing the American Indians as a once proud, strong hero of our past. Now we see the history of a door man at the local casino.

Apr 8 @ 10:48AM  
Aww , You are a pure treasure,Brother Fred!

Apr 8 @ 11:03AM  

Apr 8 @ 11:04AM  
Indigo...ya Fred is cool and so are you.

Apr 8 @ 11:35AM  
Aww shucks thanks!

ILL gal has left the building. She sure dished it out to me.Looks like the socks on the other foot now ? The only difference is...what they/SHE was saying about me ,didn't hurt my feelings. It did make me want to type things that would make them cry.
Time outs are good for adults also!

Apr 8 @ 12:01PM  
Indigo, ya ILgal...not sure how to take her. I don't really trust her to tell you the truth.

Apr 8 @ 12:08PM  
ILgal will be back. And while she's gone, she'll be reading every word.

Apr 8 @ 12:46PM  
Yay I can get my kicks in and she can't comment.No wait, that would be chickenshat!

Apr 8 @ 7:15PM  
Human & Indigo, ILgal can come back at any time that she wants by using one of her many socks. She has 3 that I know of...possibly more.
Cockroach now has one...will he create more?....I'm guessing that he will.

He wrote on his blog..."The only good Indian is a dead Indian". Well you little bastard, I'm far from dead...but you are as far as any credibility that you think you have left.

You now have the distinction of being the MD troll...congratulations. That must be something that you are used to as you were once known as the AMD troll from what I've been told.

Apr 8 @ 7:21PM  
I'm with you guys...I'm glad that ILgal cancelled. She's Cockroach's only supporter, and he is pissed that she is gone and that we are talking about her. Anything that makes cockroach unhappy..makes me happy!

Oh well...he still has his new sock that he talks to. The sock unlike everyone else on here just loves him and thinks he's peachy.

Apr 8 @ 7:30PM  
Sock...she'll be back. Anyway this blog has visited by the kudo bomber. I've been told that the bomber is Drac. So if it is then thanks Drac!

Apr 8 @ 8:24PM  
North, not a kudo bomber, just agreement and consensus on Cockroach being a cowardly troll.
Anyway the clown is back to posting stupid Youtube videos again. And this from the guy who hates copy & paste. I get what he says about c&p because it was done by someone else, not the blogger. But aren't videos done by others than the blogger?
Stupid double standard by a stupid troll.

Apr 8 @ 9:00PM  
He's doing a pretty good job cementing his position as the MD resident troll. It'll keep him busy all night.

Apr 8 @ 9:14PM  
Human, if you think some of the commentary is harsh in regards to Dr. Cockroach, then you should read some of the e-mails that I receive in regards to this despised slug.

The most respected long time members on this site, have little or no use for him at all.

Apr 8 @ 9:34PM  
No, I don't think it's harsh at all. He obviously a miserable, racist, misanthropic jerk.

Apr 8 @ 10:49PM  
Human, I am beginning to suspect that Cockroach has serious mental health issues.
First off he is growling that we'd all best stay away from maligning his "friends" or else! What friends is he talking about? That Lilly loser is his sock, so essentially he has conversations with himself.
The only other friend he had was ILgal and she has deserted him.

Now the social misfit is posting endless blogs with his Youtube videos, and he is the only one commenting on them. He either is all hopped up on pills or he's just plain pick.

Apr 8 @ 10:59PM  
Brother Northern,
the demon cockroach,
hath himself been possessed,
by other demons,
the demon of lonliness,
the demon of racism,
the demon of ego,
the demon of arrogance,

Verily are there any here,
who dost not know the,
demon cockroach,
for what he beith

He be the troll demon.

God bless thee brother Northern.

Apr 8 @ 11:09PM  
Cocktail? The old AMD troll who claimed to have inherited a fortune and always threatened to have his NYC law firm sue everyone on the site?

Nothing ever changes!

Apr 8 @ 11:16PM  
Fred, you're right...cockroach is a demon...a demon of a laugh for the guy is a joke.

Apr 8 @ 11:18PM  
Mister , welcome to the blog...this blog is a keeper I think. Interesting stuff you gave us about Dr. Cocktail aka cockroach. Please do tell us more.

Apr 8 @ 11:25PM  
At various times he claimed to be the skipper of a charter boat in the Caribbean, a wealthy commercial real estate agent, an heir to a fortune. I think in reality he was a bartender most of the time. He was always saying he was going to take over the site with "armies of young people." Except he was constantly being booted by the mods for exactly the kind of crap you see him pulling tonight.


Apr 8 @ 11:58PM  
Thank you for the info Mister. Believe you me, many of us have contacted the mod and site owners to get rid of this troll/creep. Hopefully his IP address will be red flagged and he will no longer be able to disrupt this site, as he has done since his unwelcome arrival.

Apr 9 @ 12:24AM  
@MisterTwister, wow!...that is really some info you gave us MT. So this guy is a complete charlatan. Now he seems to be on some kind of charm offensive, while he's trying to bump this blog off of the top.
Kinda creepy..... kinda weird......kinda nutso...... Is this site all he has in life? it all so very important to him?

Anyway ILgal buggered off so whatever happens, we are all still ahead.

Apr 9 @ 12:30AM  
Zulu, get he's pretending that he's getting e-mails. The fake sock didn't work...his make believe friend "Matt" didn't work, now he's getting e-mails...ya right.

Apr 9 @ 12:35AM  
P.S. he has now posted 3 posts back to back on Croc's blog, all off topic.....he is now going around high jacking people's blogs. (Winglets 2)

Apr 9 @ 6:31AM  
I'll say it again -- I've never seen anything from drcocktail that fits anything most of you are saying.

I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative.

I support him.

Apr 9 @ 7:18AM  
And I'll ask you again, transform, if you don't see anything wrong with his statements about native Americans:

Quite probably there is no race that has failed so pathetically in assimilating the American culture and they are deemed 'natives'.

Every child grows up picturing the American Indians as a once proud, strong hero of our past. Now we see the history of a door man at the local casino.

Apr 9 @ 7:20AM  
Typo... "transform" was supposed to be "texasgirl." Darned autocorrect.

