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Just For Fun -- Naming Names

posted 5/20/2017 12:22:50 PM |
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A poster was naming names on here, so I thought I'd do the same.

I got a "naming names" blog for ya, and it's not political.

Who are the hottest people, with the best personalities, on here?

My top picks are CrowHawk, firstwatchlawman, and Diamond Rain. Diamond doesn't have pics on here any more, but I remember back when he did.

Carry on.

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May 20 @ 12:41PM  
Leave it to Texie for writing a nice, friendly and positive blog .. what a change from the usual fodder here ! Thank you for including me,. and I totally agree with your other 2 picks. Hawk is an honest, truly good guy and DR is smart, articulate and ethical.
But you forgot YOUR own name, as an honest, kind, pretty lady.. so I nominate you to be included! I also enjoy the irreverent deprecating humor of DrC. (nothing seems to bother him ),. the kindness and respectful attitude of Frank (Elvis), and the gentleness of Kathy(PA), among others. There are more of course, and it may be difficult to be objective and include all. Thanks Texie

May 20 @ 12:53PM  
Kudo right off the bat. I need to nominate 2 members:


Angel is forgiving...I wasn't very nice to her when I first came aboard. I am aggressive and sometimes post when I've had a few beers. I can be an ass sometimes. She not only forgave me but has even come to my rescue. She is a class act in my book and very much reminds me of my sister who I adore.

Then there is good old Fred with his verilys and theee and thous. I'm not into religion but he does make me laugh...I think he is just flat out funny!

May 20 @ 1:05PM  
Yes, I must include DrC and Elvis, and Kathy PA. Aww, thank you for nominating me.

There must be many others, but they don't have their pics up.

May 20 @ 1:12PM  
This is a good one..bravo
Through the years there have been some really good bloggers so without being impartial...

wordsofwit...I really miss seeing him in here
CuffnKiss....I actually met her once on a visit to Florida..hella woman
angel1964...always straight with it
eastham...always delivers correct information
Jim...sometimes to political but I love his freaking humor

And then there is Tuck...

May 20 @ 1:43PM  
Well thats a nice surprise to see my name with some nice positive comments about me for a change from the other nasty stuff from nasty people here ! But coming from Miss Tex here thats how she is, a nice pretty lady that dont talk bad about anyone. Thank you for this nice blog, its people like YOU that makes it all worth it to even log on here. And I second Lawman nominating you to be one of the cutest and nicest here!

May 20 @ 1:45PM  
Now I can go take a nap and have nice thoughts. Being on the road give you jetlag when I am home on weekends

May 20 @ 2:27PM  
Does this mean I should shorten my comments to one or two sentences, rather than two or three paragraphs??


May 20 @ 2:31PM  
znselenide, don't feel bad, man; I didn't make honorable mention either!

May 20 @ 2:43PM  
Hottest people with the best personality .. everyone on my friend's list


May 20 @ 2:52PM  
Best writer @Simplyimp
Most politically astute @DiamondRain
Nicest guy @Willy
Most interesting @Drac(stat)
Most annoying @Northern............ ...
Smartest @DiamondRain
Best newbie @Sublime
Fairest member @ILgal
Most down to earth @Texasgirl
Most entertaining @Kentuck
Classiest @Angel1964
Most humorous @Fred

May 20 @ 3:13PM  
OMG ... how on earth does anyone choose???

To me - everyone is gorgeous on the inside

Some folks let their beauty shine for others to see,
other people are going through so much in their lives that a lot of darkness is hiding their inner beauty ...
then there are people who are so bent on punishing/hating themselves that
their inner beauty is shoved in the corner -- cowering from being pushed around so much ...

To all of you .... you are all simply gorgeous to me !!!!!!

It is an honour and privilege to share part of your internet life.

Thank you for being so kind to this newbie !!!!!!!

Texas - here's a kudo for such a lovely blog to read


May 20 @ 3:35PM  
znselenide, don't feel bad, man; I didn't make honorable mention either

Thanks for your comment CrocDayv but it was, say, a half-serious question, as I do tend to get wordy at times but, that's just me!


May 20 @ 4:20PM  
The most self deprecating, honest and perhaps real person on here is Northern. Not always diplomatic and tactful, but at least with him you know where you stand.

Texas you are a nice lady...I agree with what's been said on this. are a welcome addition.

ILgal your loyalty to Drac when all others have abandoned him is admirable, you too Fred have stuck by him. Not always easy to be loyal to someone who creates so much controversy.

