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family and loss

posted 4/22/2017 8:10:05 PM |
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Yes it is a tragedy to lose the life of anyone,especially someone close like a family member,a young child who never had the chance of reaching adulthood and living a full life.I'm saddened by reading such personal experiences in here.

Within recent times Me and my ex wife learned that our youngest daughter became an addict of drugs..yes..meth and herion.

Our daughter who I will call 'K' was a straight A student all through school.I sent her to a local university with big expectations.In the process 'K' must have got involved with the wrong crowd.

'K' could have been anything..she is truely beautiful..a model (seriously) and a darn good 3 sport athlete.My daughter could have chosen any route in life which she chose and the world could have been her's to chose.

My girl 'K' is missing at the moment of this writing.Me and what little family we have left are heart broken.Mz 'K' had so much potentialvto succed in she is missing..somewhere lost,alone or with worthless pieces of shyt who could give two damns what happens to my daughter.

I pray to who ever that we find our mz. 'K' ..she is so special of a young woman and we want our baby girl back...heart broken i Cincinnati..

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Apr 22 @ 8:56PM  
Whatever you do, don't blame yourself for we all make our own choices in life. Meth alters the brain composition and people radically change when they are on that stuff.

I'm not a parent so it's hard for me to understand. But when they leave the nest to go out on their own, maybe it's time to let go a little and let them fly where they will. Even if they fly into trouble.

Her choices.....not your fault.

Apr 22 @ 10:51PM  
I'm very sorry to here this SAS.
Hopefully, it will just be a stumbling block for her to
overcome before she eventually returns to a much better path.

Apr 22 @ 11:11PM  
SAS, I will keep her, and you and your family, in prayer. I have seen incredible things wrought through the power of earnest prayer.

Bless you.

Apr 22 @ 11:15PM  
My skin is crawling and I'm so sorry, my mind raced with so many possibilities that I can't even imagine what you are going through. I so sorry this is an extremely harsh toke.

Please let us know when she surfaces. When I was very young, I got into a wrong crowd and I avoided my parents without concern about their worries. I'm ashamed now but their foundation gave me the tools to overcome all obstacles.

Apr 22 @ 11:16PM  
You have my deepest sympathy and empathy! For those who've never been a parent, they can't know that however old a child gets, they are still your child. One does not cut off a child, no matter what age he or she is. Here's hope that she will eventually return or show up and will be alright.

Take care, bro

Apr 22 @ 11:31PM  
Sometimes losing a loved one in the family tends to make one feel guilty because they feel that they could have done more to help (been there!) From what I gather from your blog, you and your ex, did as well as could be expected from both of you raising your daughter. From there, any decisions she made, right or wrong, was hers and hers alone! Do whatever you can to find her to help her. But don't blame yourselves for her actions!

I truly hope all works out for the best for all involved!!


Apr 22 @ 11:37PM  
I should state that when I said I've "been there," I meant not as a parent but as a one in my family who lost s family member!


Apr 23 @ 3:01AM  
Sorry to read your loss. Keep your hopes up. Some time back I read that drugs, legal as well as illegal are an epidemic in the USA. I took heavy drugs in my youth, but drew the line with needles, and then turned my life around as many people do.

Apr 23 @ 7:32AM  
I'm so sorry to hear this. How long has she been gone?

I'm sure she will return. Drugs are such horrible things. An ex boyfriend of mine used to be a heroin addict in his youth, long before I met him. He has been clean for many years now.

Everyone here has offered good advice and hope. And I do, too.

Apr 23 @ 10:30AM  
I'm so terribly sorry to hear this, Luke. My heart goes out to you, as it doesn't matter how old they are, they are still your children and you worry about them. I hope you find her, soon, safe. And I hope she can turn her life to more positive endeavours.

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way.


Apr 23 @ 12:21PM  
I was so sorry to read this last night -- I was at work, so I could only read it, not respond.

I cannot imagine what you are going through, all the worry and heartache. I have a friend with a place on Cape Cod. He's up there 3 seasons only, but will retire there in the next few years. A neighbor, who is a year-rounder, says that the police scanner is filled with nothing but calls for overdoses. This is tragic and a public health crisis. We need to treat it as we would another epidemic and stop this "war on drugs" mentality, when the drug manufacturers have such unclean hands.

Apr 23 @ 2:39PM  
I'm so sorry!

I can't even imagine what you are going through! I hope and pray you find out where she is. She needs a good program.

Curiosity and peer pressure can make people do things they would never dream of doing. It doesn't make her a bad person... She made a bad choice. A mistake she will need help to overcome.


Apr 23 @ 2:56PM  
I agree, she made a terrible mistake and is not a terrible person. Most people who become addicted to drugs think it will be one-off fun, but it can turn into a beast very quickly.

Apr 23 @ 3:22PM  
omg, I can't even imagine the pain your suffering right now Smooth, and I honestly hope everything turns out ok

Apr 25 @ 3:31AM  
Praying for you and your family.

Apr 25 @ 10:34AM  
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