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Battle Of The Little Bighorn

posted 4/12/2017 11:03:55 AM |
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On June 1876 Brevet General George Armstrong Cockroach and his brave 7th cavalry, 630 veterans set out to the blackfoot hills in the Montana territory. All experienced men, tough hombres.....the best, the most elite. The U.S. army's crack troopers.
"Give me the 7th and I'll destroy all the hostiles". Said general Cockroach. "Will you require gatling guns general?" He was asked. The general declined as he was just facing lightly armed Indians afterall.

So why worry? The indian agents said that there were at least 1,000 braves gathering in the area. Cockroach dismissed the agents as "notorious liars". He said there could be no more than 500. They were both wrong, there was 3,500.

You see Cockroach was arrogant, never had any respect for Indians. He grossly underestimated his opponent. He then went to them and divided his forces keeping only his few friends and 5 companies with him.

A running battle ensues and within an hour he had only 150 men left. Skirmish lines were drawn up and his men surrounded by a cloud of arrows and guess what? In 1876 the Remington repeating rifle came out. General Cockroach's men were equipped with 1873 Springfield carbines which jammed after only 3 rounds. The Sioux and Cheyenne had an estimated 800 warriors equipped with the repeating rifles. This estimate was determined by shell casings found on the battlefield after the battle.(never bring a butter knife to a gun fight)

General Cockroach, why did you not give the "Indians' more credit for being worthy opponents?

There was general Cockroach..ordered a remount and with only 45 men left made a dismount on last stand hill. Eventually they ran out of ammo.

The moral of this story......he who laughs last, laughs the loudest and longest. (never underestimate your opponent)

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Apr 12 @ 11:34AM  
Verily good brother North,
ye demon of arrogance,
doth made a timely end,
to general Custer.

Verily the general,
be not alone in his,
arrogance and mocery,
of our Indian brethren,
it was ye American indian,
which doth aided my,
ye Plymouth Brethern,
in our 1st winter,
and without ye indians
we would have surely perished,

God bless ye,
and yours,
brother Northern

Let not the,
slings and arrows,
of lesser men,
pierce thy heart.
we would have,

Apr 12 @ 11:37AM  
None of that....true?

Apr 12 @ 11:57AM  
Frankly Doctail's blog yesterday had more flair to it and was better written. But your piece here does not mock, disrespect or attempt to shame or hurt...his does.

So while I'll score Doctail higher on the writing, I'll score you higher on character. You got your point across.

Apr 12 @ 12:53PM  
Fred you are 100% right on that. If it were not for the natives the puritans would have been toast. We saved their lily white asses!

Hey wait a white is the name of Cockroach's new sock.

Apr 12 @ 12:54PM  
Beetle, I'd rather score higher on character than writing.

Apr 12 @ 1:23PM  
They also shoved an arrow right up Custer's tallywacker. That could hurt a little guy!

Apr 12 @ 2:07PM  
rankly Doctail's blog yesterday had more flair to it and was better written.

His first paragraph consists of three consecutive run-on sentences. Each of those sentences is incorrectly punctuated. It reads as if it was written by a mediocre writer who is trying too hard to achieve eloquence.

Apr 12 @ 2:17PM  
I'm sure that our general Cockroach would love to have his tallywacker even noticed...poor wittle thing.

But in truth they ordered their braves not to mutilate his corpse as he fought bravely. One of the Sioux (Lakota) women after the battle however did shove a knitting needle in his right ear, so that he would hear better in the afterlife. He had been warned by Crazy Horse to stop his arrogance and mocking of the native warriors.

I have talked to Lakota whose ancestors fought in the battle of the Little Bighorn. The troopers panicked and started shooting themselves and their comrades when their ammo ran out. You'll never see that in a white movie, or read that in a white man's book.

Apr 12 @ 2:20PM  
Mister...the only real writer we have on MD is Simplyimp. The rest of us are all amateurs. So for an amateur Cockroach did pretty good.

However unlike Simplyimp who writes to celebrate life, Cockroach writes to mock and insult....that's the {real} difference.

Apr 12 @ 2:20PM  
Things have been a bit trite on here lately, and I have not really been following much on here. However I will say that where Native Americans, American Indians, or whatever name people choose to call us, are concerned, ignorance abounds!

It's not really your fault, as you have been taught what "they" wanted you to believe. With the advent of the internet you can educate yourself & learn the truth, but as with any online research you have to gather all of the information in order to make an informed assessment.

