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posted 6/10/2017 7:24:57 AM |
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tagged: ego

An egasm is the over righteous desire to be in the spotlight. In reality they are pathetic people who are losers in life and crave the attention they cannot otherwise obtain in the real world.

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Jun 10 @ 7:33AM  
While you point fingers at others don't forget to look at the 3 looking back at you, or is this psychological projection I see?

Jun 10 @ 7:35AM  
I didn't see any name mentioned in your blog, mate.. but looks like you touched a nerve

Jun 10 @ 7:39AM  
I see the claws are out, the ladies are going to war.

Jun 10 @ 7:43AM  

Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

1:20 PM- There now, lunch is over. Back to the computer. The men in white are watching me. I live in fear they won't let me comment...4 more hours before they come for me...

Sat, Jun 10, 2017

Jun 10 @ 7:48AM  
attacking in a gang makes you BIGGER in your minds. Sad.

Carry on I'm sure a lot more american "men" will join you. For me, you're all boring, that's why you must attack a women in blogland. It's what many MD fools do, they watch others on this tiny site. Glad I'm so popular but I'm bored of you lot so I won't return to this thread..... which will no doubt grow to 100's

Jun 10 @ 7:49AM  
^^ and that is why this blog was written. Talk about wanting attention.

Jun 10 @ 9:14AM  
^^^Not PROJECTION but rather REFLECTION ...... kudo.

Jun 10 @ 9:27AM  
Verily, ye moral,
of this tale be,
that if ye stare,
at ye ~Moon~,
too long,
ye shall turn,
into ye,

God bless thee,
brother Brib.

Jun 10 @ 12:07PM  
Some people, who habitually criticize others, simply because they can because of the internet that they can hide behind, ought to take a long, hard look at themselves in a mirror!


Jun 11 @ 4:54AM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

10:47 AM- all alone on the site.....gotta comment somewhere but they block me. Men in white watching me here, evil men watching me there....hate men, misogynists all of them.

Sun, Jun 11, 2017

Jun 11 @ 8:46AM  

you men are all losers.....


Jun 12 @ 7:40PM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?

1:33 AM- so they think I'm sleeping. I'm not....I spit my meds out. Everyone wonders where I am. I'm not telling. The men in white will get me for saying.

Tue, Jun 13, 2017


Jun 16 @ 11:28AM  
why are u writing this if u don't want attention lol

Dec 5 @ 6:22AM  
Again, wingnuts on the defense.

Dec 5 @ 7:42AM  
Current time in South Africa ?(UTC+2)?
2:41 PM
Tue, Dec 5, 2017

Time to implode....10 minutes and counting

Dec 5 @ 9:18AM  
I looked up the common usage of the word and it refers to "an orgasm achieved through cybersex." As in Egasm.

Dec 5 @ 9:26AM  
Like I said... no needs to mention names, this gets the appropriate outraged reaction from the usual suspect. Cypersex for that one comes as no surprise, with a record of alcoholism, drunkeness and substance abuse.. that it proudly divulged right here, wo would want to mess with THAT

Dec 5 @ 9:50AM  
more drama...

Dec 5 @ 12:36PM  
Who was that? ^^^^
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