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Ye MD Poll

posted 6/18/2017 11:07:14 AM |
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Yea brethren and ye sisters,
this beith ye,
poll to determineth,
which ye prefer,
be ye a cat person?,
or be ye a dog person?

As to me I beith ye cat person.
ye cats be able to look,
after themselves,
ye caneth leave,
for days, just leaveth,
food and ye water,
and when thy returneth,
ye cat be whole.

Ye cats be quiet and affectionate,
not like ye women.

But ye dogs beith smelly and loud.
and needeth constant help, they beith so dependant.

What sayeth thee?
ye poll now standeth,
Ye cats:1
Ye dogs:0

God bless ye all,
cat & dog lovers alike.

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Jun 18 @ 11:41AM  
Canine over feline.

Jun 18 @ 11:48AM  
Brother Willy,
ye feline goith in,
ye litter box,
ye canine goith in ye yard!
be careful therefore,
good brother, that ye do not,
stepith in it.

Ye cats:1
Ye dogs:1

God bless thee,
brother Willy.

Jun 18 @ 11:50AM  
When you return, Cat may be whole but your sofa may not be . Cats?? Affectionate and... quiet... are you for real? They also leave you gifts, so be careful where you step.. hope you like vomit and hairballs! Cats also can suffer from feline dementia as they age and forget where the potty is. All that being said, I have and love cats. And Shelter cats rule!

Jun 18 @ 11:53AM  
My brother has 14 sled dogs (Husky/Malamut) which he keeps in a pen on my mothers land. He races and has won some hardware. Try pulling a sled with a bunch of flea bitten cats!
Try keeping the bad guys off your property with a mangy cat......We've got one thanks to my girlfriend...he's spoilt. If it were up to me I'd skin him, and have me a pair of black and white slippers.

Jun 18 @ 11:58AM  
Sister Lilly,
ye dreaded furball!
but they be not,

Brother Northern,
if ye were to skin ye,
dog, then ye wouldest,
have ye fur coat.

God bless ye,
sister Lilly & brother Northern.

Ye cats:2
Ye dogs:2

Jun 18 @ 12:06PM  
Fred... I see your blog was directed to brethrens. I am but a sistern (cistern? !?), but tis moi's opinion anyway... I just invited myself on your blog. And yea, couldn't do without the little furkid horrors!

Jun 18 @ 12:09PM  
Sister Lilleth,
ye maketh ye,
good point,
I shall doith ye,

A blessing apon,
thee good cistern.

Jun 18 @ 12:16PM  
Thankee good brother Fred... For them that don't know, a cistern is a reservoir that holds water. We cisterns can have that problem that make your ankles swell sometimes... but there's a pill for that... MEOOOOW!!!

Jun 18 @ 12:19PM  
A kudo for your humor... your patience and this blog. I like this one much better than your "Thanks for the Mammaries" blog, with that old Bob Hope theme song!

Jun 18 @ 12:27PM  
Generous sister Lilleth,
I thank thee for,
ye kudo.
as to mine mammary blog,
ye humor be subjective,
what ye find offensive,
others more perverted,
shall indeed find,

We must not,
dear sister....ever,
taketh ourselves,
too seriously, as there beith,
plenty on here,
that do.

God bless thee,
sister Lilleth.

Jun 18 @ 1:09PM  
Canine .....

though do require a lot more attention and training
it is like having a child again
and it does take a few years until a great companion
and is good for exercise, to take for walks
and when someone comes to the front door
he is so fierce sounding
what can I say, the dog is cheaper than a man
and when I take him out in public ....
I'm not alone ..

then again, my personality is more like a dog too

I did enjoy felines when I had a country home with a some livestock
and the mommy cat was a great mouser - the male -- meh!
And loved playing with kittens in the spring and would
find them new homes in the summer.


Jun 18 @ 1:20PM  
I'm a cat person!

Jun 18 @ 1:21PM  
When I lived in the country I raised dogs and I had cats and ducks and rabbits. I believe dogs need to run and we have a leash law here so most dogs have very little exercise.

Since moving to town I have cats, I used to walk my MIL's little dog EVERY 2 HOURS That was enough for me.


Jun 18 @ 1:46PM  
Beautiful sister Sub,
we can understand, verily,
why thee living alone,
as thy do, thee wouldest,
wanteth ye fierce dog.

Brother Love, thy beist,
ye cat person,
on this we are kin.

