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Over My Dead Body

posted 4/23/2017 3:54:53 AM |
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Imagine sleeping soundly and you wake up to someone's hand over your mouth while holding a knife in the other hand. I couldn't imagine anything worse, except waking up to hear an uninvited guest moving around in my home. I suspect I would freeze, as happened once when we walked out the cinema lavs to find a pervert wanking outside, in public. She screamed I froze, she grabbed my hand and said "run" and we did. She led the way. We were very young back then, and I suspect it happens to every young girl although most won't talk about it. I don't.

I watch Crime and Investigation, and Investigation Discovery programs and both are very informative on many levels. Crime all over the world. That's where the above title comes from, people waking up to an intruder and then having to defend their lives to the death. Afterwards some victims live the rest of their lives with guilt after they were forced to kill because someone else had no respect for their boundaries. Making it more scary the producers of shows like this add shadows and music to set the stage for dread. One of the best is Cold Case Files, where after many many years they catch the perpetrator with the help of DNA. Labs have a backlog and current cases take precedence.

Anyway, while watching any show I always take note of the background and nature in particular, and little details others evidently don't see. From what I've seen on the screen Americans only have flimsy latches on windows and doors are easy to bust open, and when summer arrives they close windows at night and leave airconditioners on, possibly. Otherwise they roast. I don't know, I prefer my windows wide open to let the fresh air in. I sleep soundly behind burglar bars and security gates thank you very much. Perps are usually drug addicts these days. We should become more security conscious; gone are the days when we never locked doors, ever. Only screen doors were closed but not even latched.

Hopefully today's technology can help and with the advent of virtual reality technology we can overcome freezing on the spot when something bad happens, it will also help us tame our fears, of heights and PTSD for example. Pretty soon the psychologist's job will also become extinct due to this technology. Virtual reality can also prepare you for travel to foreign lands (with the help of google maps) but it will never be the same as the real deal unless it includes tastes, sounds and smells. But even then you're on your own. The only problem with today's gadget is it looks too hefty for the neck which already carries your heavy head at about 10-12 pounds (or roughly 5 kilogram). Big ego's heads are the heaviest. lol

I love today's technology which will continue to outpace society in my lifetime.


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Apr 23 @ 4:00AM  
Sounds like some kind of rape fantasy to me........cookie

Apr 23 @ 4:39AM  
I don't know what you mean, did you read the blog. If you know anything about women they don't fantasize about being raped, contrary to what some men like to believe.

Apr 23 @ 5:20AM  
Perhaps the gadget can be strapped to the waist which sends a remote signal to cute eyewear.

Apr 23 @ 11:16AM  


Apr 23 @ 11:27AM  
Well if that is what the 2 of you took from this blog so be it.

Apr 23 @ 1:37PM  
Cold Case Files

I stay tuned to a channel that has 24 hr. crime !! Forensic Files, FBI Files,
American Justice, 72 Hours, 360 and American Greed !!
American Greed is all about the many scams that have went on which netted
the scammers millions and millions of $$'s !!
I have to laugh as soon as the music starts playing and the show begins cause
it reminds me so much of the folks who voted Trump into office !!

Apr 23 @ 2:16PM  
Most women are not raped or murdered by a stranger. They are killed or molested by someone they know and trust. These television shows and books that would have you believe otherwise are simply fiction...and often seem to be blaming the victim.

People always ask, why didn't she leave him. Nearly, one third of all the women who are murdered every year in the US are killed either at the point of departure from an abusive relationship or shortly thereafter. Read your daily newspapers.

Even celebrities are not immune. Dominic Dunne's daughter, Dominique (she was the actress in Poltergeist who screams "What's happening?") was murdered by her chef boyfriend. And we all know about Nicole Simpson. Just today, the boyfriend of a British reality star was arrested for trying to kill her with acid.

Apr 23 @ 2:44PM  
These television shows and books that would have you believe otherwise are simply fiction...and often seem to be blaming the victim.

That is not true, you obviously have not seen any of the forensics and latest crime documentaries.

However it is true that one's partner is often responsible for both rape and murder of the one they claim to "love". In fact one such case on "Over My Dead Body" dealt with a women who was badly beaten up by her ex, he couldn't take the rejection. He was twice her size and he would have killed her but she broke away and ran to the bathroom. He kicked the door in and slipped on her blood and that gave her the chance to jump on his back and strangle him to death with the hairdryer cord. She landed in hospital for several weeks with broken bones, etc. Who needs that BS in life? And as I said in the blog many of those people who did kill the perpetrator live in guilt.

Moon I've seen all those shows and love 'em and they are all based on the truth.

Apr 23 @ 2:53PM  
Oh I've seen them. But for the most part, they focus on the mysterious other when sadly, it is often men they once loved who killed them. And not just the lurid, he was not who everyone thought he was...My former boss at the cemetery's younger brother (a police officer) murdered his wife, attempted to murder his mother-in-law and later killed himself. As my grandmother would have said, these men always seem to do things in the wrong order. One of my neighbors, who was having custody issues with her ex-husband, was devastated when she learned he had killed their children rather than allowing her to have custodial custody.

76% of women who are raped in the US are raped by someone they know. They are murdered by someone they once shared a bed with, who once promised to love them in sickness and in health, who is the father of her children.

Apr 23 @ 3:05PM  
That is all true. ^^. But there are strangers and peeping toms who break into homes with the express purpose to rape a women who lives alone. They often stalk these women beforehand. And serial killers come to mind, and you may not be aware but America has more serial killers than any other country. Check those facts for yourself. Serial killers usually murder hookers but not always. Even now they can't find the Long Island Serial Killer after many years of murder and rape, mostly prostitutes. Serial killers are the hardest to find according to law enforcement.

One of my neighbors, who was having custody issues with her ex-husband, was devastated when she learned he had killed their children rather than allowing her to have custodial custody.

This happens regularly, which is very sad. The motive is spite. While it is true that most murders are committed by those closest to you there are also stranger murders as Cold Case detectives discover after DNA has found a match.

Apr 23 @ 3:16PM  
We probably have more serial killers than we realize, because of how fragmented law enforcement is in here and because most serial killers prey on people on the margins of society.

I am reminded of the still unsolved case in NJ, where the bodies of four prostitutes were found in a swamp behind a motel on the outskirts of Atlantic City. The case was officially 10 years old in November and still no arrests. No one cares about a dead hooker, or a dead addict or a dead homeless person. I am reminded by the fictional detective, Harry Bosch, whose ethos is every body is important or no body is. Sadly, many in law enforcement shrug their shoulders. They do on television, too. Nancy Grace only seemed to care about white women murdered in the US (or on vacation). She rarely did a program about a woman or a gay man being murdered.

Indeed, it took the murder of a young gay man from a prominent family to force the DC Police to accept that they were dealing with a serial killer in their midst.

Apr 23 @ 3:31PM  
well, other than reading a few postings that some crazy woman wrote wanting a 'rape fantasy' guy from the CL Personals to come over and rape her in her house where she would be waiting in her bedroom for him. I've never heard very often of women having one, but I know men do though, because they are the perps. shyte, even good ol' clickityz has had those type of fantasies, but it doesn't mean I'm ever going to act on them, and commit such a disgusting crime against women. Frack, a man is supposed to treasure women, not treat them like they are nothing but something for our pleasure...grrr!
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