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Peanut Butter

posted 9/3/2017 2:37:47 PM |
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I think it's safe to say nearly everyone likes peanut butter. Some like creamy, some like crunchy, and some like extra crunchy.

This is a poll. Do you prefer creamy, crunchy, or extra crunchy ?

My vote goes to Skippy Creamy peanut butter. Best tasting peanut butter I ever tasted.

Name yours.

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Sep 3 @ 3:00PM  
Agh, I don't like that one, Black Cat is better, crunchie is best, with syrup, there you go sammies in the lunch box.

Now when I was a youngin, in darkest Africa, my best friend at school was an Indian girl, Hindu. We swapped lunch boxes every day cos she loved mine and I loved hers, hot as hell spicy food snack.

My father got us to eat hot curries from a young age so I still have a taste for it. Do you have Black Cat Peanut Butter Willy?


Sep 3 @ 3:04PM  
So put me down for Black Cat, crunchie. Hmmmmmm,

Sep 3 @ 3:27PM  

Sep 3 @ 3:38PM  
I like Smuckers Natural, the kind you have to stir. But I also like any other brand, smooth or crunchy.

Sep 3 @ 3:40PM  
What happens when you cross a jar of peanut butter with an elephant?

You get a jar of peanut butter that never forgets, or you get an elephant that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Sep 3 @ 4:03PM  
I've never met a peanut butter I didn't like, nor a brand I couldn't do without. Make mine creamy, for the nuts are difficult to chew.

Sep 3 @ 4:16PM  
Skippy is the best but growing up Mom always bought the off brand because we would go through so much of it. As long as it's creamy,not crunchy,I'm all in.
Recently started buying a off brand..peanut butter with honey intertwined...try it!

Sep 3 @ 4:27PM  
When my kids were little, and came home from school for lunch, we used to have to buy 5 lb. buckets of it.

Sep 3 @ 4:33PM  


Sep 3 @ 4:41PM  
I'm also with Willie on this one...Skippy Creamy.

Although I've had family members, school classmates, co-workers and even patients I treat that are allergic to peanuts.

I was born and raised in the New England Granite State of New Hampshire on a family farm; the Fluffernutter sandwich was quite popular, made with peanut butter and marshmellow fluff.

Also my mom would make banana peanut butter sandwiches too. I carried these tasty tradional's with my own children.

I'm also a long favorite of creamy Skippy peanut butter spread on tortillas then rolled them up into a burrito...pop them in the micro for less than a minute. Yum! Yum!

Sep 3 @ 4:59PM  
I like all natural creamy peanut butter.
Doesn't matter what brand... Store brand will do.

Sep 3 @ 5:03PM  
My vote is for creamy also

Sep 3 @ 5:04PM  
Oh yes, I love fluffernutters, too.

My favorite is peanut butter, dill pickle, and raw onion, tho.

Sep 3 @ 5:09PM  
Also my mom would make banana peanut butter sandwiches too
Peanut butter on toast with bananas is one of my favorite breakfast.

This is so bad.... But I sometimes make my Grandson peanut butter, banana and fluff sandwiches. They are messy, but so yummy!

Sep 3 @ 5:25PM  
^^^^ To both angels..I used to consume peanut butter and banana sandwhiches before high schhool games..great energy soarce!!

Good blog btw,...

Sep 3 @ 5:32PM  
I'm with ILgal_, Jif Creamy. Some store brand types aren't bad when the grocery budget gets tight.

Angel1964*'re Grandma, it's not bad if Grandma does it! Lol.

Sep 3 @ 7:03PM  
El cruncho peanut butter and red raspberry preserves (with seeds) sandwiches for me!


Sep 3 @ 7:28PM  
Adams, crunchiferous.
Olive oil butter } local product
All manner of Jelly- jams
On Dave's killer bread.

Almond milk / vanilla

( eYe see sum of you need my pbj Tutorial )

Sep 3 @ 7:53PM  
Jif creamy peanut butter

Sep 3 @ 11:17PM  
If you are eating peanut butter strictly as a source of protein it's not a very good choice. It's an incomplete protein. You are much better off eating an animal based food as a protein source because all animal sources are complete proteins.

Secondly, I would be much more concerned about the fat content in peanut butter than the any trace amounts of pesticides it has in it.

If you are eating the processed peanut butter (the most common kind in stores), it more than likely contains hydrogenated oils or even worse partially hydrogenated oils. Partial hydrogination generates transfats which are known to be one of the worst fats you can consume and destroys your circulatory system. Full hydrogination, while not yet proven to create transfats, has other potential problems that still need more study, but don't sound very good.

You can easily avoid the cottonseed oil or any other oil except peanut oil for that matter by eating a peanut butter without those oils. Some of the "Natural" peanut butters for example. Some have only peanuts and salt, or sugar... that's it. I've noticed though that some of the Natural peanut butters do contain other oils such as palm oil (although it's not hydroginated... and palm oil is not known to cause any harm as long as it's not hydroginated).

However... even with no other oils unfortunately peanut butter is high in saturated fat which is a building block for cholesterol and not a good idea to consume in large quantities.