Sister ILGal,verily,
after reading thy comment,
I shall put thee as both,
a cat & a dog person,

Ye cats:4
Ye dogs:4

Ye dead tie thus far.....

God bless thee sisters,
Sub & ILGal,
God bless thee brother Love.

Jun 18 @ 2:03PM  
I'm the crazy cat lady, tho I like dogs too.

Jun 18 @ 3:05PM  
Sister Tex, verily,
thy beist ye,
catwoman of MD

Therefore ye cats,
hath doth taken,
ye lead.

Ye cats:5
Ye dogs:4

God bless thee,
sister Tex.

Jun 18 @ 4:16PM  
A nappy Time cat has more logic going on than
1 O O methdoktor poly-blogs. Verily.

Jun 18 @ 4:25PM  
Brother Roberto,
we do not partaketh,
of ye meth.
nor do we suffer,
from ye illusions,
of grandeur.
We do not thinketh,
that we beith more,
intelligent than we be.

When one thinketh,
that he beith the,
most intelligent on ye site,
then he becometh arrogant.

I shall put ye down,
as ye cat person.

Ye cats:6
Ye dogs:4

May a demented gay midget,
sneaketh into thy,
sleeping bag,
on ye next camping trip.
"brother" Roberto.


Jun 18 @ 5:10PM  

Sincerely, I like them both.

Best of both worlds!

- Frank

Jun 18 @ 5:14PM  
why dost thou presume me arrogant ? Ye are not using logic like yonder Nappy Time cat thus mentioned.

Jun 18 @ 5:18PM  
eYe just wanted to state--for the record of ye Court. Neither eYe nor the napster [ Chuck ] did imply a use of meth by ye or ewe. Twas a reference to the site--which according to ye policy-analysts-- is the worst scam site on Ye web.

Jun 18 @ 5:33PM  
Kind brother Frank,
ye of the good heart.
thy image, doth show,
the best in both.
I shall put thee,
as voting for both.

Brother Roberto,
thy cryptic scibblings,
beith hard to discern,
at ye times,
be not therefore,
surprised if we,
misread them.

Ye be thus vindicated,
brother Roberto.

Ye cats:7
Ye dogs:5

God bless thee,
brothers Frank & Roberto.

Jun 18 @ 7:27PM  
Cats. And dogs. Equal opportunity cat & dog lover. One of one kind, two of the other.

Jun 18 @ 8:36PM  
Brother First,
verily we beith,
an indecisive group,
as many on here,
hath doth chosen both.

I shall put ye,
down as for both.

Ye cats:8
Ye dogs:6

God bless thee,
brother First.

Jun 18 @ 9:08PM  
That's the beauty of it my brother. The capacity for humans, as well as in the animal kingdom, to love more than one species. .

Jun 18 @ 10:37PM  

Jun 18 @ 10:42PM  
Although I love dogs and have had several awesome canine companions, I am very much a cat person.

In our large household, we have 1 large dogs and 6 cats...all of which terrorize the poor dog, even though he's a 75 lb shepard-lab mix. Mine, the oldest at 3yrs, will sit in a doorway and stare at the dog, who can't go through said doorway, because he's scared of my cat. It's quite a a sight. (Commonly heard: "Otcon, leave the dog alone!!")

Jun 19 @ 12:18AM  
Sister Katt,
methinks thee shouldest,
have a sign warning all,

God bless thee sister Katt.

Ye cats:9
Ye dogs:6

Jun 19 @ 7:29AM  
I wish I could have a dog that ride with me on the road. I had a trainee for 2 weeks I think a dog is better, LOL!

Jun 19 @ 10:10AM  
I see a trend...

where .... people are trusting their become more than intended...

a wise person stated that

dogs are just too dumb to know when they are being used....

visionaries say...for men to forget animals... just get real dolls that

are stepford wife material...

whereas.... there were no perfect men in the town of stepford....

but there are perfect men (and women..)in "westworld"

Does sex with a robot constitute cheating?

Though there's much about technosexuality that's still unknown, it's clear that such advances will undoubtedly impact monogamy: Couples will need to reassess how they define infidelity. Some will probably view sex with a robot as a threat to their relationship, while others will see it as a fun addition.
"If you haven't discussed it with your partner," sex therapist Heather McPherson said, "it's cheating."
One thing is certain: Just as we've had to adjust our relationships to address strip clubs, social media and Internet porn, couples will need to have honest conversations about how to navigate this brave new world together.

seriously.... even youtube is not immune to the trends...

most think ^^^^this woman ^^^ is promoting satire....

is it any wonder why I prefer cave man days??

where wolves were man's best friend

but women ruled the men....who were just too dumb to know it....


