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Who took the biggest hit today

posted 6/9/2017 12:37:06 AM |
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WITHOUT QUESTION************The MMA (The downstream media)

They have been exposed and convicted of lying to the American public, and collusion in concert with the Democratic Party. In 10 months of reporting the news Comey wiped them out today and in the process implicated himself. He opened up the biggest can of worms since......dare I say it......Watergate. The worm has indeed turned on the party of NO. "Many, many stories based on Russia that were "dead wrong", reporters writing stories about classified information when they didn't know what they were talking about". Misinformation and misleading reports. Comey delivered an indictment today on the MMA.

Who took the hit?

The New York Times (specifically they were "dead wrong")
The Washington Post (part of the Washington Political Establishment)

Russia......Dead and Done narrative (theTrump was NOT being investigated) investigation reopened
Loretta Lynch (pressuring Comey to downplay the Hillary scandal)
John Podesta (Russian connections)
James Comey (in violation of his employment contract, leaks..past and present)
Adam Schiff (no more Russia/Trump nonsense and now blaming Comey)
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (no more spin)
Maxine Waters and Al Green (no more impeachment proceedings)
Richard Blumenthal (presently with a mouth full of crow)
The anti-Trump left

There is a long list of people left with egg on their faces. They were lined up for a celebration and now are left with a wake. Congress is calling for an end to its investigations. Mueller will continue his and the focus has shited to the DEMOcrats.
But the main culprit the misinformation campaign of the media took the biggest hit today. The press willfully and purposefully deceived the American public. And the zombies bought it.

President Trump was right all along and the only one left standing. And what's really sweet justice.......On tonight's news the left is calling for some response from President Trump on today's hearing......LOL I don't know, maybe he'll tweet about it.

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Jun 9 @ 9:28AM  
At least you're loyal...I'll give you that. You stay the course when things get tough, unlike one Benedict Arnold on here.........kudo.

Jun 9 @ 7:56PM  
I agree with you on this. Not sure what the libs on this site and outside of this site think they saw yesterday, but it's apparent that none of them have a clue. They see want they want to see, except for truth and logic. They're so filled with hate for Trump that they're delusional.

As far as I'm concerned, Trump was vindicated by Comey yesterday. Comey may have some legal issues to worry about.

Jun 10 @ 7:18AM  

Must be tough to wake up in the morning and be fed something new to believe in. Their belief changes with every new headline. Tough to have a firm conviction based only on hate, but sad that they give up their individuality with each new narrative. Lock step mannequins waiting to told what to wear.

Jun 16 @ 12:06PM  
Even Trump seems to be fooled by the evil mainstream media. His tweet today sure seems to acknowledge that he is indeed under investigation:

I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt

Trump's an idiot. His party controls the White House and both chambers of Congress. Yet he finds himself under investigation by both chambers, and by a special prosecutor appointed by his own appointee in his own Justice Department.

Clinton was being investigated for Whitewater. They found nothing, but he was nailed in connection with a blow job that took place years after the investigation began.

Mueller will be looking into collusion, obstruction, and financial impropriety. He's looking into the transition team which was headed up by Pence, and Pence yesterday hired a criminal defense lawyer. Anything he sees that looks remotely improper opens up a new avenue of inquiry. The best Trump can hope for is that his Presidency is merely rendered impotent by an ongoing investigation that can lead anywhere.

Why did all this happen? Ask Republicans. They started the Congressional investigations. Ask Trump appointee Rod Rosenstein. He made the decision to bring in a special prosecutor.

Or you can blame Democrats and the media.

Jun 16 @ 8:43PM  
In the face of all the evidence any one who believes the media and their partner in crime, the demos , didn't try to steer the direction of the country into believing Trump was responsible for the Russian interference in our election is a SIMPLETON.

Jun 16 @ 9:54PM  
In the face of all the evidence any one who believes the media and their partner in crime, the demos , didn't try to steer the direction of the country into believing Trump was responsible for the Russian interference in our election is a SIMPLETON.

As usual, you didn't respond to the comment. The GOP majorities in the House and Senate ALONE are responsible for the investigations being conducted by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and now the Senate Judiciary Committee. Are they powerless to resist the media and the Democrats? They're in complete control of Congress.