May 20 @ 4:25PM  
A blog where everyone strokes each others egos, that's nice.

May 20 @ 5:16PM  
ILgal your loyalty to Drac when all others have abandoned him is admirable,

I'm always attracted to the 'unusual' type of person. I like to find out what makes them tick. I found that people can be anyone they want to be .. online anyway. I didn't come here looking for a date, I just stumbled across this site and was drawn in every day by the blogs. Back then people weren't so 'cliquey' everyone just blogged about what was on their mind, or maybe a message to the world. They weren't judged for everything that they wrote, you could write anything and no one judged you because they were busy emptying their heads onto their own blogs.
When people started getting reported for hurting someone's feelings and got kicked out, then everyone started leaving. It was a mass exit.. What people see in their own minds eye and they put it in print, does not have to be your perception.. it's their perception.


May 20 @ 6:09PM  
All ye fair maidens,
on ye MD be mine #1 pick,
for verily, I lovest,
each and every one,
of ye.

As to all ye men,
on here, verily,
I sayest unto thee,
bugger off!

May 20 @ 6:50PM  
Two ladies I always looked forward to reading blogs from:

Jen had some of the most incredible blogs, I couldn't wait to read her next one. She is an outstanding writer.

Mys is sweet and kind, always had something nice to say to everyone.

They are still there, Unfortunately, the atmosphere around this place in past months isn't too conducive to posting. But I miss them both.

May 20 @ 7:54PM  
Can't think of a better way to bend the MD rules than this positive blog . Good thoughts here from a good member of the community. I also endorse Crowhart, Lawman and Kathy and of course there are others. Bottom line, when you show support for its members, you show support for the site. When you attack them its time you move on. I finally can give a kudo.

May 20 @ 8:13PM  
PhyreKatt, I remember Mystery2u888. I haven't seen her in a long time. I remember the name Jentoblues, but don't remember her.

May 20 @ 8:32PM  
most pigeon holed - lil jimmy.

May 20 @ 8:42PM  
ILgal your loyalty to Drac when all others have abandoned him is admirable, you too Fred have stuck by him. Not always easy to be loyal to someone who creates so much controversy.


I do not create controversy. Controversy is always there, all I do is dissect it. The evil was on this earth b4 I was born into it. You might want to pin that tail on the real donkey here (hey lil jimmy-comeer boyyy)

dis·sect  (di-sekt', di-, di'sekt')
tr.v. dis·sect·ed, dis·sect·ing, dis·sects
1. To cut apart or separate (tissue), especially for anatomical study.
2. To examine, analyze, or criticize in minute detail: dissected the plan afterward to learn why it had failed.

May 20 @ 8:49PM  
btw I'm just an invisible dot on the chalkboard, I am nothing to anyone. You don't know me, nor will you ever know me, nor will you care if I died right now, you are only significant to yourself and your own personal pipe dreams.

This life is a futile death march, nothing more nothing less.

But in YOUR mind I am what you say I am, whether I am or not.

May 20 @ 8:50PM  

May 20 @ 8:53PM  
Brother Drac,
do not sayeth that we,
would not careth,
if thy were to die,
for some of us would,
surely miss thee.

May 20 @ 10:32PM  
This life is a futile death march, nothing more nothing less.

Well I prefer to dance during my death march.


May 20 @ 11:17PM  
There are so many names to write down. Many.

As we say in Texas ya'll know who you are.

You know you do.

Nice blog Texasgirl.

Pepople of the world, join hands, start a love train, love train. - O'jays


May 20 @ 11:22PM  
Thanks North...and Smoothassilk!


May 20 @ 11:24PM  
Sure hope drac doesn't die. I'm not sure we could endure another 'born again' religion.....and again, and again.....

May 21 @ 12:40AM  
Better behave DrC .. you're on a death march too. Then again it's your own fault if you don't have fun getting there.

I plan on dancing and you'll prob be playing

May 21 @ 1:23AM  
Another threat from a sock....typical.

May 21 @ 2:27AM  
I refuse to go down that black hole that drac is trying to paint a pic of .. too morbid for me.


May 21 @ 6:24AM  
A few of you are getting a little off topic. What say we get back on topic?

May 21 @ 6:35AM  
Straighten up and die right. Soldier.

May 21 @ 1:28PM  
I just re-read this great blog, and I see you're very tolerant lady Miss Tex . I remember DocC, he called me Crowhart from the start. I like it! ... Thanks DocC!
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