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And Now You Know.......The Rest Of The Story!!

posted 6/7/2017 8:34:36 AM |
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Every day, I'm just a tad more happy that Bamasiah & his dream/scheme of turning America into a socialist 3rd world sh*tpile (can you say S. Africa?!) is gone and Hilliary was soundly rejected!!

The following is a C&P....Truth in advertising & all that.....

Confused about the Paris agreement and why Trump chose to get us out? Róisín Michele clarifies it, brilliantly:

In December 2015, nine months before the end of his presidency, Barrack Obama signed the Paris Accord. The United States did not. In order to ratify it as a treaty 2/3 of the Senate had to approve it. Obama told us it was not a treaty, but an executive agreement between himself and other nations. The Paris agreement was an agreement only with the Obama Administration, and an unratfied treaty in which case it had no effect. The Constitution's separation of powers prevents the President from binding the country unilaterally. Our system does not divide authority into spheres controlled exclusively by the Senate, House and President. It requires combinations of offices to work together.

Obama's counterparts in Paris knew he lacked the support to bind our country. In fact, they watered down the wording of the agreement to support Obama's agreement that it does not require ratification. Examples: they changed the word "shall" to "should" in many places in order to avoid calling it a treaty. The negotiators choose between a treaty that would bind the United States and the promise of an outgoing president. Any claims that Trump or the United States "is going back on its words" is disingenuous. Only Obama gave his word and the other parties in Paris helped design the agreement to throw our Constitution out the window. Obama ignored his constitutional duty to submit treaties to the Senate. In fact, a statement from the Obama White House said it all when the White House signaled it would bypass the Senate no matter what by saying " I think it's hard to take seriously from some members of Congress who deny the fact that climate change exists, that they should have some opportunity to render judgement about a climate change agreement."

Under the agreement Obama signed, the UN would have called the shots on what we did within our own borders to protect the climate. They would have also had the power to punish us through embargoes and trade agreements. Under Obama's agreement, China, the world's major polluters are ALLOWED to increase their emissions where the United States cannot. India is hinging it's participation on billions of dollars of foreign aid.

The agreement was less about the climate and more about other countries gaining financial advantage over the United States. This was a United Nations program that gave foreign leaders in Europe and Asia more say with respect to the United States economy then we do. It would have handicapped the United States economy - it was a deal that would have punished the United States, while imposing no obligations on the world's leading polluters. China would be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants, but we can not, according to the agreement. India would be allowed to double it's coal production by 2020, but we have to get rid of ours. Even Europe is allowed to continue construction of coal plants, but we can not.

Obama's requirements in the Paris Accord would cost the United States economy nearly $3 trillion. By 2040 our economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs including 31 million manufacturing sector jobs. It would decapitate our coal industry which now supplies one-third of our electric power. It imposed unrealistic targets on the United States for reducing our carbon emissions, while giving countries like China a free pass. China, and many other nations, would actually be allowed to INCREASE emissions until 2030.

Obama committed $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund - which is about 30 percent of the initial funding - WITHOUT being authorized by Congress. We are $20 trillion in debt, US taxpayers should not be paying to subsidize other countries energy needs.

The United States is already a Clean Energy and Oil & Gas Energy Leader. We can reduce our emissions and continue to produce American energy without the Paris Accord. America has already reduced it carbon-dioxide emissions dramatically. The United States is the leader in oil and gas production.

For anyone that thought the Paris Accord was all about clean rivers and air, it is not and never was.


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Jun 7 @ 8:47AM  
propaganda bs....

with a tinge of racism...

the rest of the story.vvvvv.( opinions that really matter....)
Exxon to Trump: Don't ditch Paris climate change deal
by Matt Egan   @mattmegan5
March 29, 2017: 1:50 PM ET

ExxonMobil doesn't want President Trump to abandon the global climate agreement reached in Paris.
America's biggest oil company told the White House it believes the Paris agreement is an "effective framework for addressing the risks of climate change" and the U.S. should remain a party to it.

Exxon (XOM) said the country is "well positioned to compete" under the terms of the Paris deal, which was reached in late 2015 with the goal of slowing global warming. President Obama hailed the agreement as "the moment that we finally decided to save our planet."

The Exxon letter was sent to the White House on March 22, just days before Trump took a massive swipe at environmental regulations implemented under Obama. The administration had asked Exxon for its views on the Paris accord.
Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to undo the Clean Power Plan, which aimed to slash carbon emissions by coal plans and other power utilities.
Before taking office, Trump called climate change a "hoax" and blasted the Paris COP21 agreement as a "bad deal" for the U.S.
However, after winning the election Trump told The New York Times he has an "open mind" about the Paris agreement and said he believes clean air and "crystal clear water" are important.

