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Anyone heard from our friend?

posted 5/12/2017 6:47:18 PM |
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I dont usually blog coz I dont have much to say of interest to all, but I just wanted to know if anyone heard from our friend the Lawman (firstWatch)
I am pretty sure his new Lady friend he met right here is suppose to arrive by him today, with her little boy? was hoping he be on here to tell us about it
I am only wishing good things for him, and her if that works out. He's a decent good man and he deserves a break. I think the visit from the young lady on Mother's day may be just the thing for his grief and loss, and I hope its something special for him and for her too.
Been on the road all week and just got home and I dont see Lawman on here . I need to get some sleep, so if anyone has heard anything feel free to post something here. Or send me a message. I dont expect many comments but I hope his friends and those that know him wish him well. I know I do!

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Anyone heard from our friend?


May 12 @ 7:08PM  
He has been grieving the death of his child.

May 12 @ 7:39PM  
Yes this is true......... and that is why I do wish for him to find Peace again after the grief, and maybe something good will come to him from meeting this young Lady. I hope he keeps us posted when he can and I wish him Peace and Happyness

May 12 @ 11:04PM  
He's probably devoting all his time to the lady and her child. To come here at this stage would not be something I would expect from my friend.
I'm sure when the meeting and the farewells are said and done, He will return here with wonderful news. I just feel it in my bones.

Thinking of you my dear friend lawman

Hope you three are having the time of your lives. always Elvis Rocks

Mr. Lawman this is for you three Sir...
Click here for Tonight so right for love - Elvis Presley

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Oh' we could fly right up to the sky
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May 13 @ 2:35AM  
Hello Hawk my friend. Nice to see you blogging.

May 13 @ 2:44AM  
Sleep well and have happy dreams. And remember don't listen to the gossip, it's all over this place.

May 13 @ 3:45AM  
My suggestion is if anyone gossips to you block them, because there will come a time that they will gossip about you.

May 13 @ 3:46AM  
You should blog about your trucking trips, even if you see an accident. Joking, but you can blog about nature and the wildlife.

May 13 @ 3:50AM  
Geez, I better cool it, the bloke above your blog might get angry because you have more comments than him.

May 13 @ 7:40AM  
I miss him.... She's a lucky lady!! Hope she knows it and treats him right.

May 13 @ 8:16AM  
He told me in April that he'll be around from time to time. He was on not too long ago. But I'm with Elvis -- he's busy with his friend, and will post about it later.

May 13 @ 8:22AM  
Poms my friend, you have already read the gossip and lies, and took my word and my side on that and I sure appreciate it. I hope people dont count comments or kudos, it's too easy to up the numbers and would have no meaning then. I dont want to offend, all I want is keep things peaceful and make a friend or 2 here, when I get back home.
About blogging, yes I have seen accidents, death, theft, beatings, etc. But also generosity, rescue, help and friendship from some awesome brothers. And don't forget the lot lizards !. I drive all over and we see it all, no boss over our back and no 2 days the same just the way we like it

May 13 @ 8:25AM  
Thanks Texas lady . We just have to wait till he returns then and he has our best wishes. He sure to like the comment from ElvisRocks, thats awesome! Thank you every one, I didn't expect so many comments and all the kudos are very nice .

May 13 @ 9:36AM  
He IS a handsome devil that one and a good guy to boot and if SHE is the one for him, more power to them both. He deserves something (someone) good! . Hope he gets back here and tells us all about it, well maybe "almost" all???

May 13 @ 10:19AM  
Where are my manners.... YOU are a handsome devil too CH ! This kudo's for YOU

May 13 @ 12:16PM  
And don't forget the lot lizards

Such a tragic term. Is there any other name than 'pimp' for the men who live on the backs of these young girls? I suppose they are respected for the bullies they are.

May 13 @ 12:25PM  
Never, ever forget. If these young girls don't come up with the money for their pimps they get beaten up badly.

May 13 @ 12:36PM  
Sister Pompom,
thy seemeth to know,
so much about,
thy working girls lifestyle,
could ye be speaking,
from experience?

I shall pray for,
thy redemption,
God bless thee,
sister Pom.

May 13 @ 1:12PM  
fred this a blog to wish good things to our friend Lawman here. Not to attack someone that has said nothing to you and I am sure her lifestyle is nothing like you trying to imply!! Shame on you!

May 13 @ 1:40PM  
^^Brother Crowhawk,
verily sister Pom,
doth understand humor.
You my brother do not,

Perhaps the angel of merriment,
might visit ye yet,
I shall pray she does,
good brother Hawk.

Until then verily,
I sayest unto thee,
lighten up.

May 13 @ 2:00PM  
^^Brother Crowhawk,
verily sister Pom,
doth understand humor.
You my brother do not,

Not true, you are no friend of mine.

And you are correct Hawk, I shouldn't have taken your blog off topic. Thank you for coming to my defence from this heathen.

May 13 @ 2:05PM  
correction.... hypocrite replaces heathen.

May 13 @ 2:32PM  
Well then I took my own blog off topic coz I did mention the lizards first. Poms just responded with compassion for them and there was NO attacks on this blog until fred showed up. When attacks and caracters bashing becomes funny then I will "lighten up", OK "Moses"? Until then Moses, you are welcome to comment however you wish, but you are not welcome to bash or attack anyone, as your the only ones that finds it funny

May 13 @ 2:54PM  
Thre's someone here wthat told me private how he doesn't like Lawman and is not impressed by his caracter. OK fine, to each ttheir own. But that person has enough class that he didnt comment here and attack either Lawman or myself just coz he doesn't like either. Now that's class!

May 13 @ 3:01PM  
Brother Crowhawk,
and sister Pompom,
ye be both humorous,
to me.

The first of ye be,
judging me,
the second be,
pointing out ye,
obvious, namely that,
we be not friends.

I shall leaveth ye,
both to thy blog,
about ye Lawman.

For verily,
brother Crow,
we -all- be guilty of being,

May 13 @ 3:08PM  
Oh playing the victim fred. You didn't need to add my name to your comment troll.

May 13 @ 3:23PM  
latest ridiculous comment from Moses deleted as he is intend to take this blog about Lawman in another direction that has nothing to do with it

May 13 @ 3:24PM  

May 13 @ 3:32PM  
Do feel free,
to deleteth all of mine comments,
as to -ridiculous-,
sister Pompom,
beith here also,
on thy blog.

Good luck to thee,
brother Crow,
attempting to keep,
any of thy blogs on topic,
with your sister.

Ye shall soon learn,
how she taketh over,
control brother.....
all about control,
it's always about her.

I shall bother thee,
no more.

May 13 @ 5:19PM  
Moses, thank you for that last part of your comment here .
Poms is a sister as you say, as we are all related and I dont worry about her or anyone controlling anything. She respects limits and if not, she sees for herself if she goes over and stops. A smart women that doesn't go on and on about things. As you can see yourself everything was just fine with all comment on this blog till YOU showed up and started attacking, so you'd make it all about YOU . Bye Moses, now go play elsewhere.

May 31 @ 12:23PM  
And don't forget the lot lizards

Such a tragic term. Anthony Freda art

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