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What I liketh.

posted 8/22/2017 10:15:23 AM |
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I liketh flying ye stars and stripes on my front lawn,
I liketh keeping mine property spic and span.
I liketh obeying ye laws,
I liketh law and order,
I liketh to go to ye church and mine religion,
I do not liketh ye drugs and drunks,
I do not liketh ye flag burners,
I liketh my race, I am proud to be white,
anything wrong with that?

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Aug 22 @ 10:19AM  

I hate liars...

and duplicitous people....


Aug 22 @ 10:24AM  
Brother asm,
ye have me type cast,
so very convenient,
but it be far more complex,
than ye think.

I am comfortable in mine skin,
for I knowest who and what I beist.
I beist ye man that sees reality,
not ideology.


Aug 22 @ 10:39AM  
What I like is a Matchdoctor day without "You know who"

Aug 22 @ 10:43AM  
Brother Willy,
every court has ye court jester,
every circus hath ye clown,
every asylum has ye lunatic,
he hath his calling,
to be ye pest on ye MD,
apart from this site,
he hath no other calling.


Aug 22 @ 12:06PM  
I think this place has at least 2 lunatics and more and they all must be kin . Be proud of who you are brother, I am!

Aug 22 @ 12:10PM  
Do you like automatic belt-fed weaponry?

Aug 22 @ 12:13PM  
Fred once before, on Tucks blog, you admitted that this was your sock profile, you also said your real profile had a picture? 1. Why don't you post in your real profile? and, 2. Is Crow your real profile?

Aug 22 @ 12:44PM  
Wise brother Crow,
we know thee to be proud of thine heritage,
and ye be a goode ambassador for our native brothers.
verily ye showest us native American wisdom.

Brother Roberto,
thy cryptic scibblings while interesting,
beith hard to decipher at times.

Sister Pompometh,
verily I beist mine own sock,
socks beith more truthful.

God bless thee,
brothers Crow & Roberto,
and sister Dizzy/Tequiro/Winglets/Pompoms.

Aug 22 @ 12:51PM  
Kudo Fred...there is a big fundamental difference between a racist and someone who is proud of their race. I don't see you on here putting any other races down. Nothing at all wrong with being proud of your race whatever that be.

You never came on here saying that you think that whites are better or anything like that. If you had of you'd be a white supremacist as asm tried to paint you to be yesterday.

I am from Georgia and to me this is the unions finest state. Does that make me a Georgian supremacist?

Life is but a peach.

Aug 22 @ 12:56PM  
If not for some here who feels the need to report me to the Mod I wouldn't have so many names. Best you understand if this profile goes poof, I will be back because none of you control me.

The name the bitches were most jealous over was tequiero, omg, they all thought that good looking guys were contacting me and there was a mass riot to report me to the mod.

You won't make me feel bad for the crap in others heads Freddy.

Aug 22 @ 12:58PM  
Intelligent sister Sock,
I do so liketh thy posts,
why do ye feel the need to go dark all the time?
I thank thee for thy sentiments.

God bless thee,
sister Sock.

p.s. thank ye for the kudo,
I never seem to get many.

Aug 22 @ 12:58PM  
But I still would like to know which is your picture profile Fred? And how many active profiles do you have here?

Aug 22 @ 1:02PM  
I have mine picture profile, (I never blog with this one)
and my Fred profile,
that beith it.

I use my picture profile,
to contact ye ladies from mine,
Fred profile,
if ye ladies are interested in me,
without seeing my image,
then maybe......they beist goode.

Aug 22 @ 1:05PM  
Pom, ye are becoming close,
to getting blocked.
do not insult my posters,
I have deleted one of your posts,
do not push me.

Aug 22 @ 1:11PM  
Block me Fred, I promise I won't get as hurt as simpleton. It's the last time you will see me on your blogs anyway.

Aug 22 @ 1:13PM  
^^^Praise beith ye lord! ..........

Aug 22 @ 3:24PM  
I left this site about 3 months ago, don't miss it at all. Fred like what you want and feel free to write about it.

As to that Pompoms troll she/he/it is the self confessed MD drunk. It keeps falling off the wagon. And this is why it wants to fight with everyone and everything.

You don't need to give in to it....don't let it throw you off of your game. There is a reason why it's been banned so many times. It is a bored drunk with no social life that hates the world and everybody in it.

