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Yippee ..... finally got my kudos .... and just babbling on ... lol

posted 5/16/2017 10:00:34 AM |
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Well it is the little things in life that just add up to a lot of fun ....

finally got kudos to give out ..... now I can be creepy and leave a kudo and you will never know !!!!

Actually cooler day today with a little rain .... lol, gives me a break from hand digging out the dandelions ....

Time to get my arse in gear and get to the gym .... gotta push some of those weights ... though stronger muscles did come in handy yesterday when picking up some bag of mulch to put around my flower beds.

have a great day ......... Kudos!!!

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Yippee ..... finally got my kudos .... and just babbling on ... lol
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May 16 @ 10:07AM  

May 16 @ 10:10AM  
I'm happy for you. Don't bother giving my blogs any because these days the kudos belong to the sockpuppets (one person multiple socks) who stupidly attempt to intimidate MD members with them. So for me they have lost their value... down the

to the socks.

Have a nice day, and have fun.

May 16 @ 10:11AM  
Forgot to mention... I don't give them either. But that doesnt mean I don't approve of your blog... I just say so instead.

May 16 @ 10:28AM  

Waddaya know?? I've had ZERO kudos for several days, and now I've been
granted...ONE!! (Not that I use the damned things that often...)

I'd like to thank the Academy, my agent, my family--oh, wait--wrong speech!

I'm glad the Powers That Be have seen fit to share this privilege with me, too...

May 16 @ 10:34AM  
thanks for the comments and laughs ....

you guys & gals rock!!

May 16 @ 10:38AM  
Sister Sub,
thou beist fair,
to gaze apon,
verily thou doist,
delight mine eyes.
Canst thou blowist me,
a cyber kiss?

God bless thee,
sweet sister Sub. .............

May 16 @ 10:56AM  
I'll break down and give you a kudo because you are new and if I was you I'd pretty much think everyone is crazy around here.

Now all I gotta do hope is that my shadow doesnt follow me again.

May 16 @ 11:39AM  
^^^Paranoid much?

May 16 @ 11:48AM  
^^ sock.

May 16 @ 11:56AM  
^^Rev/pompom...I'm a sock?

May 16 @ 11:58AM  
Yes you are, and you're friends with socks.

Sorry medear, I don't want to ruin your blog by responding to a fool.

May 16 @ 12:04PM  
Shoot me an e-mail and we'll set up a Skype visit...go ahead, and if you decline...then YOU are a sock.

May 16 @ 12:09PM  
You'll see the socks will come on to your blog en masse now, BORING, so I won't bother returning. They have no boundaries and respect nobody so they won't give a damn about you while they take pot shots at me.

I'm popular what can I say , but I do bore easily.

May 16 @ 12:41PM  
You'll find out that you have more kudos leftover at the end of the day than you find worthwhile blogs to give them out to ... Hey, people take them seriously yanno, and count them and comments to see who gets what and who beats what in numbers!! Then there is all that friending and unfriending crap, and socks or non-socks stuff. Live and let live, blog for yourself, don't sweat the small stuff. Don't expect much and just be here for the fun of it!

May 16 @ 12:44PM  
Finding a nice friendly blog to comment on like yours, and not attacking someone and not political is like finding a needle in a haystack! . And they call that a dating site ... NOT!! It's not even a site for good friendships

May 16 @ 1:39PM  
Speaking of socks, I happen to have an abundance of them, from after my last surgery. Anyone interested in a gross of used socks, assorted styles and colors, mostly green G I socks?

May 16 @ 1:42PM  
Croc...././ Now those kind of socks are at least of some use!

May 16 @ 1:42PM  
You're right^^^^^... that would be (a) GROSS

May 16 @ 2:39PM  
Your pleasant blog gets a kudo from me.

May 16 @ 3:12PM  
Enjoy your kudo bestowing romp.

May 16 @ 7:50PM  
you guys crack me up ....

at least a fair bit tamer than the stuff I see when I go to see live music at the bar ... sheesh after 11:30 p.m. ...... when a lot of people are drunk ... OMG the stuff said and the things I hear ...

then again, probably why I leave around 11 ..... to avoid the drunks ...

though hilarious one time when I took a break from dancing ..... and standing by myself and suddenly two young fellas in their 20's were on either side of me ...
poof by magic they disappears when I said "I'm sober" ......

thanks for all the comments & kudos .......

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