Jun 19 @ 10:48AM  
Brother Crow,
verily I hath seen,
ye truckers with ye,
small dogs in ye trucks,
perhaps ye little,
Mexican pooch,
could serve thee.

God bless thee,
brother Crow.

Ye cats:9
Ye dogs:7

Brother Simple: ........
as usual ye ,
hath strayed and,
felt compelled to,
make it somehow,
about ye mindset,
and philosophy.
we do not much care,
brother how thy,
feelest about ye women.
One more such,
soapbox comment,
and I shall henceforth,
banish thee,
to the netherworld. (ye block option)

Jun 19 @ 11:36AM  
I came back to see how the total was going and I cant say I understand the post that follow my short one line and is about sex and robots and some woman and I dont know whatnot??? but I have seen this person do this else where on other blogs to where you just dont want to even read them anymore. Thtas a shame it just spoils a good blog anyway thats what I think.
Anyway the company I work for wont let us but dont think I dont like your idea for sure I do but I like keeping my job better

Jun 19 @ 11:48AM  
Good and fair,
brother Crow,
the brother in question,
ALWAYS feeleth the,
need to make EVERY,
blog about him.

This my good brother,
is what being selfish be,
he hath tried to,
ruin many a fun blog.

Thy company hath,
no doubt.

God bless thee,
brother Crow.

Jun 19 @ 11:48AM  
Anybody can own a cat, not so with a dog. And I agree with you Fred, a simple question deserves a simple answer, not so with the simpleton.

Jun 19 @ 11:56AM  
Intelligent brother Cocktail,
I shall put ye,
down as a dog person.

As to brother Simpleman,
he hath a penchant,
for ye spotlight,
and his politics,
be of ye...
too many pills,
taken over ye,
short time variety.

God bless thee,
brother Cocktail.

Ye cats:9
Ye dogs:8

Jun 19 @ 12:34PM  
Couching with a great dane

Jun 19 @ 1:02PM  
And I agree with you Fred, a simple question deserves a simple answer, not so with the simpleton.

it was indeed a simple that has been asked over and over and over and over..

too bad simple minds cannot grasp the complexities of today... and want to revert back to safe words of yesterday...

it's not my fault that your minds are small...

btw fred.... your sock puppet persona can ban anyone....the reality is...

you are living in a fictional world where your old English verbiage stinks....

Speaking in the old English style is a dubious talent that is sometimes displayed in the realm of fiction and drama.
Although...some actors and actresses are required to speak with an old English dialect in order to assume specific roles.

Speaking in an old English manner on dating sites....might be just a strange personal hobby that some use for their own entertainment or for socializing in certain types of circles

The observation of strange behavior depends at least in part upon the perceptions of the observer. For most people, behaviors that are observed as out of the ordinary or strange are a feature of psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and other mental-health conditions. Examples of conditions in which psychosis (altered perception of reality) are present include schizophrenia, delusional disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. People suffering from psychosis may have an altered perception of reality that often affects their behavior, leading them to act in ways that may be perceived as strange. Problems controlling one's behavior can also occur as a result of brain damage or disorders. People suffering from dementia may display strange behaviors. Behavioral changes can be accompanied by other psychiatric symptoms or by physical symptoms if they are related to a medical condition. Substance abuse and drug overdoses can also lead to problems with behavior.


Jun 19 @ 2:01PM  
Brother Willy,
Ye Great Danes,
beith too large,
who canst afford, to feed them?

I liketh ye Bulldogs,
they haveth ye,
interesting look,
and in spite of ye,
big teeth and strong jaws,
be of a mellow,
and quiet temperament.

Brother Simple,
again I state,
that this blog,
beith not about ye.
ye world doeth not,
revolve around thy ego.

God bless thee,
brother Willy.

Brother Simple,
may thy proctologist,
haveth the largest,
fingers in ye world,
on thy next hemorrhoid,

Jun 20 @ 9:50AM  
Fred, it looks like the damn cats won the poll! What a bunch of pussies on here!

Jun 20 @ 10:08AM  
Yea verily brother,
ye cats doth won 9 to 8,
this beith ye result,
unless someone cometh,
on and giveth,
ye shout out,
to ye dogs.

God bless thee,
brother Northern.
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