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The Man who would be Queen

posted 4/11/2017 5:11:02 PM |
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Or......Da boy who would be Chief

Based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling this parody follows the exploits and trials of two high school 8th graders Peachy Sunrise and Tonto Drab, illegal immigrants attempting to sneak out of High School and begin life in the land of MD. Tired of the demands and rigors of the educational system the two delinquents travel to the isolated land of Blogistan where after much humiliation they are embraced by the Native socks and revered as Rulers. After a series of blunders, misunderstandings and embarrassments the socks come to believe that Drab is their God, but he and Peachy can't keep up their deception forever.

The Cast
Tonto Drab. .as himself (man/child/other)
Peachy Sunrise....played by Ima Boon (Zimbabwean princess)

Cameo appearances by
Jerry Mathers as Beetle Bitmap
Sammy Block as the Human Bore
Rosie O'Donell as the impish Rosey Rancid
Jesus Christ as VwV, Yoda, lil fweddie, the Lord of Socks, driscilla drac
Maxine Waters as the exiled 'socklover'
Momma Regret as Kinder Soul

*Editors note: I thought the cast was bigger, hmm

The film has perhaps one of the greatest endings ever made. Unfortunately the star never survived the movie. Facing the unbearable pressures of the role, and betrayed by the Native Socks he was found drunk and dead at the local hangout.... 'MyMomas' Bar and Casino. When pressed for a comment his mother tearily replied....'Him boy not man...him drink him try blog, no work. Dumb injun.'

There were mixed reactions among the Natives and friends (1) who reported the death to the local shaman of Blogistan, one Penny Penobscot, formerly the medicine woman of MD. I just don't understand it. He seemed like such a sweet boy. Why it was only yesterday I heard him laughing and singing about some new ball he bought...yeah an 8 ball I think he called it.

And Jesus in a rare lucid moment was seen walking on water chanting to anyone who'd listen..'Verily I say to you, I shall rid this forsaken land of demons and devils. That will be 19.95 please for the book and throw in a couple of bucks for some wafers and wine.

Why, my Lord, why did he have to go? He was the only guy that I got along with. I guess I'll have to go back to strata's blog, but Man, I do get tired of pretending she's interesting..... yeah yeah, nature walks and all that meowing. What's a guy have to say to get my own space? I'm only human!

'Seemingly unconcerned with the death Rosey had her long awaited Sally Fields moment crying 'You like me, you really really like me, Want to see me naked?

And now what of the IMPish Peachy, what will become of her? Will she return to class, or is she forever out of it. Reports are this episode has been so traumatic for her she has barricaded herself in her condo with her one remaining friend, her cat, 'Zulu'. Will she ever step out of the woods and attempt a life on her own, will she write her own sad story?' No one knows. ' I saw her last week and she was sporting a big 'bump' on her head said her estranged friend 'Angel'. She didn't look good, I afraid she might take a walk and never come back. She ain't right, don't cha know'.

Yes, the tragedy was expected, the ending a foregone conclusion. Could it have been prevented? What factors contributed to this untimely death. Should he have stayed in High School, did he replace wisdom for wine, a mother's love for a mother's regret? Perhaps his one remaining socklover said it best....the boy ain't real bright', never was. But 'Sitting Duck' may be gone, but he's not forgotten. Huh, oh...we're talking about Tonto....sorry I get them mixed up.

And the road goes on 'forever'

Coming up.......the sequel...'Momma told me there'd be days like this'

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Apr 11 @ 5:31PM  
The Jungle Book revisited I presume, with apologies to Mr. Kipling for deviating just an irreverent bit from his original intent , right? Just what I needed, another laugh or 3!

Apr 11 @ 6:29PM  
Just what blogland lacked 'Parody'. I don't care for Satire but I like Parody.

Yes I'm aware that Parody is a form of Satire, but it's more entertaining.


Apr 11 @ 6:42PM  
Who you talking to IL.....You know talking to yourself is frowned on around here... Lol


No emails were harmed during the making of this blog...


Apr 11 @ 6:43PM  
*Editors note: I thought the cast was bigger, hmm

It would be but you left out all the Angels .

Apr 11 @ 6:45PM  
DrC is a parody-er extraordinaire. So there is no word for someone who writes parody it appears?

Apr 11 @ 6:46PM  
haha .. yes I guess I'm talking to myself. At least that way I get the correct answers

Apr 11 @ 6:55PM  
Ootah got his head cut off!

Apr 11 @ 7:27PM  
"Never was so much owed by so many to so few" was a wartime speech made by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on 20 August 1940.
. Winston Churchill.
On a much smaller and virtual scale, your prose is enjoyed by the thousands (see your previous parody... and joint effort). Seriosuly, thanks for the laughs and the imaginative parody . Your talent may be wasted here.

Apr 11 @ 7:41PM  
^^^That be not needed,
evil brother Cockroach,
as I hath had ye,
prostrate examination,
a fortnight ago.

Apr 11 @ 7:53PM  
Well little fweddie I'm sure that was the highlight of your day. Tell me, did they find the Lord up there anywhere? So far all the crap is coming out of your mouth! Now lil fweddie, go ahead old boy, you get one more.

Apr 11 @ 8:06PM  
Thank you fwedsie. I didn't have to make you go to the little boys corner for an hour. You have a good one sweetie. Say hello to poopsie for me.

Apr 11 @ 8:52PM  
Oh really, I can write my own blog, you're kidding. An OP of my own? No way....
The suspense is killing us.. Don't let your faithful readers wait to know, will she or won't she. Will she take the jump, solo and be her own OP . Sequel please!!

Apr 11 @ 9:18PM  
Sunshine always shows up where the sun don't shine. She's an insignificant little snit. Not a whole lot to her. Sort of like a pimple on Tonto's ass. She's a blackhead waiting to pop. If she had to write a blog, well, maybe she could C&P one.

Apr 12 @ 1:14PM  
And the 'Lord of the Socks' isn't proving to be 'holier than thou'. Not an example of good christian ethics. More of a 'Jim Jones' cult' we see, but he does 1 or 2 spots to sell his Kool.-Aid. Drac, restrain your 'alter'
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