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White Fungus

posted 6/20/2017 5:43:30 PM |
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Before this weekend I never heard of White Fungus, much less have any knowledge about eating it. There is a package of dehydrated white fungus in my kitchen. Tonight I researched to find out that this shroom has many great qualities as a side effect, like liver detox, good for blood sugar, etc, I think like 5 very healthy benefits.

Wish more people knew about this

I got it from a Chinese market Sat. where I experienced for the first time a market that sells lots of live food, especially sea foods. There was a wall aquarium with many tanks full of sea creatures like fish and eels. Eels can get pretty big and are creepy looking. I have no desire to cook one but wouldn't hesitate to try a taste. Actually I probably have in a sushi joint.

Back to white fungus. I love mushrooms hence why new daughter said I will love white fungus. Was feeling afraid to cook them until the video. Now I'm excited. Hope they taste yummy.

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Jun 20 @ 6:12PM  
I've never had it.
Let us know how it tastes and what recipe you used.

Jun 20 @ 6:24PM  
Fay this sounds rather risky..

'White fungus'?..sounds like an invisible fungus that grows up underneath our toe nails

Yes please give us all some feedback as to how this fungus taste...

Jun 20 @ 7:37PM  
The last thing I read about detoxing your liver and kidneys was to make a smoothie in your blender with parsley, cucumber and a lemon. I thought that don't sound too bad, so I bought the parsley and cucumber and lemon. I made my smoothie and I almost gagged, it tasted terrible. So I knew it was the parsley so I replaced that with concentrated parsley drops and instead of a smoothie I just put the lemon juice, parsley drops in my green tea. I can't tell any difference but it tastes good anyway.

Jun 20 @ 8:17PM  
I like mushrooms a lot. What a difference cream of mushroom soup is from the can stuff. I like them raw or cooked. Eels turn me off along with snails. I use to watch that show about bizarre foods but after awhile had to quit.

Jun 20 @ 8:22PM  
Here you go Fay!

Jun 20 @ 8:31PM  
What they didn't say is that there is a scientific publication out on NCBI stating the purified polysaccharides might protect against neurodegenerative diseases (as in Alzheimers, Parkinson etc.)
Didn't read the whole study yet, but then again I'm a bit sleepy. If you want to, here is the link to the article.
I trust them more than some ppl making youtube vids because after all, they're the scientists.

Jun 20 @ 8:37PM  
Also, about the plant collagen part, I highly doubt this since collagen is a protein, and a pretty big one at that. It either goes snip-snip the moment it meets trypsin in the duodenum or it doesn't even pass the intestinal barrier and comes back out they way it came in if it is hard to digest for all the proteases, tho I doubt the latter since apparently it should help digestion.

The part with helping your cells produce more collagen seems more believable if it contains tiny molecules that can regulate the collagen gene.

Jun 20 @ 8:45PM  
That article was truly magnificent Gna!

Mine does show it's dated 2013 though...

Jun 20 @ 8:55PM  
It takes time to turn stuff into meds. You first need to prove your concept, see if you can mass produce the thing by possibly genetically modifying it, then you need various tests: one to see if it truly works and hits its target, one to see if there isn't any kind of toxicity involved and assess the benefits/risks balance, you also need to know how long the meds stay in a patient's body and at what dose it is administered, various trials using either an already existing treatment or placebo to see how good it works etc.

We're being put through hell only to be sure we don't end up creating a treatment that doesn't work, or at worst, make it even worse.

Jun 21 @ 7:53AM  
I bought this package because it should taste good not for medicinal purposes. However if there are health benefits I consider that a big plus.

Thanks angel that recipe looks great with a couple more ingredients that I have no clue what they are but I want.

Having a new daughter made in China is great for me to learn so much more, especially one that focuses on healthy eating. When I have an abundance to learn, it makes me feel young again.

And DAMN I forgot to soak those big white shrooms this morning. Well there is always tomorrow.
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