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Proof that pompoms is rev.

posted 5/16/2017 7:23:00 AM |
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rev uses emoticons the same way, see rev just couldn't resist his old emoticon ramblings.

Booyakah, snared you again you swine.

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Proof that pompoms is rev.
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May 16 @ 7:24AM  
Trump "coughs up"
posted 5/16/2017 6:03:51 AM |
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tagged: fools, idiots, blind, deaf, dumb

classified info to Russian diplomats.

May 16 @ 8:34AM  
libs blocking cons from blog comments.

cons blocking libs from blog comments.

now you will see what a blog is really about, blogging is not debating. But the libs created debating to divert intellectual conversation into arguments that have no productive value what so ever.

May 16 @ 9:50AM  
You could be on to something here. This Pompom character writes at impossible times for someone supposedly from South Africa. When I am asleep at 2a.m. or 4 a.m. etc...this thing is writing blogs...doesn't seem possible time wise....kudo.

May 16 @ 11:53AM  
Hey Drac...I've got a suggestion. Instead of referring to her as POMPOM why not call her POSTPOST ?....she always seems to posts 4 or 5 posts in a row.

May 16 @ 12:42PM  

For a second there, I thought you were going to rename Pompoms to Pompous Pompoms! That's ok, your rename or mine, serve their purpose!!


May 16 @ 12:46PM  
pom pom is rev, with rev's ignorant undertone and his love for liberals and his hatred vile mouth towards cons, and his emoticons + the hours that he's posting, it is most assuredly rev da swine belly.

May 16 @ 12:54PM  
Pompom...I'll make you a deal. We will exchange cell numbers. On mine you will see that I am from South Africa. I can bloody well bet that your area code is American.

May 16 @ 12:59PM  
pompom's area code is florida.

May 16 @ 1:03PM  
Just flush PooPoo down the toilet.

May 16 @ 1:05PM  
Pompom jy is ook namaak en 'n Amerikaner.

May 16 @ 1:15PM  
I must confess that I find it very coincidental that when Rev left Pompom showed up. Also on the rare times when they were posting on the same day, they were very supportive of each other and were in 100% agreement on everything...very odd.

May 16 @ 1:20PM  
^^What I find odd is why a supposed South African would be so all fired up about president from another country? Just doesn't make any sense at all.

May 16 @ 1:26PM  
Goeie waarneming

May 16 @ 1:30PM  
Willy...dankie my vriend.

May 16 @ 1:34PM  

May 16 @ 5:36PM  
Pompom may be Rev or not. What I do know is that she/he/it is highly irritating and usually wrong about everything. I do believe the sock is on some kind of medication...very weird creature.

May 16 @ 10:44PM  
Thanks for keeping them honest Drac. I have long suspected the Pompom thing of being a man......kudo.

May 17 @ 10:33AM  
Pompom is up to her old tricks again...namely hijacking blogs with post after post after post...this is something that Rev was famous for. It is beginning to look like you are right on this Drac. I for one am slowly becoming convinced......One thing is for sure...Pom is artificial and a sock for sure....just too many weird things going on to be genuine.

May 17 @ 12:55PM  
Verily in truth,
I know not,
whether sister Pompom,
beist brother Rev,
or not.

I care not,
but I know this much,
and that she hath,
been unkind to,
our brother Drac.

For this she be,
not a friend,
and furthermore,
I canst not understand,
her ramblings,
as verily I wear,
ye moron filter.

God doubly bless thee,
good and faithful,
brother Drac.

May 17 @ 4:23PM  
I don't think they are the one in the same. Pom is the one who named me Snot. Eh I like it!!
Remember when she was going to the Mod about EVERYONE on here?
I wrote this and REALLY pissed her off. Some of my best work if I do say so myself!
Ohh ohh Mister Mod... Mister Mod! Tequiero is tattling on EVERYBODY! Trying to get EVERYBODY banned! Tequiero IS a meanie! Yep a real DOUCHE CANOE!
And if someone, like perhaps maybe ANOTHER adult tattle-taler, happens to see THAT PERSON doing these things, I'm ...I mean THEY ARE just doing their part in setting things straight.

But whose fault is that really, huh?

Not mine. I mean, theirs. You know what I mean. I wasn’t saying that I was a tattle-tale or anything. No, they are. Whoever they are, I mean. You know.

Adult tattle-talers don’t often think before they speak.

Yep, she isSTILL angry about that one.

May 18 @ 11:20AM  
This Pompom thing is a troublemaker...on this I think everyone would agree, whoever or whatever this Pom creep is.

May 18 @ 11:42AM  
I wrote the following to Pompom on Pompoms blog. I'll post it here because she will probably delete it:

"You are one sick are making crap up as you are going along. I honestly think you have mental issues. You have your PC on 24/7 and live...yes live on this site. You are not only paranoid but are truly crazy. I sincerely feel sorry for you".

Pompom is a very sick woman/man indeed. Please seek help...I'm not kidding here.

May 18 @ 12:35PM  
Just how many different profiles has this Pompom bitch/dude had? The poor mod has banned her/him/it so may times that he has given up and let's her/him/it stay here. And with all of that she/he/it is on here yapping about others! ..........

May 18 @ 1:39PM  
Thank you Beetle for the least someone on here is sane. If that is what is bothering her/him/it ....I'll fix it. about much ado about nothing! It was a f*****g typo for Christ's sake!