Before settlers came to this land slavers were coming here to harvest slaves, and by the time the larger settlements were going they were shipping around 500 native a month out as slaves. The Puritans, a group of political & religious zealots who had overthrown the British government in 1653 later being ousted, came as the first settlers. They actually set their first settlement in a Patuxet Indian village that had been wiped out by slavers and the diseases they brought. One of the slaves had been taken by the captain who educated him, and later was sent back to America. This slave was Squanto, who helped the Puritans teaching them how to plant, and hunt also setting up a treaty with the Wampanoag Tribe. The Puritans gave a big feast to honor Squanto and the Wampanoag Indians, which is what is said to be the story of thanksgivinf, but it was not. As things begin to change, and more Puritians came, they decided this was "their" promised land, much like how God had led the Israelites to, they were to wipe out the heathen inhabitants. In with attacks and mass murders on Indians they offered a bounty on the actual heads of Indians. The Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe that had saved their lives, and had a treaty them, was beheaded, and his head impaled on a pole in Plymouth, Massachusetts -- where it remained on display for 24 years. Later they started offering a bounty on Indian scalps instead of their heads, and it was much later that the Indians started scalping in retaliation.

I've probably alread told you a couple of things that were different than what you learned in school, and if you would like to educate yourself even further I'll provide a link. This is a little bit of a read, but I encourage you to read to the end of the page, use the references, and form your own opinions.

The Real Story

Apr 12 @ 2:25PM  
Thanks Hooks...I think.

Apr 12 @ 2:57PM  
They also shoved an arrow right up Custer's tallywacker.

Oh my! That would hoit... wouldn't it?

Apr 12 @ 3:17PM  
Ohio, it was done to his deceased corpse. The examination of Custer's body showed a shot to his right temple. A 2nd shot to his left shoulder. The Sioux claimed that the arrow to his groin was done to his dead body [after] the battle by a young warrior.

They wanted to scalp and mutilate his body but Crazy Horse wouldn't allow it. He wouldn't even let them strip his clothing or to remove his gun......respect for a brave death.

Our general Cockroach.....well have at it.....strip him down and hack away babeee!

Apr 12 @ 4:23PM  
Why do you write our history like this?

Apr 12 @ 4:29PM  
Crow..I write in a way that they can relate. It's all white people on here brother. I am sending a message to Dr.Cockroach that history teaches us that mockery of "Indians" and disrespect will end badly. Force is what they to them of spirits?....mother earth? I may as well talk to a f***ing wall!

Apr 12 @ 5:10PM  
(never bring a butter knife to a gun fight)

I bring a knife to a gun fight and leave with a gun.


Apr 12 @ 5:29PM  
ILgal...I'm not sure that I trust you....but you are a strong woman and I do like strong people.

Apr 12 @ 5:35PM  
well that little quote came from CrocDayv .. I liked it. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me using it, cause we are friends.

As far as being a strong woman, I am when I need to be, but I fall to pieces just as easy. You do, what you have to do, when you have to do it and sometimes that means crying. Those times are few and far between.


Apr 12 @ 6:19PM  
ILgal, we men are ashamed and embarrassed by our feelings and go to great length's to hide them. You women are much more honest and therefore more human.

I do so respect the wisdom of women. Tears are honest......

Apr 12 @ 7:33PM  
technically, I reckon if Crowhawk is saying he is the only native here at MD, he could be right, but if he thinks I'm really snotz part Injun'z, then he is wrong. I just don't call myself by the pc-approved "Native American", because on my birth certificate, social security, school and church records, the box checked on those forms ID's me as an American Indian!

I'm snotz, and never have been one to easily conform or there!

Apr 12 @ 8:29PM  
Clack...I'm an American as we all are.....and damned proud to be so. But....we sure did have one bloody history to become one people....did we not?

Apr 12 @ 9:12PM  
as far as I'm concerned anyone born in the U.S. is a Native American, and if they want to put a pc-tag on me, let it be...Early American!

Northern, sorry to say this, but this country still isn't as one, and never willz be...the fracking Danish mcwimminz won't assimilate...grrr!

Apr 12 @ 9:31PM  
Clack, never say never. We as a people have made great strides and progress if one considers where we came from.

But those battles are nothing compared to the endless battle between the sexes!

Apr 12 @ 10:31PM  
awww, the face that launched a thousand ships!

Apr 12 @ 10:41PM  
^^Elena di Troas.

Apr 13 @ 6:46AM  
Just to annoy the cockroach, a new sock is in the house.

Apr 13 @ 8:41AM  
Battle Of The Little Bighorn

Love the title, so fitting for a bighorn.

Apr 13 @ 9:51AM  
Pompoms welcome aboard! Not sure who you are but I have an idea based on your posts. But I won't tell. Please feel free to comment on my "Dr.Cocktail is a coward" blog....I could use the bump....thanks hon.

Apr 13 @ 12:45PM  
Yep Northern I hope it is a help too, this ignorance needs to be cured!

