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A disingenuous, ubiquitous, preposterous innocuous sockuous esotericuous blog.

posted 4/7/2017 3:18:52 PM |
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Is there such a thing on MD? Wait for it.....Wait...Wait....It's coming.....wait....Lol

Hang on.....Wait......It's almost here....closer...just another minute....

OK, OK, you people in the front row please sit down, youre blocking the view from the back....just let me paste this last piece rushing the stage please, just about ready and....good Lord, 300+ people'd think this was a President Trump rally......

OK...First, thank you all for coming today. I'm truly humbled by the attendance. Lily thanks for your help in putting this together. I'm sorry about them not taking your ticket in Room13 but I understand there's plenty of space in there now. If its any consolation the resident of that room is the guy perched on the edge of his seat in the back row. Yeah the same guy drinking the wine.

So now to todays topic. I thought we might open things up by taking some questions from the floor first, we'll try this in reverse. You know the main topic is 'innocuous ' blogs. Any questions on the meaning of 'innocuous'. Yes, go ahead Silk.....

No Silk, its one word and it has nothing to do with 'knocking anything. On the contrary it kind of means 'not knocking' anybody. It basically means 'no harm', 'no foul'. Not intended to be injurious to anyone, safe. No you can't describe it with profanity. Yes Silk, I realize that places certain constraints on you. OK next question...ah yes, you on the far left.. OK you in the 'East' Wing, whatever, go ahead. You want me to look up what? Oh, I wasn't aware of that but thank you for that information on the cat population in the Bronx.
OK next question or topic.
Yes, is it Penny, OK Penny what would you like to discuss? You don't understand? ...What don't you understand?.....let me get this straight, You don't understand why you don't understand?....gee Penny, that's a tough one. Can you give me some more information on what it is you don't understand?......I understand Penny, yes Penny. I know, you're you and you're happy being you. Yes you Penny. Right, uh huh....NEXT QUESTION....(whew).

OK, you there with the feathers in your hair. Yes. please put down the bottle. No thank you, I don't drink. Yes I know that means more for you. Great....your question please?

OK, how was everyones dinner? Are we ready to continue? 'Sitting duck', thats the name you gave at the front desk, are you ready with a topic or do you have a question? No to answer that question, Lily is not my sock, I don't have one. No I don't know Zulu, nor static, no haven't heard of socklover or fweddie. Yes In your room now.....Well good for you. I'm delighted you have friends. Really.....they look out for you....Well splendid. Well that aside Sitting duck, do you have something you'd like to discuss? Really.....thats your question?

Well Mr sitting duck, nice to have you with us. Are you comfortable? Your question was 'Why don't you like me?'.....Good question, right to the point. I like that, not you but that. So my knee jerk answer would be.....well.....You're so needy its sickening and 'duck' you just don't tell the truth. You can't go through life making things up and expect to be taken seriously. You're like a small child afraid of the dark, always wailing for Mommy and sympathy. Now in this place we're all open to criticism, and thats as it should be, but everyone in this room has experienced being labeled as some things their not. Nothing we can do about that. I can't stop people from lying to others or even to themselves. Where you live you won't admit that. You're a weak ticket. OK, OK, duck, take a deep breath, now now no whimpering.

You know duck we can take a break here or press on. Its up to you if you feel the urge to run away or, No No.... you don't need a drink. OK, OK, just one to settle your nerves. But duck... People are watching. Let me answer my mail and say a few words to the audience and we'll continue if you want.

Well we're back. Now sitting duck Im glad you could make the last part of this interview. Anything else you'd like to say? You've really been quiet, maybe even subdued. If not I do have one more topic to cover and I think you might find it of interest. Well I know you are interested but I guess I'm curious if you know anything about it.
Maybe you could clear this up. It's about this girl friend on the site, or is it off the site. To get right to the she real or is this another figment of your imagination. Or maybe you made this up too? So which is it?....... ......... ......... ......... ........... ......... OK, I get it. Not something you want to talk about.

OK, well one last question. You seem to have an obsession with this cockroach fellow. I mean on your latest post 27 of the 52 comments were yours on this guy. The rest of the comments were from, what they call socks, people who don't belong on the site or don't have profiles. And in one instance a highly regarded member became frustrated with you and left the site. He left because of you. So I guess my question is why does this guy own you? Your answer is......... ............ ............ ............. .............. ...........
Nothing duck, c'mon. He writes a blog and you jump on it in attack mode. Wouldn't it just be better to leave it alone? Why open yourself to the embarrassment? And duck, what's with the language, you know just by starting any comment calling him unprintable names, well that makes you an ass from the get go, and wrong. No defense in that boy, none. Again duck, he owns you it seems and you know what, the guy who you ran off gave you the best advice....'choose your fights wisely'. Sorry duck but he was trying to tell you you're out gunned.