May 18 @ 2:29PM  
I have the answer. Win win....BOTH of YOU take a pic of yourself holding a South African newspaper. Put a big bag over your head that sez Match Doctor!
Nobody will see your mug. Your cell number is safe.

I doubt either will do this, but it IS a great idea ....if I do say so myself!!

May 18 @ 2:33PM  
Betty...I am with fact I even have the bag ready. But it will take time as pics do not get approved easily here.

By the way...are you being clever here? Are you insinuating that Pompom is an old bag?

May 18 @ 2:50PM  
Uh no.. Not exactly...

ANYONE can post a pic on ANY post.Look below! IMG... insert image. Open a photobucket account.
Come on Pom pom YOU can do it!!! Put up or shut up!

May 18 @ 2:52PM  
Zulu..stop responding on Pompom's blog! She/he trolling you. Can't you see that? Stop playing it's game....

May 18 @ 2:53PM  
pom pom is on the spot, but he is in florida because he lives in florida, they has you successfully pigeon holed there REV.

May 18 @ 2:55PM're right. I've been trolled. Thanks're spot on..and I won't play with that troll anymore.

May 18 @ 3:19PM  
Static ... here he is wearing his Pom. REALLY.


May 18 @ 3:54PM  
yep, that's definitely rev wearing his pom......

May 18 @ 4:58PM  
Great blog Drac. This creep goes after one person after the everyone in their turn. Only wish the 5 or 6 times it has been banned would have given it a're not wanted here Pomcreep.

I don't know who or what it is, but it is intimately involved with American politics...why? Because it is an American...that part for sure you have right Drac.(Florida?)

Anyway it's late here so bye for now. .........

May 18 @ 6:46PM  
An appropriate tag for this post might be 'socks on socks' or perhaps 'basement blather'. Not much more than just juvenile gossip from the hens and hypocrites. Please gather your stones after you leave.

May 18 @ 8:23PM  
if it talks like a rev walks like a rev then it's a Swine.

May 18 @ 8:38PM  
^^^If it talks like a Pompom, walks like a Pompom, looks like a Pompom then it's a troll.
It has gone after 2 members that I like on here on here this Drac... and Zulu....that is not cool with me.

May 18 @ 9:04PM  
I could care less

May 18 @ 9:37PM  
^^^So we're back to that are we Cockroach? Why don't we just concentrate on our mutual pest?...(Pompom)
Doesn't it just piss you off that a dingbat from the dark continent insults OUR president daily? Save you angst for her/him/it...whatever it is. I may be a "Tonto"... but at least I am a flag waving American.

May 18 @ 9:59PM  
Doesn't it just piss you off that a dingbat from the dark continent insults OUR president daily?

She/he only does that to get a reaction, to be noticed , to see your reaction when you are pissed off. Nothing they say changes anything.


May 18 @ 10:35PM  
ILGal....let the record show that the Cockroach started this all up again....bring it on you bastard.

May 18 @ 11:40PM  
It's ok Northern, I really don't remember what started it the first time and I'm sorry that it's got you upset again.


May 19 @ 12:08AM's hard for white people to understand. When he refers to me as "Tonto" he doesn't just insult me......he dishonors my people.

For you.....

May 19 @ 1:23AM  
Yes now I remember... sorry.

May 19 @ 1:44AM  
Mommy, mommy....he's doing it again. Mommy he started it, he called me a name, mommeeeey, make him stop, mommy. Mommy I'm gonna get my friends and beat him up, mommy. You just wait and see mommy .......mommy I need new socks....puhleeease mommy.

May 19 @ 1:52AM  
Excuse me .. Dr C. I'm not his mommy.

I'm just passing through.


May 19 @ 10:32AM can be my mommy if you like as I can use all the loving I can get. But being my mommy could mean biting off more than you can chew....are you any good at nagging?

Cockroach feeling ignored again? Got to have people paying attention to you? I knew a small child like that, my younger cousin. Used to act up just to get attention. Grow up you loser and get some help...take Pompom with you as she's just a sick as you are....get the both of you are.

Where would we be without our 2 trolls?

May 19 @ 4:02PM  
Hi Drac...just giving you a bump.

May 21 @ 5:07PM  
Moon double posted then the 3rd exact same post word for word as Pompom on Kentucks blog! This proves that Moon and Pompom are one and the same!

May 21 @ 5:11PM  
What happened is Moon Watchers posts didn't take. He posted twice...didn't work then reposted a 3rd time as Pompom, then it all showed up on Kentucks blog. This proves that Pompom is Moon Watcher's sock!

May 21 @ 5:17PM  

^ what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!


May 21 @ 5:24PM  
I think Pompom just got caught. We all knew that it was an American...we just didn't know that it was Moon.
Moon/Pompom the gig is over...go to another site.

May 21 @ 5:57PM  
^^^I would say that Pompom just got busted. But this person still is trying to fight this losing battle...why? Where is the profit? It's hopeless...we are not's over. And it's still talking about if anyone would be stupid enough to give this person their cellphone number. No one in their right mind is going to do that.
Drowning troll clutching at a straw...very disturbing....

May 21 @ 7:20PM  
thank you detective north, now we know this............rev = moon = pom

all three are smart azzez. triple block button activated.

May 22 @ 12:05AM  
Just a friendly bump before I hit the sack. Good night Drac my man.

May 25 @ 10:52AM  
Whatever or whoever Pompom thing I do know is this, it is Not a woman and it is Not from South Africa. Nothing about it adds up...100% fake profile and fake character. People do wake up to this charlatan!
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