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The big question.

posted 6/20/2017 5:06:51 PM |
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The big question is why does Trump and all his cronies have to have a lawyer for his lawyer. We know that each and all his lawyers are scammers and have had difficult with the law. So if Trump has 30 cronies working for him and each lawyer has his own lawyer does that mean they are already frying or baking or grilling all THE CHICKENS in the chicken house.

So when Trump is found guilty of treason will they be charged with the same crime.

No Willie Diamond, Doc and other die hard Low life scum bag Republican supporters--you too Northern, will not need a lawyer. Just turn your self in.

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Jun 20 @ 5:13PM  
When Trump is reelected in 2020 you will finally get it.

Jun 20 @ 5:42PM  
Well Tuck..simple Ky math to the first part of your question...

If Trump has 30 'cronies' working for him and all 30 of those have attorneys...and those attorneys have an additional 30 attorneys working for the original 30 attorneys..that equals 60 attorneys total working together for..whatever reason..make sense?

*hiccup*..yo bartender...can i have another?

Jun 20 @ 6:05PM  
The more high paid attorneys Trump puts on his 'team' the less there are
available to join the prosecution team.
Trump figures he can afford to do this, because he's not paying for it, we are.

Jun 20 @ 6:05PM  
Not a laughing matter. If all elected officials are subject to lawsuits, then who in their right minds are going to run for high office?
No one should have to bankrupt themselves, by virtue of the fact that they just want to serve their country!

Damn blood sucking lawyers....

Jun 20 @ 7:21PM  
poor ol' SCROTUS TrumpZillia, doesn't know the only lawyer he would need is either Mike Papintonio or Jeffery Lichtmann. Not sure about Lichtmann, but I know Pap wouldn't take his case!

Hmmm, on secondz thoughts, maybe he should hire a batshit crazy mcwimmenz laywer from Michelle Bachwimmenz. well, except for get a blonde instead of a brunette like MB...the crazier the better!

Jun 20 @ 9:40PM  
Just to inject some sanity into this ??? blog???. The AG is not the presidents personal attorney. Any cases brought against the Trump administration are. Any litigation against Trump personally are handled by his personal attorneys. Trump did not divest himself of his personal holdings and is therefor subject to the responsibility of his own defense, Soupy you would do well to do research before you make such stupid statements,
At present there are about 75 litigations against Trump. They will be handled by his lawyers, not the AG.

Jun 20 @ 9:49PM  
And btw Tuck, in what world is any attorney guilty of his clients actions. Now you are known for your stupidity, some take it as a joke. I don't find it funny at all that a man your age is given to seeking attention by making an ass of himself....on purpose.

Jun 20 @ 10:04PM  
And don't email me Kentucky. Say it out loud on your own post. Got it!!!!

Jun 20 @ 11:04PM  
And don't email me Kentucky. Say it out loud on your own post. Got it!!!!
When I first started commenting on his blogs kentuck would send me these hateful little emails. I just started to delete his emails without even looking at them. I think he saw that his messages were unread and had quit emailing me after having posted comments the last two times on his blogs.

Jun 21 @ 12:16AM  
^^I've gotten dozens of hateful e-mails from him. I get an enormous laugh from them, and wouldn't think of deleting them without reading them first.

Jun 21 @ 12:57AM  
Dr. really are a dick......cookie
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