Apr 9 @ 8:17AM  
Silence is complicity, txgirl, when it comes to bad behavior.

And posting a blog that calls the Native American race a pathetic failure and labels them as being the doorman at the local casino is overt racism and certainly bad behavior.

I've said nothing about drcocktail's politics and never will. I personally think posting on here about politics is pointless. And my criticism of him has nothing to do with conservatism, unless you think racism is part of conservatism. I don't.

Apr 9 @ 10:28AM  
Texas & Human to Cockroach I am very well familiar with his type. Just give the bastard enough rope and he will hang himself. I knew but I knew that if I were to contradict this ignoble little prick that he would instinctively go right towards the lowest form of aggression. You see in spite of the fact that he tries so hard to come across as an intellectual he is actually unsophisticated. Unlike me who dropped out of high school in grade 9. I am what I am, just a back woods blue collar guy trying to make it in this world.

But Cockroach is trying to be something that h is not. So he decides to play the racist which is his true self. The guy is a hater, he makes snide drive by remarks and has hit just about every identifiable group that there is. I am proud that by allowing this snake to vent we have all been able to see his venom.

The act is over Cockroach...highjack all the blogs you want, post 3 blogs back to back, post stupid, pointless Youtube videos do it all. At the end of the remain just the MD troll.

Apr 9 @ 11:10AM  
The most interesting part of this blog is Cockroachs troll history. Very first they try to come off as decent regular members. But in time their true behavior surfaces. Just pressure them a bit and the troll hate spews out.

Every time Cockroach gets tested he reverts as all trolls do to their motis operandi. So he has done this time and again.....and time and again the mod boots him out. Then he lays low for awhile and resurfaces. And goes right back to being the troll that he cannot help but being.

Keep this blog going Northern, it very much reminds me of Willys blog pertaining to Rev.
We can keep it going until like Rev, Cockroach gets the hint that he is not wanted around here.

Apr 9 @ 11:34AM  
Zulu, good stuff.... Drac has got an ISP address according to his new blog where Rev & Cockroach are one and the same!....WTF!

Apr 9 @ 2:45PM  
was trying to understand this blog but gave up,

Apr 9 @ 3:09PM  
was trying to understand this blog but gave up,

You really can't understand what he's saying in the blog? I get that you might not agree with it, but it certainly isn't difficult to read and understand.

For your sake, I hope you're just being disingenuous.

Apr 9 @ 3:48PM  
guess should've said didnt understand the PURPOSE of this blog then

Apr 9 @ 4:23PM  
Khaline, the purpose of this blog is to highlight that Dr.Cocktail (aka Cockroach) is a troll, always has been a troll and always will be. And we are showing this slug, that his behavior on here is unacceptable, and will no longer be tolerated.

Apr 9 @ 5:56PM  
^^^Very well put and to the point, certainly worthy of a blog bump.

Apr 9 @ 8:38PM  
I'll say it again -- I've never seen anything from drcocktail that fits anything most of you are saying.

I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative.

I support him.

Texas.... North is also conservative.
I've seen cocktail betray north on more than one occasion. Cocktail calles north Tonto... Strange because it was my Father's nickname. But North doesn't like it... So That's why he does it. That's not cool!

Cocktail also posted things from private messages / email. So not cool...

So Texas.... If this was about politics... Why would he talk to me? I'm totally against Trump. But not everything is about Trump... Who knows... Maybe it's because my Great Grandmother was a medicine woman? Or maybe cocktail really is a troll... You've just been lucky not to have experienced him being nasty to you.

So say what you will..... Politics just ain't the reason.

Apr 9 @ 8:58PM  
Cocktail~weiner is an attention ho!
Any attention is better than no attention.Trying to be offensive for the sole purpose of being offensive.

Apr 9 @ 10:32PM  
Angel...I've said this before and I'll doubtless say this truly are an angel.

Apr 9 @ 10:33PM  
Indigo...."Cocktail weiner",....I love it!

Apr 9 @ 11:25PM  
I was wondering which came first the 'Tonto" or the 'Cockroach'. I don't have time to look but I have a feeling they may be connected some how.


Apr 9 @ 11:42PM  
^^^Thanks for the bump.

Apr 10 @ 9:44AM  
I think Cockroach is getting a wee bit paranoid. He thinks that Indigorose & Fred are one and the same. He also thinks that Rev and Clack are also one member.
Pills and paranoia are a bad combination.

Apr 10 @ 10:09AM  
Thats funny!!
Fred, what big, beautiful, boobies you gots!

I don't bother readin anything he/she has to write. He/she is too bishy for my taste.No man acts that way..unless he was born with undescended testicles? Now I feel bad..

..Thanks for the giggles I get from the dysfunction that is them!

Apr 10 @ 10:20AM  
Good sister Indigo,
thy boobies be thine own,
verily they be not,

The lord our God,
did not grant me boobies,
but verily,
he doth grant me,
the desire to,
squeeze yonder boobies.

But alas, the demon of,
solitude has visited me,
and there be no boobies,
for me to squeezeth.

God bless thee,
sister Indigo.

Apr 10 @ 10:30AM  
Zulu, Indigo & Fred, it doesn't surprise me at all that Cockroach is paranoid. He has all these suspicions that everyone hates him and everyone is out to get him.

Hey wait a darn minute! That's not paranoia, that's reality!


Apr 10 @ 10:30AM  

And alas I have no penis... shhh..this is just between us now! I betcha lil'weiner doesn't have one either!

Apr 10 @ 10:36AM  
Penises and this is the kind of blog that Cockroach likes. His tastes run to porn and stalking, at least from what I've been told of his time at AMD.

Apr 10 @ 10:47AM  
Sticky keys!

Apr 10 @ 11:30AM  
Don't think Dr. Cocktail and Rev have anything to do with one another. Rev was a liberal, different writing style and cranky to be sure. And if Drac doesn't like someone, he'll always say its Rev or Jim.

Apr 10 @ 11:39AM  
East, as to Rev & Cockroach I have no use for either one of them. Willy finally got rid of if we can just rid ourselves of Cockroach.....soon, very soon.

