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posted 7/15/2017 10:25:11 AM |
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tagged: scam, vacation, integrity

I mentioned awhile ago that an acquaintance had wanted to sell their bookings for a vacation down the Oregon Coast in September and had said it was $500 USD.

As I have a US account, I'd said that was fine, I'd pay her the $500 USD and take on her booking. She told me it was $498.00 USD, but she was asking $500. So fine, I said I'd pay her the $500 USD. I wasn't going to quibble over $2.00.

Now, here comes the sticky part and I'm not sure what to do about it. She then kept telling me that she'd let me know how much Canadian it was and I kept saying it was okay, I'd just pay her the US funds. Anyway, she emailed me that it was $667.00 Canadian, which, as our dollar is stronger now, makes the holiday $525.00. In essence, she's asking me for the exchange rate and her bank charges.

I have an issue with this. If I was to book the vacation myself, it would be $500 USD and that would be it. I would not have any exchange or bank fees. Certainly, when I charge for my product, I don't tell people the exchange rate is such and such so they owe me more.

When she wrote on fb that the holiday was $500, and then $500 USD and first two weeks then turns out to be only 8 days, the deal is looking less and less like a good deal and more and more like she's trying to make money on something she would lose money on if she were to just cancel it.

I'm in a bit of a quandary over this and although it doesn't sound like a lot, I'm perturbed at the changes and would never do this to someone. If she wanted the Canadian funds, she should have advertised it as $667.00 Cdn. I suspect she advertised it at $500 for two weeks because that sounded like such a superb deal. Then saying it was $500 USD, thinking that with the low dollar, she'd score in the plus department on the exchange. When she realized she'd get paid in US dollars and would probably not make money, all of a sudden she wants the Canadian equivalent.

So, I'm supposed to pay her this morning for the vacation, and I took out $500 USD out of my US account. Would you pay her the $500 or would you pay her the extra to cover her exchange rate? Or would you just cancel the whole thing and book your own vacation?

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Jul 15 @ 10:30AM  

I would play it safe and book it (the trip...) with the booking company...keeping everything on the up and up...

sounds like she is a facebook friend...

and not a real person...

if she sells "the ticket" to two people...

she doubles her money...

and then try to get her to refund it...if you lose..


Jul 15 @ 10:33AM  
She's the daughter of a photography acquaintance, and yes I've met her in real life.


Jul 15 @ 10:36AM  

scalping tickets...

is mostly illegal

for excellent reasons...

due to the patriot act... some tickets are non transferable...

what I read was a Canadian...wants to buy a travel ticket... from an American..

at the same cost the Canadian can buy it from the travel company...

in my world... it is only a deal if it is discounted by 50 percent... (1/2 price)

or more...

better to play it safe... rather than be taken advantage of...

Jul 15 @ 10:43AM  
The dollar is being devalued to help US exports, everyone will have to adjust their price list. But no I don't think you should pay higher than $500US, I myself have taken a knock when my own price list was out of date. School fees, lessons learned

Jul 15 @ 11:04AM  
To teach her a lesson, I would tell her that since she is altering the terms
and trying to make money off you, when you were trying to help her,
that the new offer is - $400 US and that you'll transfer US funds directly.
Take it or leave it.

If she leaves it, you can book your own vacation wherever you like,
for as long as you like, including the whole 2 weeks.
You may need a vacation after you're unpacked.

Jul 15 @ 11:14AM  
I'm perturbed at the changes

If I agree on the first offering....I'm just fine buy when the
agreement begins changing I'm out immediately !!

Jul 15 @ 12:08PM  
Well, that's done. I said I'd pay the $500 USD and she said it wasn't the same as $667 Cdn and I said she'd changed the terms several times and advertised it as $500 US. I kept telling her I'd pay $500 US, and she said it initially was 10 days but was only 8 and one of those days wasn't paid for.

I told her if she had someone else interested then to go ahead and sell it to them. She hung up on me. Well, you start screwing around with people on a trip, then to hell with it. I'm not paying for your exchange and bank fees.

So there you go. You start screwing around with terms, don't be surprised when people decide it's not worth it.


Jul 15 @ 2:10PM  
Good for you ...... who wants to deal with someone who keeps changing things ...

it was BS already when the dates were less ..... she figured she had you snagged and that you would pay whatever she demanded.


Jul 15 @ 2:21PM  
I would have gone less..$350 U.S. Dollars..

And she slammed the phone on you??...I would make her regret that in the long term..

Good for you standing your ground Mz. A

Jul 15 @ 3:52PM  
Wow!!! I just checked the rates online, she was charging $75.00/night and the rates in the park are $40.00 - $45.00/night for a yurt.

Sure glad it didn't work out. Cannot believe someone would do that.


Jul 16 @ 2:22AM  
a"friend" wont screw ya around like this...if terms begin changing...then let it your own travel...she had her chance...her loss...not yours....It's hard to understand when someone is being deceitful when you are trying to be helpful...I am still stinging over my"sting"....

Jul 16 @ 9:23AM  
This didn't pass the smell test from the get go. Glad in the end, you didn't get taken.

Jul 16 @ 10:03AM  
I was going to say no to the cruise period as sounded like the scams on here. I would go a step further I would block her on your phone and on facebook and do it right away.
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