Related: Trump move won't bring back coal or mining jobs

Exxon has a complex and controversial history with climate change. The energy giant is being investigated for allegedly misleading the public and shareholders about what it knew about the dangers of climate change.
But in 2007 Exxon admitted publicly that climate change poses risks and said it's responsible to begin working on ways to reduce emissions.
Exxon has also been a consistent public supporter of the Paris agreement.
"We welcomed the Paris Agreement when it was announced in December 2015, and again when it came into force in November 2016. We have reiterated our support on several occasions," Peter Trelenberg, Exxon's environmental policy and planning manager, wrote to the White House.

Last month Exxon CEO Darren Woods, who replaced Rex Tillerson when he left to become Trump's secretary of state, wrote a blog post saying the company is "encouraged" that the Paris agreement creates a framework for "all countries" to address rising emissions.

Exxon noted in its letter to the White House that unlike the Kyoto Agreement, the Paris deal is the first major international accord to feature pledges from developed nations like the U.S. and developing ones like China. Exxon pointed out that China is the world's leading greenhouse gas emitted and India is likely to pass the U.S. as No. 2 before mid-century.

Even though Trump is a climate change skeptic, his secretary of state and leading emissary on climate issues, does not appear to be one.
During his confirmation hearing in January, Tillerson said he came to the conclusion years ago that "the risk of climate change does exist and the consequences could be serious enough that action should be taken."
But Tillerson ducked allegations that Exxon misled the public on climate change. He refused to answer repeated questions during the hearing about whether the company ignored internal research going back to the 1970s on the impact of burning fossil fuels.
Earlier this month it emerged that Tillerson allegedly used the pseudonym "Wayne Tracker" to send emails related to climate change while serving as CEO of Exxon.

Jun 7 @ 8:48AM  
You guys judge everyone so much that now you must live with your own judgements, that's why you've got Trumpty Dumbty.

The rest of the world doesnt need the US to be onboard as far as climate change is concerned, renewable energy is growing at a rapid pace and China will enter the void where the US drops out,


Jun 7 @ 8:53AM  
California has signed a cooperation agreement with China on clean energy technology, emissions trading and air pollution reduction in an effort to bridge the gap left by President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US from the Paris climate accord last week.
Under the pact, signed at an environmental tech summit in Beijing on Tuesday, California and China will work to develop and commercialize expertise on carbon capture and storage, clean energy and information technology to rein in pollution.
"The challenges are big but so too is the commitment - the commitment of Jiangsu Province with California and China with the people of America. We're going to get it done. Nothing will stop us," said Governor Brown in a statement. "Green is not only gold, green is our future - China, California and America and the other countries of the world all working for the prosperity of the people."

state rights.....trumped........trump...


Jun 7 @ 8:54AM  
You guys never stop mentioning Hillary's name, oh my my, how telling that is.

Jun 7 @ 10:07AM  
Obama was the perfect candidate for the no-fascist left (which is now synonymous with the Democrat Party).

Their strategy is akin to the Trojan Horse approach. They put forward radical anti-American candidates dressed in the right skin color (black) or possessing the right genitalia (female) and then dare anyone to oppose them. Anyone who dares object to their dismantling of America is then attacked with relentless ridicule and harassment about racism and sexism. Any views that don't comport with their anti-American agenda are summarily dismissed, shouted down, intimidated into silence or just plain met with violence.

How is this any different than what happened in Germany in the 1930s as Hitler rose to power or the ascent to power of Stalin and Lenin in the Soviet Union? Both of these events started out exactly the same way, with the suppression and intimidation of any views that didn't comport with the official state view of the party in power. And it eventually led to some of the worst totalitarian states the world has ever known.

B. Hussein Obama is a radical Islamic terrorist. But unlike the overt Islamic terrorists of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the hundreds of other Islamic terrorist organizations all over the planet, he was a far greater threat to civilization because he was disguised as an American and he was in a position of power that allowed him to advance the interests of Islamic radicalism far beyond what all the other terrorists combined could have ever achieved. And so he did.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would have finished the global destruction that Obama so capably began and the Islamic radicalization of the planet including the United States.

So as you do, I literally kiss the ground daily knowing that America is no longer in the clutches of these two civilization ending terrorists. I view the last election as proof that there really is a God in heaven.

