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posted 9/5/2017 10:40:05 AM |
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What beith ye 300 ye ask?
beith it ye number of members,
that have crazy Melvin (asm) blocked?

Beith it ye number of blogs that, sister Pompoms hath hijacked?
beith it ye number of,
consecutive posts she has posted?

Beith it ye number of times,
that brother Kentuck hath made,
ye spelling errors?

Beith it ye number that,
Ragtopcookie doth seeith,
when he jumpeth on ye bathroom scale?

Beith it the number of times,
that brother Drac doth posted,
ye porn images?

Beith it my I.Q.?

Beith it ye number of Spartans,
that defendeth ye pass,
of Thermopaylae?

No dear brethren,
300 beith ye number of,
fair maidens on,
mine friendship list?

For verily mine cup runeth over,
and mine inbox beith full.

God bless all.

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Sep 5 @ 10:54AM  
You have a biting sense of humor Fred. Some might suggest that you can be wicked at times. But I will give you a kudo for the chuckle and yes...for the wit.

Sep 5 @ 11:29AM  
I giveth you a kudo too! Thanketh for the laugheth!


Sep 5 @ 11:36AM  
Thank ye sister Beetle,
and brother Z....

Brother Melvin(asm)
hath blocked me yet,
he beith not blocked by me.

He sayith that I beist ye putz,
verily I am.
but unlike him,
I beist blocked by no one,
except by him.
therefore who verily,
beist ye putz?

God bless thee,
Sister and brother,
Beetle & Z

Sep 5 @ 12:02PM  
Cement Mixer Putzy Putzy

Sep 5 @ 12:34PM  
Brother Willy,
it beith crazy Melvin(asm),
that beith ye putz,
he crieth like no other,
if others blocketh him,
yet he blocketh others.

But we must be forgiving,
as crazy Melvin beith,
not of sound mind.

God bless thee,
brother Willy.

Sep 5 @ 1:31PM  
Very creative and imaginative..... your many possibilities for the number 300 (and some probably very close to the mark !)
I giveth thee ye kudo, for a fun and entertaining blog, those being much too rare here

Sep 5 @ 2:08PM  
Beith it ye number of blogs that, sister Pompoms hath hijacked?
beith it ye number of,
consecutive posts she has posted?

Wrong, I've hijacked 465 blogs.

But we must be forgiving,
as crazy Melvin beith,
not of sound mind.

He will remain blocked by me no matter the pressure imposed on me.

Sep 5 @ 2:14PM  
I'd Lie For You (and that's the Truth).

Sep 5 @ 2:21PM  
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad,

Sep 5 @ 2:23PM  
And the star of the highjacking,,,, is

Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell,

Sep 5 @ 2:45PM  
Stop right there.

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Let me sleep on it.

Sep 5 @ 2:52PM  
Decent brother First,
I thank ye for thy kudo,
most of mine blogs,
go unrewarded.

Highjacking sister Pompometh,
verily, at least ye beith,

God bless thee both.

Sep 5 @ 2:58PM  
Tolerant brother Fred, verily thou hast the patience of Job ... wish I could give you another Kudo for THAT

Sep 5 @ 2:58PM  
Meat Loaf — I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (3 Bats Live),

Sep 5 @ 3:03PM  
Tell it like it is brother First,
verily she/he/it doth at least,
bumpeth mine blogs,
to ye top of ye page.

Beith it not for,
Mr/Mrs/miss Pompometh,
mine blogs would be,
largely ignored.

Also dear brother,
if it highjacks mine blogs,
it leaves everyone else alone,
therefore I beist serving,
ye public goode.

Sep 5 @ 3:05PM  
P.S. brother First,
if it keeps it up,
I shall hit ye trash can.

Sep 5 @ 3:11PM  

Sep 5 @ 3:18PM  
Sounds like a capital idea there^^^ my brother!
The immature "look at me!!" attempts of a sad old maid to be noticed and her sempiternal pathetic cries for attention put off many that would otherwise comment on your, and other... blogs!
Nah... Brother Fred's entertaining blogs aren't ignored... in fact I see where they get a rise out of some here ! But see my comment above why some may be deterred from commenting. I read more than I comment myself, for that very same reason.

Sep 5 @ 3:23PM  
^^ wow you are pretty nasty, I was just having fun. Delete the music if you want to Fred I don't mind one comment.

Sep 5 @ 4:06PM  
Honest brother First,
none should be deterred from,

Sister Pompometh,
I am reticent to deleteth as,
freedom of speech,
freedom of action,
freedom of thought,
even freedom to maketh,
ye fool of oneself,
be Godly gifts.
and no one takes,
ye gift of foolery,
to heart as ye doeth.

May God bless ye both.

Sep 5 @ 4:43PM  
Congrats on getting 300 friends...some of them pretty hot too!
What I gotta know is just how did you do it?

Sep 5 @ 4:53PM  
Young brother Northern,
verily I didst sendeth out,
friendship requests to about,
30 or so, the rest contacteth me.
Every time I createth ye blog,
I receiveth about 10 friendship requests.

I receiveth ye e-mails such as :

"Fred you are so funny, you make me laugh!" or,

"Hello Fred, I love a man with a sense of humor, can we be friends?" and,

"Fred you write like Shakesphere, I like it!" also,

"Hey nice to see a guy who doesn't take himself seriously all the time...I think that is cool." this one I goteth yesterday,

"You always mention your faith, you get it in there somehow. That shows me who you are".

So this beith ye way which maketh ye friends.

God bless thee,
brother North.

Sep 5 @ 5:35PM  
I fixed up our good Brother Crowhawk with one of the maiden I met here. But he said he was getting his share of messages already (and even some from legits !) I think maybe went and met her... or may he is going to meet her ... But he also told me he has an ex g/f in MS and he may be rethinking that possibility? I see he's on your first page and in beautiful company (even if most are scammers) . Have you heard anything from him lately?

Sep 5 @ 5:57PM  
Brother First,
I last receiveth ye e-mail from,
brother Crow on Aug.24,
in it he sayeth that,
things beith goode in ye,
maiden department.


Sep 5 @ 6:05PM  
He's been holding out on me then but for a good cause apparently . He's one helluva good decent guy! Now I got to wonder who he was talking about

Sep 5 @ 6:09PM  
I thinketh he beith,
referring to friend/maidens,
on ye MD.
But if he so desireth,
I can asketh some of mine,
maidens to contact him,
they will do so,
for I beist,
Frederick of MD,
and they will not deny me.

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