Apr 10 @ 12:46PM  
Drc is asm's little bitch.

Apr 10 @ 12:52PM  
VwV....I wouldn't doubt that for one minute.

Apr 10 @ 3:15PM  
I don't come on to this site very often. But I have noticed that this doctail character has decided to lift the veil so to speak. He appears to be done with the pretense and stands before us metaphorically naked.

So he is what he is and yet with all that he is, ILgal and Texas support him. Birds of a feather flock together. I'm not one to tar all with the same brush, but they are being slowly solied by him.

Apr 10 @ 3:23PM  
Beetle, I think Texas is o.k. she comes off as a decent person. But being decent she is loyal, perhaps loyal to a fault. As to ILgal this is a horse of a different color. This one I do not trust. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Apr 11 @ 9:40AM  
Cockroach is pretty obviously a troll who utilizes racism as one of his troll tools. Watch out Northern as trolls know very well how to flame bait.
Trolls are also good at covering themselves when they go too far. For example on DR's blog he did just that and now seems to be paying a price.
So now he's trying to debate that what he said really wasn't so bad after all.

He's even created a blog trying to twist around the norms around what racism is and what it isn't. Flame bait, then deflect and defend when it backfires. Because he's an experienced troll many can't debate him.

He hates his life, hates the world and has nothing better to do than incite. A part time bartender in his 60's who when not working his 4 hour shift comes on here because he has nothing else to do.

His troll history has come back to haunt him so as all trolls do he needs to blame others for his actions. That would be you, Fred, Indigo and others. It's always someone else's fault, the troll is always the victim who is merely just defending himself.

Most on here no longer take this clown seriously and know him/her/it for what it is. He chooses his targets well....notice how he now leaves Simplyimp alone? He understood in a hurry that he was no match for her, and ran the other way like a whipped dog with it's tail between it's legs.

Apr 11 @ 10:01AM  
Zulu, ya I got that. Cockroach has left cockroach droppings all over the blogs. Racist know anti Indian stuff. To tell you the truth I am a but's all so obviously troll bait that it is childish. I would have presumed that he'd be a bit more clever about it.

Like general Custer who underestimated Crazy Horse at the battle of the Little Bighorn, it will end badly for him. The more he comes after me the worse he looks on here. No one has respect for him anymore. That's his first casualty, his credibility is the 2nd. He has now become his own worst enemy.

Apr 11 @ 11:00AM  
Zulu.You would think with all of his multiple personalities, at least one would be likeable!
Let him stalk away..*it's* childish behaviour makes me giggle. And It keeps him from hurting people who might take his BULLPUCKY to heart!
He/she desperately wants attention, he/she lacks social skills, has ALWAYS felt rejected and isolated, and is just trying to fit in.He/she is well past middle age, I am thinking it is not gonna happen.


Apr 11 @ 11:25AM  
Indigo, now the troll is going after Angel on DR's blog. He is a bully and tries to intimidate and mock. I hope that we run into each other on a blog. Problem is that I would not wish the highjack/bloodbath that would happen for the op.


Apr 11 @ 11:45AM  
Get this, Cockroach's last 4 blogs have a grand total of 6 comments on them! Two of those blogs had no comments. Out of the 6 comments half were from him. So in reality he had a total of 3 comments in 4 blogs.

One would assume from all of this that the loser would take away a hint or two. Let me spell it out for you Dr.Cockroach:

You are not wanted here!

Apr 11 @ 12:54PM  
^^^Some people need to be hit with a 2X4 before the'll take a hint. Anyway NotBetty is back and this time she's here as @StillNotBetty, and this nutjob claims that she is in love with Cockroach. How stupid can you get? She's in love with a phony and his fake picture!

Apr 11 @ 1:00PM  
Ummm noooo.I am in love with Diamond Rain. Get your facts straight Sockie!! Geez you people lol!!

Apr 11 @ 1:02PM  
Wingnut, nice to see you BACK!! But why you leave so soon? I would LOVE to catch up.

Apr 11 @ 1:04PM  
Sock...why the hell do you have to cancel all the time? Anyway NB is right...I know because I read DR's blog.
I forgive you sockie. Don't know if NB will though.

Apr 11 @ 1:05PM you really think that Socklover is Winglets?

Apr 11 @ 1:07PM  
I forgive her. And YOU ,I forgive you too.Peace? Let's have peace! Kiss kiss?

Apr 11 @ 1:08PM  
I don't hold on to mother told me that will weaken a person.

Apr 11 @ 1:15PM  
Good! I don't either. This place is fun, if you don't stick around for long.I will probally follow Wingnut out. But will come and go on a somewhat irregular basis!
Have fun!

I love you DR, foreva!

Apr 11 @ 1:29PM  
nb is right, socklover is winglets. human is jim, asm is rev

Apr 11 @ 1:33PM  
asm is jim

Apr 11 @ 1:38PM  
Vwv...quit messing with us...we're all crazy enough as it is!

Apr 11 @ 1:39PM  
Simpleman is Rev? Naw I don't believe that one. I don't know who Human is? Must be new?
But people have to make there own fun I guess!

........................this place is crazier than it has ever been.


Apr 11 @ 2:00PM  
simpleman is simpleman the simpleton. winglets is banned and not posting as of now. socklover is old peachy_beachy she of a million socks. human is not jim, still working on that one. stop guessing, your not very good at it.

Apr 11 @ 2:21PM  
Drtail may be a coward but he's not lilywhite and she is not ILgal or any of the others you guessed at that I can see. You lot are paranoid but misinformed.

Apr 11 @ 2:35PM are {new} here right? But you come across like a condescending know it all.....therefore YOU are ASM.
So bugger off loser.

Apr 11 @ 2:37PM  
P.S. Watcher/ASM...your ass is now blocked.

Apr 11 @ 2:51PM  
I don't CARE who is who.They are not handing out scorecards when you log in.
I will give anyone a chance even.But if you talk garbage,I will tease the chit out of you! Unmercifully.
Because I enjoy that! http://

Apr 11 @ 2:52PM sure got rid of ASM's sock pretty fast! He was only active for all of 21 minutes!