Having said that, we are now engaged in a political civil war, if not a global world war. There is no time to rest on laurels. We must fight these enemies of America both at home and abroad at every turn and DEFEAT them on every front. The future of America is at stake and there is no other option.

Jun 7 @ 10:08AM  
Correction: "Obama was the perfect candidate for the NEO-fascist left"

Jun 7 @ 10:31AM  
and Hilliary was soundly rejected!!

The Cheetoh in Chief may have won the Electoral College, but he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

After China, we are the world's second biggest polluter overall, and we are one of the top polluters per capita. Because of tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry, energy is relatively cheap versus the rest of the world and we have had little financial incentive nor the stomach for making improvements in efficiency, etc.

Even as the price of solar and other renewables has dropped to rates competitive to fossil fuels, we have not made the commitment to use them. Why? Because the fossil fuel industry still holds enormous sway over the decisions made by the federal government. If you don't think former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson's fingerprints aren't all over Trump's announcement, you're kidding yourself.

Furthermore, Trump went out of his way to malign India in his speech. Guess he doesn't have plans to build any hotels in Mumbai in the near future. However, India is actually well ahead of its commitment to reduce fossil fuel use by 40% by 2030. It has cancelled contracts to build new coal-fired plants, although some in the pipeline will come online, but with new scrubbing technology. It has made some important and aggressive investments in solar and wind power.

Trump is his own worst enemy. Given his rhetoric on his debacle of a foreign trip, Europe is not keen on renegotiating its trade agreements with the US, and collectively they are one of if not the biggest trading partner with the US (by individual country, Canada is still our biggest trading partner).


Jun 7 @ 10:45AM  
The bottom line(s) are:

A)...Bamasiah ran this through as an "agreement" because he knew he didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of it being approved by the congress as a binding treaty.

B)...the United States would have clearly been held to MUCH higher standards than ANY other nation, most notably China, India, and the industrially emerging nations of SE Asia, all of whom (particularly China!) are the primary polluters in the world today.

C)...the US was expected to pay the overwhelming majority of the cost of this PC fiasco.

Jun 7 @ 11:18AM  
Obama's Muslim Faith

Jun 7 @ 1:22PM  
Obama-the real life Manchurian Candidate. The damage our complacency cost us in his eight years as president is only now being realized. His largest impact, the Justice system will take years to correct. The Courts, the leftist judges, the DOJ, the state department, our intelligence community......all the rats that are still in place will take time to rout out. And at every turn we see the obstruction from the democrats and the rats themselves further infecting this administration. Make no mistake, it's the 2nd Civil War.

Jun 7 @ 1:28PM  
And now you guys have Trump. Just what the you guys deserve.

Jun 7 @ 1:39PM  

to entertain the whole wide world

Jun 7 @ 2:04PM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

7:59 PM. Dinner Time

Wed, Jun 7, 2017

"Time for the inmates to eat. Have to post quick before my computer time is up."


Jun 7 @ 2:10PM  
Cockroach, nothing to say about the clown?

Jun 7 @ 2:11PM  
AGAIN, I'm loving the show.

Jun 7 @ 3:14PM  
Show? What show? The one you see with your head up your ass like that?

Jun 7 @ 3:20PM  
The whole world is enjoying the spectacle not just me. But your blind deaf and dumb to the Karma you have to face.

Jun 7 @ 5:25PM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

11:19 PM-Bedtime at the asylum

Wed, Jun 7, 2017

"The men in white are coming to get me now. No computer for 8 hours"

Jun 7 @ 5:28PM  
Have you heard of psychological projection ^^ because you are doing just that. One think I do assure you, you'll never tell this gal what to do, my time is mine alone... not yours to dictate.

Jun 7 @ 7:29PM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

1:22 AM- Lockdown

Thursday 8, 2017

"Can't get to the computer. The men in white have me in lockdown. I'm trying to sleep but I can only think of pompoms."


Jun 8 @ 12:14AM  
POMPOMS, Wingnut or whoever else you are this week.......

If you have something of substance to say, feel free. If not, kindly take your chickenshit little girl game elsewhere.

BTW, how's life these days in that once-the-glorious-shining-light-of-Africa-but-now-a-3rd-world-shithole-dump country of yours?

Jun 13 @ 3:06AM  
Wingnuts may be in SA but its in a wing of the local mental facility.

And here comes Bernie Sanders. Today's announcement is that he will try to splinter the Democratic Party by building his own party. Now that is great news for the Party of is now the Parties of Maybe!

Jun 13 @ 10:56AM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

8:37 AM- yea I'm back, have MD all to myself

Tue, Jun 13, 2017

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