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posted 4/23/2017 9:45:36 PM |
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enough disgusting blogs written by men, who in all likelihood have not embraced their sexuality. Today, I read an article in Elle magazine, written by an evangelical Protestant, who had given birth to four children -- three boys and a trans girl.

At 18 months, Kimberly Shappley, an evangelical, was tucking her youngest child into bed. Kai's legs were ice cold. He had pulled a pair of panties off a doll and put them on and cut off the circulation to his legs. It was Kimberly's first sign her "son" was transgender.

Kai was forced to wear fatigues and suffer through "boy" haircuts. But despite every effort by his parents to "make" him a boy -- forcing him to wear masculine clothes and hair -- Kai would not submit.

At the age of two, she began pulling at all of her t-shirts to make them look like dresses. No matter how many times she was spanked, no matter how many times her parents ordered her preschool to limit her to "boys only toys", and no matter what she wore, Kai insisted she was a girl. When her mother after several years submitted to buying her girls' underwear, Kai grabbed them, fell to the floor and sobbed.

Still, Kai's mother could not reconcile her child's insistence he live his life as a girl. She started doing research on the internet and found stories of "boys" who wound up killing themselves, because they could not live as they wanted. As they thought God had made them.

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Apr 23 @ 10:10PM  
Too many control freaks in this world who want everyone to be just like them, as if "they" are so perfect.

Apr 23 @ 10:12PM  
Had a little trouble with my internet.

The vast majority of trans children have mixed primary and/or secondary sexual characteristics. The have mixed DNA -- XXY, XYY, etc.


Apr 23 @ 10:14PM  
Everything we face is a test, there to show us that not everyone is supposed to be the same.

Apr 23 @ 10:19PM  
These children have high rates of suicide. They shouldn't.

Apr 23 @ 10:21PM  
They too must learn how to cope in today's world.

Apr 23 @ 10:35PM  
Those of religious faith can't explain what is happening....all they know is:


Apr 23 @ 10:54PM  
Why is it that those who claim to be so concerned about what they perceive to be callous religious beliefs of American Christians regarding abnormal sexuality, seem to have no interest at all in protesting the mass genocidal cold blood murder of homosexuals and those with other sexual abnormalities taking place on a daily basis in Muslim countries?

Apr 24 @ 12:34AM  
Kimberly also has been torn emotionally as equal to spiritually through this young child's gender reformation. She changed the child's birth name from Joseph Paul.

Kimberly found herself fighting her inner Conservative principles and ideologies, as she fought the school district on the transgender bathroom overhaul, which she lost last fall as Kai was to start school. Kimberly...a strong supporter of Trump and voter, who is totally against Transgender Bathrooms in schools, is latest inner fight.

But her long term and haul fight will be raising this child among many children that do not understand this gender transition. Many are mean to their core! She will be another that will either lose or win her own fights from the bullies as the years go by.

I wish this family all the best through their every day lives, because it's going to get worse for them.

Apr 24 @ 2:52AM  
Kimberly...a strong supporter of Trump and voter, who is totally against Transgender Bathrooms in schools, is latest inner fight.

Before the end of his term in office she will change the way she feels about orange face, as many others will do when they begin to feel the pain of his delusions.

Apr 24 @ 4:54AM  
They say with age comes wisdom....there was a time I had an opinion for everything....but I noticed now days I just don't care....its none of my business and I really have no reason to have a comment...and if you think about it....just think how much better this world would be if others felt the same way......cookie

Apr 24 @ 8:43AM  
May all extreme conservatives have such a child born into their family,
so they can hopefully open their eyes and their heart to the myriad of
differences in people.
People should pay more attention to their own life, rather than trying to
control others,who do not wish to be controlled.
Live & let live.

Apr 24 @ 10:40AM  
I knew from the minute I gave birth I would stand by my child's side unconditionally as long as they showed me respect and visa versa.

Apr 24 @ 6:05PM  

Apr 25 @ 4:28PM  
and good will be bad and bad will be good. those who are neither hot nor cold will be spewed out of His mouth like vomit.

make sure what is good is good and what is bad is bad.

Apr 26 @ 1:05AM  
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