Apr 11 @ 2:55PM  
Indigo....but what else do you enjoy sweet thing?

Apr 11 @ 2:56PM  
Zulu...the faster we take the trash out the better.

Apr 11 @ 3:52PM  
Northern, I just reread your comment above about Cockroach's pathetic attempts at creating blogs. Out of desperation to be noticed he has altered his latest blog title, and made amendments. He's hoping against all odds that someone (anyone) will comment on it.

Poor sod he just doesn't get it...everyone is fed up with his antics and the game has now ended. It truly is time for him to move on...he has become a total bore.

Apr 11 @ 4:03PM  
Zulu...he managed to bag 3 kudos. He gave himself the 1st and his 2 followers gave the rest. Hope his next blog gets at least 1 comment. Why bother to even post them if they are going to be completely ignored?

Apr 11 @ 5:23PM  

I don't CARE who is who. I will give anyone a chance

Me too. I can't believe there is a whole LONG blog about this! Grow up, kids! Let it go!!!!!!!

WHO CARES?????????

Apr 11 @ 5:49PM  
Texas, if you don't care then why are you even commenting? On a side note Cockroach has a new blog out, to be fair it's his best effort yet. I really do hate to give him credit but it is original, funny and actually quite witty. I even was forced to give the bastard a kudo!

Anyway Texas the study of socks and such is called [sockology] and if you get good at it you then become a [sockologist] So....if I care....and I study really, really hard then I can get my degree and be Dr.Northern, then we can have 2 doctors on here.

Apr 11 @ 6:07PM  
What do I like? I like my J.O.B. and love my family/friends and my yard cows! They are really deer but one big boy thinks he is a lap dog! I just love my life. happier and healthier than I have ever been. Nothing beats waking up happy everyday!!


Apr 11 @ 6:19PM  
Kudo's indigo!

Apr 11 @ 7:09PM  
Good sister Indigo,
and we do liketh thee.
God bless thee, and thy cows.

Apr 11 @ 7:25PM  
Indigo, you sound like you're in a good place.....very cool!

Apr 11 @ 7:26PM  
Texas & Fred...thanks for being nice to my pal Indigo.

Apr 11 @ 7:27PM  

On a side note Cockroach has a new blog out, to be fair it's his best effort yet. I really do hate to give him credit but it is original, funny and actually quite witty. I even was forced to give the bastard a kudo!

Seriously? It reads like a summer camp skit written by a 12 year old, except that he insults you and all your friends in it. It's hardly necessary to encourage him. His pathetic, obsequious commenters are doing a fine job already.

Apr 11 @ 7:34PM  
Mister...nope he's not insulting us at all. I know who I am and am secure in that. My friends know who they are also. If we all lose the ability to laugh at ourselves from time to time, then we lose some of our humanity.
His blog is humorous..... and if I give it, I ought to be man enough to take it right? If I can't take what he dishes out while I dish it out to him....then in truth I am the coward, not him.

Apr 11 @ 7:47PM  
Like all his writing, it's mediocre, formulaic, and his prose is so clumsy it's embarrassing to read. And nothing but a hit job, which is the only reason he's here.

Apr 11 @ 7:52PM  
Mister, I never said that it was Pulitzer prize material. I merely stated that it was "his best effort yet". He is the official MD troll, this guy is a joke. No f***ing way is what he writes going to get to me.....Hope you understand my take on this.

Apr 11 @ 8:22PM  
firstwatchlawman, you had it right when you said:

Much of that stuff here just doesn't matter

I don't see what all the hoopla is about. Can't we act like adults and get over it????


Apr 11 @ 8:27PM  
Texas, what? And stop all the fun?... No way, for the fun it's just begun.

Apr 11 @ 10:43PM  
I read Doctail's new blog. It's not bad, parody is an art and any art is subjective to individual taste.
I must state though, that I am impressed with your take on it Northern. You were able to put aside your hatchet, and look at his blog for the style rather than just the content.
And of course you are correct, if you give it you have to also be able to take it...and on this you did. Doctail cannot be expected to just take it, without dishing it out also. Fair is fair....huh?

Apr 11 @ 11:27PM  
I don't see what all the hoopla is about

Texas... You made a comment on DR's blog about Elizabeth Warren.... Right under cocktail's comment.
To put it better his racist comment.

You say...
I've never seen anything from drcocktail that fits anything most of you are saying.

I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative.

I support him.

Does that mean you agree with his racist comment. Or are you going to say you never saw it even though it's right above yours?

So either you don't see it because you are in agreement with him since you support him... Or you finally witnessed it for yourself. I would like to know the answer....

Apr 11 @ 11:34PM  

Just in case you don't remember...
Here it is..........

Well she may not be a real Indian but she sure lies like one.

So do you agree with this statement?

Apr 12 @ 7:00AM  
Who is he talking about?

Apr 12 @ 7:02AM  
And what blog? I must have missed something. I try to stay neutral when people are bashing each other.

Apr 12 @ 7:46AM  
Cocktail was saying it about Elizabeth Warren.
But saying she lies like an Indian is a complete insult!

It's like saying all indians are liers. That's just mean.

Apr 12 @ 8:14AM  
Well, I have no use for Warren, but, no, that wasn't very nice to say. But that doesn't mean I'm going to act like most of the posters on this blog. I still say let it go, get over it.

I've probably said some things I shouldn't have on blogs, too, but I don't see a whole LONG blog bashing me.

Apr 12 @ 9:42AM  
And Texas you are just making the blog longer yet. I swear that I'll keep bumping this blog to the top, it will never die.
Your dear friend Cockroach has made so many racist comments about "Indians" that even you can see that he is a racist bastard. Your little innocent act is not believable. There is no way that anyone who can read doesn't know this jerk for what he is.

Please knock off the bullshit as it is disgusting. You have decided to back this creep no matter what he says because you like his political leanings. So even if he goes on with his mocking, insulting remarks against native Americans then that's o.k. with you huh? That says a lot about you.