OK 'sitting duck' if you have nothing to add, I'll let you go back to your room. But duck, think about it.....fat, dumb and drunk is no way to go through life. Just ask Kent

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Apr 7 @ 3:35PM  
OK. I am a sock so who cares? But I'll tell you this. drcocktail is NOT a coward! There he is after all the insults y'all throw at him. He hasn't left, he's still here and he laughs in the "face" of all those who insult him! And I tell you another thing. He stands up for his friends, I have observed that myself staying silent and quiet but taking it all in. He doesn't admit insults and profane crap on his blogs and he deletes all the cowards attacks aimed at his friends. Now SHOW ME SOMEONE ELSSE THAT DOES THE SAME!. Y'all CAN'Tnow can you??Those 2 things, taking the constant abuse and hanging in there and showing loyalty to his friends. AND, have never seen HIOM using vulgar nasty crap like y'all use on here. Shame on those here the 2 faced cowards. YOU are the ones running good people off!!!

Apr 7 @ 5:00PM  
Hey they do love you, lookit someone running your numbers way high They think I am YOUR sock newly created, try telling them I aint NEW, do you see any NEW in yellow on my profile? Duh! Am a silent but old sock

Apr 7 @ 5:21PM  
OK Lily let me step out here in the audience to get a view of the stage.....yep, the room is filling up. Hey Lily check out that guy chugging that bottle of Mad Dog......yeah the one hunched over his computer.....

Apr 7 @ 5:35PM  
MadDog 20-20 the favorite of cheap drunks! Move away so I can get a closer look, it could be a number of MD hunchbacks . You gonna have to open up the barn to contain all your fans, they are piling up in here including the guy with a bandaged finger for running up your numbers. What a tribute , and all cause you can write fluent sarcasme without resorting to profanity .

Apr 7 @ 5:43PM  
You are going for a personal best here I believe today. Your little blog here took an unexpected life of its own and quite a turn. My head is swelling with pride... cause I helped !

Apr 7 @ 6:08PM  
Ahh Lily nothing is unexpected when you know your audience. Your timing was unexpected but inspiring. Now without further ado....

Apr 7 @ 6:16PM  
A mere tumble for the guy with his MD sitting on the edge. Always happy to assist. asking silkass a question? , what an optimist you are, the dumb jerkoff is a product of no child left behing with a 6th grade education . he went to school in KY with that "other" alumni!
innoccuous, innoculation... vive la difference!

Apr 7 @ 6:34PM  
Well even he has a mother....a kinder gentler soul. Now where have I heard No this is about forbearance, not forbidence. You get that in other rooms.

Apr 7 @ 7:09PM  
I must depart and join the other sister wives. Our lord and husband awaits. I shall be your Muse then. Will click my lil red heels 3 times and be right over, tho I suspect you need no assist .
smooth_and_silky_ass may have a mother but you know what they call boys born without a father... . Take away his profanity and the poor dude is mute sad case... Ask Northern a question now, but make it SIMPLE, he is limited and don't make it about gender, thats way over his head! He's got me all mixed up and he also LIES. I posted TWICE on his miserable blog, not 3. . As far as the East wing, research is thy name
I shall return, just like McArthur said :). Git 'em!

Apr 7 @ 7:18PM  
OMG! I almost left too soon... You getting some great questions from some very attentive and dedicated audience members, you got 'em mesmerized . Hey if there is any MD20 left from that dude that fell off the balcony (just a slight, small little itty bitty push it was, I swear), keep it till I return. It ain't Boone's Farm but twill do! Don't give it to the dude with the feathers, I don't care what he asks! , he lies!

Apr 7 @ 7:39PM  
Are anyone of us really real on here? Is my name really "Tonto? Are you really an ILgal?

Now on to the esoteric.....

Apr 7 @ 8:37PM  
The smoothass_ilk and the injun are fighting over the last drop of MD20 , oh the ignominy!! (hey, that's an esoteric word aint it!) . Yea and some more emojis, that's what they here for!

Apr 7 @ 8:46PM  
Are you really an ILgal?

I'll answer that .. yes I am ILgal and I also have 2 tournaments tonight so I get to be Sunshine13333 and RaeTay.

have fun ... ROCK ON!!!


Apr 7 @ 9:13PM  
Good luck with your tourney. We were just about ready to bring sitting duck to the stàge for an interview. I'll have to be gentle he has such a 'fragile' temperament. I'm afraid he might run off again.

Apr 7 @ 9:18PM  
Is he the one with the tender kinder loving mother who is so NOT proud of him! ?Such a cast of characters !

Apr 7 @ 9:22PM  
That's right, I am not the doc's sock. He works alone, he don't need one. I am not even a good Muse, he don't need one either. But I AM having fun, maybe first time here!

Apr 7 @ 9:28PM  
Hey what happens to the bronx cats? they get trained and shipped out as support animals?
I'd prefer a mongoose. We have snakes here. It will provoke them till they strike and it has fun dodging the blows. Appropriate, si?

Apr 7 @ 9:33PM  
Well Lily down here on the floor it looks like the crowd is building with the anticipation of the sitting duck interview. I can see through the crowd he's headed to the stage. Kind of wobbling but hey, he ain't in tears......yet. Clear out room 13 after the interview. God we're running out of room here. OK back to the stage.