Ignore it and don't get flame baited by the lush. Don't they have A.A. meetings there in the village it lives in?


Aug 22 @ 3:29PM  
There is a reason why it's been banned so many times. It is a bored drunk with no social life that hates the world and everybody in it.

BS you have never met me liar, You don't even live where you claim to.

I had to put an end to those lies Fred. I bet the liar is an alcoholic. Mirror Mirror liar.

It never comes to MD but it's read my blogs.

Aug 22 @ 3:32PM  
I know that members here reported me constantly to the Mod, and they know who they are too.

Aug 22 @ 3:37PM  
Sister Zulu,
long time no see!
it beith goode that ye at least,
read the blogs from time to time.

I never got to knoweth thee very well,
but thou wert very loyal to brother Northern,
when many were not.
Verily I do miss him.
but he was fighting too much here,
and did not knoweth how to walk away.

Sister Pompoms,
I receiverth ye e-mail today,
so....I am stalking thee?
thou art ye liar and a very evil person.

God bless thee,
sister Zulu,
a curse on thee,
sister Pompometh.

Aug 22 @ 3:43PM  

what can I say...

got it..

fred has 2 open profiles...which is against the rules..and therefore in the old days would be banned...

but he claims to be a Christian...

and pom still is attacking me...

and now seems to be a bit paranoid...

carry on....

how come there is no popcorn eating emotie here??


Aug 22 @ 3:45PM  
I receiverth ye e-mail today,

What email, I never sent you any mail.

Agh, you know what, believe whatever you like, it does not change me. You attacked me on your blog Fred, and the Zulu fiend attacked me too. I attacked nobody. Does that make you feel larger than life when you attack others? How very religious of you and your the lying fiend.

I won't bother opening any more of you blogs, attack as much as you like if it makes you feel BIG.

Aug 22 @ 3:47PM  
Brother asm,
God bless thee,
for all the bumps,
that ye giveth me,
on mine blogs.
Thou art truly of value.

God bless thee,
my bumpy brother asm.

Aug 22 @ 3:48PM  
Sister Pompometh,
ye hath sent e-mails to members on here,
saying that I beith stalking thee.
lies, lies.....all lies.

Aug 22 @ 3:53PM  
Whoever told you that is lying ,,, but hey you want to believe that I am the liar. Go ahead but don't say I never warned you when the shoe is on the other foot. I have to wonder how many other people this liar has lied to. Same for them, they have a choice and when it trips them up like a rug, they deserve it for listening to gossip.

Aug 22 @ 3:57PM  
Sister Pompometh,
ye member that told me this,
beist of the finest moral character.

Ye and I have only sparred,
for jest and for merriment,
I hath never hated ye,
as I hate no one,
but ye have strived to turn,
others against me...why?
there must indeed be evil in,
thy heart.

I shall offer up,
ye prayer tonight,
that the angel of,
charity visit thee.

Aug 22 @ 4:42PM  
Just thought I check back.. and I see the promise to never post on your blogs again didn't last,, HAHAHA!!! we didn't even have the time to even hope for it, but we knew it couldnt stay away and always has to have strife and get pissed off and want TLW! . Reckon its related to the simple one and maybe another 1 or 2 more

Aug 22 @ 5:27PM  
Brother Crow,
when sister Pompometh doth sayest,
that she would post no more,
on mine blog, she was still sober,
but soon got into the strong stuff,
and here she is!

It amazes me dear brother,
that she canst still spell,
when she beith sloshed!


Aug 22 @ 7:24PM  
Alcoholism is serious stuff Fred. She's got a problem and was big enough to admit it on her blogs this week. So maybe cut her some slack on that?

Aug 22 @ 7:31PM  
Brother Stat#2,
there are those who claimeth,
that ye beist sister Pompoms,
and ye beist her sock,
why dost thou defendest her so?

I care not if she havist ye,
issue with ye bottle,
it beist painfully apparent,
that she [OFTEN] posts,
while under ye influence.
Why therefore brother,
shouldest we have to endure,
her drunken diatribes?

But I shall say ye prayer,
that ye angel of sobriety,
visit her this day.

God bless thee brother Stat,
or if ye beith Pompom's sock,
sister Stat.

Aug 22 @ 7:34PM  
Fred...pleeeeeeease! Pompoms sock? Maybe it's you that's hitting the bottle.