So I think you should be far more concerned about the fat profile of peanut butter than about the likely insignificant levels of pesticides in it. And for that reason I think peanut butter, like all other nuts, is best consumed only in moderation anyway... certainly not as a main source of protein.

Sep 3 @ 11:28PM  
I should also ask what makes you think the peanuts themselves don't have trace amounts of pesticides in them? Very likely they do as virtually all foods do at some level.

And by the way so-called "organic" foods are no exception. As a matter of fact some studies have shown that organic foods have often have higher levels of pesticides and non-organic foods. How can that be? Because there is a whole long list of pesticides that can be used on foods and still allow them to be labeled "organic." And some of them are more toxic than the pesticides typically used on non-organic foods.

I think the entire organic food industry is a scam.

Sep 4 @ 12:57AM  

Sep 4 @ 1:54AM  
I do not like peanut butter !

Sep 4 @ 5:53AM  
So when does your poll end Willy? Nice blog, I especially enjoyed Angels comment. I must try some of these methods.

Sep 4 @ 5:55AM  
Both ^^ Angels comments.

Sep 4 @ 1:21PM  
(NaturalNews) The now former CEO of Peanut Corp. of America, Stewart Parnell, has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for his involvement in a salmonella outbreak cover-up that ultimately killed nine people and injured several hundred. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these people ingested contaminated peanut butter that was made by the company's Georgia plant between 2008 and 2009.

Although Parnell was aware that there were leaks in the area's roofs, rodent infestations, mold and bacteria-positive test results during the time period in question, he urged business to continue as normal; he even sent an email stating that any delays in the process were costing the company "huge money."

Parnell served on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Peanut Standards Board, which sets quality and handling standards for peanuts.[135] He was first appointed by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns to the position in 2005,[136] and was reappointed for another term that would have expired in 2011,[135] but on February 5, 2009, the USDA announced that the new Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack had removed Parnell from the board.[33][137][138]
On February 5, 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that Peanut Corporation of America and a subsidiary, Tidewater Blanching LLC, were banned from all federal government contracts and subcontracts for one year, saying the company: "lacks business integrity and business honesty, which seriously and directly hinders its ability to do business with the federal government."[35][137]

Johanns served on the Lancaster County Board from 1983 to 1987 as a Democrat.

In 1988, he was elected as a Republican to the Lincoln City Council, where he served from 1989 to 1991. On May 7, 1991, he was elected the 47th Mayor of Lincoln, defeating incumbent Mayor Bill Harris, with 54% of the vote.[8] He took office as Mayor on December 3, 1991. In 1995, Johanns won reelection with no opposition, becoming the first Mayor of Lincoln to do so since the 1950s.[9] He was succeeded by Dale Young, who was appointed by the Lincoln City Council.[10][11]

In 2005, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture, where he served from 2005 from 2007, becoming the fourth Nebraskan to hold that position.

all rethuglicans.... rethuglicans all.....

Tom Vilsack
Barack Obama announced Vilsack's selection to be Secretary of Agriculture on December 17, 2008. His nomination was confirmed by the United States Senate by unanimous consent on January 20, 2009.

Obama good...

rethuglicans bad...

trumpites even worse...


Sep 4 @ 1:36PM  
Only you could bring politics into a blog on peanut butter.

Sep 4 @ 1:40PM  
pesticides in our food..... is a political hot potato..


Sep 4 @ 3:15PM  
I posted my peanut butter comment here because the other blogger blocks my posts.

Sep 4 @ 3:18PM  
Also, if it wasn't for pesticides, none of us would be here because there never would have been enough food to support 7 billion people. Man would still be living in the Dark Ages scrounging and struggling just to eat and suffering periodic mass starvations.

Sep 4 @ 4:22PM  
Ye peanut butter beith goode for thee,
it doth containeth ye antioxidents,
which hath ye p-coumanic acids,
these verily help fight against ye stomach cancer.

It also dear brethren, containeth ye,
resveratrol which doth lower ye,
cardiovascular disease.

Also knoweth this, it hath ye,
Q10 which beith an important,
nutrient for ye energy.

Eateth as much peanut butter,
as thy canst shovest,
down thy gullet.

God bless thee,
peanut butter eating,
brother Willy.


Sep 4 @ 4:39PM  
I like Jif Creamy Natural peanut butter.


Sep 4 @ 9:20PM  
I like it creamy. Sometimes I add honey to the peanut butter, yummy.

There is also a peanut butter powder now that I use. Mostly for all the reasons DR posted about the oils or high fat content.

The powder peanut butter is not to replace it but to just add the flavor of peanut butter to a recipe. It works quite well.

Sep 4 @ 9:35PM  
Adam's peanut butter for me and it depends on what I'm doing with it as to whether I'll use crunchy or smooth. For a peanut satay, I prefer the smooth. But, sometimes, just having it with apple - the crunchy is the bomb.

mmm mmm. A staple in our household growing up, and one of those 'go-to' lunches when Mom didn't have anything else, here, you're not even allowed to send your kid to school with a peanut butter sandwich anymore, because of some other child's potential peanut allergy.

I don't know what I'd have done without peanut butter when my kid was going to school.

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