Apr 7 @ 9:38PM  
I know, I see that. But wait... he is getting an assist! YES! Someone handing the duck... what is it A support animal! A dog? Wait, no, it's a cat, who knew!
Standing room only and keep coming! As for the crowd run off, I suggested earlier to open the barn. Some are so liquored up, they will keep warm and won't know the difference. Just charge the same admission fee OK!

Apr 7 @ 11:01PM  
Well Lily, was I too hard on him? Looking at him across the room he looks a bit withered, a bit forlorn. And no one is there for him. I had hoped for his girl friend to console him, but which one? The one who left because he spent too much time on here or the new one he met on the site and is deliriously in love with. Maybe I can get him to clear that up in the interview .

Apr 8 @ 12:37AM  
Well Lily, once again thanks for the lift. I finished the interview and all my ducks are in s row. I know you get's ESOTERIC.

Now what should I write next.......hmmm, maybe something about politics.

Apr 8 @ 6:47AM  
Kudo's, Lilly White.

Apr 8 @ 9:41AM  
WOW, thank you Texas lady , that is nice to be recognized as a separate entity, you may be the ONLY smart one and definitely a standout in the bunch of mostly mush brain followers here .
I was inspired by the OP's imagination and decided to jump in and... HAVE FUN! Yea, of all things, daring to have fun here, how novel is THAT! Didn't know where the OP would lead, but that was the fun of it and I wanted to play!
Doc, be gentle... ESOTERIC, really?... Think of your audience ! They don't even like emojis, they refuse to have fun, no sense of humor, boring, whiny folks for the most part.. They would be just mystified! I think Politic is the way to go. It would be fresh, new... . And this being a dating site, it may be quite a successful approach. Who knows... it hasn't been tried! Seducing with politics. (Think anyone will pick up on the light sarcasm here? nah!! ). Want me to reserve the auditorium... and the barn?. Thank again TexLady, you're my kind of people!

Apr 8 @ 10:18AM  
Doc, you got me all curious now. Who is the duck's mystery girlfriend? Did he confide in you after your gentle proding? Someone HERE , really? And even better, who is this outstanding fellow with ethics you describe but who left already?. Looks like I arrived too late and missed him (emojis... yes, again!)

Apr 8 @ 11:03AM  
Ahh Lily, no human being in their right mind would lay down with Chief Sitting Duck. Its a mystery in his mind I'm afraid but somewhere in that diminished muddled mind he has invented his squaw. I got him up on that stage and he became a wooden Indian. his only good decision made during the one way conversation. Indeed the man child has but one ally, a 20 ounce bottle of a native nectar of his choice. Such is the dark history of his tribe never listening to the wisdom of its elders. He wails for mommy but fails to heed her advice. And the wisdom, the council of my friend, our lawman has escaped him, he chooses his battles poorly bringing his butter knife to a gunfight. Yet he persists....he doesn't learn. And if history repeats he will wither away again. The boy has no substance, no metal.

Apr 8 @ 12:15PM  

I swim in my testosterone

Lol.....too damn funny. The man child needs a and any human being would be a better choice than allowing him to speak for

How about... 'My kingdom for a sword'. Oh wait I think he alluded to that somewhere. My advice.....How about a more fitting sililoqy from a friend of mine,
one Bill Shakespeare:

"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing, end them?"

Wise council Chief but no doubt waaaay beyond your ken.


Apr 8 @ 2:03PM  
And I have just been told that the attention whore is back replete with her back stage barbs and bitter commentary attacking my friends. Never would there be a better revival than a rev refrain to 'take this trash out'. This vile creature who attacks those who can't defend themselves has made an enemy, one with teeth and determination. Her pathetic need for acceptance and respect is pointless. No doubt she will be embraced by the misfits, mutts breed mutts, detritus attracts more filth. And that is the extent of my profanity but not my disdain. To label her a woman defames that designation. This low class no class insect will no doubt join the other socks. So be it. Grab your cats, you'll need them!!!

Apr 9 @ 2:14PM  
Oh now that's funny, this entire blog. kudo to both writers you need to do more and keep it fun like this

Apr 9 @ 3:07PM  
Khaline we had a lot of fun and we both got a lot of feedback like yours. And some didn't take it so We had fun though snd we decided we'd put a deposit down on the hall where we had the interviews....ha.

Apr 9 @ 3:11PM  
where do I made the reservation for my seat in the audience, LOL ? so make sure you tell us the date, we need MORE fun blogs

Apr 9 @ 3:20PM  
Why sit in the audience. The best seats are on stage. I'll put you in charge of Sitting Ducks pacifier. He's teething so he has a tendency to spit it out....

Apr 9 @ 3:23PM  
no pls dont he bites, I have seen it just here and now!
I am best in the audience as a watcher. maybe you can try hypnotism as well, makes ppl do goofy things

Apr 9 @ 3:36PM  
Some would say I'm a great hypnotist. Look at what a monkey I'm making out of Sitting
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