So I'm not part Cherokee I am Waccamaw Siouan from the tribe of Dog Bluff S.C. Our fathers were quickly shocked & dismayed that the holy white people coming here lacked the honor and integrity that was the core of our being. We looked upon them as the savages, and sadly we learned a lot of terrible things from them.

I prefer to educate them while keeping in mind that the truth is often rejected by man when it shines a light upon the darkness of their souls.

Apr 13 @ 2:05PM  
Hooks I am woodland Cree and my girlfriend is Irish/German. So she likes to drink and wants to rule the world.
Of course I am being factitious here. Judging an entire race on preconceived notions is the domain of the ignorant idiot. Cockroach is just such a creature. I suspect that he is a shut in that has not travelled the world much. He has these prejudices and puts peoples into boxes. They are are that etc.

It's difficult to accept that in 2017 such a man can still exist...Cockroach is a dinosaur from a bygone era, unfortunately he is here on MD and we are stuck with him...for the time being at least.

Apr 13 @ 7:26PM  

Apr 13 @ 9:33PM  
Northern-your last comment was well put. I cannot add to it but to say..

Apr 14 @ 9:42AM  
Dr. Frank W. Porter, III is a professor of US history, with a specialized interest in the history and cultures of native peoples. He is the general editor of a series of over 60 books on the Abenaki through the Zuni. Each book is penned by a another professor and Porter serves not only as the general editor of the individual book, but the curator of the series as a whole. He also writes the introduction, which he always begins with a quote from the famed author, John Steinbeck:

The Indians survived our open intention of wiping them out, and since the tide turned they have even weathered our good intentions toward them, which can be more deadly.

So far, I have enjoyed several books in Porter's series -- the Comanche, the Abenacki, the Narragansset, and the Wampanoag. Yesterday, I picked up volumes on the Potawatomi and the Ojibwa.

Aside from the myth of the First Thanksgiving (the second was a doozy!), most white Americans learn nothing much in school about native peoples. In most states, state history is taught in either the 4th or 5th grades and perhaps educators fear addressing the complexities and brutality is too much for a child of that age. Of course, we have the same problem teaching about slavery, hence some of the insensitive and outright racist comments on this site and others.

I was pleased to see my alma mater now offers several courses in the history department, though they did not offer them when I was in attendance. But our education does not nor should not stop at the school house door. I encourage everyone to take a look at these books. They are not exhaustive, but give and excellent overview of the history of various bands and have lovely pictures of beadwork, other forms of artwork and historic photographs.

Apr 14 @ 9:48AM  
East, that was a good read-thanks.

Apr 17 @ 2:36PM  
.the only real writer we have on MD is Simplyimp

While I agree that Imp is a good writer, I, too, possess some moderate skill in that endeavor, as so do a few others. Cluster was a 'glory hound', an arrogant SOB who felt cheated by the end of the Civil War. Portrayed by Errol Flynn as a tormented commander who was forced by his higher up's to go out and kill Indians in "They Died With Their Boots On", those of us who really studied history know the hype in that! Word had it, there were some 10,000 Indians in the encampments, that Cluster first chose to descend on them, and the 800 braves sought to protect their camp and attacked the soldiers, diverting them from their prime objective. I am a Confederate, so anyone who whipped that SOB is a hero of mine!


Apr 17 @ 2:46PM  
experienced men, tough hombres.....the best, the most elite

In a word, POPPYCOCK!! These men may have been experienced, but the best of the best??!? These were veterans of the Civil War, but I'd hardly call them the elite. They may have been good men, but their leadership was questionable, sort of like in the 'Nam.

Apr 17 @ 3:18PM  
Croc...may your God bless general Robert E.Lee and general Longstreet.
In the encampment were 15,000 souls. White Bull nephew of Sitting Bull was there, you were not Mr. expert. He told the military tribunal set up to investigate Major Reno in 1877, that there were 3,500 men of fighting age in the encampment. I'll take White Bulls word over your expertise any day of the week. .

Apr 17 @ 11:18PM  
It's not really your fault, as you have been taught what "they" wanted you to believe.

Sadly, people have been "taught" nothing at all. The plight of the native peoples was not discussed in my high school American history class and as state history is generally taught in the 4th and 5th grades, I think that the subject is generally avoided given the age of the student.

In general, we don't discuss race, nor teach race well. Anytime anyone is trod upon, it is glossed over and that includes white on white animus.

Apr 17 @ 11:33PM  

Apr 18 @ 12:57AM  
Case in point. On the left side of the Cheshire, CT town green (if you are across the street and facing the Congregational Church) is a house known as the Armbruster House. At one time, my family owned that house and it was an inn. Well, the old Yankees didn't like that and refer to it as the "sad time the house was used as a tavern." Well, now they want the remaining glassware for the historical society. We think not!
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