And there would be no outside special counsel if not for Trump's own appointee in his own Justice Department. Again, is Rod Rosenstein the mere victim of the evil media? Was Sessions forced to recuse himself? Of course not.

Trump won't likely go down for collusion with the Russians, in my opinion. I think Paul Manafort and Carter Page might, and Mike Flynn will likely be prosecuted for failing to disclose that he was a paid representative of the Turkish Government and whatever else they find that he didn't report. Then they'll squeeze him for more info on others.

Nixon didn't get in trouble for the Watergate break in. He got caught authorizing hush money to the burglars. Clinton never was in serious jeopardy over Whitewater. Ken Starr got him for something completely unrelated. If Mueller stumbles upon any irregularity by Trump, it's fair game. That's far more dangerous than any likelihood that collusion could be proved.

Trump can't be prosecuted while he's President, only impeached. He can be prosecuted when he's no longer President. Nixon would have been, had Ford not pardoned him.

So if Mueller makes the case that he colluded, obstructed justice, or committed other improprieties, the GOP will have to decide whether to impeach him or not. Then voters will decide whether the GOP acted honorably.

But in any case, his administration will be fighting this off for years, likely. And one has to wonder, why did his own party and his own appointee do this to him?


Jun 16 @ 10:42PM  
I'm not inclined to respond to comments unless I feel like there's some basis of fact. Your comments fit that criteria. Your last comment was the answer to most of your arguments. The GOP has hung Trump out to dry. And that is 'establishment' politics. The assholes like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Cornyn, et al should have been the one that got shot, not Scalise.
From the primaries to the Presidency Trump has stood alone. He beat them like a drum in the primaries, he completely surprised them winning the election. They dislike him more then the demos. He has battled the MMA with unprecedented bias and animus. He is a threat to the status quo in Washington and for that he is regarded as expendable. Beating HRC was the easy part. The GOP is fractured, faithless and just plain f***ed up.

I could get into your specifics but the one answer Is this President has NO SUPPORT. I agree with you, it won't be collusion, obstruction or Russia, it will be POLITICS. Trump is an everyday guy in an environment of cronies, crooks and cons. Yet he's still standing and he's making progress despite being backstabbed and blocked from all sides. The demos are good at backdoor smoke filled rooms with duplicitous dirt ball tactics. That's their game and with the downstream medias help there's no let up in site.

Jun 17 @ 7:59AM  
I'm not inclined to respond to comments unless I feel like there's some basis of fact. Your comments fit that criteria. Your last comment was the answer to most of your arguments. The GOP has hung Trump out to dry.

That was precisely my point in my first comment. You're obsessed with blaming the media and Democrats, when in fact his biggest problem is (a) his own party and (b) his own lack of message discipline.

My other point was that you, in declaring that the Russia investigation was "dead and done - TheTrump (sic) was not being investigated," were dead wrong. It ain't dead and done, and now even Trump acknowledges that he's being investigated.

And as I said... if, in the course of investigating Russia ANY improprieties are found, they're fair game. Just like Bill Clinton's failure to disclose his extramarital hummer in a deposition became the basis for his impeachment, even though it had nothing to do with the original investigation, any financial improprieties (and Trump depends on unusual sources of financing due to his bankruptcy history) will quickly become the new focus of the investigation.

And he has the GOP to thank for Mueller's investigation.


Jun 17 @ 12:09PM  
And now you're being redundant.

Jun 17 @ 2:04PM  
Perhaps. But repetition is an effective teaching tool, and clearly you have a lot to learn.

No charge for the free lesson, Bubba.

I noticed you're back to referring to Obama and Lynch as "boons" again. Gotta love it when a guy posing (badly, I might add) as a sophisticated, erudite writer just can't help but show his ignorant, racist, hillbilly roots. Just as you were back in the old AMD days, doc, you're still a hoot to watch.

Jun 17 @ 2:18PM  

15 hrs 27 mins ago
I'm not inclined to respond to comments unless I feel like there's some basis of fact. Thanks old man.
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