I am embarrassed that you are on my friendship list. I'll take care of that now. It appears that there are more than one cockroach on here, but these things tend to scurry together.

Apr 12 @ 10:02AM  
Zulu, ya I'm willing to bet that little miss Texas doesn't care for Mexicans either. And if her good buddy Cockroach were to go after them, she would also miss those comments too.

However if anybody goes after a Republican she sees very clearly. It's called redneck selective vision. I see a couple of others on here who I thought were decent types, I was wrong. Wow! There is one guy on here who had me fooled BIGTIME! Live and learn I guess.

I'm honestly o.k. with Cockroach hitting back. You have to...I hit him.....he hits me. But now he goes after my mother...not cool. But there is nothing cool about this troll. This is his history, this is how he works.

Good old Willy didn't get mad, he got even with his famous sock blog. Rev eventually couldn't take the heat and got consumed. This blog stays here forever Texas. You think it's long now? Just you f***ing wait.
You think it's gotten nasty? Just you f***ing wait.


Apr 12 @ 1:07PM  
At least now she can't say she never saw it... I pointed it out.

Im sure we all hear things like that and keep our mouth shut... Well I'm done keeping quiet!!! To keep quiet is like saying it's ok... Well it's not ok.. Never was and never will be!!!

Apr 12 @ 1:27PM  
But if anyone disagrees or dares to stand up to this mouseweenie you become a target.Most people want to avoid that.So I can understand where Texas is coming from.
You and I are not most people.

Apr 12 @ 2:02PM  
Angel, you are a decent woman with strong convictions. Wish we had more like you on here.

Apr 12 @ 2:05PM  
Indigo...Cockroach has gone after you, after Angel, after Simplyimp and others as well. You think this closet whatever, has a thing against women?

He seems to be overly interested in Fred's backside.

Apr 12 @ 3:09PM  
I think that the idea of you keeping this blog up and running the way that Willy did with his plagiarizing blog is just........PEACHY... .........

You've got some good peeps here North......lucky you.

Apr 12 @ 4:38PM  
Sock...this blog isn't going anywhere.

Apr 12 @ 7:36PM  
Well you got proof cocktail is reading this....
On his last blog...

Reads like a walk through paranoia... It's just crazy!

Apr 12 @ 8:37PM  
Angel Cockroach is crazy! . He brought up his sock @LiillyWhite and is having a conversation with himself. This has got to be the worst sock in MD history as it writes [exactly] the way it's master does.

I like however this new male sock that my female friend has...(yes dear, I know that it's you) I won't tell you about this secret. I love this site because of all the weird! I honestly can't keep up, it seems we get at least 1 new sock per day.

Apr 12 @ 9:14PM  
I could never keep up...

I don't know who's who.... But I do believe lilywhite is cocktail.

He made a comment about my morals because I said I'm not offended by profanity. It's not the words... It's the meaning behind the words that offends me.

Maybe it makes me a bad person... But honestly... I don't think it does.

Apr 12 @ 9:42PM  
Angel...I was rude to you when I first came here. I think we clashed because of politics. But you gave me a pass and now here you are standing up against racism.
You are a class act and are a treasure. Everyone can tell that you have character. No one takes that creep Cockroach or anything he says to heart. 90% of the members here have figured out by now that this moron is a troll. His 3 supporters are all looking pretty're in the majority and are looking just fine.

I fed the bastards ego by saying that he was a fair writer. Now the idiot thinks he's Shakespeare and is trying to impress with his {literary skill.} Ha!.... He took the bait and is making not only a fool of himself but has allowed his racism to go completely unrestrained....good.

Apr 13 @ 10:03AM  
Northern, I have some news for you. Both Rev and Winglets are back as socks. It should be interesting to see how they go after Cockroach. Both are smarter than he is, and Rev is not one you want to take on.

I'm o.k. with Rev being back, as to Winglets she is not my cup of tea. But if she'll go after Cockroach I'll stay out of her way. The enemy of my enemy is my friend so to speak.

Anyway now that Winglets is back everyone best get ready to have their blogs highjacked.

Apr 13 @ 10:09AM  
Zulu, please e-mail me with the info......inquiring minds need to know.

Apr 13 @ 10:28AM  
Cockroach is a control freak, and that's why he lacks courage.


Apr 13 @ 10:29AM  
Why no kudos to give this blog?

Apr 13 @ 10:33AM good to have you on this to kudos everybody including the MD kudo bomber (I know who that is ) has been very generous so far.

Apr 13 @ 11:24AM  
Evil brother Cockroach,
hath doth possessed,
with unclean spirits,
the souls of three,
they be lost souls.

One who verily,
was a man of justice,
hath departed to the,
netherworld and is here,
no more.

The second be of the,
lone star state and she,
be seduced by his,
words for they,
echo the blackness,
of her heart.

The third be a child of God,
and this possession,
disturbs us the most.

Perchance the angel,
of righteousness may yet,
visit the third and her,
soul may yet be saved.

God bless thee brother North.

Apr 13 @ 11:32AM  
Amen Fred...amen!

Apr 13 @ 12:22PM  
Fred..... North poor pathetic Cockroach is once again desperately trying to be noticed. He's gone and created yet another blog, and as usual no one is bothering with it.

I suppose one of his two remaining supporters will feel pity for him, and eventually leave a comment to put him out of his misery.

Poor lonely, loveless loser.

Apr 13 @ 3:28PM  
Do you know what the "doctor" in DrCocktail stands for? He likes to doctor stuff. I remember what he was like from my time at AMD.
He'll show private e-mails that he has doctored to make them appear worse than they were. Another trick he likes to use is to show quotes that one has made taking them out of context, and doctoring a few words here and there to alter the meaning.

Don't take anything this bum writes at face value, as it could very well have been doctored.

Apr 13 @ 3:41PM  
Sockie....I'll be sure to make a note of that.

Apr 13 @ 5:37PM  
He has also changed what I said in a quote once. He thought it was funny... I didn't!

Apr 13 @ 5:57PM  
Angel, want to know what started this thing between me and Cockroach? Like a jealous child he didn't like the fact that I was friendly to Simplyimp. So the moron e-mails me about it. I e-mailed him back basically indicating that I make my own way, and don't need to explain myself to him or anybody.