Aug 23 @ 12:41PM  
Fred, I have read her 2 blogs in which she (Pompoms) wrote about her drinking. I believe she checked herself into rehab before it got too bad.

It appears that she dealt with it. So that really ought to be the end of it....right?

Aug 23 @ 12:46PM  
Brother Stat,
again I feel ye need to ponder,
why thy dost defend her so?
It seemeth very suspicious.

This blog beith not about sister Pompoms,
drinking problem,
I do not wisheth to discuss it,
any further.

God bless thee,
brother Stat.

Aug 23 @ 1:19PM  
Stat why don't you or someone create a blog with Pompom's alcoholism as a topic?
Funny thing is, I never thought of Pompoms as a drunk, I always figured that she had a pill problem...based on her erratic posting style.

Remember Pompuss...sobriety is a peach.

Aug 23 @ 1:27PM  
Interesting sister Sock,
what I liketh,
is thy sense of humor,
though biting at times,
ye are funny.

God bless thee,
sister Socketh.

Aug 23 @ 2:16PM  
I liketh my race, I am proud to be white,
anything wrong with that?

I'm proud of my race too.....

It's called the human race...

I come from this place called earth...

Remember... Being proud of who you are isn't a bad thing. Thinking you're better than everyone else because of skin color, religion, or status is a bad thing.

Aug 23 @ 2:27PM  
Sister Angel, some members of,
other races hath ye inferiority complex,
so when whites showeth pride,
they seeith it as racism.

I cannot deny white brutality,
towards other races in,
our past.

But I wasn't there and hath no part,
in am not interested,
in paying for the sins of mine fathers,
or in apologizing
until the end of time.

God bless thee,
sister Angel.

Aug 23 @ 10:56PM  
I hear ya!

Sadly my Grandfather never said he was Penobscot Indian and Irish/ English. He would just call himself a Yankee. He was ashamed of being that... Don't know what part bothered him the most. But he shouldn't have had to feel that way!

I'm quite the mix. I already stated what my Grandfather was. My Grandmother was French Canadian. All I know about my biological Father is his last name is Henson. Junior Clay Henson. I never met him.

I make no excuses for the past. I don't care if Washington owned slaves... That was then and this is now. We don't always have to agree. However.... We should respect each other. I don't care if someone hates me... I don't have to be hateful. I choose not to be hateful!

People that say.... I don't see color are liers! Seeing our differences isn't the problem. Hating people because of those differences is the problem. Respect! That's what it's all about.

Aug 24 @ 12:01AM  
Sister Angel,
respect...amen to that!

God bless thee,
sister Angel.

Aug 24 @ 3:50PM  
It appears that Pompoms has cancelled her account, at least for the time being. She's probably checked herself into a rehab facility again. Let us hope that this time it works and she can finally remain sober.

Aug 24 @ 4:00PM  
Sister Zulu,
we can only hopeth,
there seemeth to beist 3 posting modes,
for sister Pompometh:
(1) she beith sober and makes a bit of ye sense.
(2) she beith drunk and posts 4 or 5 incoherent posts back to back.
(3) she beith hungover and VERY nasty and combative.

May the angel of sobriety fly over her,
God bless thee, sister Zulu.

Aug 24 @ 6:13PM  
Zulu, welcome back...good to see you. Please stick around as I do miss you.
Thanks Fred for allowing everyone total freedom of expression, and not being a control freak like some are on your blogs. That's what I like!

Aug 24 @ 6:58PM  
Thank ye brother Northern,
for thy kind words,
I verily doth belieth in,
ye free speech,
in fact I havist only 1,
who beist blocked,
she beist @StillNotBetty,
she beist blocked for ye,
crime of being ye internet troll.

I didst delete one of sister Pompometh's posts,
yesterday as she insulted,
one of my posters.
Say what thy will about me,
but do not insult mine guests.

God bless thee,
brother Northern.

Aug 24 @ 8:03PM  
And sometimes she can do 2) and 3) like you say, at the same time............... and more !
Well I done won my very first ebay bid.......... so I have a little gift for when I am in the state of that nice woman I been talking to. Remember my brother that I have promessed to dance at your wedding but for now hafta go back to work

Aug 24 @ 9:45PM  
Lucky brother Crow,
congrats on your e-bay bid.

May that nice woman,
bless you brother Crow.
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