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Another heart-warming dog story...

posted 4/23/2017 9:02:46 AM |
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and the icing on the cake is the agitated dogs turned on their owner.

News yesterday was about two un-leashed pit bulls attacking a man who was walking his Jack Russell terrier on a dock at Catalina Island.

I don't know about other places, but I recall there was once a ban on pit bulls in Miami, then I heard you had to carry liability insurance. That requirement must have been lifted as I see more pit bulls around than ever before.

Link to the news story: HERE

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Apr 23 @ 1:59PM  
After a few posts about those vicious beasts I quit doing it so those Pit Bull
lovers could and will eventually grab their throats and realize their LARNYX
has been ripped out !!

Apr 23 @ 2:13PM  
There should be a severe penalty for irresponsible dog owners.

Apr 23 @ 2:29PM  
Fayvorite said:
There should be a severe penalty for irresponsible dog owners.

There is. Should having your infant's face torn off be sufficient?

Apr 24 @ 12:23AM  
Dogs are allowed on that transport pier, but must be on LEASHES. This pit bull owner did not have them leashed, only the larger pit had a harness only.

This section of the pier is where people get on and off skiffs for transporting to their own boats docked in ports on the Island. Mr. Brady was going to go fishing with his Jack Russel for the day, while the Pitt Bulls owner was returned from her boat. The ordinance is that all dogs must be on leashes 6 feet or shorter due to the small narrow width of the pier where people walk back and forth.

Unfortunately this tragedy occurred. Mr. Brady will need multiple surgeries on his left leg as the larger pit bull took a large hunk out of his calf and his right lower arm. He has hired an attorney to see if he can go ahead with a lawsuit if need be.

Mr. Brady's son has a go fund me page, and has bee receiving thousands of dollars in contributions for Mr. Brady and Josh his dog for recovery funds.

The Pits are in quarantine for determination as what needs to be done with them.

Two months ago, in a neighborhood in Los Angeles, This type of tragedy struck! Two pit bulls attacked a 76 year old man walking his little Pomeranian dog on a leash down the sidewalk. They tore the dog into shreds and caused critical injuries to the man. The man recently died of his injuries. It's now in the court system. The owner of the pit bulls, which got out of the fenced in yard gate, stood there watching and didn't even try to get his dogs back in the yard, nor did he try and help the old man as he laid motionless!

Apr 24 @ 8:27AM  
Fayvorite said:
There should be a severe penalty for irresponsible dog owners.
There is. Should having your infant's face torn off be sufficient?

Those parents face the ultimate punishment.

Pits can be a dangerous dog on one hand yet on the other Pits can be the greatest dog ever. I would certainly be afraid of a stranger's pit, but if or when I raise one, I won't have one gram of fear. My chihuahua bosses my friend's pit around and everyone in my family that has a pit has a very obedient and gentle dog.

However the crack heads up the street from my parents had a pit who attacked my mom and her dog last year. The dog was put down and the owners ran out of the neighborhood. Once they attack, down they go but the owners should be put down too!
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