Then numbnuts e-mails me a 2nd time and was rude and obnoxious so I gave it back to him. His 3rd e-mail was insulting so he got that back also. Then he posts about me and my "endless e-mails" and how he was forced to block me. Then he shows publically the 3rd e-mail but had added some while deleting a few words.
And he has changed a couple of my quotes to make them appear worse than they actually were.

He and his racist prejudices are a throwback to 50 years ago. He is a 20th century, unsophisticated redneck.

Apr 14 @ 12:50AM  

I kind of guessed you two got into something through email... Well.... Because he put it out there or no one would have been the wiser... If you dish it out you should be prepared to get it back... Don't think he could handle it...

I know he can't... He'll delete a whole blog if he realizes someone put him in his place.

Apr 14 @ 9:45AM  
Cockroach has become completely unglued. Someone e-mailed me his "nugget" blog which he wrote last night. It's a rambling dissertation about a sock army and their followers, who are basically out to get him.

Well he got the last part right!

Apr 14 @ 9:51AM  
Angel, ya Cockroach really is the author of his own misfortunes.

Apr 14 @ 9:52AM  
Zulu, I had a chance to read it....completely nutso!

Apr 14 @ 9:54AM  
Yeah, I just approved one of his insulting little comments to my last blog.

Apr 14 @ 9:57AM  
East, drive by condescending insults are his speciality.

Apr 14 @ 10:31AM  

Apr 14 @ 11:40AM  

Whoa!!! Tons of comments here. I had to add a Kudo based upon my agreement that neither bloggers nor commenters should be demeaning people because of their race.

Also, we all have been attacked at times and let it go just to be attacked over and over again by the same person who now feels emboldened because you let the first few go. At some point people are either going to roll over, fight back, or quit the site. I haven't run into many members whose first choice was to fold and quit the site. Many I know have chosen to fight back when they realize that the individual targeting them is not going to stop. As a result, I understand and support the premise behind this blog .

Apr 14 @ 11:50AM  
Dixie, I have been fighting all of my life. At 12 years of age my father left us. I was then the man of the house. I had my mother, younger brother, sister, and cousin to look after.
I had to drop out of school in the middle of grade 9 to work. A 12 year old cannot be a man....I felt like a failure....but I fought and I managed. There is no quit in me... especially not to a slug like Cockroach.

Apr 14 @ 11:58AM  
To clarify...I was 14 when I left school, 15 when I got a full time job which I still have, and now am the manager.

Apr 14 @ 12:20PM  

I get winks from scammers all the time.....

Now I'm getting them from trolls...


Apr 14 @ 12:26PM  
You have had to grow up and take on an adult role way too early in life. Your struggles and sense of responsibility have helped mold you into a person of strength and commitment. I applaud you for that.


Apr 14 @ 12:30PM  
Angel, maybe the scammers/trolls just have gotten something in their eye, and aren't really winking? Send them an e-mail and tell them all to get some eye drops.

Apr 14 @ 12:31PM  
Thanks Dixie...we play the cards that life deals us huh?

Apr 14 @ 3:36PM  
Congratulations on getting 200 comments. You have created a pesticide type of blog to help rid us of cockroachs. So for this I do thank you, for at least trying to rid us of this pest.

Apr 14 @ 4:37PM  
Sock I managed to get his service provider and have contacted them. I'm going to find this more virtual''s damn real. People are helping....

Apr 14 @ 6:09PM  
Northern I don't know about where you are. But over here no way will service providers give out personal ISP addresses, so don't get your hopes up.

Plus he may be using a fake ISP. As a famous internet troll I'd wager that he is....but there are other ways.

Apr 14 @ 8:35PM  
Zulu, I know you are asleep now...the time difference, but when you wake up this ought to give you a chuckle.
Mr. "The only good Indian is a dead Indian" Cockroach is now pretending that he likes Crowhawk. He has run down natives more than anyone I've ever seen or known. Yet here he is trying to get an ally. f***ing hypocrite.


Apr 14 @ 8:40PM  
Brother North,
if brother Crowhawk,
be wise he will,
see the deception,
if he be not wise,
then no man can,
helpeth him.

God bless thee,
brother North.

Apr 14 @ 8:43PM  
Either way Fred, I honestly don't care. Have a pleasant evening

Apr 14 @ 10:03PM  
Unfortunately I had to delete a few comments and block member. I cannot allow my friends to be skewered on my blogs. Especially when they have stood by me and supported me.

On a side note, it appears that the law guy is spoiling for a fight...o.k. you can have it. Have patience though, because I haven't finished dealing with your friend yet.

Apr 14 @ 10:36PM  
Verily brother North,
thy temper shalt,
lead thee to,
the valley of woe.

Do not seek the sword,
for those who,
liveth by ye sword,
die by ye sword.

Enjoy thy time here,
use the angel of humor,
and do not giveth in,
to the demon of,

God bless thee,
brother North.

Apr 14 @ 11:24PM  
Fred, are you sure you don't know my mother? Why does everyone feel the need to nag me?

Apr 15 @ 10:12AM  
Northern, I read your e-mail. She's paranoid and by the way she's from S.A. because her posting times don't jive. When it's 2a.m. here she's on site...when it's 4a.m. here she's also here...not possible. Plus she knows far too much about the U.S....she's an American....but who cares?

As to the copper, true...funny that he doesn't mention your e-mail of condolences. I guess he wants sympathy....let him have it if it makes him feel better.

Apr 15 @ 12:16PM  
Winglets is back as @Pompom, Rev is back as @MisterTwister and as if all that isn't bad enough Posh has reappeared with her sock @TheKingOfSocks.

Rev & Winglets don't like Cockroach so they could be an asset. Problem is that Posh doesn't like anybody, and will cause problems as she always has and always will.

