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To The MD Silent...

posted 8/4/2017 3:35:02 PM |
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It's fascinating to do a who's online check now and then. I've been here and online so long I can instantly spot the fakes and scammers of course, that's old news. But I have long been fascinated by the number of people who are on here day after day, year after year who are completely silent when it comes to public talk anyway.

I have seen some of the same people, both men and women here for years, maybe daily or at least often, and yet many of them have never participated in any blog or forum post ever. I recognize some of them that have done some of that in the past, but still come here regularly and haven't spoken publicly in years. There are even a few that I have talked to here many years ago I see now and then. I'm not talking about scammers... they come and go. I'm talking about people who are clearly real. But for whatever reason, they don't say anything publicly.

That's really interesting. I suppose some may have people here they PM with. And I know what a few of the other ones are doing here but I won't get into that.

What I am curious about is how many are lurkers who actually read the blogs but never never comment. And maybe some are people who would like to comment but are too shy.

Every now and then I get a PM from someone who has never posted publicly telling me how much they support the things I write about here but are afraid to say so publicly. So I know there are indeed lurkers.

If you are in that category and happen to read this... and would like to say hi to everyone, feel free to post on this blog. I can promise you no criticisms or negative comments from me and, when I am here, if I see anyone else posts any bad comments about you I will delete them. So don't be shy... say hello and tell us your story if you would like. I for one am interested, and I am sure others are too.


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Aug 4 @ 4:29PM  
DR, I may have been one of the quiet ones, but have 'come out of the closet', so to speak. Of course, being a writer emboldens me, where others just read with interest and still say nothing. Where you compare those 'online', I've measured the number of 'views' I've had, as well as the numbers of comments and kudos, and came to the same conclusion; some people aren't comfortable about writing or care to actually comment, so we, too, have our microcosm of the 'Silent Majority'.

Aug 4 @ 4:33PM  
I normally stay out of political discussions but since you opened a format to everyone..I'll drop in for my two cents worth.
#1..I sit on the fence post..I did not vote for neither Trump nor Clinton.I am neither a republican or democrat.
#2..Mr.Trump has been his own worst enemy thus media in my opinion is not the way for a President to conduct buisness and relay information to us the citizens..I personally feel that Trump throws up 'smoke screens' to mislead the american people of the real truth.I personally feel that this man cares less if he fails us as..'we the people' but..more for his own financial gain.
And then there is Hillary...a liar,theif and more likely a murderer...what a choice we as Americans had to vote and lead our great country..?
#3..And this being my big vision for all of us...A TRUE THIRD PARTY...Until this country splits the left from the right..seperate the democrats from the republicans,,then we the people will never find real change.
..I view our government set up as a monoply of play us,deceit and lie to us and to have complete control over us..the voters.Until a LEGITIMATE third party is formed and can split and challenge the exisiting two..our country will neve move forward and be the true power of the world and make a true statement...starting with us...'we the people'...

I know that this might not be a popular comment with alot of you floks can kiss my white ass because...this was an an open discussion...

Aug 4 @ 4:42PM  
I too have gotten support PM's from people that you never, or rarely, see public statements from.
Some just prefer not to participate publicly.
While you label them "lurkers", everyone has a right to be a member, as is keeping with the site rules.
With all the arguing & chastisement I see on here, I really can't blame them.

Aug 4 @ 5:10PM  
Comes out of the closet shy, whimpering and sucking thumb, jimmy touched me inappropriately.

Aug 4 @ 5:20PM  
jimmy keeps us safe from real world

Aug 4 @ 7:40PM  
Hello I come and read blogs all the time but don t log in to do for blogging ehhh no thanks I used to comment in the forums for cooking ( whats for dinner) but have not in a long time... everytime I log in I get 20 or 30 emails from scammers so i just don t anymore but again Hi everyone I haven t updated my profile in a long time but again whats the use this is not a dating site anymore :(

Aug 4 @ 7:48PM  
LOL just checked my mail most of them said hello sexy my profile pic is a raccoon holding a cat WTH all scammers :(

Aug 4 @ 8:05PM  
Maybe because it is a 'coon getting pusssy.

Aug 4 @ 8:12PM  
Hey.... DR the welcome wagon.

Nice job!

Aug 4 @ 8:12PM  
Hey.... DR the welcome wagon.

Nice job!

Aug 4 @ 9:21PM  
Oh well, lurkers will be lurkers...

If they choose to sit on the sidelines and watch, more power to them.

Aug 4 @ 10:19PM  
I started off as a lurker before jumping right in. I jumped in when many were moaning about MD taking the chat feature away. I never saw it so never missed it.

I was quite surprised to see you write this blog, it's nice.

Aug 5 @ 2:09AM  
Hi. I have been on and off this site for about 10 years now. I like to come here and read what is happening in the lives of the many people I recognize as regulars; but just not interested in writing though I will comment occasionally. Have a wonderful weekend.

Aug 5 @ 3:24AM  
I think I have posted my own blogs and reply to some blogs. I don't do the politic blogs some ppl get mean on them.

Aug 5 @ 2:28PM  

jimmy gets beaver with ice cream.

Aug 5 @ 3:09PM  
Good blog DR. Kudos. When I used to post spiritual blogs people used to tell me they "loved" my blogs. I got kudos and emails from strangers, but then things changed. Today Trump is so much more entertaining I can't keep my eyes off the .... take your pick. ,

Aug 15 @ 11:41AM  

I, unfortunately, am one of those you mentioned. I have friends I talk to on her for MANY years....starting back when it was such a joy to come on here.

You have always been one that I have respected on here, so I will come out and say *HOWDY*!
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