Apr 15 @ 2:34PM  
Zulu, as to Posh...I don't know her/him/it very much. As to the lawman I am sorry for his loss. I did send an e-mail to him offering my condolences and explaining why I did not go on to his blogs. My concern was that if I left a post Cockroach would come on and cause an issue. I didnt want that so stayed off.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Apr 15 @ 3:22PM  
Lawman is a phoney also. If he lost a child I feel sorry for his pain,but I don't believe anything else he says sooo.that might just be a sick ploy to get people to believe in his "character"!

Apr 15 @ 4:15PM  
Indigo, I am beginning to wonder about his overall mental health. He deleted my comment, his call. But what I wrote was the truth. He deviated from the blog topic about this member being "A man of integrity", I disagreed and he deleted.

He fully knows that I sent him an e-mail offering my condolences. But for some odd reason wants to play the "friend let me down by not leaving a post on my blog" card. None of it makes any sense....something here just doesn't add up.


Apr 15 @ 4:25PM  
Northern &'s all rather simple as to what is going on. FirstWatchLawman is Cockroach's friend. So he has decided to go after you Northern, in his own way.
What better way than to try and paint you as an insensitive jerk, who has let his friend down by not posting a "I feel sorry for you" type of comment like everyone else did.
If you think about it, it's pretty clever.

Apr 15 @ 4:32PM  
Sockie...OMG! Is that what this is all about? I thought that I'd seen everything on this crazy site. Guess I was wrong.

Apr 15 @ 8:36PM  
Northern, I've read his two blogs in which he describes what is going on in his life. Most of it is him thanking everyone for their support. The rest is going after you in a visceral way because he says that you did not offer your support. But you did, the only difference is that you opted to do so privately.

I have to agree with Sock that this is a contrived resentment, and that he was searching for a reason to quarrel with you due to you going after his good buddy Cockroach.

Apr 15 @ 8:50PM  
Zulu by my reckoning it's past 1a.m. where you are, go back to bed! Unlike Cockroach who just wants to troll, I am convinced that Firstwatch has some issues.
So with that in mind I'm going to just leave him alone. I've noticed that he has always gone from happy to sad. So it could be a bi-polar disorder, or maybe he drinks. ...........Don't know, don't care.

Apr 15 @ 9:23PM  
What I find odd is that for weeks doctail has made snide racist comments to you. Where was Firstwatch then? Why did he presume that this was acceptable? Yet when you made one or two comments on one of his blogs, this was unacceptable?

A bit of a double standard here. And furthermore he asks about your friendship. Where was his when you were being called out by his friend over your native heritage? He was silent, but is now very vocal.

Apr 15 @ 9:30PM  
Beetle, you made some good points. ILgal has yet another sock. This one goes by the name of @AshesOfThePhoenix. I believe that ILgal has more socks than any other member here.

Apr 16 @ 9:25AM  
I almost dropped my phone when I read what Cockroach posted last night. He lambasts both me and Socklover for "spreading hate"! Can you believe that? This from a troll who has written the most racist stuff ever to be put forward on this site.

The hypocrisy on here is out of this world. I notice how big ILgal's mouth is when she's hiding behind one of her multiple socks....there's another one.

Apr 16 @ 9:41AM  
Zulu, Cockroach is not the only hypocrite here. FirstWatch is going on about friendship and loyalty. Where was his when his friend cockroach was raking me over the coals about me being a drunken Indian and him mocking my mother? He never said a single word in my defense and in fact thought it was all funny.

It was then that I realized that his so called friendship wasn't worth anything at all. I guess friendship to him is a one way street. That's not the way I roll First buddy.

Apr 16 @ 10:31AM  
I just read a post by FirstWatchLaw in which he writes about members unfriending on a whim. It appears from this that some have unfriended him on here.
It may not just be on a whim sir. Perhaps these are friends of Northern and friends will support friends. Yours have supported you, his are supporting him. If you unfriend him by your comments, do not be surprised if you in turn get unfriended by these.

For every action, there is a reaction. I well remember when Northern got fed up and left the site. Some members also left as a show of solidarity. You want loyal friends? It appears that Northern has a few.

Apr 16 @ 10:37AM  

Apr 16 @ 12:38PM  
First has cancelled his account again. Will his good friend Cockroach demonstrate his friendship and loyalty and cancel his account in solidarity? C'mon Cockroach, First is watching to see if you will.

Apr 16 @ 3:21PM  
Zulu, we can only hope but I doubt it. Cockroach's only loyalty is to himself. Now he is quoting Crowchild...I thought he had a low opinion of Indians.

He is also going on about how some socks don't contribute. What has Cockroach contribute except fighting, racism and insults? Most on here want him gone and consider him to be the MD troll.
But here he is crying about contributing. Contribute to the well being of this site Cockroach by leaving for good.

Apr 16 @ 3:32PM  
^^Cockroach has run down natives more than anyone on here. But when it's convenient will call them wise etc....when it suits his purpose of course. What an amazing hypocrite he is.

Anyway no one read his blogs and very few "contribute" to them. I am so very pleased that my being here along with Peachsock really gets on his nerves. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Anyway it's getting close to my favorite t.v. show, so see you tomorrow Northern.

Apr 16 @ 4:06PM  
Zulu, what's he talking about? You guys do my blogs that is.
And both of you do go on to other blogs as well...he/she/it has a very selective memory.

Apr 16 @ 4:27PM  
What happened between you and Crowhawk anyway? I thought you two were friends.

Apr 16 @ 4:36PM  
Sock, Crowhawk is a very cool guy but doesn't get it as to how things work here. I created my "Battle Of The Little Bighorn" blog in response to Cockroach's racism against natives.
Crowhawk comes on and asks "Why do you write our history like this"? One thing lead to another and I became angry that he was not supporting me in this.

Now like a Crow scout he is with the enemy.

Apr 16 @ 5:55PM  
If Crowhawk continues to betray, I will make it so hot for him here that he will leave with his tail between his legs..this I promise Crowhawk. The medicine wheel will turn full circle...see if it don't.

Apr 16 @ 6:02PM  
Northern, it's midnight here....time for me to . Your former friend Crowhawk is being conned by snake. Let him be used by Cockroach..... It will give him a good life lesson.

Nightie night N.

Apr 17 @ 10:10AM  
Oh dear, I did wonder why Crowhawk worded his comment in the way in which he did on the other blog. I had not realized he'd 'gone over to the dark side'. Then again, others have and have learned their lesson from the whole process.

Apr 17 @ 12:12PM  
Northern, where are you? I have been waiting for that blog on Crowhawk that you said you were going to post.

Apr 17 @ 12:29PM  
East & Zulu, I am going to post a blog about read it as it might prove interesting.

Apr 17 @ 1:06PM  
Just posted my comment to your other blog.

Apr 25 @ 10:24AM  
Cockroach is bored and has decided to stir things up again. He has bumped @LillyWhite's blog up and so it starts all over again.

I guess the troll just couldn't leave well enough alone.

Apr 25 @ 10:38AM  
Zulu, I just read it. I was wondering how long the unofficial peace would last, guess we now know the answer to that. I see cockroach's new friend, the chicken is posting right behind him like a dutiful follower.

He is a weak man that has no stamina for the truth, and will go which ever way the wind takes him.

Interesting though that Fred feels that LillyWhite is ILgal's sock. Her profile is written the way ILgal writes. Fred may be on to something here.

Apr 25 @ 11:40AM  
And some how I've been caught up in the drama. In one of my blogs, Pompom called DrC a poindexter and apparently started on a crusade to get my blog off the last commented on list. I'm just rolling my eyes.

Apr 25 @ 11:48AM  
East, Pompoms (Winglets) has been so busy having conversations with herself via her new sock noobscenities that I would have thought she'd have no time for anything else. She has her new sock writing in broken English to try and fool us.

Apr 25 @ 11:52AM  
Pompoms a.k.a. Winglets has gone on here to state that I am fake and not from South Africa. Are you really from the British Virgin Islands Pompom? Are you are you really in your mid 40's?

Apr 25 @ 11:57AM  
Zulu, on LillyWhite's(ILgal) blog Fred wrote about the stunning hypocrisy on this site. It is absolutely breathtaking in it's scope.

Apr 25 @ 12:43PM  
Pompom and noobs are two different people. I'm not a vegan, but I've had lengthy conversations with noobs on veganism, inhumane farming techniques, etc. They are not the same person at all.

Apr 25 @ 1:06PM's all so darn hard trying to figure out who is who. But Pompom could be very clever in her e-mails to you when she writes as noob. Your e-mails back and forth prove nothing.
I am sticking with Pom and Noobs being one and the same.

Apr 25 @ 3:14PM  
Nope. Pompom and noob two different people. Of that I am confident.

Just entered into a contretemps with DR. He accused me of not posting one of his rants on my blog, yet never checked to see it was there and instead of sending me an email, libeled me on one of his blogs. I'm sick of it.

Apr 25 @ 3:36PM  
East, DR is one of my favorite bloggers on here so I won't listen to any critique of him. Hell, when it comes to the subject of politics...I even like what Dr.Cocktail writes.

Apr 25 @ 10:38PM  
Actually, it was about behavior, not politics.

Apr 26 @ 4:27AM  

16 hrs 25 mins ago
Zulu, on LillyWhite's(ILgal) blog Fred wrote about the stunning hypocrisy on this site. It is absolutely breathtaking in it's scope.

Sorry Northern LillyWhite is not me, it was a cute blog though. I have been staying away from the internet and focusing on the family. These deaths have upset the kids and when the kids are hurting so is mom.


Apr 26 @ 9:34AM  
^^^There seems to be a rash of sympathy blogs as of late. Lawman started this trend now everyone has climbed on to the bandwagon, trying to compete with each other as to who has the most misery in their lives.

And of course we have the usual bloggers offering the same words of condolences, all attempting to out do each other to prove who is the most compassionate.

It all seems so contrived and insincere to me. If I was going through something like this, I would not be pouring my heart and personal business to virtual strangers on the internet. But that's just me.

Apr 26 @ 10:08AM  
East...o.k. got that.

Apr 26 @ 10:09AM  
ILgal...sorry but the jury is still in session on that one.

Apr 26 @ 10:11AM  
Zulu ya, I feel that public condolences are to demonstrate to others what a wonderful person one is. I believe that a private e-mail would mean more. But to some it doesn't as was proven recently on here. Guess you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Apr 26 @ 4:55PM  
I kind of expected that response, but I never blogged for sympathy, I blogged to share what I had read, we have a lot in common as humans.


Apr 26 @ 5:05PM  
Sympathy for the devil anyone?

Apr 26 @ 5:12PM  
ILgal, perhaps you didn't get the memo. Sympathy blogs are so yesterday. Don't believe me? Then just go to StillJustBetty's blog -"Ted"- and read all about it.

Apr 26 @ 5:12PM  
Sock..... .....

Apr 26 @ 5:14PM  
ILgal, perhaps you didn't get the memo. Sympathy blogs are so yesterday

That's good cause that's when I put it up ... yesterday


Apr 26 @ 5:16PM  
ILgal...timing is everything.

Apr 26 @ 5:22PM  

6 mins ago
ILgal, perhaps you didn't get the memo. Sympathy blogs are so yesterday. Don't believe me? Then just go to StillJustBetty's blog -"Ted"- and read all about it.

What the hell?

Apr 26 @ 5:39PM  
Betty, your blog is a parody of the recent sympathy blogs no?

Apr 26 @ 5:45PM  
Poor pathetic cockroach. He spent most of his day posting on everybodys blog just to move this thing to the 2nd page. Then his "friend" ILgal goes and bumps it to the top again. The poor racist slug just can't win.

Anyway it's close to midnight here so nightie night all.

Apr 26 @ 5:49PM  
Zulu warrior.....

Apr 27 @ 10:04PM  
The poor racist slug just can't win.

Apr 27 @ 11:19PM  
^^^There seems to be a rash of sympathy blogs as of late. Lawman started this trend now everyone has climbed on to the bandwagon, trying to compete with each other as to who has the most misery in their lives.

That was uncalled for. There is a history here of people writing blogs about the death of friends and family members -- I have written one or two. Most are heartfelt and true.
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